Then I will tell you who lives and who dies." "Would you be Nae'blis? i also like tuon, logain, and some other minor chars alot. It is similar to what I said about Rand. 4. Loial.. is loyal and steady. Her desire to heal is what drives her to channel her power to such a great degree. Mat. Nynaeve al'Meara. Rand: No specific reason but overall, he's just amazing and to have gone through that arcWOW!

Lews - I like how he hums when he sees a pretty lady. A new member of the Womens Circle, Egwene is a powerful channeler who shows her strength of mind, body, and soul. Some may find that odd but what can I say, I'm stubborn, I don't switch teams even if mine is doing poorly, I have a thing for shepherds and I could see the shepherd shine through even in his darkest. 4. She's also the ultimate mysterious, beautiful, powerful woman. The wolf-brother thing I could never get into. Managed to sneak into Rand's good side and got to 'build' The Black Tower. Then, offscreen, tells Demandred to bring Taim so Ishamael can come back in his body. Despite all that happens to him he will always be Rand. 9. 10. His remarks about things and events are hilarious. 5.Tam is one of the most solid characters in the entire series. Thoroughly unlikeable little madams. Egwene. Thanks to her power, she is the one to escort Rand to his predestined confrontation with the Dark One. Once again for his hilarious POVs, his way with the ladies, his luck, his carefree attitude and his heroics. 7. 6) Lord Dobraine; another solid military man who realises who and what Rand is and follows him in the name of the greater good and not out of some attempt to control him or acquire power through him (Aes Sedai take note). RUN!' Rodel Ituralde - Well played, dawg. In no particular order, because I honestly can't rank them. 10. 6. As weve only gotten a glimpse into the power of Nynaeve, Amazon has us on the edge of our seats, waiting to see her true potential revealed in the next season. Even before he does, he's still doing OK. 3. Related: Best Series on Amazon Prime to Watch Right Now. Though I dislike how Sanderson made him seem an illiterate moron in his letter to Elayne. Incredible how annoying most characters usually are and its not in an understandable organic way. He has all the qualities of a shepherd: humble, brave, strong but gentle, approachable, and extremely self-less. Moiraine - I found her manipulation, and assuming the boys were too stupid to notice, insulting to them but they ARE alive because of her and since she learned Rand was NOT a puppet she has gained high marks. Not only does her position command respect from all those around her, but her presence alone is enough to horrify as she makes the decisions that most could not.

Out of the great captains, he is my favourite. Rands abilities were downplayed until it was revealed that he has the ability to saidin and is the Dragon Reborn whose destiny it is to challenge and destroy the Dark One. Elayne - She IS annoying but being the only one to slap Egwene gets her high points in my book. 3. 1. I give him lost of willpower points to not have broken yet, he is tough. 1. Them 6. Siuan. 8) Pedron Niall; another Great Captain. Demandred joined the Shadow because he hated being second to LTT, who he hates, but he just ensured that he would still be second place, but to someone else that he hates. Without these men those silly girls would be dead by now. 9. Even when it seemed like she was manipulating, everything she did leaned towards winning TG. I would point out Lanfear's entire existence is one giant whine. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the Great Captains. Vexter121 He's intelligent (learns via reading, asking questions and observation), duty oriented but still likes to have fun (pity he has no time to-except at night anyway ). His conduct durring Rand's failed assault on the Seanchan was wonderful. The Mandalorian Season 3 Trailer Breakdown: Who Will Rule Mandalore? Nynaeve - In the very beginning I found her to be a complete nag but she's always gentle w/ Rand and is also extremely self-less, shows compassion to everyone, and is (and always have been) very loyal to Rand. She teaches Rand and us all about the Aiel. Aviendah- Her temper was annoying and teasing him was rude but for the most part I found her relationship w/ Rand kinda funny. and visa-versa (they basically took care of each other). Would have liked to see more of him. Liitha Mine are (SPOILER WARNING): Moiraine for being one of few characters who is focused entirely on the Last Battle.

He stays fun, but his loyalty also shines through, and gradually he becomes a much better man than he lets on, reliable in spite of himself. He is the pinacle of all things man IMO. His extreme physical strength is one of his best abilities, which was formed from his profession as a blacksmith before fleeing the armies of the Dark One. Sometimes I think some things are better left implied, and I think this was one of them. Is he working for someone else? It is an online community of people from all over the world who have come here to experience the series to the fullest. raolan, Mat because of his notoriety and attitude. I loved this wolf. I like his growth as a character, his ups and downs and then his awesomeness in ToM. Logain Ablar - One of the epic male channelers. 8. 2. By I like the intricacy. She kept pushing Rand when no one else dared to. And of course the wolves. Nynaeve - I love her temper and her stubbornness, her POVs are the funniest, I like how she cares about everyone. Also impressive, but not without flaws. The list goes on forever.

After that she is quite awesome. Feel free to give reasons for why they're your favourites. Verin - shes higher on my list than this just thought of her at the end though. On top of this, Moiraine survives a near-fatal wound that would have slain anyone less powerful. Balwer: I just like that sneaky bastard. Darlin- His speech about how Mat will be honored to die on his blade is a great introduction, and he only increases his reputation. 10.Gaul/Sulin/Aram/Elyas, are all tough as stone though Aram went crazy. Birgitte, I mean shes just so cool I would think knowing her as a friend would be awesome hero of legend or not she is loyal and wise and funny. Rand is the most underrated character in the series, and while his fate is revealed to be a great responsibility, the full extent of his power is not completely clear. Mat (when I ignore that he can love someone like Fortuona.otherwise hed drop out of the top 10 by a large margin), Androl (and Pevara); if you treat them as one, Ill do the same ;), I apologize for my spellings, i listened to the audiobooks (I read some of the books a decade or so ago). 7.Min, she is almost they only character is normal and has no great considerable power in comparison to channelers,blademaster,etc, but speaks her mind, tries to be useful even if only for someone else. Like Rand's suspicions about Adley in the battle in Altara and his subsequent death. Another power that he has formed is the power connected to wolves. She finds the perfect balance of Two Rivers Wisdom and Aes Sedai. 1) Mat Cauthon; for someone that's basically dead weight for the first two books man does he really go on to redeem himself. Perrin Aybara.

Lan: Had a hand in shaping the leaders who were buried inside Rand, Mat and Perrin. Perhaps we will when Mat is standing at Rand's death bed with tears in his eyes. 6.

ghostbusters janine melnitz cartoon characters tv hentai sexiest cartoons drawings 90s commission pencil 2d zimbio slideshow start favorite grandis nostalgia 3) Al'Lan Mandragoran; particularly the Lan of the early books when he tries to help the boys, especially Rand when the Amyrlin comes to meet him in Sheinar. Egwene - She was annoying in all books except 1, 2, 11, 12, 13.

1900. Balls of steel, Ishamael. He did drop off my list in TGH to ACOS for various reasons, but he's back on since he grew into his responsibility. And maybe some others like Cadsuane who is annoying but at least make some sense in that. His introduction was awesome, the way he threw a knife at the Dragon Reborn and didnt even move when everyone started kicking off.

This discovery opened a new world of opportunities for Rand to become one of the most powerful characters in the series. He somewhat redeemed himself from this by having Moiraine as number one on his list.) I love HIS interaction w/ Rand (especially in Rhuidean(sp?) Mat- Awesome, hilarious, and awesome (Yes, it needed to be said twice). Rodel Itrualde. SinisterDeath Order depends on which day you ask me except for Mat. Rand- I've had my moments where I hated him, but Rand is at least somewhere on my favorites list. 8. 4.Lan for being that badass character that gets the job done where nobody else would think it possible, great ally but bad enemy. 3. Moraine - Also should be higher on the list. I'm aware of the ratio of men to women in my list and to be honest if we were just taking the first few books it would possibly be 50/50 or majority women but we all know the disasters that Egwene, Elayne and others turned out to be. I only wish there was more of him in the books. Aviendha: Determined and genuine. I can explain any of these if needed :), Edit: bonus choice that I cant decide who to swap out Hopper, Verin is an interesting choice Im definitely curious as to your reasons for putting her at #1, Nynaeve great what you talking about also sure perrin has some annoying character traits but he is essential to the series but yeah faile sucks and Asmodean is the best. Her ability to use the One Power is matched by none other when she channels her power and heals everyone injured in the Dragon Logains attempt to break free. She's one of the only honest and truly caring characters in the series. He is even more amazing post VoG. She, like Moiraine, is determined to see that Rand doesn't screw up. His battle tactics are the best. Prime Video announced that Season 3 of The Wheel of Time has been green lit. 5. Birgitte- It's really nice to have one women that isn't all uppity and boring. And then those pesky Seanchan had to show up and ruin it all! Lan- "Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain." Especially the way she handled the false meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Since the healing of Mat in TDR they have always been impressive. Although, he did get a bit less awesome after marrying Nynaeve. Yup, I'll cheat and name two - it's too much of a toss-up here, they are both great military men. For me, these 10 have been the most consistently awesome. I think what I like the most about her is that she is the window to the Aiel. If I had to pick a single favorite these would be the ones that would have to fight it out for the spot. Honest and just a great character. Moiraines powers outmatch most of the others on this list. My top ten based on whose POVs I loved most while reading/ listening to the books for the first time, and on how much I enjoyed their story arcs and character development throughout the series. On top of all this, Alanna is a highly respected channeler within the White Tower leaving us to wonder how much of her power is being saved for later in the series. I also love her as a temptress, coming into the 3 ta'veren's dreams with promises of glory. Just fantastic. We also see her grow from a warrior into a woman and eventually into a Wise One. Moiraine- Excellent transformation from all-powerful Galdalf figure to "little sister.". Siuan Sanche. She's basically the female counterpart of Mat. I have always enjoyed reading Siuan chapters. Egwene is still a mystery, but hopefully, the second season will show us how Egwene decides to approach her powers. Also, in my opinion, Moiraine is one of the few Aes Sedai that aren't idiots. 6. Min - She reminded me of a female "Mat" (extremely loyal to Rand, tries to get others to smile, she even complains at first about her role w/ Rand, and gets drunk) I think the only time I wanted to kick her was how she manipulated Rand into taking her along in the KOD, the fact that she did that was bad enough but how she did it was down right low. 5. Androl might make this list depending on AMoL, I really liked the little we've seen of him in ToM. I could just be blind but I've not seen any free discussion topic on favourite characters. While its unclear whether she is a hero or a villain, all arrows seem to point towards villainy in Liandrins case, as she hunts down male channelers, believing women to be the only ones deserving of the ability to use the One Power. Talmanes, Rodel Ituralde and Loial. All 3. 1. Mazridin. Cadsuane: I wish Sanderson liked her as much as I do. One of the few bad guys that hasn't failed miserably. 7) Asmodean - While he probably needed to die, I wish RJ would have let him live a little longer.

D=. Kate McKinnon Reveals the Reason She Left Saturday Night Live, The Wheel of Time: Every Character in the Amazon Original Series, Ranked by Power, Best Series on Amazon Prime to Watch Right Now, The Wheel of Time Animated Shorts to Delve Into the Show's History, Oppenheimer Poster Puts Cillian Murphy at the Center of Great Change, Lightyear to Start Streaming on Disney+ in August, Law & Order Crew Member Fatally Shot on Set in New York City, Dungeons & Dragons Clip Reveals Chris Pine, Reg-Jean Page, Hugh Grant & More in Costume, Henry Cavill Rumored to Make Surprise Comic-Con Appearance to Talk Superman, Gen V: The Boys Spinoff Teaser Introduces the X-Men Parody Show's Cast. While this power is revealed halfway through the first season and is shrouded in mystery, this leaves a great deal of room for the second season to cover more about Perrins powers. 10. Tylee Khirgan - Interesting char and she brings the reality of trollocs to the seanchan. 9. She understands that it isn't enough to just win. Unlike many of the other women on this list, Alanna is known for her kindness, compassion, and her three-way relationship with Maksin and Ihvon, making her more than just a strong channeler. Min. 8. 10) Jahar Narishma; an outright badass. She is more understandable and wiser now but still the same as in the beginning. As with Rand, I used not to like Mat at all (stupid country bumpkin syndrome, and Mat seemed especially stupid - as in foolish and irresponsible), but he also grows up with time. His chapters in TSR and AMOL are my favorite, though, so? I probably should have put the likes of Loial in my top 10 since at least he isnt particularly annoying. 5. Galad Damodred. 3) Mat - Easily the best of the Two Rivers boys. Cadsuane Melaidhrin - I'm one of the people who think she's awesome. Rand al'Thor. Rand- Job with a sword. Perrin - I liked him until ACOS when he expected Rand to be nice to the very women who hurt him, and I have not liked him until TOM which I can't go into here. 5. WhiteVeils Graendal. Very nice combination of near-unlimited power and near-fatal weaknesses. And Elayne is just not remarkable. His recent actions have catapulted him to this position. Matt, Moiraine, Egwene, Nynaeve, Lan, Verin, Thom, Rand, Perrin, Birgitte. I think the man could out fox Mat or atleast give him a run for his money. Am I blind too his faults? Rand.

I must say VoG was such a breath of fresh air it became my favorite chapter of all. 6. I never liked aram, always seemed very annoying to me. Rand - All the stuff he goes through is enough to make anyone crazy, let alone the taint in saidin. Press J to jump to the feed. One of the few Aes Sedai that actually sticks to Aes Sedai principles. The order isn't particularly important to me Min I cant stand Egwene for some reason. 6. But then he rises, and goes through it all - denial, pain, anger, darkness, madness, the lot. Upvote for my boi Rodel. Rand obeyed. Moiraine Damodred. Thom - For his humor alone even though he was a dirty old man. In-fact I greatly admire his self sacrificing spirit, he is ALWAYS thinking about others. A lot of people consider her a bully, but I consider her a person who does what is required, when it's required. January 8, 2011 in Wheel of Time Books. You 9. is a fan-maintained website dedicated to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy series. Perrins wife and their relationship is too annoying. Some great moments there that I'd forgotten from Nynaeve, Alviarin and Moghedien. He recognizes what he doesn't know, freely admits mistakes and apologizes with sincerity. Hopwil, Adley, Karldin- Hopwil's comment about how nice it will be to channel clean saidin is a poignant little moment given his impending death. Powered by Invision Community. 4. These two are awesome in the earlier books, their devotion to their cause is admirable. Really a shame he got relegated to adjunct status in later books. Mat bloody Cauthon. 9.Thom, has an array of talents and if you need a problem solved or a way out of something you go to him the GRAY FOX. 4. Written, I also agree with Pevara and Androl being the best part of AMOL, Perrin Rand Nynaeve Moiraine Tam Aviendha Hopper Mat Pev-androl Rhuarc. Hilarious, super skilled and awesome no matter what.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mats perspective is filled with the same repetitive phrases and overall really meh. 8. Sorry for the length. Related: The Wheel of Time Animated Shorts to Delve Into the Show's History. 1. Definitely an underrated character. In ToM he is awesome. 10. We can only imagine what the second season will hold for Moiraine.