Mapping technological capabilities into product markets and competitive advantage: The case of cholesterol drugs.

1999. Deng, Ling, and Paul Gibson.

Groysberg, Boris, and Michael Slind. Yalabik, Zeynep Y., Patchara Popaitoon, Julie A. Chowne, and Bruce A. Rayton. correlations spearman iberian externalities internal Preissl, Brigitte. We would recommend future researchers to adopt larger-scale validation studies. On the other hand, we scrutinized specific findings regarding overall trends, objectives, theoretical frameworks, methodologies, and potential variables that connect internal marketing and service innovation, such as motivation, organizational learning, and organizational culture.

2000. Applying the internal marketing concept within large organizations: As applied to a credit union. In the same vein, researchers confirmed that the organizational learning is linked to organizational culture in a both-ways relation (, The findings from this systematic review can help managers and firms to innovate their business services to consider their improved organizational culture. Editors select a small number of articles recently published in the journal that they believe will be particularly

Building theories from case study research. In particular, reviews often fail to state explicitly how internal marketing is defined and conceptualized internal marketing in widely differing ways. /Length 2574 2014. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable.

Some journals may use different types of citation index, making it challenging to create a standard to analyze. 2017.

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Measuring Business Excellence Article information, Internal marketing impact on business performance in a retail context, Balancing the Act: The Implications of Jointly Pursuing Internal Customer Orientation and External Customer Orientation. Mitchell, Terence R. 1982.

This study demonstrated two results, such as general findings and specific findings based on themes. 1998. /Filter /FlateDecode Internal marketing role in organizations: A transaction cost perspective.

Based on the review of the objectives of previous studies, it summarized that the majority of the articles had analyzed internal marketing and service innovation in various service industries. To achieve the goals of organizational learning and keeping their knowledge current, management must ensure the integration, coordination, and cooperation of internal organization functions.

Gathering all data relevant to each potential theme.

First, the selection of the articles used the electronic database. Umashankar, Nita, Raji Srinivasan, and Dustin Hindman. Language: We considered only articles published in English because the majority of journals with impact factor are in English, and due to the linguistic limitation. Abbasi, Enayat, and Naser Zamani-Miandashti.

It means that the other potential variables have become a vital feature of the current investigation in internal marketing and service innovation (, Thirdly, we identified and classified the selected literature according to their nature. Collins, Brett, and Adrian Payne.

Revisiting big ideas in services marketing 30 years later.

)sIpf woO?,d^E,Y)Y?xG?~tyk1O~E2#x./bFn.w/?{a};NVYac'Wh W# ]5\Q'kpj|Gc9z?>dG,3tsw"^kgpp>lJ"^|TR2=Pc1zW.f lRuy=D7_ \^{o=kGS3wv|O w q.bI({hF~Oe,6&$g>WP"r4X1$S`wH,2

According to, We understand that these factors in internal marketing might lead to service innovation. @ ,x5Hk"HV#. Service innovation in product-centric firms: A multidimensional business model perspective. Organizational Culture: What it is and How to Change it. To explore job dissatisfaction is an epidemic in the retail industry.

Finally, we considered that both quantitative and qualitative studies are lacking because this topic is considered new and slightly of interest to marketing researchers. 2015. 2013.

The statements, opinions and data contained in the journal, 1996-2022 MDPI (Basel, Switzerland) unless otherwise stated. After selecting the papers, we conducted an exploration suggested by. Developing customer service innovations for service employees: The effects of NSD characteristics on internal innovation magnitude. 1991. 1990.

pfxqIN8AZR,_"{Zs! Ordanini, Andrea, and Ananthanarayanan Parasuraman.

Although the early scholars had discovered some fundamental variables, later scholars had provided empirical evidence as well as case studies from various service sectors for potential variables, which might amend in a research framework. GR$? Mishra, Karen, Lois Boynton, and Aneil Mishra. Role of innovation in the relationship between organizational culture and firm performance: A study of the banking sector in Turkey. Secondly, we recognized that organizational learning is another crucial variable in connecting internal marketing and service innovation. 2003. 2017. To argue that a firms strategic commitments may be an overlooked organizational factor that influences the rewards for a firms investments in CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Besides, there is continuing interest among academics, practitioners, and policy-makers in methods to achieve accelerated innovation (, In the service innovation context, there is not a single best way to characterize how service innovations are created. Organizational culture, innovation, and performance: A test of Scheins model.

Mapping and modeling the capacities that underlie effective cross-cultural leadership: An interpretive study with practical outcomes. <> Innovation as a loosely coupled system in services.

This potential variable is crucial from the beginning of research interest and is, still, in the debate because it provides essential foundations for understanding the role of the organization in influencing the employees job attitudes and behaviors.

1991. In. 2012. MacLaverty, Nina, Patricia McQuillan, and Hugh Oddie. To examine the effects of new service development (NSD) characteristics on internal innovation magnitude, defined as the extent to which an internal customer service innovation offers superior benefits to customer service agents relative to the existing customer service practice. Value-adding communication: Innovation in employee communication and internal marketing.

2012. Internal marketing, innovation and performance in business services firms: The role of organizational unlearning.

To explore the introduction of an internal marketings way of working in a business unit of a major UK distribution network company, it runs as a small business.

It contributes to the internal marketing literature, addressing some gaps identified between 1990 and 2016. 2012.

Papers are submitted upon individual invitation or recommendation by the scientific editors and undergo peer review

In the digital age, innovation in an organization is a process of renovation inside the company that aims to achieve the customers satisfaction and fidelity, as well as ensure the survival and success rate. To explore what staff buy-in really means and how it ultimately affects customers, using the findings of two significant surveys commissioned by MCA (Management Consulting Association) and conducted by MORI (Market and Opinion Research International). Universities in a competitive global marketplace: A systematic review of the literature on higher education marketing.

For instance, some studies focused on marketing theories, such as internal marketing theory, internal market orientation, marketing mix theory, service innovation theory, communication theory, and service-domain-logic theory (, Besides, some scholars expanded their research using other business management theories to investigate the phenomenon from the other perspectives, such as transformational leadership (TL), role theory, organizational culture, organizational theory, and institutional theory (, On the other hand, the review also revealed a heavy reliance on sociological theories, as illustrated in.

A broadened conception of internal marketing. Rafiq, Mohammed, and Pervaiz K. Ahmed. According to. Ahmed, Pervaiz K, and Mohammed Rafiq. Toivonen, Marja, Anssi Smedlund, and Tiina Tuominen. !

Rodrguez, Nuria Garca, and Begoa lvarez lvarez. Putting the service-profit chain to work. endobj The phenomenon of this area of study attracted not only publications from the English language but also other languages as well. Kale, Sudhir H. 2007. 2008. \YAJ\q=VaX_i(c$SDQCWMDH(= 3/~-p&/2V9/f9ZofJ k 9l|]p{p9,l[|{}\1!d" P3^yW/fxI?HORC0!2wBq New concept of nurse education for service innovation-a perspective of internal marketing. Internal marketing: Integrating R&D and marketing within the organization. In the early 1990s, the first group of scholars started to explore the phenomenon between internal marketing and service innovation.

However, these answers should be considered in light of several potential methodological limitations, as we mentioned before. To develop yet limited empirical knowledge on the intensity of customer interaction and specific customer roles in service innovation processes.

To achieve a deeper understanding of the internal marketing (IM) concept, considered as an operant resource, according to the service-dominant logic (SDL) theory, as well as to analyze the IM contribution to the achievement of competitive advantage. Kuusisto, Arja, and Mikko Riepula. The role of transformational leadership, organizational culture and organizational learning in improving the performance of Iranian agricultural faculties.

Internal branding best practices study.


Paper presented at the 2015 International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM), Seville, Spain, October 2123.

The objectives from selected papers are divided into two groups: (1) exploring the phenomenon between internal marketing and service innovation, in general, and (2) investigate the factors contributing between internal marketing and service innovation.

This evidence was found from the work of early scholars between 1982 and 1990s, and it extended up to 2013 (. The interrelationships among service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty: Examination of the fast-food industry. Our findings have some academic implications. Pitt, Leyland F., and Susan K. Foreman.

Work engagement as a mediator between employee attitudes and outcomes. 2011. Ellwood, Paul, Paul Grimshaw, and Krsto Pandza. 2HQ4{ cl4]}J56z5Sii.

Producing a report of the analysis with complete extract examples and evidence, a final analysis of the selected extracts, relating to the analysis of the research question and gaps. Hendriks, Paul. 2011.

Accelerating the innovation process: A systematic review and realist synthesis of the research literature.

According to researchers, the organizational culture seems to be the common ground among most companies because service innovation emerges every day in multiple types of companies (.

2016. As a reminder for the second question, What variables of internal marketing that influence service innovation? In the analysis, we found three potential variables that emerged from our samples, such as motivation, organizational learning, and organizational culture.

x|y|ygIfLB& Fv &&*P@EZ)ET-%nXZPC}V1g&y}]=s p N_e;KQ Yf3o1944jxm 6faqAc>i&=ww >0yS-P`{_? Megicks, Philip, Atul Mishra, and Jonathan Lean.

To present the first empirically tested model, showing that internal marketing (IM) is a factor of success in new service development.

It arose from the rising numbers of the article published by the year between 1990 and 2016. 2014.


In terms of data sources, we found it is rather challenging to obtain a picture of all scientific outcomes, and scholars tended to select a dedicated database.

Service innovation: A service-dominant logic perspective. wG xR^[ochg`>b$*~ :Eb~,m,-,Y*6X[F=3Y~d tizf6~`{v.Ng#{}}jc1X6fm;'_9 r:8q:O:8uJqnv=MmR 4 Motivation: New directions for theory, research, and practice. The result supports our intention to contribute to a theoretical discussion that resource is vital for a firms performance by considering internal marketing in service innovation.

However, there is limited research to support this finding in the area of study and to address the gaps we identified, and the present findings are too broad, and thus several scholars suggested for future research (. Data analysis and theorizing as ideology. 2016. To understand the dynamicsantecedents, consequences, and contingenciesof integration between these two groups. Finally, this review showed that some articles are descriptive, limited to particular space and time, and focused on specific service industries, such as tourism, hospital, and retail industry. We believe that our methodology is the state-of-the-art of this paper while recommending for future research to consider limitations that emerged. 2014. Customer interaction in service innovation: Seldom intensive but often decisive.

Reviewing the literature: Adopting a systematic approach.

Organizational culture is an adaption process of human resources from various cultural backgrounds in an organization. The influence of competitive intensity and market dynamism on knowledge management capabilities of multinational corporation subsidiaries.

Bossle, Marilia Bonzanini, Marcia Dutra de Barcellos, Luciana Marques Vieira, and Loc Sauve. In doing so, we hope that future studies could use our proposed methodology to test significant areas of internal marketing on service innovation as well as in a different context. In summary, the service innovation that we defined in this work refers to an idea for performance enhancement in any organization that is achieved through internal marketing. Rebelo, Teresa, Teresa Rebelo, Adelino Duarte Gomes, and Adelino Duarte Gomes.

Freeman, Sue, and Richard J. Varey. 2013.

The value dynamics of service innovation. progress in the field that systematically reviews the most exciting advances in scientific literature. Sundbo, Jon, and Faz Gallouj.

According to (, Besides, organizational learning is a default knowledge for all employees in an organization.

+h L0EVH](]py'}p,Vj h!`*[X@=~58`:>'} QXjg$8F N{-|Nld97{y 5#JUB-|&4N UE%0"=42nP Husted, Janice A., Richard J. Cook, Vern T. Farewell, and Dafna D. Gladman. Service innovation viewed through a service-dominant logic lens: A conceptual framework and empirical analysis.

Nakata, Cheryl, Zhen Zhu, and Elif Izberk-Bilgin. Total quality management, market orientation and hotel performance: The moderating effects of external environmental factors. In sum, we know that employees rely on these three main vital factors, such as internal market, communications, and response.


Systematic review studies: A guide for careful synthesis of the scientific evidence. Motivation is the anchor for human resources in an organization. Keupp, Marcus Matthias, Maximilian Palmi, and Oliver Gassmann. According to previous studies, there are three elements of organizational culture to be related to service innovation: clear mission and goals, trust, and social networks.

[)W#`G8_zFW- Third, by emphasizing potential variables that link between internal marketing and service innovation, this research also contributes to the development of a broader innovation concept in internal marketing, which, This paper can help managers to redefine their roles and the relationship between members of the organization.

We found that 16 selected papers were based on theoretical frameworks, while another six selected papers used a literature review of previous studies related to the subject under study. 2003. <> 2006. It is based on shared attitudes, beliefs, customs, and written and unwritten rules that have been developed over time and are considered valid. prior to publication.


Overall, this paper suggests that internal marketing in service innovation is a promising area of research. Eisenhardt, Kathleen M. 1989. 2013. 2006. FRTV$, (PzF22hHo23I2tGqmocdr @3ce~M8%r~|t1/

\NY2&U`1a/./`&\wBRyX3~)!/Fwa")lz>+|ixP.1i qt2>t>}[ Bailey, Ainsworth Anthony, Faisal Albassami, and Soad Al-Meshal.

George, William R. 1990. 2000.


Akroush, Mamoun N., Amjad A. Abu-ElSamen, Ghazi A. Samawi, and Abdelhadi L. Odetallah.

Gilmore, Audrey, and David Carson.

% This paper aims aimed to present the trends of the literature review in internal marketing and service innovation between 1990 and 2016. <>stream Uzkurt, Cevahir, Rachna Kumar, Halil Semih Kimzan, and Gzde Eminolu.

% several techniques or approaches, or a comprehensive review paper with concise and precise updates on the latest lC(YTLs(=GTm4(8J;7bP[63ns=r$0KmX3bK24LU;2l}3('>kBe The reason we strictly focused on having both main keywords is that we wanted to investigate the fundamental core variables that link between them. 2011. , 1x\V0

You can download the paper by clicking the button above.

Barras, Richard. [.

Understanding prosocial behavior, sales performance, and turnover: A group-level analysis in a service context.

<>/Metadata 1177 0 R/ViewerPreferences 1178 0 R>>


Market orientation and performance in small independent retailers in the UK. Afuah, Allan. The relationships among service quality, perceived value, customer satisfaction, and post-purchase intention in mobile value-added services. (4w7Ru -SP/TPvb2=X~=nB2B& X`3?C1YT"Vh YN?R!EpDK|w=r_Tm(K;s`c(=+Ab8\L. Bernstein, Steven L. 2005. For example, if volume/page numbers are omitted, and irregular and cryptic journal abbreviations are used, an assignment to the correct reference-type category is impossible. Proctor, Tony, and Ioanna Doukakis.

Researchers have found that organizational culture affects employees knowledge-sharing attitudes and behaviors.

#dJr5N[r'rNihBGstL[{{N9=rj[mB[Ge|w)1ssJxS8/SdWA|spVr%Axfv6}y To explore the relevance of these ideas three decades later and discuss what should change and what should add.

2000. To assess the effects of market orientation on small retailer performance in the UK, particularly in terms of how this facilitates the development of market-led strategies, which may arguably be a critical factor in determining their future survival in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment. Hassan, Salah S., and Mary Beth Foltz. Schein, Edgar H. 1990b.

Source: Table developed by the authors from multiple sources. Source: Table developed by the authors. Factors affecting the knowledge sharing attitude of hotel service personnel. 2009. Creating a relationship dialogue: Communication, interaction and value. From our 22 selected papers, this variable was visible in research as early as in 1990 and consistently appeared up to 2013 (. We identified that the individual level of analysis is a common trend in research on internal marketing and service innovation. This study used thematic analysis as a method for data analysis. These specific findings had answered the research questions raised. 1999.

An analysis of its impact on organizational profitability and customer satisfaction.

Driving employee engagement: The expanded role of internal communications.

Organizational culture includes an organizations expectations, experiences, philosophy, and values that hold it together, and expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations. Two main groups considered those that have used (1) a literature review and those that have built (2) theoretical frameworks.

While the mixed method approach has yielded nuanced and rich findings, the use of qualitative data and analysis, with limited sample sizes, potentially undermines the generalizability of findings.

Top management team diversity: A review of theories and methodologies.

Please let us know what you think of our products and services. Hernndez, Mara Isabel Snchez. The organizational learning is deeply related to innovation as it defines the way that the knowledge acquired from internal and external sources flows inside the organization. In doing this, it helps to underpin the relevant study on internal marketing in service innovation. 2011. We found there are trends in overall research, regarding objectives, regarding theoretical frameworks, and regarding methodologies. The main goal of this research was to draw trends over time in marketing and service innovation shown in the literature that influences service innovation.

Weng, Ming-Horng, Jih-Lian Ha, and Yi-Chou Wang. Engaging dissatisfied retail employees to voice promotive ideas: The role of continuance commitment. To investigate how the internal marketing perception of nurses could have a significant positive moderating effect on the relationship between service-oriented encounter and patient satisfaction in nursing negligence. 2008.

The strategic management of innovation: A systematic review and paths for future research. The database contains several thousand journals and provides citation counts between these journals.

Barzoki, Ali Shaemi, and Tohid Ghujali. copyediting Attride-Stirling, Jennifer. Available online: Kahn, Kenneth B., and John T. Mentzer. Tranfield, David, David Denyer, and Palminder Smart. It informs every phase of the editorial process, and this strictness influenced our decision to choose Scopus. %PDF-1.7 The aim is to provide a snapshot of some of the most exciting work 1999. In. In this dynamic environment, companies require service innovation as a managerial response to create a competitive advantage. We also discussed the few related issues to this study, state of the art, and possibilities for future research. endobj Spetz, Joanne, and Dennis Keane.

Is organizational learning culture a good bet? Revisiting the concept from the Service-Dominant Logic perspective. Organizational learning might trigger a combination of organizational culture and motivation. [qF73I>SFz4qBD$`d'6Xv jz/C65p8pj<4 8ou38G+90",OfXtl$vVQLBe$X&vGc6&$1t U$e~@w1R-I-6`?UD*dYB[>)ll kPi/}$hiZg0;@?nAi U3Qgtc| VeR-v Year of publication: We sampled relevant articles that consist of the main keywords between 1990 and 2016. Please note that many of the page functionalities won't work as expected without javascript enabled. synergy logical Fereday, Jennifer, and Eimear Muir-Cochrane.

Furseth, Peder Inge, and Richard Cuthbertson. endstream We scrutinized these potential variables (communication, organizational learning, organizational culture, knowledge sharing, and motivation) according to our research criteria and identified three variables that appeared in the literature and met the criteria. no longer supports Internet Explorer.

Enhancing microfinance outreach through market-oriented new service development in Indian regional rural banks. It shows that scholars are welcoming studies in this niche, albeit debating some issues, significant, and variables related to this area.

Petticrew, Mark, and Helen Roberts.

For Sadeghloo, Maryam, Zahra Habibi Nodeh, and Robabe Rajabloo. As a reminder, the first question is, What are the trends in internal marketing and service innovation study?. However, we delimited our analysis of English articles only due to our limited knowledge of other languages. Thirdly, we acknowledged that organizational culture is also a potential variable that links internal marketing and service innovation. Sampaio, Rosana F., and Marisa C. Mancini. Empirical evidence from Germany. Editors Choice articles are based on recommendations by the scientific editors of MDPI journals from around the world. However, there are rooms to improve it and to add dimensions that we might fail to cover. xVKo6os*Gl7[Yt(%{i={C8w!

Search protocol: We used the Scopus library to collect the appropriate journals related to this study.

2006. W\^WJA~p6%L@_ L0M The statements, opinions and data contained in the journals are solely Service innovation: What makes it different?

Kang, Hyoung Seok, Ju Yeon Lee, SangSu Choi, Hyun Kim, Jun Hee Park, Ji Yeon Son, Bo Hyun Kim, and Sang Do Noh. 2012. However, these variables did not meet the criteria in this study, and therefore, we excluded them from the further discussion for future research.