Digital Literature Review is the Ball State University English Department's new undergraduate academic journal, edited and produced by Ball State undergraduates. The Catalyst is the University of Maryland's undergraduate bioengineering research journal. We challenge students to find and lend their growing voice to the most pressing conversations and issues of the moment.

The Bell Tower: An Undergraduate Journal of Christian Thought We accept all forms of science so long as the authors are willing to publish in the generalized format of introduction, methods, results, discussion. The Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research publishes outstanding research papers written by Purdue undergraduates from all academic disciplines who have completed a faculty-mentored research projects. ReCUR (Red Cedar Undergraduate Research)

The FAURJ is published online and in print. - Vanderbilt University. - Universit de Montral. Our mission is the diffusion and participation of quality, undergraduate research projects in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish into the regional, national and international arena through an on-line medium. - Harvard University. This is my research I did for one of my classes. XULAneXUS is a refereed online journal that publishes the scholarship of Xavier University of Louisiana undergraduates.

Spectra is a biannual (i.e., fall and spring issues), peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, open-access journal primarily dedicated to the publication of undergraduate student research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. - University of South Florida (USF), The open access Undergraduate Journal of Mathematical Modeling: One + Two is concerned with various applications of mathematics done by non-mathematics majors. The Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies (UJHS) is a peer-reviewed academic journal that promotes undergraduate research in the humanities and social sciences at Carleton College. Pursuit is dedicated to publishing the scholarly work of undergraduates and is supported by the University of Tennessee Office of Research and the Chancellors Honors Program. Every year Texas State Publishes an Undergraduate Research Journal. The journal is aimed at providing aspiring scholars with a platform to showcase their work in a low-stakes environment, which encourages diversity of thought and risk-taking. Advanced Journal of Graduate Research (ISSN:2456-7108) is a refereed journal dedicated to publishing research work carried out by Bachelor/Master Degree students under the supervision of a faculty member. If accepted, articles appear both in print and online. CJFP is a registered student organization (RSO) of UChicago. Watcher Junior: The Undergraduate Journal of Whedon Studies

Each issue is thematically driven, so please visit or email us at to find out more about our current focus. We view global citizenship as a disengagement from barriers into a recognition and understanding of human actions with social, political, environmental, and/or economic impact worldwide. The journal aims to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to publish historical works, develop the editing and writing skills of contributors and board members, and train them in the editorial process of an academic journal. - Howard University. - Lethbridge University. TIJOSS is a peer-reviewed journal and papers are published on merit based after blind peer review process by our experienced editorial board members. Its mission is to foster multidisciplinary research and discussion on global interdependence and cross-cultural encounters, and to encourage global empathy. We provide a publishing venue for students to display their expertise and to share what they have learned in their classes. Essays written by any student of the university on any topic in theology or philosophy are considered for publication, although preference is given to undergraduates. Inventio is the multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal of The Catholic University of America. Mysterion is Boston Colleges leading source of undergraduate theological scholarship. Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Works ReCUR is an annual publication of the Michigan State University Honors College that highlights the diversity and quality of its students research and creative endeavors. EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium is a journal designed to promote the education of evolutionary theory in colleges and universities. - University of California, Berkeley. alej bustillos jr howlround - Vassar College. Our mission is to build connections among undergraduate, graduate students, and the public, as well as among the different academic disciplines, through the publication of nontechnical articles in all fields of research. The Vanguard is Carthages very own student-written, -edited, and -published multidisciplinary undergraduate research journal. The editors and review board are undergraduate students who consider and review submissions and work with select faculty and staff to publish Pursuit. Live Ideas: Undergraduate Primary Texts Journal It is operated and edited by undergraduate students of Tufts University and is advised by an Editorial Board composed of Tufts undergraduates and faculty. Compass is a project of the Tocqueville Forum at Northern Illinois University, in partnership with Starting Points: A Journal of American Principles and American Practices, a project of the Kinder Institute at University of Missouri. Cura Terra is an undergraduate journal founded on values of justice and equity, putting people at the center of the worlds most pressing environmental issues.

Open Americas (OA) is a platform for sharing content that engages with contemporary social issues issues facing the Western Hemisphere. Submissions are accepted and encouraged from students across the university. - Elon University. We publish everything from research in mechanical engineering to anthropology to biological sciences to history. - University of Michigan. The mission of Epistimi: Capital Universitys Undergraduate Research Journal is to highlight the empirical research conducted by Capital University students. The Mercury: The Student Art & Literary Magazine of Gettysburg College has been published annually since 1894. The JIRIRIs goal is to promote creative and original ideas in social psychology and related fields, produced by undergraduate students worldwide. ARCHIVE is an award-winning journal of history published annually by undergraduate history majors, in partnership with the History Department and the UW-Madison chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. The journal supports a wide range of submissions, including traditional research manuscripts, scholarly essays, visual and audio representations of creative scholarship, and multimedia components embedded within manuscripts. ISSN 2769-7150(Online) | 2769-7142(Print) Kentucky Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship

DigitalCommons@SHU is an online collection of work that is organized by College and Department to showcase scholarship and projects from faculty, staff and students at Sacred Heart University. Intersections features features student essays, research papers, and capstone theses in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. By ensuring that authors are always provided with extensive feedback, JEPS gives psychology students the chance to gain experience in publishing and to improve their scientific skills. A sense of community, not only with our direct neighbors but also with societies and lives around the globe, makes a socially responsible individual. DISCOVER: Undergraduate Research Journal The journal invites students and staff to explore their education practices in the light of changes in their institutions, national higher education policies, the strategies of international agencies and developments associated with the so-called international knowledge economy. - University of Maryland. - UC Berkeley.

We partner with HeinOnline, a premier online research platform making our content available to global law school/research university libraries. biology research tips As the first microbiology research journal for undergraduates, Fine Focus has an international Editorial Board composed of experts in all subdisciplines of microbiology, targeting undergraduate researchers and their mentors. It provides an outlet for outstanding contributions from students in all fields, with special emphases on fields lacking in discipline-specific venues, research that spans several disciplines, and research that is smaller in scope but still tells a complete story. New issues are released biannually in print and online versions. - Texas A&M University-College Station. The Madison Journal of Literary Criticism aims to provide a forum for undergraduate students to publish their scholarly work and engage in the contemporary literary debates ongoing in the larger academic community. The Michigan Journal of Business is a peer-reviewed academic journal published biannually by undergraduates at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Cited as the ultimate champion for high-potential undergraduates, The Undergraduate Awards is the worlds largest academic awards programme. Their goal is to contribute to the scientific advance by encouraging serious, quality research early in students' academic careers.

The George Mason Review is a cross-disciplinary undergraduate journal. PUR is a multidisciplinary journal that accepts papers from around the world. We also feature process projects in courses that engage digital media and digital culture, and we feature ongoing commentary on topical, digital issues. Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review Caravel Undergraduate Research Journal The International Journal of Law, Ethics, and Technology Journal of Integrated Social Sciences - University of Michigan-Flint. Berkeley Undergraduate Journal As Oberlin Colleges alternative history journal, On Second Thought publishes innovative, accessible, and engaging historical content with the goal of reaching the Oberlin community and beyond.

The Yale Undergraduate Research Journal was established in spring 2020 and is the first reviewed publication to span the disciplinary breadth of research conducted by Yale students. Roshangar: Roshan Undergraduate Persian Studies Journal The Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal (OUR Journal) is an open access undergraduate research journal at the University of Oregon. - Capital University. The journal is produced, edited, and managed by students and staff at Monash University and the University of Warwick. - Yale University. ERIS publishes regular issues and essay prizes bi-annually. Papers & Publications is an open-access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal of undergraduate research and creative works published and supported by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (CURCA) at the University of North Georgia. Lucerna is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal and UMKC's only undergraduate research journal, publishing articles by students in the social sciences, sciences, and humanities. Submissions are reviewed by an interdisciplinary editorial board consisting of faculty and students.

Reuleaux: The Mines Undergraduate Research Magazine I think that at this time in particular, joining now kind of gives people an opportunity to really shape how this journal is going to be as an institution in the years to come, Lee said. Involve showcases and encourages high-quality mathematical research involving students from all academic levels and universities. The Journal of European Psychology Students (JEPS) is an open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal for psychology students worldwide. - University of Oregon. The Say Something Theological journal is published by the Department for Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University and is student-led. Alpha Chi is deeply invested in fueling undergraduate research and creativity. Through an online and print magazine, we hope to create an environment where anyone can uncover science and discover all that it can do. - Prairie View A & M University. Online Journal for Undergraduate Research in the Marine and Aquatic Sciences. Because of this commitment to accuracy, YURJs editors hope that the journal will serve not only as an outlet for student work but as a valuable resource for the dissemination of information. - Virginia Commonwealth University. Compos Mentis: Undergraduate Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics publishes papers on philosophy, seeking to support and encourage the intellectual work of undergraduates. - DePaul University College of Science and Health. Founded in 1990, Anths is a multidisciplinary academic journal published by the Honors College of Portland State University. The journal is designed to highlight the accomplishments of young minds in constant intellectual engagement with their surroundings. The Journal of Near & Middle-Eastern Civilizations is a yearly journal published by the University of Toronto NMC Students' Union. - Rice University. - Harvard University, The Honors Review Undergraduate Research in Natural and Clinical Science and Technology (URNCST) Journal. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines to submit their work to Xchanges, either as traditional articles or as multimodal webtexts. Please see our "Submission Information" tab for more information. The Student Scholar Program provides a means for college students or recent graduates to publish academic papers before a global audience. The Undergraduate Journal of Psychology at Berkeley is an annual publication that allows undergraduate students who have completed scientific studies in psychology and psychology-related fields to publish their findings to the larger academic community, promoting further and more excellent undergraduate research. It is uniquely pan-discipline, identifying leading creative thinkers through their undergraduate coursework. The journal is a forum for multidisciplinary undergraduate research and creative endeavors within higher education such as case studies, conceptual pieces, creative endeavors, creative writing, journalism writings, literature reviews, original art, photography, and scientific studies. A journal for research in mathematics done by undergraduate students. Spectrum is managed by the Undergraduate Research Initiative at the University of Alberta (, SPORA First-Gen Voices

We expect that the work will be informed by critical conversations relevant to the topicthat is, composers should incorporate timely, pertinent research to support claims. Columbia Undergraduate Journal of History Its mission is to acknowledge, promote, and disseminate high-quality student research that shapes discourse and fosters understanding. Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal - Columbia University. The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Review is an international undergraduate journal housed in the Kellogg Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Virginia Tech. We urge undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals to submit papers that delve into the topic. Princeton Innovation is an undergraduate science organization dedicated to making science more accessible to all students at Princeton. - Ball State University. Berkeley Undergraduate Journal of Classics - University of Central Oklahoma. The Triple Helix at the University of Chicago We are interested, particularly, in essays that explore marginalized voices, communities, practices, and concepts. SIURO is devoted to undergraduate research in applied and computational mathematics. The Aresty RURJ is also set apart from other undergraduate research journals in that we have implemented a year-long reviewer program that teaches involved undergraduates about how to review papers, and then allows them the opportunity to put that knowledge into practice by reviewing the manuscripts submitted to RURJ. To learn more and submit YOUR article, please visit! The Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relations and Identity (JIRIRI) is a social psychology journal with the goal of promoting the creation and expression of novel theoretical and empirical ideas. Digital Literature Review The Kennesaw Tower - University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Process: Journal of Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Scholarship provides a space for undergraduate writers to share their work outside of the context and constraints of the college classroom. We accept all forms of scholarly expression, including research-based writing, creative writing, visual arts, and more. Laridae is an interdisciplinary, undergraduate research journal, which showcases academic and creative works from Salisbury Universitys undergraduate student body. - California Lutheran University. - Dartmouth College. We provide thorough feedback and consultation throughout the submission process. The Indiana University Undergraduate Research Journal is a refereed journal of outstanding scholarship featuring the work of IU South Bend students. The journal is student-run, peer-reviewed, and edited with assistance from faculty members. Consilience is an online journal dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary dialogue on sustainable development. - University of South Carolina. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. - Drew University. - University of Rochester. The journal is published every spring semester and is circulated across campus and other prestigious universities around the United States, including some Ivy League universities. - The Student Scholar Program.

Highlighting work that challenges dominant perspectives, the UJHS serves as a forum for contributors and readers to reconsider their position within the context of their society. Saltman Quarterly is an undergraduate research journal and science communication program hosted by UCSD's Division of Biology. Created at Universit de Montral, it is an international scientific peer-reviewed journal for undergraduate students. All articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and refereeing by two anonymous referees.

- Kennesaw State University. Founded in 1998, the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science aims to increase scientific awareness by providing an interdisciplinary forum for sharing undergraduate research and enriching scientific knowledge. Auctus East Bay Historia The Undergraduate Journal of Global Citizenship honors the work of undergraduates from diverse academic backgrounds, united by their dedication to global citizenship and social responsibility, in line with the Jesuit values of the university. - Augsburg College, A nationally competitive interdisciplinary journal seeking illuminating, insightful, and contemporary research at the undergraduate level. EURJ is a multidisciplinary journal and accepts material from any area of interest as long as it meets the standards set forth by the journal. You are about to view website outside of The Virginia Journal of Gender Studies is the only undergraduate research publication in the United States dedicated to feminist and queer scholarship. El Ro: A Student Research Journal Knighted: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research All manuscript authors receive constructive feedback. The Journal of Integrated Social Sciences is a web-based, peer-reviewed journal committed to the scholarly investigation of social phenomena. - UNC Charlotte. It features outstanding historically focused papers written by Rice undergraduates. This publication aims to promote awareness about the first-gen experience, the valuable forms of social capital first-gen students bring into the university, and the meaningful contributions they make to their local and global communities. The Council on Undergraduate Research is committed to inclusivity and diversity in all of its activities; therefore, CUR will increase and nurture participation of individuals and groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in undergraduate research.