), If you dont have enough damage, def buff and CR support will help a lot, Stacking souls on phase 1 and using def break guardian is a decent idea for phase 2 if youre racing, alternatively you can try chaining arky casts, Alternatively, bring Krom (guardian that reduces your cooldowns), to reset your def break/burst damage skills, Bring characters without debuffs on s1 (Lorina, Silk, etc.).

Region: Asia Having some sort of AOE to hit Coli out of stealth is very important for surviving murder, just make sure you kill Purrgis first. He attacks 3 time each turn, and his hits will reduce your CR so be wary of tanking with your healer. Thank you for reading this, hope people do join and grow together, have a nice day!

Immunity makes a lot of floors significantly easier, If you dont have immunity or cleanse, a potion vial or two helps a lot. theres no rank limit or anything just looking for casual or active players hehe, Guild Name: Talosheim AoE damage is useful for when the boss splits up. The Water's Origin artifact is also used to better ensure her survival. Guild Name : DeathxSoul 40k cp is good to aim for, but its doable with less. Refilling energy with crystals is up to you, but its basically mandatory if you want to progress fast. Depends on whats in the current shop rotation.

For this reason joker is generally the best dps artifact here, and Kiris is commonly used on a number of floors. Prioritize ancient coins and PVP points. This boss immediately gets a turn after it gets hit 4 times but this counter resets if it gets a turn before that happens. Guild War: Now this is a bit complicating, just hit when youre able to hit. You get it from almost everything, so spend them aggressively they do nothing if you let them sit there!

Focus the adds on both phases so you dont get dual attacked to hell, Is quite hard to tank, so the easiest method is to brute force and burst down the adds with damage (def break + attack buff + lorina, etc. Saving souls to chain arky casts for a phase youre struggling with is a good idea either 70%-40% if you lack aoe, or sub-40% if hes killing you there. First ultimate always targets party leader, after that it follows the usual target RNG. Guild Name: Deadbeat There's a "NatX" notation for referring to the initial star rarity of Heroes in general, especially since this game's Promotion mechanic can increase anyone's stars and level, Light and Dark heroes are often just called "Moonlight Heroes" or "ML Heroes". Additionally, using characters of different zodiac signs can be nice since they wont require the same catalysts.

DD is very good as well, Beware that buffs on her will fall off quickly because she takes so many turns, Skill ups arent especially important, but points in s1 are nice due to how often she uses it, Atk/Crit, CritD/Crit, abyss set is good as usual, 5* DPS with unique utility in the form of s3 delaying boss ultimates, Ratio on s2 sucks, generally dont use it, especially not without stealth, Good at wyvern, abyss, and raid with the caveat that your team comp needs to fulfill all the usual needs in only 3 slots, Atk/Crit or Life steal/crit, makes good use of abyss set. A chill guild made up of friends looking for active members that will communicate and interact with other members, as well as participating in Guild Wars and World Boss (when level 50). Adds basic attack will inflict -30% CR. Hi guys!

Guild members should request t2 runes according to the daily altar so everyone can trade runes and easily accumulate crests. Around 75% more expensive per point of exp than charms, but youll never have enough exp from charms alone so feeding them is fine. Defeat the real one to get it to reform. Right side equips are more important/consistent due to %main stat. *Info: starting if people want to join u can just casual no strict rules. Required fields are marked *. Ultimate will stun and if target is under 50% HP, they will be put to 1% HP. Watch out for the 50% trigger. Guild Name - Snowfell Buffs active 24/7

Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Participation in all guild wars (all entries used), Donate gold to the guild every day and proof of courage when you have of them, Rank: 40 and above! %atk or crit neck + ring for your dps if you cant get the labyrinth chests (1-5 and 2-1) or clear abyss 36-38. This is your main non-guarenteed source of high level accessories (alongside raid to an extent) until you can farm hunt 11s. Guild Name: KnightRun 4 Area bosses (NW, SW, NE and SE), must defeat at least 2 in order to unlock the path to the Queen (N area). Even with Immunity, you probably still want some cleanse(s). We have a lot of members to replace, so it will take a while to get to where we want to be, but Ill be trying my best to bring this guild back up to where it was at its start point. Generally, youll be leveling and promoting 2* fodder to 3*, and using/leveling doggos for anything higher than that.

Youll probably still want spd/tank stats on healers like hazel, but %atk becomes a lot more useful. The cocoon being light element means Kise has an easier time landing her CD increase with S3. You can keep an add alive at low-ish HP and hit Devourer instead if you need some time to heal and buff before the next ultimate.

Were both active daily and have discord.

Numerous fan nicknames have been made by the Epic Seven community to help in distinguishing certain characters, items and combinations: TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. When youre strong enough, you need 46 morale to do 2 bosses on your first run of the week, otherwise you can do 1 boss/2 bosses/2 bosses with 32 morale (need to verify). "A. Cidd", "A. Cartuja", "A. Coli" for the Assassin units of Cidd, Cartuja and Coli. Some tank stats and 55% effectiveness are essential, 3* ML lifesteal dps with consistent def break. Guild Name: Hoodwinked

Current season is ending on 20th Feb. Event/freebies: almost always really good, 16k hp/1.2k def/160 speed if tanking with healer will also likely require either a rod of amaryllis or secondary healer/source of mitigation (barriers, aurius, etc.). EALD (Elite Austistic Living Degenerates, currently 24/30) lvl 20 is recruiting Brothers and Sisters to join the team on global server ! Locations: 1-9, 2-S6, 3-S3, 4-S6, 4-S12, 5-S6, 6-S6, 7-S6, 8-S3, 9-S3, 9-S6, 10S-3. Alternatively, dying on the turn before tail swing is fine if you have enough DPS to race idol cheer is pretty helpful for that. Unhealable debuff is nice if youre doing Purrgis first. Fire characters and effect resistance are pretty nice for avoiding debuffs. World Difficulty Monster spots (because catalysts/exp): These exist and are in the top right corner, dont miss em. I have no requirements other than u join our Discord, do your dailies, donate gold and request aid. If your AoE skill is on an earth character theres a chance it will miss and cause a counterattack, but this will still remove stealth. "Masochist Destina Build" - Building a Counterattack set for Destina, to capitalize on the heal of her first skill, healing her allies whenever she takes damage and counter-attacks. New guild, so just looking for active players! Usually spend stigma on dogs, unless you have all the upgrades and are desperate for gold/exp. We need ACTIVE players. Damage boss until 40%, boss will split again.

Barriers will help absorb passive damage from taking turns during add phases.

Dont bother refreshing until youre rank 50 to max it. Two years has passed and Ive seen players come and go since the guild created as it solely made for players to GROW, but now its different, were willing to go competitive. Looking for active players to join a chill guild! Friendly Discord Community that can help you when in need! ). If any of these 4* artifacts show up in the artifact shop and you dont own them, consider buying them. Silver transmits: molagora and phantasma weekly, skip the rest. Wyvern 9/10 Team Composition (left up for posterity, typically you go straight to 11): There are three major requirements for Wyvern 9/10: one of speed or tankiness, debuffs, and damage. For one, wyvern will always hit your frontmost unit until they die. Region/Server: Global 2hr/1 energy missions are best assuming 2/1/2 high command. Focus on this instead of building other units that arent in your main squad! Im hardstuck gold on abyss floor _, cant clear raid bosses, or farm wyvern 9!. Since their HP pool will be very high, this makes them viable as a frontline tank over knights. We are a day 1 guild who recently did a purge of inactives. Active: Anything above 2 days of inactivity, just report in guild chat. Executioner will only use its ultimate under 40% HP. When approaching 40% HP, start saving your offensive buffs and big damage cooldowns. The game may classify all weapons, helmets, armors, necklaces, rings and boots as "Equipment", but players call them "Gear", similar to MMO fandoms. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanNickname/EpicSeven. Even the Artifacts also have shorthands or nicknames. In general, look at your characters and which skillups they need, and prioritize the catalysts for those. Guild Description:

If you have a waifu/husbando that you particularly like, make them work! This can snowball the fight very quickly. Order: Primary DPS > Healer if you have trouble surviving > Second DPS > Utility chars. Similarly, Mui and Benevolent Romann have similar tools to disable the opponent. When council is split, every time a party member takes a turn, all party members will take damage equal to a % of their max HP and lose 1 buff. Members: 28 Her s3 isnt attached to an attack so it cant miss, meaning she can be used as a primary debuffer even for fire enemies.

Characters like F.Kluri, Diene, Kiris, Schuri, def breakers, dps with consistent debuffs all fit here. Your healers should hit trees or the crystal to avoid unnecessary counter procs from golem. Bomb Model Kanna goes by some variants of. Make sure youre paying attention to when the boss is going to get a turn and prepare barriers and heals for the AoE ultimate when its up. DPS: Clarissa, Surin, Alexa, Mistychain, Carmainerose, Taranor Guard, Celeste, Healers: Jecht, Rin, Lots, Montmorancy (a lot of these struggle as main healers but can sub heal and bring a lot of utility), Utility: Armin, Rose, Pyllis, Elson, Dominiel, Mucacha, Tieria, Bask, Unlock the useful connection quest characters, Work through adventure mode, grabbing breath of orbis and clearing 10-10 normal to unlock ML gacha, Do laby/abyss every day, focusing on grabbing the important gold chest equipment from labyrinth, Do PvP because it costs nothing and is free skystones. Boss will get an extra turn and use an AoE attack with a chance to stun when its HP drops below 40% and phase 2 will start. Immunity is very nice to have but not a requirement. Effectiveness for s3 is nice but not mandatory, 100% crit is highly recommended but less mandatory, especially if you run a speed buffer with him, Atk/Crit with speed boots, speed scaling on skills is not that great, atk set will give you more damage. If you want to be super optimal, go for angelica + strong PvE dps (Araminthia, Iseria, Ken). Immunity or Wonderous potion vial (preferably 2) + cleanse is highly recommended.

T5 wyvern materials are also a good request target for stronger guilds, and the aid system can be used to trade catalysts. Councils ultimate will damage and dispel all buffs on party members and extend the duration of debuffs by 2 turns.Damage dealt increases based on number of debuffs each target has. Tieria, nemunas, bellona as alternatives for %hp damage, Same format as regular labyrinth but requires 2 labyrinth tokens per entry, Raid has a fixed loot table per week, per player, Raid drops (aside from generic items like ancient coins) are hidden until you exit through the portal. A. Main stats youre looking for on right side gear: Necklace: Crit Rate, %Atk (dps), %hp (everyone else), Boots: Speed (everyone), %atk(slower dps if you have a CR pusher), %hp(slow tanks), DPS: %Atk, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Speed, %HP, Debuffer: %Effectiveness (55% is the universal target), Speed. Most, if not all, bosses have some kind of infinite stacking mechanic that will snowball the fight if it drags out for too long. While drops from normal difficulty raid bosses are not of the highest item level, they have quite a bit less RNG involved. Otherwise, if your debuffer can apply two debuffs at once, only they technically need to hit the speed requirement. Server - Global Adds have roughly 70k HP, full heal every turn and are immune to unhealable debuff. Gains increased attack and speed at the end of every turn. Super early on, it wont matter too much use whatever you have and fill out set bonuses, Focus on getting the guaranteed gear and invest heavily into those, Labyrinth drops are probably your best bet for other gear/filler, Open accessory chests from ancient coin shop for those. Sometimes, their variants are called using colors: "Gold Doggos"/"Yellow Doggos" - Giga Phantasmas, Lilibet upon release, had become a constant source of, It's also become common to call her "Loli. Rose training ground hell clear reputation quest also rewards one. Current slot: 24/30

Nothing special when the fight starts, just reduce boss to under 70% HP. Long cooldowns, youll want to time them well. Some underrated 3-4* options I didnt cover, probably because their usage is a bit specific or Im just lazy: There are way more good characters (including 4-5* ml that I skipped bc rarity) but my wrists hurt so Read skill descriptions, look at stats/skill ratios and think for yourself! After rank 50, if you have gold then refresh secret shop for gear. Hey there, Im a veteran player looking for a guild whos more around my level. Otherwise you can send away 3* units if youre incredibly desperate. Epic Seven Arena Offense Meta Teams Guide, Epic Seven F2P SS 4th Generation Pets Guide, Epic Seven Combat Power Calculation Guide.

Comment *document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae04026e6197ec5f3e922ee356f8287b" );document.getElementById("c80a69ff47").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Your email address will not be published. If shes at 4 focus and uses s1, it will proc the s3 cast this works off dual attacks and counterattacks! Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Spend liberally on friendship summons when you need fodder. Dont invest heavily in subpar gear, especially left side which is substat focused. Be cautious about equipping filler gear, especially if its high tier/rarity.

Great user of abyss sets, spd/crit, atk/crit, etc. Atk/Crit, Lifesteal/Crit, look for some effectiveness.

Storage space is also up to you, but its not too expensive and generally a safe investment. Raid tokens can also be used to buy some catalysts, if youre short on some, or equipment. Faithless Lidica's Victorious Knight outfit is called "Jeanne d'Arc" because she carries a flag to go along with her. Beware of buffing up because hell steal them, Provoke, stun, atk down, defense buffs, and invuln are incredibly useful for delaying and surviving shroom explosions, You can either try to burst down one shroom, delay an explosion with provoke, or just tank them and reset until you get good rng, Can also focus one mushroom without even killing it to make it explode first and give you time to heal before the other two, Waters Origin is pretty good here, as is Aurius, Either focus Crystal > Purrgis > Coli, or Purrgis > Crystal > Coli. If you noticed a pattern, its probably because pretty much everyone should build Lorina and Kluri, and one of the big 4 healers (destina/angelica/achates/doris).

6* your units it just takes some time and focused usage of your stamina and offers a lot of stats. There are some gameplay terms and content that were converted into acronyms: For those who focus on the PVP aspect of this game, it is common to call a newly-released Hero as a counter to existing. Then there are characters that are simply given shorthand nicknames: Characters may be labeled using acronyms, especially the alternate versions with long written-out names: Just on his release date, Remnant Violet already has a lot of fan nicknames based on his. Once you have bare essentials, buy charms to max the labyrinth and abyss accessories. Waiting is reasonable if you dont have urgent need for them, since youll usually pull them all eventually and saving powders for specific 5* artifacts can be more beneficial. If youre only bringing 1 AoE skill, bring Krom instead of the other guardians to help ensure your AoE damage skill is up to remove stealth. We arent competitive so we dont mind losing, just as long as you participate. The amount of RNG involved in getting good gear is a big concern and whenever possible you should aim to minimize the RNG. Theres no dedicated stages for exp or gold or fodder you get them while farming for something else, usually events, catalysts, runes, or quest kills. If you dont have Kiris for some reason, its still possible but much harder. 5* DPS with AOE, debuffs, and a party attack buff, Unheal is a little more work to proc, but shes great everywhere haste is, Atk/Crit, burn scales off attack.

watchos venturebeat alpha horwitz wwdc align alignnone a5100 It's just that Yufine has a white hair compared to, "Remia" for Specter Tenebria since she visually looks like an. Ultimate (3t charge) will silence. Adds dont have that much HP. Raid bosses can also drop some amazing gear (look at the boss guide and see which drops you need the most); Youll need to get lucky with substat rolls, but set and main stat type are fixed so thats 2 sources of RNG eliminated. Buff and barrier before boss uses ultimate (either right before boss gets a turn or before killing last add). -Rank 65+, Challenger 5 or higher, Participate in Guild War, Donate gold, Discord channel: https://discord.gg/Q5EAJUq. Level: 1. Skill enhance s3 for -cd, more important if you plan to soul burn s3 a lot, Very flexible gearing wise Speed, attack, crit, critD, unity are all good. Because of their dragon nature and animations, certain scream attacks by Yufine and Alencia are called. The goal is to make it to the barrier phase without losing your tank, giving you time to heal back up while having enough dps to eat through the barrier. On Sez, Ravi, and Vildred: Theyre good for farming and carry earlygame hard, but arent especially versatile otherwise without heavy investment. Adlay gets called "Chadlay" because he was able to spend some time with Tenebria of all people, during the "Chaotic Moon Festival" event. Still want to keep the crystal alive to manage golem counter. code break beginners books activity bud johnson reads rare area Compared to farming hunts, each hunt boss can drop 1 of 4 possible equipment types or 1 of 2 possible crafting mats (higher or lower tier). Guild Level: 17 If you have a readiness pusher, only they need to hit the speed requirement of 170/220 for wyvern 9 and 10 respectively. Gold: 10-10 clear reward, login rewards, abyss rewards, all achievements clear reward (some events & event challenges). Character skills are noted using digits, as in "S1", "S2", and "S3" depending on their order.

), Free from connection quest. Atk/Crit, abyss set is good on him too. Guild Lv : 11 Global Server For progression however, you will want to first focus on and invest heavily in a few heroes that form a coherent team composition. Miscellaneous Tips. The critD necklace in 3-1 and hit ring in 3-2 are pretty worthwhile if you cant do raid yet. and sometimes Lifesteal sets for certain, characters who look like a lot from a character of the other titles, The game itself has been called "Anime Summoners War" or "Summoners War 2.0" because many of those who played, The game is also called "Wyvern Simulator" because of the. Typical comps look like: Angelica/Luna/Taranor Guardor Angelica/Tamarinne or Diene/Luna. Table of ContentsGear The Basics Guaranteed gear Hunts Labyrinth Raid Secret Shop Early Gear Progression Abyss Raid Labyrinth Characters and Team Composition Rerolling in a nutshell Progression Roadmap Quick tipsEscaping the Midgame Rut What do I do with ___?

Since the third skill is also the character's, "Tamaseria" - For the Tamarinne + Iseria combo. Not a requirement but Immunity is very nice to have. Candlestick is recommended if shes tanking, Brings full cleanse into heal on low CD, and a single target invuln + heal, Amazing overall sustain and mitigation between party def buff, hit rate down on s1, and heals. It will regenerate some health each turn. Like other gacha fandoms, "Apologems" are premium/gacha currencies given out as a form of apology whenever a server maintenance gets extended from the initial schedule. DM me if youre in the lower rank. Note that this does not mean you should ignore hunts completely. Free Spots : 8 (Urgent after cleaning up), Rank requirement : None, automatic acceptance. Guild level: 20. For that reason, you need enough speed to debuff him before he takes his turn, or enough tankiness on your entire team to survive the double hit. Region: Global Healer (tank)/Buffer or subhealer/DPS/DPS Healer (tank)/Knight(aurius)/DPS/DPS, Angelica(tank)/Tamarinne/Alexa/Taranor Guard. Pull until essential team comp needs are fulfilled. Invest in team(s) for raid and higher abyss floors. Im lv70 currently master arena currently (gearing up to plow into challenger) Im looking for two spots for my wife and I, she is lv 65 with 10 6* units. Tywin, Krau, Rose, Bask, Crozet, General Purrgis, Alexa, Luna, Kise, Karin, Clarissa, Taranor Guard, Chloe, Diene (with rod), Tamarinne, Requiemroar (with celestine), Sword of Ezera, Noble Oath, Waters Origin, Idol Cheer, Candlestick, Egg of Delusion, Alternatively good hp + defense on everyone and heals, Aurius (4* artifact) helps a lot with this route, ~8.5k is a very ballpark estimate, easier with all water units (try for yourself, this will depend a lot on defense and the presence of aurius), Haste, Araminthia, Mistychain, Baal&Sezan, Sigret, Surin, Serila, Requiemroar, Wanda, Chloe, Schuri, Rose, Sh.Rose, Requiemroar, C.Dom, Roozid, F.Kluri, Sh.Rose, Clarissa, Taranor Guard, Karin, Requiemroar, Axe God, A.Cartuja, Tenebria.

World Arena is simply called "Real-Time Arena" or "RTA" when players point out its mechanics. Crafting is a massive gold sink, dont bother until workshop is maxed and youre crafting t5/6 unless youre really desperate. Burst down the mages from above 30%, or Armin will drop a huge barrier on everyone, Dispels for the constant barriers are nice, Immunity/cleanse are incredibly important here if silk hits someone with s3 or her 50% trigger without immunity up, theyre not getting another turn unless the silence is cleansed, Add kill order: nightmare in the back > yellow (heal) robot > buff robot, Having 1 good single target dps makes the first stage easier, Unhealable debuff is nice to have but not necessary. The CR reset (can be resisted) on the bodyguards basic attack and their provoke can be hard to deal with if they are left alive. With left side gear I wouldnt invest heavily into them unless they have ~3 correct substats, Abyss: lifesteal set, floors 32-38, 52-58, 72-78, Gold chests: important ones are laby 1-x (all), 2-x (all), adventure 10-3, 9.1-4, 9.2-7, 8S-4, From labyrinth, 1-2 and 1-4 are def set, 2-2 and 2-4 are hp, rest is dps gear. DxS is a new fresh semi-competitive guild. Raid bosses have a fixed drop table: each of the 4 area bosses will drop 1 raid shop token guaranteed and either 1 of 3 possible equipments, 1 galaxy bookmark or 1 extra raid token. Guild Level: 12. Server: Global After the change to make equipment drops hidden, its a huge gamble to try and get something good if you cant clear a boss and id heavily advise. Council will split into 3 parts at 70% and 40%. Named so because in his Specialty Change story, his path to become Chaos Sect Axe began after he received encouraging words from the God of Chaos. We are a CasuComp(Casual competitive) guild climbing to top 200. "S. Rose" for Shadow Rose, "C. Armin" for Crimson Armin, "C. Dom" for Challenger Dominiel, "S. Tenebria" for Specter Tenebria, "W. Silk" for Wanderer Silk, "F. Maya" for Fighter Maya, "F. Ceci" for Fallen Cecilia, "DJ Basar" for Desert Jewel Basar, etc Like Moonlight Heroes, Specialty Changed Heroes are mostly just referred to by making an acronym out of their first name, such as "F. Kluri" (Falconer Kluri), "C. Lorina" (Commander Lorina), "M. Hazel" (Mascot Hazel), etc "Chocolate Silk" for Wanderer Silk, since she is an, For players who don't prefer the "Biseria". So if boots drop, you have to hope its epic rarity, or at least heroic, is ilvl 85, has the right main stat and has good sub stats and is the correct set youre looking for. You usually want to transmit them for gold. Semi-competitive community of friendly end-game players to enjoy the game, Guild officers are alive and online everyday, feel free to ask/discuss/rant anything, Our discord will be announced later ( a number of members reach our goal), Guild Name: Maximitis For new players, grab Lorina and Silk right away.

Log in daily to Donate so we can keep boosters up. As accessories arent craftable, accessory drops from hunts are your only sources of them outside of guaranteed pieces and the secret shop. Region/Server: USA/Global Our guild, Regalius, has gone through hiatus for months and we would like to reform by flushing out the inactive users and inviting with fresh, mid game or returnees players, end game players will be great too!

Very low investment gear wise, just needs to be able to survive. stuns and sleeps). Counterattack will always be a critical hit and will cleanse all debuff from Executioner. So if a necklace, ring or boots drop, you always know what kind of main stat it will have (can check in boss guide before entering raid). If no immunity, cleanse is recommended to remove the speed debuff after Devourers ultimate. If youre bringing a single target dps and/or def breaker, have them focus the trees while kiris stacks poison on golem. Debuffs that the boss is immune to are okay (stun, silence, poison, sleep). A double boss clear can be done even with average camping morale. During phase 1, boss ultimate will spawn any missing eggs and hatch all eggs that are present. Shimadras Staff could also work paired with lifesteal set(s) on other units. Dizzy is infamous for this, as her ultimate inflicts a variety of debuffs to weaken the opponent as well as her standard that has a small chance to stun the opponent. Morale cost for every boss is the same so order doesnt matter. This progresses a repeatable quest that rewards 8 silver transmit stones.

Khawazu gets the humorous connection, smile, and a suspiciously-similar overall appearance to a certain shirtless macho who also wears a red bandanna. Youll run a general PvE team for most things, but for higher difficulty content you will probably have to tailor your team to the fight. Under 70% HP: Executioner will stealth at the end of every 2 turns. DPS varies greatly based on comp/character. Also flexible gearing wise can be built full support or dps. Can subheal with celestine. %hp damage is the most efficient way to beat a lot of floors due to increasingly ridiculous hp pools. seeds > dogs > penguins (do once a day for daily). First two extra team slots only cost gold! "DPS Gear" - Equipment whose stats are a combination of the following damage-focused parameters: Attack, Speed, Critical Hit Chance, and Critical Hit Damage.

Route here.

Active sign-ins and donations (50k gold and 3 orbs are expected), Spam Drake Claws aid request at least 3-4 days per week, No Absence more than 2 weeks without notice, Be motivated, Stride towards better gears and having a larger pool of lv.60. If theyre very good/youre likely to use them at some point then keep feeding dupes in until their imprint is maxed. This can be used to your advantage in some cases.

Boots are the best thing to craft because of speed and % main stats.

Poisoned allies will spread poison at the start of their turn. Do your best buy out catalysts from event shops. Guild: Purriod "Axe God" - Chaos Sect Axe, the Specialty Change version of Church of Ilryos Axe. Councils basic attacks inflict poison for 2 turns. Save your AoE skills. Also use the camp morale calc and team optimizer. Arky can also contribute a lot of damage due to %hp scaling! Letting eggs hatch will make phase 3 much harder. Join the server first, then ill except u into the guild!

Reputation quests from events also give these. Golem is next in usefulness, and banshee you wont touch until significantly later since the sets it drops are niche.