document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Most importantly the C170 has an prestigious look that pilots and spectators cannot resist with its unique curvy tail feathers and overall stylish fuselage makes a classic taildragger. The seats were stripped of their old, heavy springs and wool padding and replaced with Ceconite bases covered with modern aircraft padding and fabrics by Sport Aircraft Seats of Wasilla, Alaska. I wanted a four-place plane with large cargo area that I could use to transport the guitars and amps I often bring along to fly-ins and camping fly-outs. This allows for hand-starts even with zero battery voltage. Between 1951 and 1955 Cessna used modifications of the 170 and its derivative, the U.S. Army L-19, as test beds for Boundary layer control research, under contract to the Office of Naval Research and the Army Transportation Corps, designating them as the models 309 and 319.

These earliest 170s were four-seat versions of the popular 140 with a more powerful 145hp (108kW) Continental C145-2 and larger fuel tanks. Keep in mind, as soon as you enter that three point attitude flare and the stall horn is blaring, you are committed to the landing and you are giving up 90% of control authority of the rudder and ailerons. One of these refers to the high performance, high gross weight, fast cruiser such as a skywagon or stationair VS the other extreme featuring light sport planes such as a super cub or cessna 120/140. We installed a gearbox reinforcement kit from P Ponk as well. The original Cessna 170 had a metal fuselage with fabric constant-chord wings, zero dihedral and rounded tips connected with V struts. Flaps are quickly raised incrementally to decrease drag. Just be aware that many of these mods will make the airplane heavier and thats where the higher horsepower starts making a big difference. Having said that, it is one of the easiest tailwheel aircraft to insure. There were 5,000 C170s manufactured between 1948 and 1956 and three different versions: C170, C170A and C170B. There are several STCs that provide for the upgrade of the engine to the four-cylinder Lycoming 360 series that makes between 180 and 210 hp. It is the predecessor of the Cessna 172, the most produced aircraft, which replaced the 170 in production in 1956. After a few trips together, it was clear we wanted visibility and space more than speed. Based on experience we can extrapolate some of the numbers in the chart below. Your email address will not be published. The comfort of the 170 was not compromised, and most have great insulation for cold weather and keeping the airplane noise to a minimum. The 309 and 319 were meant to be research aircraft only, and no plans were developed to incorporate boundary layer control technology in then-current Cessna models. The best known club by far is the International Cessna 170 Association, which is based in Wyoming. But since the price depends to a large extent on the model, engine size, and upkeep of the aircraft, you will need to do some research and work out what it is that is important to you when buying one. But there is a lot of variation in prices, as all these aircraft are aging, and simply to buy one as an investment is possibly very risky and not a good idea. Interestingly, when it comes to the Cessna 170, values tend to increase with age. Send questions or comments to . These are single engine, piston airplanes with a gross weight of 2200 in the normal category. The list is endless, but it should be noted that there is a difference between those modifications that have STCs keeping the aircraft certified versus those that would put it in an experimental category. Kris purchased a 1955 Cessna 170B a few years back with the intention of making it like-new with lots of mods you would want if you were designing the plane today. The downside to this plane was the much smaller cabin and reduced visibility. Because the plane will be operated on skis and the possibility of floats, a float kit from a Cessna 180 was used. Boeing 757 Guide and Specs: Does It Live Up to the Legacy? No interior trim panels will be used. When my daughter began to accompany us, I sold the 140 and bought a 1948 Cessna 170. The International Cessna 170 Association is a very useful source of parts, and regularly brings down prices by buying them in bulk. The performance of the 170 fits in the middle, cruising at about 120mph, empty weight 1220, gross weight of 2200 lbs, stall speed about 50mph and a climb rate of about 700fpm. The seats are also removable for accommodating bulky cargo, and the load capacity and short-field performance is spectacular. This could actually cost less than buying a 170.

Tailwheel airplanes like landing in a tail high attitude, it reduces strain on the tailwheel and the airframe in general. As explained above, aircraft really do not deteriorate that much with age. Of course, it should be noted that Cessna 170 insurance, like all airplane insurance, is broken down into two specific parts.

Luckily, there are over 100 STCs that can be applied to the Cessna 170, including jump seats, extended baggage, etc, etc. In the ten years from 1990 to 2000, Cessna 170 prices increased by about $10,000. Most importantly the C170 has an prestigious look that pilots and spectators cannot resist with its unique curvy tail feathers and overall stylish fuselage makes a classic taildragger. The paint we used is Lycoming Grey with a bit of hardener added for shine. The plane was clean, with no damage history and had recently had a Sportsman STOL kit installed to the wings. A 92 inch propeller with 70 degrees of pitch improved the rate of climb 12 percent. Pilots considering either of these aircraft might also want to think about the Cessna 180 or Cessna 140. From an owner: When I purchased my 1954 Cessna 170B in June 1987, I was looking for a taildragger that could carry my family, 100 pounds of baggage, and fuel for 350 miles with reserves. This kit uses larger reinforcing doublers spreading any stress over a larger area. Modifications! The Pilots Operating Handbook shows that 1,145 feet are required for a normal landing, 1,210 feet to get in over an obstacle.

Of course, all brake lines are new and the master brake cylinders were rebuilt as well. This early model also had three 12.5 gallon fuel tanks taken from the Cessna 120/140 models. The model 309 utilized the German World War II Arado lift-increasing system in which a jet pump inside the wing sucked in stagnant air from the flap area, energized it and blew the higher-speed air over the ailerons. Despite being old, around 2000 of these are still flying, and most are in good condition. The horizontal stabilizer and elevators were improved, trim tab enlarged and mass balance inserted to the tips of the elevator to relieve control pressures. Indeed, in its long history the Cessna 170, 170A, and 170B have had few airworthiness directives. This is especially the case when it is paired with 29-31 Alaskan bushwheels and a Hartzell carbon Trailblazer propeller. It was used as a forward air control and reconnaissance aircraft. 170 production was halted soon after the 172 became available. We chose Del-Aires STC. It was marketed in 1952 for $7245.[2]. In 1956 there were still a few 170s being made but Cessna realized that a tricycle gear plane was much easier to land, and thus the production of the 172 began which put an end to our beloved taildraggers (until the mighty skywagon!). The aircraft is approved for day and night VFR/IFR when equipped in accordance with regulations. The list is endless, but theres a difference between those mods that have STCs keeping the aircraft certified versus those that would put it in an experimental category. I set myself up with one notch of flaps so the handle is easier to reach on takeoff roll. Tailwheel aircraft are always difficult to land in a crosswind, and the Cessna 170 is no exception. My favorite subject. Some have invested in exhaust-gas temperature (EGT) gauges for their airplanes and alleviate the problems by leaning aggressively. Especially when paired with 29-31 Alaskan bushwheels and a Hartzell carbon Trailblazer propeller. As we have previously mentioned, the C170 is the best of both worlds. So the actual cost of insurance will depend on what the owner decides to include. The 319 demonstrated the capability of taking off in 190ft (58m), landing in 160ft (49m) and clearing a 50ft (15m) obstacle in 450ft (137m). All I know is that all the pilots Ive met that own one of these have a hard time letting them go, and if they have they eventually regret it! I start the roll tail down and quickly lift it up to save the tailwheel from getting banged up with rocks and debris. Just be aware that many of these mods will make the airplane heavier and thats where the higher horsepower starts making a big difference. When one looks into purchasing a new Normal Standard category aircraft, they quickly discover that requires an even larger investment. It will be fitted with 8.00 tires to begin with. The baffles were painted black before installation.

The association was also able to bring the price of seat tracks down substantially by placing a quantity order with Cessna. Interior cabin lighting will be combination of dimmable self-lit, post lamps and a light strip under the eyebrow of the panel. A few years ago the group pooled its resources to have Cessna produce a supply of solid axles. This model was more successful and resulted in the highest lift capacity, as measured by the maximum lift coefficient recorded up to that time. New seat rails and seat belt systems are used, too. But having said that, the Cessna 170 is in a class by itself. I cannot think of a taildragger that is so easy to operate, or so versatile.. The wingtips are changed to a molded Horton style that also aids lift by controlling air moving out and away from the wing. We began our project with an undamaged 1955 Cessna 170B. There were 5,000 Cessna 170s manufactured between 1948 and 1956 and three different versions: C170, C170A and C170B. How much time do you want to put into it to make it your ideal plane? t is one of the easiest tailwheel aircraft to insure. When in the utility category certain maneuvers including spins are permitted as per the aircrafts Pilots Operating Handbook. Premium range for less than qualified or low-time pilots: $1,500-$2,350 per year.

Part two will feature pictures and flight test data from the finished project.

The goal is to make this a strong, lightweight four-place plane that can carry over 1,000 pounds of fuel, cargo and passengers with ease and comfort. She's published several books and articles on all things aviation and is eager to continue sharing her knowledge! It even includes AOA functionality. Corrosion and fatigue cracks are relatively frequent problems. All original wiring was removed and will be replaced with modern Teflon coated wires. The Stinson 108 and the Piper Tri-Pacer/Pacer meet the requirements about as well as the Cessna 170B, and I fully expected to end up with a PA-22 and convert it to tailwheel configuration. Here are some comments from owners and pilots about the Cessna 170: From a review in a published article: The Cessna 170 is a lovely benign airplane to fly. The EFIS display also takes GPS data from the Garmin along with pitot and static air data and feeds from a remote magnetometer and built-in AHRS to provide a full function backup guidance and flight direction system. Well, it is the balance between a commuter, freight hauler, trainer, bush plane and all-around fun plane while still being fairly affordable. Others were also working on the concept, it was incorporated into the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter.[5]. The belt drive reduced vibration, engine noise and propeller noise. Helen has worked as an instructor for several years, flying throughout Europe and the US. This and subsequent versions of the 170 shared the fin/rudder shape of the larger Cessna 190 and 195 models. As mentioned earlier, the Cessna 170 is a true four-seater with performance rivaling that of current production singles, and with acquisition and operating costs putting many brand-new airplanes to shame. He is a masterful technician who is as comfortable with a rivet gun and sheet metal brake as the rest of us are with a television remote control. Accidents tend to be due to lack of training on tailwheel aircraft, or simply lack of practice. Generally, book performance numbers are achievable, according to owners. In other words, youll have a better than new airplane for about half the price of new! Also, there were five Cessna 170A models ranging in price from $20,000 to $44,500. One long-time Cessna 170 pilot summed it up this way: The 170 is one of the easier taildraggers to land, but any taildragger will bite you. Problems in handling tend to be due mainly to the fact that modern pilots are simply not used to tailwheel aircraft. In 1952, the Cessna 170B was introduced, featuring a new wing tapered outboard of the flaps, incorporating dihedral similar to the military version. When it comes to actual figures, Cessna 170 insurance cost averages $1,477 per year, according to one source. New Cleveland wheels with dual cylinder brakes were installed that allow for the use of tires up to 32 inches to be stopped with ease. An experienced pilot stated that he checked out in a rental Cessna 170B a few years ago, and observed that if you have the approach speed exactly right as you enter ground effect, the airplane nearly lands itself. You evaluate necessary compromises, and debate between two-place or four-place; speed; cargo capacity; VFR or IFR. The high wings and low panel allowed for great visibility. The following mods make this an amazing bush plane. There are several STOL (short take off and landing) kits you can install to lower your stall speed and reduce your landing roll, such as the Horton or Sportsmans. You will then have a like-new plane with a new engine, new prop, new panel, new wiring and new seats for less than half the cost of a new two-place Husky or C172. When you begin the search for the aircraft model that will best fit your most common mission profile, you define and prioritize the wants and needs that will fit into a defined budget. Wingtip strobes from Whelen Engineering will be installed to help to be seen. Yet you are able to carry all the supplies you need to be away from civilization for days and you are able to cruise at 120 miles per hour to get there. And, since prices are going up, purchase can possibly even be seen as a good investment. It is the predecessor of the Cessna 172, the most produced general aviation aircraft, which replaced the 170 in production in 1956, and has been manufactured regularly ever since. The C170 will serve many purposes at a lower budget than many of the equivalent alternatives. I have flown one of these many times, and I like it a lot. By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. Other common mods include piecing together parts from newer models, such as swapping in C180 gear, and C175 wings with extended fuel tanks. Various chemicals and enhancements were used to power the jet pump. A properly rigged Cessna 170 will cruise at 104 knots at around 2,400 RPM (65 to 70 percent power) while burning between seven to eight gallons of fuel an hour, at altitudes below 8,000 feet. It is not a good idea to attempt to learn by yourself. The International Cessna 170 Association frequently arranges to secure quantities of critical parts from Cessna Aircraft Corp. and other suppliers. The Cessna 170 is an American light aircraft, single-engined and designed for general aviation use. The B model was deliberately selected because it has the best wing design of the three 170 versions. One source suggests a base price for the 145-horsepower 1956 Cessna 170B, the latest year the aircraft was made, of $30,000. A friend of mine since childhood has a wonderful habit of buying planes and old cars, and he enjoys rebuilding them. You dont need exceptional tailwheel piloting skills, except in a crosswind, which is another story! Affected components include flight control cables, main landing gear support brackets, vertical stabilizer attachments, bulkheads and engine attach brackets. The ELT will be changed to a new 460 MHz version. Once insurance company quoted the following: Cessna 170 Insurance Cost Breakdown: Premium range for qualified pilots: $1,050-$1,980 per year. Your email address will not be published. Insuring your Cessna 170 is likely to be slightly different from insuring nosewheel aircraft, as insurance companies will want to make sure you have experience of flying tailwheel aircraft. Due to similarities between the Cessna 170 and the 172, parts are not a big problem, and neither is maintenance generally.

There are over a hundred STCs that apply to the C170 which will allow a pilot/owner to customize it to their exact mission profile. The doors are large and even removable for large loads. Authors Note: I would like to give special recognition to Daniel Maccarone of Sport Aircraft Seating for his talent in designing and fabricating seat coverings for this plane and Tom Bauer of Top Flight Avionics in Cumberland, Wis. for his detail skills in the form of the panel work and wiring. The 170 is equipped with conventional landing gear, which is more challenging to land than tricycle landing gear. Best rate-of-climb speed is 77 knots, and climb rate diminishes from 690 FPM at sea level to 370 FPM at 7,000 feet. But it is clear that you wont lose money if you buy one. Others have sought relief from lead-fouling problems and the higher prices of avgas by operating their airplanes on premium unleaded automobile gasoline. I asked Kris if I could buy this project and assist with the restoration. So despite this being an old aircraft, obtaining parts is rarely an issue. Those who want the real thing arent going to be put off by a few extra dollars here or there.

Pilots these days often dont learn to fly tailwheel aircraft; indeed, in some countries it requires separate training to be able to do so. This makes the whole thing easier than trying to insure a less well known tailwheel aircraft. The airplane stalls at about 50 knots, clean, and at 45 knots with full flaps. Data from Jane's All The World's Aircraft 195556[10], Aircraft of comparable role, configuration, and era, "Leading Edge Aeronautical Research on the Plains", Air Facts Journal, February 22, 2013 by Harry Clements,, 1940s United States civil utility aircraft, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from April 2021, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 10 April 2022, at 00:55. One owner said he loves his Cessna 170B because it is dirt simple,. Cessna began the A model production in 1949 featuring all metal tapered wings with squared off tips connected by a single wing strut and boasting two 21 gallon fuel tanks. Like the 140, they were constructed of metal with fabric-covered wings supported by a "V" strut. Gap seals are then added to both the flaps and ailerons to further control airflow and reduce drag. These are all single engine, piston airplanes with a gross weight of 2200 in the normal category. ACS Written Test codes for Instrument Pilot FAA Written Test Results, ACS Written Test codes for Private Pilot FAA Written Test Results. The last year of production was 1955 with a square rear window rather than rounded. Fuses will be replaced with Klixon breaker-switches. Over 5,000 Cessna 170s were built and over 2,000 are still in service today. This club does a tremendous amount for Cessna 170 owners and pilots. The Cessna 170 is probably not as well known now, but it is still flown by a number of pilots, and around 2000 are still in service. The starter motor and alternator were changed to B&C, and an MT compact propeller governor was installed to save weight. Everybody in the family loved this plane. The entire interior is painted with a light gray U.S. military enamel. Since it has been out of production since 1956, prices for the Cessna 170 are of course all for secondhand models. The plane will be equipped with Federal AWB hydraulic wheel skis, so the stub axles and brackets were fitted at this time. [4], This concept was adopted on the Model 319 but substituted an engine-driven hydraulic pump to drive hydraulic-powered axial fans. While stock models of the Cessna 170 may be as slow as a Cessna 152, there are models with upgraded engines that will outrun a Cessna 172.

Since it was introduced way back in 1948, there have been over 5,000 Cessna 170s built. As soon as I feel it is ready to fly I reach for the flap handle and jerk myself off the ground by lowering flaps to 30-40 degrees for a second as I rotate for lift of and then immediately slight forward pressure on the yoke to remain in ground effect as I pick up airspeed. Hed already purchased a 65-hour TTSN Lycoming O-360 engine and the STC to install it. This is why practicing slow flight on a regular basis will help you hone those skills necessary to slow yourself down a low altitudes in a safe manner. Albeit the two extra seats in the back was realistically meant for two kids rather than modern day adults (things were little different back in the 40s). The steel side window frames were replaced with aluminum frames from a C180that saved 12 pounds. Tailwheel airplanes are great for nostalgia, and many pilots love them. A BAS retractable tail pull handle will make our 170 easy to move around. What do I mean by this? Premium range for qualified pilots: $1,050-$1,980 per year. It can! At 186 mph TAS, the RV-6 was fast enough that a deviation for weather only added a few minutes to a trip leg and never resulted in revisions to fuel or lodging. As explained above, because the Cessna 170 is so similar to the Cessna 172 in most ways, parts are not a big problem. This plane was powered by a Continental O-300 producing 145HP. It had a huge cabin and could carry nearly 1,000 pounds into the air with ease. In 1950, the United States Air Force, Army and Marines began using the military variant of the 170, the Model 305, designated the L-19 and later O-1 Bird Dog by the military. Keeping in mind that there are situations for each technique and thus practicing each type of landing is critical for proficiency. However, they do require some special skills that have been largely lost among todays pilots. However, in my humble opinion the 170 is a beautiful balance between several different purposes. A V-brace by F.Atlee Dodge will strengthen the forward cabin door frame areas. Like most pilots, I learned to fly in a Cessna 152 then transitioned to an old 172 line rental plane. The MT prop is lighter than the fixed-pitch prop and allows the pilot to use the full power of the engine at takeoff and set for low rpm for economy cruise. Learn more, Cessna Flyer Association1042 N Mountain Ave Suite B #337Upland, CA91786Phone: 626-844-0125, Cessna Flyer Association 2004-2022 All Rights Reserved. A Sportsman STOL kit had already been added to the wings. Airbus a320 Guide and Specs [2022]: The Worlds Highest-Selling Narrowbody, Boeing 717 Guide and Specs [2022]: The Tail of Two Companies. It is easy to transition to as a first tailwheel aircraft, particularly if you are used to flying the Cessna 172. As far as certified airplanes go, the Cessna 170B is as perfect as they get. And the majority of owners who are well accustomed to it, speak glowingly of its performance. A PS Engineering four-place stereo intercom with multiple aux (music) inputs makes communication and entertainment in the cabin perfect. In order to provide you with the best online experience this website uses cookies. the benefits of this technique outweigh the drawbacks.

Although all taildraggers are harder to fly than nosewheel aircraft, the Cessna 170 is much easier to fly and land than many others.However, you do need special training in techniques for flying tailwheel aircraft. A new panel will be cut, and only the basic instruments required by the Type Certificate will be reinstalled. Indeed, when considering the Cessna 170s accident record, lack of overall or recent experience in the airplane is a factor in many of the mishaps, though not all of course. His impeccable work quality is recognized by the local FSDO and he has successfully adapted many modern features into old planes by way of field approvals. In summary, most pilots find that the Cessna 170 is a pleasant aircraft to fly. This model still had plain flaps but slightly increased in size and the range was up to 50 degrees. In addition, the group publishes a monthly newsletter and four quarterly magazines containing tips on maintenance and safety, and conducts regional fly-ins and an annual convention. Based on experience we can extrapolate some of the numbers in the chart below. The original intentions of a C170 was for the business traveler or for families that wanted to upgrade from a two-seater C140 to a four seater. Flaps are quickly raised incrementally to decrease drag. Time to change planes again. The only problem its that there is a limited number of them in the world today and they are not making any more. The Cessna 170 is certified in both the normal and utility category. The stock engine is a six-cylinder Continental O-300 with 145 hp. Once you get comfortable in a 170, it becomes an extension of your body. A 79-inch MT Composite three-blade constant-speed propeller from Flight Resource was selected to harness the engine horsepower and turn it into thrust. In 1949 Cessna began marketing the 170A, an all-metal 170 with zero-dihedral wing tapered outboard of the slightly-enlarged plain flaps, and a single strut replacing the "V" strut of the 170. The Cessna 172 is therefore a little less challenging for inexperienced pilots to land. Avionics are extra. The lesson seems clear. If only a 170 could be a bit faster and have a modern panel like my RV-6. Copyright 2022 Aviator Insider | A Topsail Media Company | Powered by Astra WordPress Theme. Will the airplane be used on unimproved strips or paved runways? The Bird Dog was extensively redesigned from the basic 170 and included a revised tandem-seat fuselage and a wing with large modified Fowler flaps that deployed up to 60.

For most instances, I choose to wheel land the airplane unless absolutely necessary to land short, and in those instances you should be asking yourself will I be able to take off from here? A spin-on oil filter adapter was also added along with a Brackett air filter. We use Mailchimp as our marketing platform. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Performance at Gross Weight Standard Temp, decrease drag from the tail in case of mud or uneven surfaces. It is easy to obtain as long as you have at least 25-50 tailwheel hours and are qualified to at least private pilot level. Most importantly, it ensures that you will have rudder authority all the way until you decide to lower the tail, this decreases the chances of ground loops and keeps the pilot in control in this critical stage of flight. It provides the highest static thrust of any propeller available for this engine. You can even squeeze in two dogs (if they each weigh 5lbs or less) as I have proven from personal experience. This plane can certainly take off within 200ft, but its not just the mods, its also about pilot abilities and proficiency. It has the largest ailerons and big Fowler-style flaps that are adjusted quickly and easily with a convenient single lever between the seats. New control cables, bearings and pulleys were installed throughout. This not only decreases ground roll but it also reduces the chances of rocks to jump up and hit your airframe and prop. fiberglass parts cessna replacement catalog Push rod tubes, rocker covers and intake risers were chrome plated. The C170 could carry all the baggage we wanted to bring, but it was slow enough that diverting for weather meant changing plans for lodging and fuel. 1949 thru cessna 170a 1951 parts catalog temporary revision number enlarge Unlike the Cessna 172, it has conventional landing gear, so it is a little harder to land than the Cessna 172, with its tricycle landing gear and nosewheel. The engine STC adds the need for manifold pressure and fuel pressure gauges. The belts used were developed by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and were 3/8-inch wide, 7/16-inch deep, and 41 inches long.[3]. There are also many different mods and STCs that can be applied to the 2000 remaining ones flying today. Aircraft are not like cars, and do not deteriorate to that great an extent with age, so long as they are taken care of.

The exhaust system uses header pipes with no restrictions to the heat muff collector and large diameter outlet. As soon as I feel it is ready to fly I reach for the flap handle and jerk myself off the ground by lowering flaps to 30-40 degrees for a second as I rotate for lift of and then immediately slight forward pressure on the yoke to remain in ground effect as I pick up airspeed. But more about this aspect of things later on. How can you tell apart the latest models of the C170B? These paints cover with one coat and are both extremely durable and easy to clean. This airplane has the ability to operate in shorter runways or strips (less than 1000ft at sea level).

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