Applicants are required to submit an ungraded, timed writing sample administered by. 0 Search Committee, co-clerk. The Search Committee thoughtfully and deliberately reviewed the feedback about finalist candidates, including 75 survey responses for each and finished at least five reference checks on each candidate. At both Andover and OWLAG, Becky played a key role in the design of multiple strategic plans. Since his appointment last fall, Christian has been meeting regularly with interim head Dennis Bisgaard and with Board leadership. When a student on the Friends Senate said during my conversation with them, I just feel like I fit at Friends, I had a palpable sense of the old Quaker saying: Friend speaks my mind. As a Quaker school graduate who experienced first hand the kindness, compassion and sense of inclusivity that are hallmarks of any intentional Quaker school community, I felt reassured that at Friends, all of us can be seen, valued and feel a deep sense of belonging. /Filter He and his wife Monica, who is also an educator, have two children: Nicolas, a senior at New York University, and Saudea, a high school junior.

144 36 Oncethat happens, the searchfirm will drive many of the next steps,from educating and communicating processes, detailing community engagement, identifying and vetting candidates, and supporting the school throughout the process. The financial aid application is a two-step process that typically begins in early winter for families applying for admission as well as returning College Prep families currently receiving financial aid. Christian currently serves as the Assistant Head of School & Director of Strategic Research at Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA, following seven years as the schools Director of Enrollment Management. For more information, visit,, Blackboard Web Community Manager Privacy Policy (Updated). 0000001016 00000 n Though most questions have word limits, please do not feel the need to write more just to reach the word limits! creativity, imagination, musical, and visual talent; and to I think it is. As previously communicated, based on our need to move quickly, the search process for the interim head is not as extensive as for the permanent head as to involvement of the larger community. Teacher Recommendations (by Feb. 1, 2022), Optional: Entrance Exam (by Feb. 1, 2022), Student Activities and Interests Form (common Bay Area form). Thank you, in advance for your partnership in the important work of selecting the next Head of School and for your ongoing support of Friends. obj Recurring virtual admission events include: College Prep Faculty & Administration Roundtable. /Contents He has also served as a trustee at the Mary McDowell Friends School in Brooklyn, NY. 6 /Type Larry Clements /JavaScript TheSearchCommitteeagain thanks those who participated in focus groups with the consultants from Carney Sandoe, and who completed the survey. Christian plays a critical role in leading Head-Royces COVID-19 response team and is nationally acclaimed for his enrollment management work. Founded in 1887, Head-Royce is an independent,

0000005741 00000 n 7 The Board of Trustees and our community heartily extend our gratitude toMattfor his tremendous leadership and service over the past 16 years. of learning and exuberance for academic excellence, to promote He has also met with alums and Board members at Friends School events that have been hosted on the West Coast over the past few weeks. Katie Hearn '81 0 Espouse a deep commitment to relationship-building by getting to know faculty and staff, our students, their families and caregivers, and the Board in authentic, meaningful ways. Friends School of Baltimore is a community that understands that a meaningful education is a lifelong journey a search for truth that requires both inward reflection and connectedness with others. Denniswas born in Germany and grew up in Denmark. Once the search firm is selected (by early April), that firm will drive many of the next steps from educating and communicating processes, detailing community engagement, identifying and vetting candidates, and supporting the school throughout the process. as scholarship and disciplined, critical thinking; to foster in /Catalog

We anticipate that the search firm will be selected by mid-April. /PageLabels On behalf of the Head of School Search Committee and the Board of Trustees, it is our great honor to announce Christian Donovan as the next Head of Friends School of Baltimore, effective July 1, 2022. When pasting your responses from a word processing program into Ravenna, please read them carefully from start to finish to make sure all formatting and content appears as you wish. /Nums 8 As co-clerk of the Search Committee and outgoing Clerk of the Board, I will co-clerk the Transition Committee with Jeanne Phizacklea, Assistant Head of School for Enrollment Management, and Ashley Principe, Director of Development. Today, we are excited to share an update on the next stages of our Head of School search process. We invite all our current families and caregivers to join the Friends School Parents Associations meeting on Tuesday, April 12 from 7:45am - 9am, for an in-person meet-and-greet with Christian, in the Zamoiski Alumni Center. 1 Please stay tuned for more details. Former head of Media-Providence Friends School in Media, Pennsylvania,Bob Vitalo( served several terms on Friends Council for Education and was a faculty member for the Friends Council Seminar for New Quaker Heads, held annually at Pendle Hill. << endobj 3 R Analyzed the interviews and used common themes to construct the interim head interview guide. /Resources 144 0 obj <> endobj xref Discernment and deep understanding is the best way to prepare ourselves and our students to tackle the pressing questions and challenges we face today and will face in the future. Who knows! Isnt that what helps each of us serve the world -- a sense that we belong to it and are responsible for it? After intentional reflection, carefully weighing all that is needed for our school at this time, we developed a strong sense that Christian is the right person to lead Friends. /Title The school nurtures the development of the whole child through a program that seeks to develop intellectual abilities such as scholarship and disciplined, critical thinking; to foster in each student integrity, ethical behavior, compassion, and a sense of humor; to promote responsibility and leadership, an appreciation of individual and cultural differences, and a respect for the opinions of others; to nurture aesthetic abilities such as creativity, imagination, musical, and visual talent; and to encourage joyful, healthy living and physical fitness. One candidate dropped out after receiving another offer. understanding of and respect for the diversity that makes our Engage actively in budgeting, enrollment management strategies, and fundraising to bolster the long-range financial sustainability of the School. The Friends School community thanks the Search Committee members in advance for their dedication to the School in thisimportantendeavor. 0000009782 00000 n 0000038801 00000 n Financial Assistance & Merit Scholarships, Christine Monk Huxtable '87 Scholarship Effort, October 22 Announcement from Search Committee Co-Chairs. In his new role, incoming Clerk of the Board Lester Davis (also co-clerk of the Search Committee) will serve on the Transition Committee and will meet regularly with Christian. Created a short questionnaire aimed at the administrative team to best understand their thoughts for the experiences, qualities, and skills needed in an interim head. 0000010313 00000 n CS&A reviewed over 200 impressive resumes and, after thesearchcommitteecompleted anti-bias training, presented 12 highly qualified candidates. 0000004375 00000 n >> If you have questions or would like to speak with someone about the search process, please send an email << as appropriate, Though the teacher recommendation forms have a due date of January 6 for some schools, we consider any recommendation submitted by February 1 to be on time, Transcriptsshould be sentdirectly from your child's school to College Prep, Our preference is that your child's schoolsend all transcripts (7th and 8th grade) togetherrather than separately, All interviews this year will be conducted via Zoom, Interviews are onlyscheduled for students who have submitted their preliminary application and paid the application fee, Interviews take place throughout the fall and winter, Every applicant is guaranteed an interview. There are no right or wrong answers to any of these questions. The dates and times for the Community Sessions are listed below. We also encourage you to contact the Search Committee atHoSSearch@friendsbalt.orgwith questions, input and concerns. .Y"B*L)N[R..L)Q1oKVyDH)%y/Y!H's3L@?8OfmK6] hu%kG@+A# mudkg0D+k0D:1%9" >dWX"LWe!H'e4q!Ca\ bYFD72S4jD.\N@J6As1}bDD)% uZ1m>dt;Jud=!M,2fdMrC)C:1%d 7r&PRzndheS^FRPcx,#TWe@XFY~V)9xtbXkIzPQQ)%*1$'^d'`h+"eDTR"Pz'bYFD=)) TzPV&BtbD+URaJtbZ%yn{dh);:e3rREDc RJD)UQI&3 Please join us in welcoming Christian Donovan to the Friends School of Baltimore community! CS&A draws on their extensive network of school heads and directors of regional associations, who help them identify potential candidates, and CS&A leverages the contacts made by their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Practice, who offer consulting and search services for schools, non-profits, and universities to expand their knowledge of talented professionals. Your feedback on each candidate is a vital part of the search process, and we thank you in advance for taking the time and care to fill out a survey after each visit. Test results will not be shared with the Admission Committee and instead will be used after the admission season in our continuing effort to evaluate our testing policy for future admission seasons. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Buffie McConville, 1903 S. Market, Holden, MO 64040, 816-850-4444, ext. to understandthe agreements among the almost 40 high schools in theBay Area Admission Directors group. We also want to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in helping us reach this conclusion, those who met with and provided feedback on candidates, who supported the various logistics of the search, and who lent their authentic voices to our work. We look forward to a dynamic, energizing journey together! Looking forward to the search process ahead of us! The Friends website reminds us, the journey matters and I couldnt be more excited to start ours together. We will call upon you -- our closest friends -- to partner with us in our endeavors. x]$Gq^R$|0$D`l >>D @)~fzzfvm>;=OWUwUl&;!Q0=L$0S?Yr]D`L"J p~~S?}d_K ~w+CDb'LP`2>w&@R"LY v~dh We address those here. Work with the Board of Trustees to continue to identify aspects of the organization that will enhance financial sustainability. Christian returns to Baltimore for a second campus visit on April 11 and 12, when he will have additional opportunities to deepen his understanding of our school.

In more moments in the past few weeks than you likely imagine, Ive sat quietly for a minute, taking in the enormity of the opportunity I have been given as I anticipate joining the Friends School of Baltimore community as the 13th Head of School. He is described by colleagues as a thoughtful and collaborative leadersomeone adept at creating culture and making people feel heard. 9th grade applicants are required to submitcomplete 7th grade transcripts, as well as first-semester,second-quarter, orfirst-trimester 8th grade transcripts. of the Head-Royce community strive to create an educational While much of his time on this visit will be spent in classrooms, with faculty and students, experiencing school life, and meeting with the some members of the Senior Administrative Team, there are two opportunities for community members to participate during this visit: Faculty and Staff Meet & Greet In the past few weeks, the search committee has: In January, weannouncedthe news of Matt Micciches departure from Friends School at the close of the 2020-21 school year. R 0 0000008222 00000 n Please join as many of these sessions as you can; we understand that each session will potentially be composed of different parents/caregivers, but we would love to have as many people as possible in attendance. We hope that everyone will participate in some way, so that the Carney Sandoe team can come away with a deep understanding of Friends School of Baltimore, what makes us special, and what we value most in our next leader. Clerk, Friends School Board of Trustees. And the feeling that, perhaps I, too, will fit at Friends, is what has drawn me to this wonderful school.

Homeless Assistance Act/Foster Care Liaison, Acknowledgement Form (Handbooks & Training), 2022-2023 School Year Calendar Approved by Board of Education at Feb 14 Meeting, The Holden R-III School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, genetics or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.