Yes, it really is that popular - even my grandma makes Tacos on Fridays! The largest of Norway's more than 1,700 named fjords, Sognefjord reaches 204 kilometers inland from the coastal village of Skjolden and branches off into countless smaller inlets and fjords along the way. Polaria is the newest of these, and is home to exhibits about the aurora borealis (northern lights), the effects of climate change on Arctic ecosystems, and Arctic wildlife, including an Arctic aquarium. The Polar Museum focuses on the area's long history as a fishing community and its more recent status as a primary research base for polar studies. The connections with the Finnish speaking areas to our south east have always been strong, and they were reinforced with immigration in the 18th and 19th centuries. You can find a whole range of museums and institutions in and around the centre of Bergen with exhibitions and performances throughout the year. Oslo's Bygdoy Peninsula is a suburb located only four miles west of the city, and is easily reached by car or public transportation. Bergen is today known for its wide range of music, boasting innovative and trendy music and design scenes with a large variety of festivals. There's no better way to see Norway's stunning countryside than by train. Highlights include hardy rhododendrons and the gigantic Tibetan blue poppy, as well as a garden dedicated to the region's traditional medicinal plants. Not only is it a vital connection for the maze of tiny islands it serves, it's also a lure for anglers, diving enthusiasts, and visitors wanting to get as close as possible to the sea. Enter your email address to follow Visit Norway, To learn more about this, please read our, , which applies to our use of your personal data, and our. roncevaux pass To learn more about this, please read our Privacy Policy, which applies to our use of your personal data, and our Privacy Policy for Contacts, which applies to the use of your personal data by the owner of the newsroom you follow. The international travelers main reasons to go to Norway are, Learn more about holiday in Norway with guides and videos at

Tollbugata 13, Bod It's no secret that Norway is an expensive country to visit. During summer days are long and nights are light all over the country, and above the arctic circle the midnight sun never sets.

Good food and drink is important to the people in Bergen and seafood is perhaps what Bergen is most known for. But wherever you choose to embark, be sure to allow a full day for your adventure. The Norwegian currency is NOK (Norwegian Krone), 7.

Summer is here. From Bergen you are real close to the spectacular fjord experiences, either you want to go on a fjord tour or dive into the experience with mountain and glacier hiking in the majestic mountain landscape, skiing in some of Norways best terrains, biking along the beautiful fjord arms or explore the wet element with white water rafting or fishing in the ocean along the beautiful coast line. In the southern Norway, you have beautiful coasts and warm (not tropical!) If you are looking for things to do in Bergen, check out the large selecation of activitiesand attractions.

, which applies to the use of your personal data by the owner of the newsroom you follow.

Always Bring an Extra Layer of Clothes, 8. Stavanger Cathedral is also a top tourist attraction in Stavanger. For more than 64 years the HSMAI Adrian Awards have awarded excellence in hospitality advertising, digital marketing, and public relations. Norway lifts more restrictions making entry easier for travelers

The best scenic routes begin in Oslo, including the Bergen Railway, which runs over the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Even though some are a bit shy to have a full conversation, they are able to understand most and to help you with any questions you might have. Click YES to get to the newsroom. The riches of the sea are reflected on your plate. This vibrantly painted area was once the city's center of trade and was dominated by Hanseatic merchants.

Join us on a eventful day cruise in the beautiful skerries outside Bergen, with exciting food and drink experiences along the way.

Despite its numerous mountains and rugged coastline, getting around the country is surprisingly easy.

Do your research, and you'll find fascinating attractions covering everything from the Vikings to seafaring and fishing, as well as art and entertainment.

Also a result of its northerly position, Troms is one of the top destinations in the world for seeing the spectacular northern lights. Traveling in Norway can be expensive if you only eat out, 12. The weather, as mentioned above, changes a lot between seasons in Norway so you always want to bring enough clothes. Are you dreaming of visiting Norway one day? Part of the spectacular Fjord Norway network and regularly topping the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, the Geirangerfjord region north of lesund offers some of the finest scenery anywhere in Norway. Address: Nobels gate 32, 0268 Oslo, Norway, Official site: A stroll through the back streets of Bryggen brings you back to the Middle Ages, as a lot of the architecture is preserved or rebuilt as it was built. Although a guide is required, the incredible views over rocky crags and fields of ice from the summit make it money well spent. At the end of 1944, the entire top end of Northern Norway was burned down and the people forcibly evacuated.

In the capital Oslo, urban life and catching architecture goes hand in hand with nature experiences. Yes, they may have been a little aggressive, spending much of their time drinking heavily, sacking innocent towns, stealing women from across Europe A lot of people skip visiting Norway since its known to be an expensive country and a hard place to travel on a budget.

Typically, you've got the best chance of seeing some activity between October and April. Northern lights aren't visible everywhere, 14. The information on this page is intended for journalists, press and media.

The most popular way to visit the fjord is by boat. P.O.Box 434, 8001 Bod, Storgata 69, Troms Here you will find relevant information, story ideas, news, and material for your stories from Norway.

Experience the magnificent landscape along the Hardangerfjord on a day trip to Vringsfossen waterfall - the most famous waterfall in Norway! The Lofoten Islands' largest town, Svolvaer is located on the southern coast of Austvgy island and is easily accessible by ferry from the mainland. This stunningly beautiful region is home to Europe's biggest glacier, Jostedalsbreen, and the Norwegian Glacier Museum (Norsk Bremuseum). norway activities them where outdoor credit Click the link there to follow Visit Norway . But once you reach the almost perfectly flat-topped cliff, situated more than 600 meters above the water, you'll be rewarded with incredible views over Lysefjord. Norway's extraordinarycombination ofmajestic scenery and challengingterrain makes it perfect for hiking.

Purchasing your own food at a supermarket is much cheaper than going out every day. There are many other popular places to visit in Sweden, including Malm, which connects to Denmark via the Oresund Bridge, as well as the upscale vacation island of Gotland, often referred to as the "Long Island of the Baltic.". One of the world's most prosperous nations, Norway seems to have a fascinating museum for just about every important aspect of its rich cultural and social history.

Norways new National Museum in Oslo will be the largest art museum in the Nordic region. Host to the 1994 Winter Olympics, the city's list of winter activities is endless: skating, curling, sleigh rides, more than 480 kilometers of Nordic ski trails, as well as alpine ski centers. The majority of Norwegians speaks English. Even though it's less expensive now that the Norwegian Krone is weak, it's not cheap. Experience fjords and mountains on a 3-3,5 hour cruise to Osterfjord and the picturesque Mostraumen where boats are just able to pass through!

Perhaps you've already booked a flight and have begun planning the trip. Dating from the early 1700s, it's said to have been the home of the prototype of Ibsen's famed hero. So, don't be afraid of saying hi to a stranger!

This 12th-century structure features multiple styles, including a Romanesque basilica, a Baroque pulpit, and a Gothic font.

All PR annd press activities and enquiries are handled by our main office in Oslo. Also, due to "Allemannsretten", all public lands are free to access.

(Ok, you might not haveneeded to know this but it's a fun fact that might work as an awkward icebreaker!). Tourists will also enjoy exploring the narrower branches like Naeroyfjord. There's something magical about watching the sky turn into a green and purple formation dancing all over. Guided tour to Vringsfossen waterfall - the most famous waterfall in Norway! Norway maintains its position as the country with the most Bocuse dOr awards. Wild camping is Allowed in Mostly all of Norway, 9.

History buffs may also want to check out the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum (Forsvarsmuseet). The Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of Oslo's top tourist attractions, and is home to 650 sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland. The outdoors is very important for us Norwegians and we do our best to maintain the right of using the outdoors freely. When you choose to create a user account and follow a newsroom your personal data will be used by us and the owner of the newsroom, for you to receive news and updates according to your subscription settings. Griegs home at Troldhaugen and Ole Bulls summer paradise at Lysen are both popular attractions today, where you can experience their homes preserved just as they were built, and concerts to the scenery that once inspired the two world famous composers. #norway #visitnorway #visitoslo @VisitOSLO, Meet Earth's most beautiful road trip: Kystriksveien:) If yourmain purpose is to visit one specific location figure out what season is optimal for that. Thus, Northern Norway is rich in heritage, culture and languages.

Nearby Uppsala is known for its university and a lovely 13th-century cathedral. As with any other urban areas, you should take certain precautions but there's not much to be afraid of. Visit Norway is Norway's official tourism board. Since Norway is such a long country it goes without saying that the differences are quite significant. Here are some tips for you to find those special places to have those special midnight sun moments. By continuing to browse this webpage or closing this notice, you consent toour usage policy.

Also located here are numerous recreational facilities, including Norway's largest playground and an expansive rose garden.

It's also one of the most photographed sites in Norway.

watch the video here Official site:, Troms with the Polaria Museum on the water. Norway is the place to experience the magical northern lights and the midnight sun above the Arctic Circle or world-famous fjords surrounded by spectacular mountains and glaciers.

It was later turned into a Renaissance royal residence by king Christian IV in the early 17th century. Bergen became an important European city of trade in the 13th century, as the Hansas opened one of their four offices on the wharf, making Bergen a European hub of commerce, seafaring and craftsmanship.

Plan your sightseeing excursions with our list of the top tourist attractions in Norway.

The UNESCO World Heritage listed fjords are symbols of the beauty of traditional Norway. Due to "Allemannsretten" (every man or woman's right of public access), you can pitch a tent wherever you want in Norway (unless anything else is stated at a specific area). Keeping an eye on the weather forecastis always a good idea. Phone hours:Monday - Thursday9 am 12 pm and 1 pm 3 pmFriday9 am 11 am and 1 pm 3 pm, AddressRoyal Norwegian Embassy2720 34th Street NWWashington, DC 20008, Contact informationPhone: +1 (202) 333-6000Email:emb.washington@mfa.noFax: (202) 469-3990. Add wild berries and some surprises for the sweet tooth, and your tastebuds will be amused. The city has carried its proud cultural heritage throughout history, and has become a city of great cultural venues.

Either you're in the woods, on a mountain or on a glacier, you have nothing to fear. Norway is opening up and have now lifted further restrictions on testing and quarantine.

For best advice on Norway, click on Crime rates are extremely low even in major cities such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger.

Culture plays an important role of everyday life in Bergen an important expression of Bergens variety of life. It sits on a promontory overlooking the Oslofjord, and the grounds have spectacular views over the harbor. Therefore, you should plan your trip carefully and look at the distances between the places you want to go. An unexpected tourist attraction for an area deep within the frozen north, the Troms Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden is home to a plethora of flowering plants. At 1,495 meters, the views of the surrounding mountains and the Geirangerfjord far below are simply breathtaking.

Another top museum is the Fram Museum, which houses the ships Fram, known for its Polar voyages, and Gja, the latter famous for being the first ship to navigate the Northwest Passage.

This is, fortunately, not the case. While salmon isn't cheap, make sure that you have at least one proper salmon meal in Norway even if you're traveling on a budget. From its picturesque southern fjords to the remote landscapes of the north, there is no s Norway is home to nine of the 20 highest waterfalls in the world, as well as the ten highest in Europe. Here, you'll find the Lofoten War Memorial Museum (Lofoten Krigsminnemuseum), with its collection of World War II artifacts, and the unique Magic Ice Lofoten, which displays ice sculptures depicting local life. Other routes of note are the Dovre Railway from Oslo to Trondheim with its sideline, the Rauma Railway, between Dombs and ndalsnes, and the famous Flm Railway, the world's steepest. From its stunning fjords to its spectacular mountains and glaciers, many of which are easily accessible to tourists, you'll find some of the best places to visit in Europe for exciting outdoor adventures and activities. Another popular way to get to Bergen is with the train called Bergensbanen from Oslo.

Check out Idead and inspiration for those popular top 10 lists, what to do on a weekend and much more! Exhibits include the findings of more recent expeditions and scientific studies, which delve into the world of the dark and cold deep sea of the Arctic.

The Bergen Card also gives free access or discount to most museums and attractions. Welcome to the Itinerary Planner. This extraordinary landscape is today inscribed on UNESCOs World Heritage List, and professional activity organizers are ready to take you into the fjord region all year around as close to the nature as you can get!

Also worth seeing here is the Lofoten Aquarium (Lofotakvariet), which features Arctic sea life. During summer, however, it's the exact opposite; the sun never sets. However, the northern lights (or Aurora Borealis) isn't visible all over Norway. The islands are also one of the best places to visit for a glimpse of the northern lights. On the Airport bus you get a discount. Explore Bergen practical and cheaper with the Bergen Card! Accommodation: Where to Stay in Lillehammer, Lillehammer Map - Attractions (Historical). A common misconception is that Polar Bears walk the streets in Norway.

The Norwegian fjords was formed through several ice ages as the sea carved itself through and across the coastline, leaving a beautiful landscape with snow-clad mountains, blue glaciers, deep gorges, cascading waterfalls and tiny fertile villages strung like glowing green pearls along the fjord line.

#norway #visitnorway, What is "Norwegian rural luxury" and where to find it? #norway #visitnorway, Troms: 9 great experiences for summer & winter! Bergen has fostered several world famous artist who have achieved worldwide fame, such as the composer Edvard Grieg and violinist Ole Bull. Some attractions are only open during a specific seasonand certain hikes are unreachable during winter. In the midst of stunning scenery, travellers can enjoy local food and culture in vibrant cities like Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Troms. There are also several campsites all over Norway that are cheap to stay at.

Here are some suggestions for this summer.

Northern Norway offers safe and fun hiking for everyone. Those visiting the Stavanger area will also want to stop by the surprisingly fascinating Norwegian Canning Museum.

Whether you want to appreciate their remote tranquillity on a cruiseor take in an alternativespectacle through a fjor A profound Norwegian proverb says that a hero is one who knows how to hang on one minute longer and it is with that heroic spirit that webring your attention to this fascinating piece. The wild landscapes of the fjord areas are easily accessible to explore on your own or with guides.

A trip through some of the most breathtaking landscape in Norway.

The ensuing occuation involved resistance and the use of slave labour from the Soviet Union and Serbia. In Bergen you can find a range of different accommodationranging from exclusive hotels to charming Bed & Breakfasts. National Parks and Most Outdoor Locations are Free to Use, 11. To build your own Itinerary, click to add an item to your Itinerary basket. #norway #visitnorway, Island cycling, trail cycling, city cycling, valley cycling, road cycling - what is your favourite type of cycling?

Bergen - Rosendal (The Hardangerfjord Express). No problem!

Be sure to take this into consideration when you're planning to visit Norway. The northernmost city of Troms is perhaps the best place to start, convenient for its frequent ferries, although a trip to the Lofoten Islands is a great option for nature-lovers.

A tourist attraction best suited for the active traveler thanks to the arduous journey required to get here, Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) is nevertheless one of the most popular tourist sights in Norway. Guided tours are available during the summer, and you can also find the Museum of the Norwegian Resistance (Norges Hjemmefrontmuseum) ) on the castle grounds.

Today, tourists can find several historic buildings that portray life during the Middle Ages, as well as boutiques, restaurants, and the Bryggen Museum. If you click NO you will come back to

You can mostly anything with a credit card, even taxis and hot dogs! In addition to its excellent exhibits relating to the Jostedalsbreen glacier, the museum also focuses on the impact of climate change in the region.

If you are traveling on a budget make sure that you read through our Norway on a Budget Guide. That's how good our salmon is. Well, Norway is the right place to do it! In Bergen you can also enjoy some of the finest seafood restaurantsin Norway. Its daylight all night, and lovely sunshine and refreshing swimming alternates with silvery rain and summery fog. Are you dreaming of seeing the northern lights?

If you want to see places in all regions I strongly suggest you spend some days extra or plan more than one trip. More surprising are maybe the intense flavours of veg and soft fruit grown in Northern Norwegian agriculture.

Email sent to __email__. It is home to several of Oslo's top tourist attractions and also known for its many natural spaces including beaches, parks, and forests.

Here is some inspiration for mountain hikes, scenic drives, midnight sun and exploration of the rich heritage. Here are 9 ideas for romantic things to do in Oslo!

History At the important Viking trade centre Haithabu in Northern Germany the archaeologists found a dried cod from Lofoten, fished some 1100 year ago. There is no longer a requirement to test on or after arrival, and close contacts will no longer have to quarantine. This area is also home to the Norwegian Maritime Museum (Norsk Maritimt Museum).

In fact, it was Norwegians who introduced the Japanese to Salmon Sushi in the 1980's.

It creates a unique kind of happiness.

A culinary revolution has quietly taken place in recent years in Norway and a new-found pride in Norwegian food traditions andingredients has been born. Go to the forests for birds, moose and foxes. Several sites specifically geared to tourists have also popped up, including restaurants and resorts. Even walking alone during the night is relatively safe and the chances are small that you'll become the victim of a crime.

Learn even more at the Hanseatic Museum, which has been open since 1872.

Enjoy the fjords, breathe the fresh mountain air, and marvel at the northern lights. Another thing to keep in mind is that the weather changes a lot between seasons.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the weather here is mild despite its location in the Arctic Circle. Bergen is easy to get to with direct flights from over 70 destinations. Bergen is today Norways most international city, packed with history and tradition. Use this tool to build your own journey or choose from an exciting range of specially selected tours.

These sculptures, which are formed out of wrought iron, bronze, and granite, are arranged in five themed groups. If you have the Bergen Card, you travel for free on public transport in Bergen and the region. Depends on you, your mood and the way you like to do things. Although just over eight kilometers long, it has gained a reputation as one of the most spectacular stretches of coastal highway in the world, weaving through an archipelago in Eide and Avery in More og Rmsdal. Even the smallest hill can offer fabulous views, but the sporty ones of course climb a thousand metres. For more laws of Nature, please check out our guide In summer, it's all about attractions such as Maihaugen, an open-air museum consisting of more than 100 historic buildings, including 18th-century farmhouses, workshops, and a stave church. There are plenty of other attractions and things to do on the islands, especially in Svolvaer.

Another four-hour climb in the Hurrungane group is to the 1,349-meter Skagastlsbotn and the Skagastlsbre glacier. Experience the natural wonders of Norway sublime and serene. #norway #visitnorway #lawsofnature, Five NEW and exciting reasons why Oslo should top your bucket list this summer! Northern Norwegian cuisine is rustic, with simple, strong tastes.

As a joke, it's said that Tex-Mex is Norway's national food. Don't forget our other urban cities: Bergen with the famous Hanseatic wharf Bryggen, as well as Trondheim, Stavanger, Troms and Kristiansand. Norway's rail network also offers a number of other interesting diversions, such as classic steam trains, gourmet train excursions, and pedal-powered rail tricycles (draisines) for use on abandoned rail lines. Discover destinations, find outdoor adventures, follow the journeys of our travel writers around the world, and be inspired. Address: Jotunheimen Reiseliv A, N-2686 LOM, Norway, Accommodation: Where to Stay near Jotunheimen. The truth is that Norway isn't as large as we want to believeand everyone doesn't even know that Norway even is a country. During winter, northern Norway has polar nights; a period where the sun never rises above the horizon and you have 24 hours of dark. Today Bryggen is a reminder of the citys importance as a part of the Hanseatic League, and has a place on UNESCOs World Heritage List. Polar Bears do not Walk in the Streets, 3. The Troms area was first settled in the 13th century as a fishing village, and the industry has been an integral part of life here ever since, contributing to the area's maritime charm. Among its numerous museums, the Bygdoy Peninsula is home to the Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Norway located in Villa Grande. You can buy it online, at the Tourist Information or at the airport. If you visit a Norwegian family on a Friday evening the possibility is high that they are having Tacos for dinner. Most crimes in Norway are related to home and office burglaries. Even though only 5 million people live here, its a large country by area (148 718 square miles) that stretches from 57 to 81 North. This year, Visit Norway hit a home run and picked up an impressive nine awards at the Florida ceremony. from the airport to the city center by Bergen Light rail, Airport bus or by taxi. On the 9th of April 1940, the battle of Narvik started, involving many nations. It's true, Norway has the best salmon. At its widest, the King of the Fjords, as it's known by Norwegians, is almost five kilometers across, and the cliff walls reach as high as 1,307 meters, making a breathtaking sight.

Located near Stavanger, the destination requires ferry and bus rides followed by a two-hour uphill hike.

Nature The fortress grounds also provide a lovely backdrop for events, including public ceremonies, concerts, and shows. Tourists can learn even more about the importance of fishing at the Norwegian Fishing Village Museum and the Lofoten Stockfish Museum, which are both located in the village of . Norwegian Folk Museum (Norsk Folkemuseum) in the Bygdoy Peninsula.

In addition to the excellent views, which are always spectacular, whatever the weather, you'll have the chance to visit lovely little fishing villages, quaint wooden churches, and the famous Trolls' Church Cave. Another top destination in the Sognefjord area is Fjrland. The comic writer Ludvig Holberg, Norways first major landscape painter Johan Christian Dahl are also world-renowned artist who have influenced the cultural history in Bergen.

So, if you're traveling with only Euro you won't come far.

That means that it's not a crisis if you forgot to bring cash. Rules for quarantining and isolation. One of the most popular sightseeing opportunities in Bergen is the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf. Culture While in Bergen, visitors will also want to visit Troldhaugen, the former home and workspace of composer Edvard Grieg, as well as the Open Air Market. There are plenty of lazy clichs about the Vikings. Unlike what a few tend to believe, the midnight sun is actually not a different sunit's just the same sun as during the rest of the year but it doesn't go down; meaning 24 hours of daylight. In the winter months you can encounter the northern lights, or enjoy nature like the Norwegians do: go skiing. It's also home to many spectacular waterfalls, rivers, lakes, glaciers, and wildlife, such as large reindeer populations. Still, it's rare that there are any incidents between the inhabitants and Polar Bears. The eastward continuation of the Sunnylvsfjord, the Geirangerfjord boasts some of the country's most spectacular views.

Fish exports have been the economic foundation of Northern Norway ever since. Further out, whales prey on squid and herring.

Where are the best places to see the Northern Lights?