The build quality seems really solid, and the parts are nice. yakima rack roll trailer shock absorbers trailers adjustable etrailer lbs inch code Take the paperwork provided to your Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and you will be issued a license plate. Also, as shown in my photos, one of the shocks arrived upside down. Please try another search. Thank you for your patience. The lower locking lug seems to be made from the same pot metal as the axle nuts. But all in all the documentation is good. First, for the 78 inch # Y08107: Optional Heavy-Duty Shocks can carry up to 350 lbs (RackandRoll 78 only), Carrying handle transforms lightweight trailer into a handcart, Includes Yakima crossbars; spread adjustable to 48, Includes 3 Rack and Roll specific locks cores with keys (not SKS compatible), LED trailer lights last years without needing replacement, Comes in two widths: 66 and 78 crossmembers and crossbars, Dimensions: L 132.00 in x W 66.00 in x H 22.00 in, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh, press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Finally received the trailer kickstand a few weeks ago 1.5yrs later! You can also store the trailer without removing the tongue and wheels by adding the Rack and Roll Kickstand (Y08115) - sold separately. Be sure check all your wiring connectors. For the 66 inch # Y08106: I have to keep checking to see that its there. 510910, etrailer staff was great to work with. The crossbars are adjustable, they are a standard size, and it has an adequate weight capacity. I am very disappointed in Yakima for their poor quality control. Instructions along with the package picture made the assembly very easy. A few running lights didn't work right and were a little tough to replace, although Yakima was quick to send replacements. Thank you! Not knowing about separate shipping, after assembling the trailer, I spent an hour searching thru my cardboard box scrap pile for the title. So it is not just the crossbars. Now I hope the plastic doesnt develop stress cracks. . If somehow the sticker is worn off or unreadable my contact at Yakima said that if you contact the dealer where you initially bought the trailer you can give them your name and info and they will be able to find the VIN that way as well. Electrical wiring snaps together neatly at various points, and for the most part is hidden within frame.I like its storability best. My WeNoNah Spirit II is 17' long with a bow depth of 22". Box 1 is 78-1/2 inches long by 14-1/4 inches wide by 10-1/2 inches tall Ill update after I towed with it, but I expect no problems with it.837784, Best way to transport two recumbent trikes or multiple bikes. The trailer looks great and gets lots of attention. I stand by my 5-star rating for this product: still in the best shape, functions perfectly I was going to say without a hitch but . Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska should expect one additional day delay for all deliveries. Love the product. Handling is amazing and is orders of magnitude better than the typical utility trailer. Buyers should not have to wonder wheres the *# title!?. I didn't back the trailer into the water like a powerboat trailer not sure if that would be ok for the lights or not?

Overall I'd give quality a 9 on a scale of 10. You should be able to view your question/comment here within a few days. After an initial wheel problem that was resolved quickly by etrailer, the trailer tows almost as if it isn't there. Should have purchased years before. The suspension has 4 inches of wheel travel for exceptional highway performance, cushioning your gear and keeping the trailer from going "airborne" over rough terrain. Yes you can, there's no reason you couldn't back the Yakima Rack and Roll trailers like the part # Y08106 into water at a boat ramp. Great product. The Rack n Roll trailer isn't designed specifically for off road types of applications but it can handle it. All mechanical parts move smoothly where they should, and fit snugly where they should not. Photo.

Also, wheels and tires are not popular sizes so carrying a spare innertube would be wise - i still need to add that to my travelling kit. I attached a review video for this product also. We take the quality of our information seriously so that you can get the right part the first time. The trailer is wonderful for all typical roof rack accessories except the canoe brackets. The assembly probably took me about an hour. I am mechanically challenged but ill still managed. Chose etrailer because of the three reputable online retailers, etrailer had the best reviews, expert advice and information. Bought our Rackandroll a year ago, and kick myself for waiting so long to buy it. I do NOT miss loading heavy gear on top of the van ;-) In fact, it's so versatile that I think we will use it next to haul our family's Christmas trees home! Totally beats trying to load on top of pickup. Express Shipping orders will be shipped same-day if received before 11:00 am PT Monday - Friday. 5. This, along with a filled form available from DOT website & a small fee was all that was needed to leave with trailer plate in hand (title arriving later in the mail).The manual mentions the dangers of the license plate several times. They are safe online merchants and their customer service is amazing (thanks Cathy!) In other words, my license plate running light blinked with my turning signal. I was able to repair one but had to order one replacement. It not only rides silently but tracks very well. The trailer itself is ultra-light, easy to move manually, and certainly tows with no trouble. All images, layout and content copyright, Trailer/Yakima/Y08106.html. At we provide the best information available about the products we sell. It was not rocket science, but coupled with the broken amber light and the missing locks, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. I got a spare tire/wheel, and will probably also get a pair of spare spare axles. Check out the attached link to this page. All four mounts had two problems. Etrailer offered a great price and delivered. The trailer connector has three male pins and one female pin. With 2 people lifting, that is 80 pounds each. One of the amber running lights arrived cracked. 4. So *much* easier than getting them up to the roof rack! The four wiring connectors are made to slide into the four plastic mounts. Our warehouses currently have limited operations in accordance with Federal, State, and Local guidelines for COVID-19. We decided on the Yakima trailer because of its aluminum construction, it's weight (very light), and previous reviews. Do you have a question about this Kayak Trailer? I can't report road experience with it yet as I'm just getting it licensed, but it looks strong and is very light in weight. Please note the dimensions of the trailer as well. Lived and camped entirely out of our van due to COVID, so the trailer was an essential accessory for us to be able to bring all our gear - Skybox on the van, everything else on the trailer :-) The trailer is a breeze to haul - you hardly know it's back there - and it tackled both paved roads and dirt BLM roads with ease. Created to make sure you have all the answers to your questions, from real experts. Fenders are 5/32" white plastic, hope the plastic has UV inhibitors as only the topsides are painted. In other words, they cannot be reversed by rotating 180 degrees. However I should have ordered the 3 tongue extension to begin with. This needs a little attention to detail. That is a delivery concern. This trailer solved that problem, and opened up additional transport arrangements. A really useful addition that keeps the trailer ready to go during camping trips or weekend use. Shipping: The trailer shipped by UPS, got here in 5 days with no damage to boxes. An integrated carrying handle is mounted near the coupler to make it easier to place the trailer on the hitch ball. I don't see any reason the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer part # Y08106 could not be used for a rooftop tent. In our state, the trailer must be registered and have a plate. Your comment has been submitted successfully. The key connections are pinned in place with precision pins and bow-tie cotters. Easy fix for this was to file the side of the aluminum frame tube hole enough for the lock shank to fit and lever close flat against tube. Only had to file the frame tube hole; tongue hole was ok. Definitely invest in some kind of boat cradling system. The longest perhaps 230 miles. This premium, lightweight sport trailer is the perfect way to haul your boats or bikes, using integrated, adjustable, 66" crossbars as anchor points. The Yakima handled them all like a champ. I back-checked it of course. The laws in our state allows the Invoice to be substituted for the Materials Statement of Origin (MSO) when the trailer is a kit. Looking to buy in store or need help with installation? I replaced each button head screw with a countersunk flat head screw, and also reversed the mounts direction. etrailer staff is quite good, as noted elsewhere. I ordered the 78" crossbars to be able to haul two kayaks. Even ordered the spare tire. I think most people would like to be off the ground a bit more but I don't think there will be any fit issues with most rooftop tents using the Rack and Roll. To ensure the best fit, use a ball mount with the proper drop or rise to modify the height of your receiver. In order to get the proper amount of weight on the tongue the kayak needs to sit more forward than I can get it now.

The trailer is constructed from anodized aluminum and features custom-cast, polished aluminum alloy wheels. At any rate, because I had to assemble I felt the price should not have been so high. etrailer support was excellent, shipping fast and free. Very handy and versital trailer. The trailer tongue weight, unloaded, is 24#s; kickstand will probably make it 29#s. 2. Took a 6-week trip west to National Parks and wild places in South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, backpacking, camping and biking along the way. would sent photo of stacked canoeducky and storage, but no box on this 1 yr review platform to send photos. at the boat launch.50106, Rack and Roll is exactly what was advertised. The Yakima Rack n Roll trailers, # Y08107 for 78 inch and # Y08106 for 66 inches, come in 4 boxes each. Bad job by Yakima's quality control. Other than those points it is a nice bit of kit! Search our answers or ask your own question to customer service. Error submitting comment. A caution for those who have a cedar strip canoe: The trailer is open and all the road dust and mud got on the canoe. also stores in garage so easy with and without wheels. It is 5-1/2 feet wide by 11 feet long. They communicate and follow up!278992, Just assembled the trailer and loaded a 16 Hobie kayak. Hooking up the wiring kit was a breeze.

Trailer tires are tested to 65 miles per hour to meet DOT standards, so we cannot recommend towing the Rack and Roll trailer faster than 65 Mph or the posted speed limit whichever is lower. And will eventually buy the tongue kickstand, although a 5 gallon plastic bucket with 2x4 laid on top, makes a good tongue stand. In general I have found them to be of good quality and have not encountered too many issues.

We drove it around the neighborhood with a couple of kayaks on it and you cant even tell its there. The box had a couple of small holes, and was a little banged-up on one side. Most states require that you register your Rack and Roll trailer. The Yakima Rack and Roll trailer # Y08106 uses the Yakima 1-1/8 inch diameter round profile crossbars, so as long as your kayak carriers are the clamp mount style versus the channel mount type, they should work fine. To top-off my "trailer experience", I later found my modulite (light wiring controller and harness on the vehicle side) had a short, which added time and pain to the troubleshooting, although this in particular had nothing to do with neither etrailer nor Yakima: that was me alone. Easy to load and unload, great towing. That lever would not close, because the lock was not quite centered on the frame tube. Wiring problems: I expected with all the negative reviews of wiring, Yakima would have perfected their wiring. A few gripes, but none take away from the overall value: kickstand should be standard equipment, the number of wrenches/tools needed to change the tire on the road seems like an afterthought of design, and the heavy duty shocks should be included with both models of trailers. These button heads were too tall and would not allow the plugs to slide into their mounts. I went out and inspected our Yakima Rack and Roll trailer and found that not only are the tires DOT approved, but they also meet the European standards. Etrailer mailed me (separately) a bill of sale and a title. Box 3 is 25 inches long by 25 inches wide by 7-1/2 inches tall It's easy to assemble, built like a tank, especially when you consider it's only hauling a few hundred pounds. Best method yet to transport two recumbent trikes or multiple bikes. First wiring problem was the right front, plug in plastic wiring connector had a warped female side. love this trailer for our canoe, ducky kayak, and often both stacked. I didn't notice any excess drag while driving or getting blown around by cross winds like you get with boats on top. I don't recall anything troublesome or tricky. The assembly manual even lists at least three popular vendors of these lights, which you can find at any truck-stop or autoparts dealer. The cost is a bit high but I bit the bullet since I was tired of lifting stuff over my head to put on a roof rack.

Will send photo of my 17' Wenonah canoe later.761830, I just got the product today and can only rate it on putting it together and storage. Coatings could be a bit better if using in salt water environments, however this is a great trailer.1082057, Etrailer service and ordering was great. The round crossbars slide along tracks to adjust to your load, and they accept all Yakima roof-rack accessories - it's like having a tow-behind roof rack with all the capability and versatility of a standard Yakima rack. Truck cap? I'm hoping that it keeps this up as use continues. We really love the thing and it works great. Comments regarding wiring: Probably the more serious issue I encountered was the fact that the wiring was reversed. All is working fine now. We are towing this trailer with a Honda CRV so weight was important. 321974, I recently purchased the Yakima Rack-and-roll 78" trailer from I will attempt to be as fair as possible in my review, as there have been numerous positive and negative aspects. On the other side of the trailer, green paired with brown and brown paired with green. Assembly was a simple and fun process. The title shipped separately by USPS, and got here in 6 days. The trailer is exactly as advertised and the quality is unsurpassed. This is obviously a well built trailer for towing paddle boards, bikes, etc. You don't even know you are towing something behind you.. Probably took me 1.5 hrs with a couple of breaks. Hitch has a really smooth action and hooks up easily without fussing. Not there, now what?! I have included links to assembly and review videos of the Rack and Roll trailer for you. 547947, A ++++ Service and communication. Thank you! no more backaches as when we used to carry canoe and ducky on the roof. Explore our travel tips, helpful product reviews and everyday adventure stories from folks like you. I've seen other reviews complain about the difficulty of getting the trailer registered. Things I'd like to see in future models: Considering one might only be hauling a couple of bikes or a cargo box, the trailer tongue is a bit long and almost unnecessary. Long neck made for easy pulling, backing and easily fit my 14' kayak. I am concerned about locking mechanism being easy to pick. Has made it very quick and easy to go kayaking. Not easy to back this guy down to a boat ramp. Most states require the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer, # Y08106, to be registered, but it registers just like a regular trailer. Great job by etrailer in contacting Yakima and getting me replacement locks free of charge. The handle also turns your trailer into a handcart that is easy to maneuver while it's unhitched from your vehicle. But hitting a hole at speed could be detrimental for this or any trailer. The true test is coming up when we will take it on an extended trip. Good news/Bad news. I have posted a review of the trailer which may help with your decision. I keep it simple. This was solved very easily by purchasing a silicone license plate frame for about $5.Later I ordered a ball mount and trailer wiring kit. You might be able to get your kayak saddles to fit on the crossmembers of the Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer # Y08106 but I wasn't able to confirm the dimensions with my contact at Yakima. The wiring problems were absolutely unnecessary / silly things that Yakima could easily have solved by simple quality control. Also, the light weight allows moving by hand in situations where backing up to the water is not practical. Otherwise, all Express Delivery orders will ship the next business day. It would also be nice to have a locking storage bin, small enough just to fit small items and the tools required for a wheel change, on the trailer. The extension is on order. Take the documents to your Department of Motor Vehicles and you will be issued a license plate. The build was easy if you followed the video, the written directions not a great help. Never be forced to choose between your favorite activities and gear. First, all four mounts were installed backwards, making it impossible to insert the wiring connectors. There are easy step-by-step instructions to follow. It took some meticulous work to disassemble the plug and redo the wiring. Looked like it was heat warped. Lastly, the mobility is not great. Call 1-800-940-8924 for expert service or order your kayak trailer part number Y08106 by Yakima online at Tows light and straight. Also easy to fold up and store for the winter. Winter storage is also a breeze - just remove the tongue and stand it up on end - fits right in our shed or garage. It now takes me 5 minutes to hitch the trailer with two 12 foot kayaks to the car, and off we go. Assembly was fairly easy especially when your 20 year old does it for you ;) . With this paperwork, I walked in and out of the tax assessor-collector's office in a blink of an eye, license plate in hand and all. Great, I use the trailer to transport a laser sailboat and when not in use its very easy to compact and store. Benefits: 1. Plenty of space to fit two kayaks flat. Comments regarding assembly: The assembly/instruction manual is well printed in full color. I was expecting such a light weight trailer to be bouncing and swinging all over the place boy was I wrong. We provide you with a Manufacturing Certificate of Origin and a VIN number. This high-performance, lightweight Rack and Roll trailer comes with a pair of adjustable, 66" Yakima crossbars for mounting boats, bikes and cargo boxes for covered storage - whatever you need. FedEx Ground & FedEx SmartPost w/ USPS may take up to 5-10 business days to ship and may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered depending on your distance from our warehouse. Luckily my flat head screw threads did not strip the aluminum tubes. Hawaii and Alaska: we are unable to ship Cargo Boxes and Rooftop Tents to Hawaii or Alaska. Carrying capacity is 250 lbs with stock suspension. Minor Problems: Black plastic lever lock: The tongue slides into the center frame tube, and when installed there is a pin and locking lever. All in all, etrailer and Yakima lived up to their reputation for excellence (trivial issues aside).