The whole series is a slow journey towards catching Red John. And of course he didn't slip patrick his number :p, which is actually in line with the book, where Moriarity could see exactly what Sherlock would see on a scene, which allowed him to plant evidence that would make Sherlock see what Moriarity wanted him to see as opposed to what actually happened, he later lost because of his own ego because he was too bored with Sherlock seeing him so easily duped. Even his name, Jane, is that of a girl and he often introduces himself as Jane, like the girl. This can be a tricky character and Simon Baker has played it with great style. Yes, patrick has a lot more screen time than sherlock, hands down. @auction_sniper: that Goren was stupid and crap. Though sometimes Van Pelt disliked Jane's methods, she was sometimes taken with his charm. His primary weakness is that he won't be as driven to stop the next murder as Patrick will be, in raw deductive analysis, he equals, if not exceeds Patrick, but his inability to take fodder seriously will be his downfall, however it may be his saving grace against the Joker. Then again, some people love Paneer Makhani Pizza. Usually, Patrick initially would do most of his scams without telling Lisbon, but in later episodes, it's shown that Jane trusts her more than anyone, mostly confiding with her and Lisbon confiding in him. @iheartzombies92: Jane's feats are really crazy.. Like he guessed a man's password by looking at the paintings in his office. So round 1 is basically who can deal with fodder better? How is Sherlock Holmes smarter than Hercule Poirot? Well technically him harpooning a pig in his house should not have been able to solve a problem, to which , he only heard about on phone without even going there, but in the show it did , not much to argue there :p, @killemall: I am a hater! I think that there feats are moe or less equal, but Doyle's Sherlock seems less intelligent due to his slower speech, which makes him appear to have slower thought processes, whe it's actually just borne from the faster, more streamlined modern age. So Sherlock' strengths - Physical deduction,and forensics as mentioned, though this will be less prevalent since the time limit is 24 hours, his fodder haven't been s intelligent as some of Patrick's, Irene Adler, Jeff Hope etc they were supposed to be genius' but didn't come off as such.

Patrick is well aware of this flaw and accepts it with great style and confidence. ", "Very reliable company and very fast. Also, he has proven himself adept at catching this type of killer with Moriarty, an insane super genius [I'm assuming that the killer is psychologically similar too, though I could be misinterpreting]. In one case the suspect had literally gotten away with everything and they had NOTHING but they goad him into confessing (dumb as hell considering he had already asked for his lawyer). @killemall: @princearagorn1: Regardless, they all kneel before Only because Patrick is a bad copy of Shawn Spencer.

killers detectives gauntlet No way would Patrick ever be able to get anything out of him through a slip of the tongue, unless that's what Moriarty wanted. Should extend it to 24 hours in my humble opinion. So from this Patrick's winning based on all around better feats with fodder. Lisbon is very protective of Jane and him vice versa and cares about him. Round 3) Sherlock. Because Patrick Jane had imbibed the best qualities of Sherlock Holmes. And yet, I faithfully stuck with the show, all seven seasons of it. Jane and Van Pelt grew very fond of each other and became close friends while working. And then theres the plot. But I don't see anything bbc sherlock did that patrick cannot top. Damn it I don't know anything about Patrick Jane and I gotta start watching Sherlock. This is some serious investment by big production companies and they are not even worried that everyone is using the same idea. He can read what someones writing by following the movement of the pen. With Holmes, the superpowers seem well within your reach if you just try hard enough. He saved her and Maya Plaskett's lives once, when he shot and killed the only connection to Red John. He routinely wins hundreds of thousands of dollars at poker. It's only because I don't know Patrick much. . Cant recall the episode, can you the one where Watson goes to a crime scene with his laptop and stuffs. I shudder to imagine some sort of resonance annoyance effect coming into play. If they could do a 90 minute armchair detective piece I would consider Gatiss/Moffat superb writers. And he tends to keep it funny: The point is, even if sherlock is smarter, patrick isn't any less smart. There are a lot of adaptations of the book, but none compares to actually reading the book.. Of course it's equally impressive. Patrick and Erica have a Sherlock Holmes-Irene Adler relationship in The Mentalist. The goal is to leave you with a new thought on whichever topic you have just read. Holmes had a hobby of memorizing every street of London, Patrick checks the shoes of every person on a wheelchair. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He reads phone books for mnemonic exercises.

Great company and great staff. Both can contend with a Joker level intellect in my opinion, [TDK Joker, comics would take them longer] and catch him, but I think Sherlock's relative lethargy in the first case will be none existent here, whereas Jane [without Lisbon] will not have the same level of interest as Sherlock, though still more than round 1. A third one is expected in 2020. Or check this scene out (well, it's from season 1, so not that great of a spoiler, just wanted to share the amazing acting on both sides): He has even seen a group's relations, the moment he met them. The Mentalist is streaming on Amazon Prime. @princearagorn1: I know what you mean. Comic one might be a little too much. Does it have to be at a breakneck speed all the time? they both are assigned to find the Bay Harbour Butcher. A cerebral superhero, to be precise. Based on the number of times that Teresa has saved Patricks life, The Mentalist turns the popular premise of damsel in distress on its head. Cant exactly recall Sherlock doing those stuffs , but then thats the problem with comics and TV shows, at least in comics you can scan and keep feats for future use :p. The Irene stuffs was created to make her Sherlock equal. Mentalist and Hercule Poirot are the smartest and the best when it comes to psychology! Goldfinch: No Holmes is not smarter than Hercule Poirot, and Poirot is the only one matches Mentalist in all abilities, especially psychology! Lisbon then went on to commit in a romantic relationship. [1]. I could not watch it any further. Let me start with the worst series, Elementary. Hate! Watson describes him in this quote Few men were capable of greater muscular effort, and he was undoubtedly one of the finest boxers of his weight I had ever seen. He also easily dispatches of an assassin sent to kill him, and straightens out a steel poker that a large man bent in order to demonstrate his grip strength being similar. Robert Downy Jr. is fantastic, its the writers again. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit then welcome home, my friend. He was slightly attracted to her. Heroes vs Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Indeed, Holmes himself keeps on encouraging Watson, You know my methods. He can get chummy with an Italian mafioso, a Russian drug czar or a Mexican drug lord within minutes of meeting them. Many people always say BC Sherlock's a lot smarter, which is just outright false. Who am I to stop them? He can hypnotize people and is familiar with many typical conning acts. Sherlock is also probably mechanically smarter, though both are very talented. Sure Holmes, is extremely observant-more observant than other mentioned fictional detective including Adrian Monk, and his deduction and knowledge of pretty much everything is truly awesome, but Poirot solves crimes without visiting crime scenes, without using science, Poirot just makes several conversations, and Poirot thinks and solves the crime. Sherlock also identified a guy as a military man looking at him, even deduced his entire details, in the first episode <-- John Watson. Elevated pulse and dilated pupils indicate sexual arousal, not genuine emotional attachment. I say Patrick, he has way more feats in that area, each week he's squaring off againt above average intelligence criminals - highly intelligent criminals and it's rare a character will even come close. Sherlock, both rounds.Only because Patrick is a bad copy of Shawn Spencer. With Batman or Superman, you admire them but you can do little else. Only time patrick ever lost, or made mistakes, was when red john was involved. Wayne later saved Patrick and Grace from being nearly killed by the Heibach siblings. The lack of interest in these great shows is disturbing.. Let's call out.. @killemall: @yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: @madeinbangladesh: @princearagorn1: It's true, these threads don't get enough attention. I mean, seriously, bbc sherlock looks like a kid compared to him, even if the feats aren't equally impressive. Also people be aware, i am not disagreeing with, just having a discussion, its fun :p. Sherlock identified a Guy to be gay, looking at him, but then shame it turns out Moriarity was playing him (which is actually in line with the book, where Moriarity could see exactly what Sherlock would see on a scene, which allowed him to plant evidence that would make Sherlock see what Moriarity wanted him to see as opposed to what actually happened, he later lost because of his own ego because he was too bored with Sherlock seeing him so easily duped). Indeed, Holmes himself keeps on encouraging Watson, You know my methods. Press J to jump to the feed. Edit: Some other notes. @rogueshadow: @princearagorn1: Sneaky sneaky. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He can tell in an instant who is telling the truth and who is not. The book version. He was looking at John figuring out he was going for a date, he looked at a guy and knew he was going to die soon and stuffs like that. He is an excellent magician. That's a feat replicated almost every alternate episode.. (A pizza guy, a casino guy, a teacher..and so on) Except the person is generally dead, removing the aspect of how he stands, or behaves.. he looked at a guy and knew he was going to die soon and stuffs like that. An expert in human behaviour. However, Jane lacks formal education and acts almost like a ludite at points. Last two Holmes movies starring Robert Downy Jr. each made over $500 million worldwide. Our shop is equipped to fabricate custom duct transitions, elbows, offsets and more, quickly and accurately with our plasma cutting system. In some episodes, the writers pay homage to the great detective. By the very nature of their purpose they attack each of their respective protagonists differently; when Holmes begins suspect a master puppeteer behind half the crimes in London and investigate it Moriarty tries to kill him and forces Holmes to flee to Continental Europe. Well BS or otherwise, its a TV series, and that part was cool :p Dont be a hatter man.

Best Holmes ever! The Holmes in movies is doing so many things that he has little time left to be a real detective. If you are a skeptic, you may say that The Mentalist is like any other crime series, with few differences here and there. And judging by the huge popularity that these productions are getting, its obvious that I am in the minority here. That part annoyed me, especially since Sherlock's victory was predicated on it. Unlike Mentalist, Poirot does not use his tricks and his mental traps too often (but he does from time to time), what Poirot does is that he makes other people underestimate him, and he makes people to talk to him and he makes people/criminals to confess him the crime they committed; unlike Holmes who underestimates criminals and because of that he had his failures, Poirot is perfect he has never made a single mistake, and never failed to solve any crime whatsoever! And you still need to prove that Mentalist is superior to Poirot when it comes to psychology-read the Curtain: The Last Poirot's story. In that area Poirot is superior to Holmes, plus this very fact 100% proves that Poirot is much smarter than Holmes, smarter than even Mentalist, because Mentalist can be fooled, while Poirot cannot be fooled. The book confrontation was quite different, but I won't spoil it for you. He solved his cases by luck, dumb stupid luck and the stupidity of the criminals. On this website, you will findarticles onmovies and acting, books, technology,music, science, and much more. We can fabricate your order with precision and in half the time.

In an age where Marvel is creating a superhero universe because one Superman can no longer pull it off, Holmes still carries the franchise single-handedly. I think we need to stipulate that they both get to spend several years in each others day and age to familiarize themselves with the technology and culture before the face off begins. Our capabilities go beyond HVAC ductwork fabrication, inquire about other specialty items you may need and we will be happy to try and accommodate your needs. If you want to see the good old fashioned detective solving crimes based on clues, there is nothing better than The Mentalist. Under those conditions I put all three on these battles strongly in Sherlock's favor due to being more well rounded, with depth in many skills and abilities, where as Jane is mostly reliant on his cons. Two famous Indian detectives, both from West Bengal, owe their existence to Holmes Byomkesh Bakshi and Feluda. Jane relies on people way too much to figure it out, Sherlock would be much faster with a single crime. But yes, Robin is much better than Martin Freeman. They actually are just interpreting the book stuffs for Sherlock. Jane advised her that it was her call. The guy isn't human, it's almost like he's some sort of reality warper.. From solving a crime by harpooning a pig, to being able to solve a crime by looking at video once of the crime scene Sherlock has shown some commendable abilities there, but the only problem is Sherlock himself has shown with many character flaws, who enjoys the game rather than trying to solve it quicker. With Holmes, you always have the illusion that the superpowers are well within your reach if you just try hard enough. Patrick Jane is the best creative remake of Sherlock Holmes in recent times. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The only person that can match Mentalist is Hercule Poirot. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The qualities where he differs from Holmes, like he is a peoples person, blend seamlessly in his character. Maybe Mrs. Hudson is actually a Martian who wants to extract Holmes DNA to clone him. Hell, he caught that the cook was guilty from the amount of butter he used in his food. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Jane is well cultured, with knowledge one would expect of a connoisseur. Jane's emotional involvement in people will spurn him a lot, he does genuinely care abut innocents. (S5E20). Like which members dislike each other, or a woman who was jealous of the others, and the members who were involved in a relationship.. He is always, always, always very observant and his deductions are perfect. who could figure out the identity of Red John first? *Runs upstairs stamping feet*.

I have not read the book, but Sherlock homes had a old series in the 90s , which was exactly word to word from the book, i have watched that. In one episode, "War of the Roses," Patrick helped her escape incarceration, but they were later met by her in a case where she is revealed to be the murderer. Can someone shoot me in the head, please? But he also has the feats to keep up the intensity.. he understands minds better than anyone. Nothing sherlock did really put him on patrick's level. As such I'm tempted to give this to Patrick since if you were to tally up all their feats he would probably have more impressive feats of perception. Goldfinch: The only one who matches Mentalist in that department is Poirot! He has the same love of drama that Holmes has, where he sets a trap and reveals the killer in a flourish. Holmes familiarized himself with much of the science of his day. Starts out nice and as long as it adheres to the original plot, everything is fine. During the second half of season six, Rigsby secretly thought Jane and Lisbon would end up together, revealing this to him when they were out in a bar. (Conan Doyle borrowed the expression from Shakespeares Henry V.) Like the dear old Sherlock, Patrick also smells dead bodies and looks for footprints.

Onto BBCs Sherlock. Or as I already mentioned, deducing people's password by looking at the paintings in their office (unlike sherlock, he hadn't met the person at all till then), or telling which book in home-library a dead guy hid a note in, without previously visiting the house. I'm not sure if Holmes is knowledgeable about any works of literature other than those that he stars in. He also looked at a case thru webcam and said its not a murder its an accident, merely based on something in his hand. Thanks for the inspiration ;). For instance, he does not do violence. It has been well over 100 years and the Baker Street detective is still going strong. Sherlock might get him eventually, but not easily. The presence of Lisbon. Sherlock probably would take less time but would find out who Red John was in a different way than Jane. But i suppose Patrick is going to have had done a whole lot of stuffs then him, given his various appearences. Once you realize this, the similarities become glaringly obvious. Holmes had his arch nemesis in Prof. Moriarty, Patricks lifelong enemy goes by the name Red John, a serial killer who murdered his wife and daughter. This was so bad that I could not even finish the first season. Sherlock would be better at searching for evidence, but Jane would have an easier time using some form of trickery or ruse to get Moriarity to reveal himself or to record Moriarty talking about his crimes. Add Shawn Spencer from Psych and you might as well just write off that hemisphere. He is a superhero. And he has huge host of other skills, bordering on pseudo reality warp.. How the hell can he even know things like the crime scene was going to have cup-cakes and rigsby is going to pick one up? You must log in or register to reply here. Which at least to me seems just as impressive. or knew in which book of home-library a man would have hidden a note, without knowing the man, or having been to the home itself. So both men seem to have similar abilities, what if they wanted to outdo the other? Dr. Watsons wife, Mary Morstan turns out to be a secret spy and she married Watson to get to Sherlock. But mentalist gives so many insane feats to patrick, it's too hard to go against him. So round 1 is basically who can deal with fodder better? I have already mentioned some his qualities but he also has some glaring flaws. Moriarty is pretty much equal to Sherlock, if not better. But you can't, because it's the opposite, Poirot is brighter and smarter than Holmes; Poirot through conversation and psychology knows who the killer is, while Holmes needs to visit crime scenes, observation and science (clues, evidences, fingerprints, footprints, chemistry, biology, geology, botany, anatomy and etc. @iheartzombies92: I'll get around to round 2 later. He only threatened to reveal their relationship once, but probably never went through with it knowing Rigsby would keep up with a ruse. @iheartzombies92: Yeah, he has more feats in my opinion, maybe by the end of series 3 I'll change my mind. Coz, why not? 2022 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. I have never chosen anyone over sherlock, not shawn spencer, not spencer reid, not hercule poirot, not will graham, I like him to the point I consider him a rival to cal lightman (ok, that'll be pushing it a little). Sherlock would fully devote himself to the one case of finding Red John and wouldn't spend time on other cases the way Jane does. Wrong. ", 1041 Redi Mix Rd, Suite 102Little River, South Carolina 29566, Website Design, Lead Generation and Marketing by MB Buzz | Powered by Myrtle Beach Marketing | Privacy Policy | Terms and Condition, by 3D Metal Inc. Website Design - Lead Generation, Copyright text 2018 by 3D Metal Inc. -Designed by Thrive Themes | Powered by WordPress, Automated page speed optimizations for fast site performance, Vertical (Short-way) and Flat (Long-way) 90 degree elbows, Vertical (Short-way) and Flat (Long-way) 45 degree elbows, Website Design, Lead Generation and Marketing by MB Buzz. Jane secretly attended Rigsby's and Van Pelt's wedding, and smiled during the reception. I am your partner, not her. Coupled with his more hands on approach than Sherlock [where people are concerned] unlike Sherlock who can sometimes give John the actual interpersonal relations aspect of the job. He has the reputation of closing every case that comes his way. Sherlock Holmes is the first professional detective, his job is to observe and deduce. He can recite the complete works of Shakespeare in alphabetical order. Apply them.. Usually, Rigsby, Jane and Cho would do stuff behind the bosses' back. I would recommend them to everyone who needs any metal or Fabrication work done. I'm not sure, but they are going to have to clear out an entire city to prevent collateral irritation fallout. During the season five series, Lisbon and Jane have grown closer. Like Holmes, Patrick observes the minutest details, and draws his conclusions based on trivial matters. Rigsby and Jane first met each other when he went looking for the Red John files. Due to the nature of the media where they are featured they have very different engagements with their archrivals. Many scientists, investigators, forensic experts admit to being inspired by Sherlock Holmes in childhood. Lisbon had pointed out one time that they were partners, and in doing so, Patrick must be honest with Teresa. They have James Bond for that. Jane is a conman, a trickster. Remember, the best Holmes stories always started with trifles, like an abandoned goose and a hat in The Blue Carbuncle. We specialize in fabricating residential and commercial HVAC custom ductwork to fit your home or business existing system. Other people read books, he reads people.