[name your request] which I ardently desire; and above all grant me the grace of living in conformity with the death of Jesus, to arrive at the glory of the resurrection. Padre Pio Pray for us. Dear Padre, Please answer my petition! I carry on with my prayers and ask for all who need help. Make my Abhishek fall in love with me each day and accept me and my love into his heart into his life and offers me his love and proposes me into marriage with him Thank you because through your help Ive not incurred any complications from the surgery But the pain is now too much. Please let my chest be clear of infection. to intercede for Eddy; Take away any pain or feeling of discomfort. Thank you, Dear padre pio please let my chest xray be cear i implore you more than ever padre pio my family need me.you have always been there for me before. Saint Padre Pio please walk into our home and our hearts now. Give me the strength and courage for this long journey so I will be cured or healed God is good, bless us Padre Pio amen. padre pio pls intercede for me and let my son joaquin lorenzo get well already please dont let him have fever anymore take away his cough and colds. Please pray for me also that I may join others in the coming semesters You know well dear Padre that I have been home for two semesters now because my mother cant afford to pay my school fees. Amen Dear Saint Padre Pio, Please ask for my forgiveness with the Sins that I may have committed, and the deed that I have done. God Bless. Gain more followers, receive automatic retweets & favorites. The school is waiting for the family to write saying they are moving. Let them all be strong and healthy at all times specially now and during our trip next week. Intercede for everyone here who invoke you in prayer. I love you Padre Pio. Please present to Jesus the fast recovery of his illness. Dear Padre Pio and friends on this site, Padre Pio,please pray so that I will be healed from this pain if its Gods will,so they find a cure for me,please pray for my husband so he will have faith, and to cure his sickness bless my children and grandchildren keep them in the right path of God.and peace in the world Amen bless us all. Bless Lord, I beg you. I love You. I know that you will be with me every step of the way, so please give me the strength to keep fighting and stay positive.

Please intercede for myself and my son that are health problem is not serious and will heal . Thank you, Dear Padre Pio pray for the Father to my children Joash who is unwell, and may undergo an operation, pray for his healing and a successful surgery. If you will, please, I beg you to please pray that this burden in your family will end soon. Please intercede for my sons talking and behaviours as he is 2 years old now and not talking. Padre Pio, please pray for my daughter Lauren that she overcomes her learning difficulties and is able to make As and Bs in her university classes. My son brad that is in the hospital that he gets the best help possible also others on his floor. Amen! But Dear Saint Padre Pio I need, and I ask for your prayer and help once again. My son is a good boy, but he is beginning to harden his heart this breaks my own heart. Please help me to find a sponsor soon and please pray for my family and friends. As i get very nervous. I believe in miracles and I believe you can make miracles to my son through your intercession and the intercession of all the saints in heaven. This Year is the Year of the Eucharist and the Year of Mercy that through Fr. Bring them peace and comfort so they may know You are their healer, guide and protector. Please pray for us. Annabella Rosa is currently in the 1st place on the list but for some reason she doesnt get the offer of a place. Padre Pio Please Pray that Alexis is okay for tomorrow and can get things done. 11/07/2015 to discuss. Dear pio, Saint Pio,please pray for me to loose weight,invoke Jesuss name,for I have rarely asked for prayers for myself.Pleases convert my sons,and bring them back to church.Pray for my son who is addicted to drugs.Thank you,and for helping me to find my Diary of a Saint.Mary. May I be healed right now by your healing hands. let her legs be well already without the needs of any surgical or non surgical procedures. My sister has a mental illness and is very unhappy. Good things just dont happen for me. pray for me St Padre Pio and my family. Also my father is sick and pray for him. let her be well already. And for the healing of all our elders in our families. Please pray for my Alexis that her back is better and things work out for her. Help me smile and be positive. Let me recognize Thee as Thy disciples did at the breaking of the bread, so that the Eucharistic Communion be the Light which disperses the darkness, the force which sustains me, the unique joy of my heart. I beseech thee Lord, through the intercession of Padre Pio, to bless and heal Barry, your servant. Discerning Your Vocational Call, Dr. Carson Holloway The Challenges of Liberal Modernity; Reflections on the teachings of St. John Paul II, Faith Check w/ Greg Youell Catholic Apologetics, The Ascent of Mt. Please Padre Pio can you help my Mother and Father who passed away to be forgiven by Jesus From their sins while they were alive so they can be with Jesus in the kingdom of Heaven. I want I want to follow in your footsteps and help others immensely. Pray for me St Padre Pio for health. "Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. Kindly pray for my dad Raphael Ezeagu who is very ill and is suffering from Prostrate cancer which has already began to spread. (Yesterday she held your pictures.) I feel I am with you all as I write this. In thy kindness, please help me with my own special request: [mention here your petition, making the Sign of the Cross]. Intercede for us always. Please look down on my husband.give him healtThank you. God Bless everyone here and may their prayers be answered. Thanks you for letting me air my problems. Please Padre Pio heal me from all unproductive cells,help me so my operation will go well and that I have no complications,cure me from all tumours,bless and give faith,to my husband and children and lead them to the right path of God, bless my mum,Amen. After months of excuses and delays, I finally offered her a real prayer. Also,i pray for my husband to be who has encountered christ..I pray that he maybe rooted in the word and always looking to christ as his refuge,bless the work of his hands and make him a channel of your peaceI speak the blood of jesus to wash him and for the power of the holy spirit to be his source of strength.. I pray Padre Pio for your divine intercession, that my offer be favored. For Gods mercy on the family and for divine healing of all cancer patients all over the world. Please soften his heart and please try to make him realize his mistakes, BRING WILLIAM HOME PLEASE, I dont wish for him to be roaming the streets without a phone and without money. Grace and Love of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray for my patient M.K. and spirits.. and pray for the salvation of all of them..including my husband of over 57 years.. My prayer is intercession from padre pio that all goes well the sale of my house to my son Joel.holy spirit ease to sell, money provided,and I with brad move to a perfect apartment picked by God.perfect peace full move.everyone relax,enjoy the move all is provided to do the move.angels be there to help us in every areas of our lives.amen amen amen thanks be to God.my daughter wedding to Chris Up ham be a lot of fun and everyone has a good time,food conversations the rooms the service the travelling there.all be to perfection.it be the most enjoyable weekend for all, beautiful sun weekend with a nice cool weather that its comfortable for all.everyone feel good and be so happy ,full of joy in there hearts. Padre Pio please let Alexis do well in softball. Amen, Chaplet of St. Padre Pio I told him about the Odor of Sanctity that many people experienced when they were near to Father Pio .my son wanted to smell this odor. Please pray for my son Saint Padre Pio. Bless you always. Help me to have a clear or curable xray and ct scan. let her be strong and healthy without the need of any surgery or hospitalization. Dear Padre Pio , Thank you for William ! Please comfort my children and my mother as they struggle with the effects of this debilitating disease. Thank you, Dear Padre Pio, please pray for my mother and family to get healed both physically and spiritually. Amen, Padre Pio I asked to help me and heal me, also for my husband to give him faith and to give him health,bless my children and grandchildren and keep them close to God,stay with me through my life please hear my petition,and bless us all, Please pray for me, Julie to Padre pio for healing on a sharp and painful hard object on the second layer of my stomach skin. Thank you for all your prayers. She gave me a post card with a black and white photograph of Padre Pio lifting the Host, and absorbed in his gaze at our Lord in the Eucharist. Spiritual Formation Catholic Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Directors Catholic Prayer, Discernment, Spirituality, Fr. please pray for me. I know that she is very overwhelmed. Please let things work out for her. This is another way to thank you for standing next to me every time I was feeling really down . I also pray that all the tests they took all come back normal. Thank you for your prayers, and for your graces, and love -St. Pio.

Be with me Saint Padre Pio. amen. Padre Pio please I ask to intercede that tomorrow at 1.15pm I will be on the operation table help me so it will go well with no complications and that it will be successful stay with me Padre Pio bless me and my familyAmen, Padre Pio stay with me today,while I will be operated,let it go well with no complications pray that I will recover soon bless me and stay with me Amen, Thank Padre Pio for my successful operation help me so I will have good recovery,cleanse me from all bad cells,bless my family lead them to the right path of God bless us all Amen. Protect us all and our whole family always. Thank you, Padre Pio. Padre Pio, I pray to you to help me with my financial problems, my health, the health of those that are very dear to me and to get the devil and his demons away from me. St. Padre Pio, I humbly come to you in need of your intercession to take my petition to Our Lord Jesus Christ for the healing of cancer of my oldest son. I know that Fr. I put my trust in St. Father Pio for the cure of my nephew who is diagnosed to have brain tumor. I am very sad and confused when I hear people say if you pray the rosary you are in danger of Hell or Catholics practice idol worship. You know how much this job and UK residence mean for me and my family. I dont know her but my heart is compelled to ask for your healing powers, and intercession. When this lady called me she told me that all night she could not sleep, and that she felt compelled to call me, though she did not know me well, and did not have my phone number. She would take her children to daily Mass, and had heard that this guest Priest was to come to our parish, but that he would talk about Saint Pio only at this 8 oclock Mass. Dear Padre Pio I trust that through your intercession God heals my child Marie Yoshiko, God removes all the cancer cells in her body and bring her back to good health, in Jesus name and the Holy Spirit Amen. Praise you Jesus and thank you for all your blessings each day. I ask this in the name of Jesus and Mary and I will always make known your helpGod Bless all who have needs that bring them to Jesus and St. Pio that they will be answered. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers. Thank you soo much. If you can intercede for me I cant tell you how much it would mean to me. Padre Pio is known as the healer of the sick and has been credited with many miracles. Amen, Padre Pio, please hear my prayer if its God will so that when I go to visit my doctor he will be able to find remedy to operate and to be cured, also give my husband faith and slow or cure his disease,bless my family keep them close to God.Amen. Saint Padre Pio only your miracle can save my love my life. please dont let these other ones get togetherplease.please.. God I am so alone without this relationshipI know you love me God, but I can not see you or touch you..please help me.. Dear Padre Pio, Dont just take our word for it check out what customers say about our products below. I never really took the time to officially pray or talk to you but I always tell others who you are if they are troubled. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am not worthy of your goodness but I thank you with all my heart soul and mind to ask Jesus to look upon my son with mercy and pray His will is also my will. . He disappeared 4 days ago and I fear the worst.

Please pray to the Lord Jesus and Mother Mary for their intercession. Dearest Padre Pio please intercede for me and ask Our Lord in Heaven to cure me of this bowel and bladder affliction. Mauritius Wilde OSB Benedictine Spirituality, Fr. Marilyn. Pray that I may always be faithful to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit, and thus grow in the love of God and neighbor. May your powerful intercession Padre Pio will lead to the complete healing of my sister Maria Salve who is now on medication for eye disease. How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes, 7 Effective Methods to Make Money on YouTube, Facebook Ads Delivering: 10 Reasons of Failures, Gain high quality & targeted followers, likes. I would like to be employed. This is the prayer that helped my aunt. Padre Pio you have popped in to my life a few times but I prayed so hard when my father was ill and later died that I lost faith. Dear Padre Pio, As early as 1916, Padre Pio reported stigmata, including the appearance of lesions resembling the wounds inflicted on Jesus body during his crucifixion. we are truly greatful always padre pio. I am in need of full time nursing work as a Registered Nurse my problem is i lack experience i am hoping Jesus and Mary can guide me and give the wisdom and knowledge to be a very good nurse. I have a picture of you which is now very old and falling apart. Please keep my sister Gail healthy. Pls help me in Jesus name. thankyou, Dear Padre Pio please hear my prayers for my Nephew Evans whole has delayed milestone and not started to talk. I knew nothing of Padre Pio. Saint Padre Pio walk into our home and heal me and my love Rafael for each other unite us into a strong bonding of eternal love and unite us together into the holy sacrament of marriage into each other. Padre Pio pray for us. And my son. Youre known for these words Pray, hope, and dont worry; please help me as I try to improve my prayer life, faith and hope in God. Our Lord, by his grace and mercy, healed Catherine of cancer some years ago. Please St. Pio, teach me to learn from my mistakes, teach me how to love our Lord adequately, and teach me to let God love me. Thank you so much for all the blessings that you showered on me till this moment. His hands were wrapped in a dark wrapping. Lord, I ask that by your most precious blood, by the wounds that your faithful servant Padre Pio bore, that you heal Barry, restore him to full health, that he may be a witness to the wounds you bore for us. With a firm love, I will love Thee with all my heart while on earth and continue to love Thee perfectly during all eternity. He has held your gloves in his hands..this was soon after Pope John Paul II canonized you a Saint. Please intercede for our visa and sponsorship as we had a ukba inspection and we are waiting for result. Padre pi o please pray that Sean will be safe today. I am not Worthy I really am not but please pray for my family Amen. It has been hurting many ! Padre Pio pray for my family. She feels unloved and inferior to everyone. I probably have a curse on me. I pray to You every day .

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I hope your prayers were answered and Padre Pio keeps popping up in your life.

Laurie. My daughter is so worried about the school as she has been on the waiting list for some time. Amen! Today I pray for my little granddaughter Annabella Rosa to get a place at a good school near where she lives. As you know I am in a terrible situation now regarding my visa, work and health. Please pray for Mary who needs help and clarity on her life purpose , happiness ,love , a sense of belonging and peace in her heart,amen, Please pray for liam for a complete recoveryfrom his disability, amen, Please pray for my mother,martina,complete relief from pain and healing of her ailment ,amen, Padre pio pray so that I will be healed amen. Saint Pio cure me and Prosper from Hiv so that i can. Let me not be confounded by the thoughts of this world, but May Your will be done in my life. I am also a single mother and my son is 9 years old with many problems. I pray for your help Padre Pio! St Pio Please I Pray you intercede for me and my family at all times in Jesus name Amen. Thank you, Padre Pio! We are praying to God for a miracle. Thank you, Please bless my sister Gail. Dear Padre Pio, Amen. Amen. Thank you Padre Pio. His name is Justin. It was a weekday. I place all my trust in the lord above and pray you will intercede for me. Paul Hoesing Is Jesus Calling You? Self medicating will only lead him to make more poor choices. O most compassionate Jesus, look down upon me who am so miserable and suffering, and see the tears which flow from my eyes. I beg of your urgent intercession about my marriage.

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