He enjoys helping others discover the joys of gaming. An aggressive bruiser able to dish out immense damage to a single enemy while still being able to self-sustain pretty well. Bruiser Not as defense-oriented as tanks. Where he lacks in mobility and early game, Nazeebo excels at zoning, crowd control, and burst damage. Murky is so squishy that its frustrating to play him early to mid-game. She is also great at mitigating enemy heals but is highly susceptible to enemies who can dive her. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. He uses rage instead of mana so longer fights are to his advantage. These Heroes all have much better alternatives in the Nexus. Furthermore, Guldan is also capable of making meteors rain down over a specific area. E.T.C can hold his ground firmly against powerful opponents and even when things get rough, he can heal himself by using an ability called Guitar Solo. For instance, one of his abilities lets him heal his allied hero for 20 seconds, while another ability focuses on granting them Mana for 5 seconds. If the enemy doesnt focus Thrall instantly, his potential grows exponentially. Her mobility and damage make her good for hunting down stragglers after a clash goes down. Malthael has good wave-clearing capabilities with minimum effort. He has one of the best crowd control abilities in Heroes of the Storm. Blaze can also force opponents out of their position with her abilities.

Heroes of the Storm is a team game after all. E.T.C.s selling point is his flexibility to fit any team composition. Raynor is one of those heroes who never back off from a fight, no matter what the situation is. Artanis Shield Overload ability prevents him from getting eliminated quickly as it grants him a powerful shield for 5 seconds after his heal falls below 75%. The upside is they have a huge push and zone potential. Unlike other healers, Whitemanes heal is related to how much damage is given to the enemy. Both Medivh and his allies can use the portals freely. She can also rain down spears made out of ice that damage and inflict Chill on all enemies that get caught inside the attack. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a small commission. It allows her to throw a spear towards her enemy that does 173 damage. Anduins utility comes from his ability to sustain his teammates health but also save them from death when necessary. Youll also get to know the best hero pairs and which specific hero is at a disadvantage when facing certain opponents. A good choice if you want a healer that can effectively zone. Furthermore, she can target multiple enemies that are around her by using an attack called Blade Furry. Good in team fights or by herself. This ability is useful at times when youre target is right in front of you. Arthas offers some of the best crowd control abilities in Heroes of the Storm. Furthermore, Diablo will also get brought back to life if he has 100 Souls in his inventory before getting eliminated. Muradin can use his hammer to attack a single enemy and deal 110 damage to them. The Ghouls will last for 15 seconds. Hammer can increase the damage and range of her basic attacks by 20% and 100% respectively by using an ability called Siege Mode. Stukov even before this patch was a great pick for a healer, his W got nerfed but now he gains more damage and heals which still lets him comfortably stay in the highest tier. Great waveclear, exceptional late game, and huge health pool are how people would describe this hero. Therefore, he wont go down without a show. However, if she gets attacked or uses any attacks/abilities while in stealth, then the effect becomes invalid. Rexxar lacks mobility and his trusty Misha is what keeps him usable, after Misha is taken down the power of this hero goes down by a lot. If in the right hands, Greymane can take down a group of enemies quickly thanks to this ability. Chogall is a two-headed hero that is meant to be controlled by two players. GamingScan 2017-2022. He has a decent range which is effective for zoning enemies. However, in team fights, Azmodan performs less than stellar. Additionally, his passive weakens the enemy teams damage capability so theyre usually at a disadvantage during team fights. Orpehas attacks can deal a decent amount of damage and shes also good at zone control too. The Beetle will attack all nearby enemies and its attacks will deal around 20 damage. Li Li is a good choice for beginners who want to learn the healer role but even after the buffs she rarely excels at what she does. 2022], Dislyte Tier List: All Espers Ranked [July. His most popular attack is Discord Strike, which deals 165 damage to multiple enemies and puts the silence effect on them as well. Furthermore, he can also use an ability called Verdant Spheres to increase the power of his other abilities. Thrall received some great buffs that help with his mana and sustain problems in the solo lane. Valeera is useful when you want to focus on the biggest threat on the enemy team. Melee Assassin These are pure attackers that deal massive damage to opponents in close range. Quick to reposition, Sylvanas is a pest in the backline despite her low damage output. Positioning and being careful in the early game is what will help you wreak havoc later on. He can also increase the Attack Speed and Range of his basic attacks by 100% for two seconds. 2022], Priconne Tier List: BEST Units Ranked [July. Qhira has a Grappling Hook that allows her to reach different locations quickly. He is also able to easily follow up and/or engage which makes him a great pick overall. He can also assist his fellow Heroes as one of his abilities called Flash heal allows him to heal them. Look for someone else if you want good healing. Zagara can summon and send out a Hyrdralisk towards her enemy. However, he is still capable of slowing the movement of his enemies by 30% through an ability called Spirit Swoop. Lucio is a very mobile healer which gives teammates movement buffs, his mobility is what makes him a great pick since positioning is not a big problem. Some of her skills rely on skill shots which can be a downside and she is quite immobile. Samuel is GamingScan's editor-in-chief. The final hero in the A-Tier category of our Heroes of the Storm tier list is Fenix, a Ranged Assassin capable of launching a laser beam towards its targets. cinsault mourvedre grenache oh Although Chen is not a Dragon, he can still breathe a powerful flame towards his target by using an ability called Keg Smash, which deals 85 damage upon impact. He can use this time to either make a quick escape or wait for a teammate to come and save him. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. All rights reserved. A quick explanation of why these heroes are so low on the tier list. Whitemane can assist his ally heroes by granting them 300 health and 40 armor by using an ability called Scarlet Aegis. Having a great late game means his early game suffers which is something players need to consider when picking him. He even dies with a bang as one of his abilities called Total Mayhem lets him drop 5 grenades before dying that deal 250 damage to all nearby enemies. Probius and Murky are some of the weakest characters to use in Heroes of the Storm. Beyond that Raynar doesnt provide any viability because of his playstyle. Her healing is useful in the right hands, though.

They offer some powerful abilities and their stats are also amazing. They reside somewhere in the middle. Abathur could reach higher tiers if paired with the right party composition. Furthermore, if an enemy hero gets caught inside the attack, their movement speed is reduced by 25% for a total of two seconds. Anubarak can summon a Beetle by using an ability called Scarab Host.

The lack of mobility is a big problem for this big chunk of meat. Lt.Morales abilities focus on healing her teammates and providing them with armor. Garrosh Bloodthirst attack does 156 damage to a single target but also ends up increasing his own health as well to some extent. Lunara is good for pressuring opponents because of her poison. Fenix also happens to have a powerful shield that regenerates on its own if the Hero does not receive any damage for 5 seconds. However, while this may sound cool and all, it isnt that amazing. TL;DR: If a hero is only strong in 1/10 games they rank lower. These are the worst characters to use in Heroes of the Storm. As hes a Dragon, Deathwing can breathe a strong flame towards its target that does around 168 damage every second. Varian is easy to learn and use but also easy to counter for opponents because of his simplistic play style. Malfurion is also one of those heroes in our Heroes of the Storm tier list that focus on helping their teammates. Being at a safe distance isnt that hard because of his range but is always your best bet because of his squishiness. Upon using an ability called Heroic Strike, Varian can deal 125 extra spell damage to his enemies through his Basic Attacks.

They can handle critical situations all by themselves without relying on their teammates. MalGanis has a good amount of health to offer and hes good at crowd control as well. It doesnt help that he has a low health pool. Nova is easy to use, but her utility lies in her Snipe skill, which often leaves her out of position in fights. It will stay active for around 4 seconds, and no one will be able to land an attack on her during this time. This is something that lets him stay longer on the battlefield. Maiev got a huge buff on this patch which easily takes her to S tier, she received an additional charge to Vault, more damage overall, and a silence which are making her a very strong pick. Tier B Good heroes but not as strong as A or S tier characters. Gazlowe can attack his enemies by setting up a turret in the middle of nowhere. Versatile in terms of builds and great for peeling because of his Taunt skill. More experienced players, however, will find this very easy to deal with. As such, each hero is ranked depending on these factors. This Heroes of the Storm Tier List is designed to show players the best heroes in the current Heroes of the Storm meta. She can use Healing Beam to grant her teammate 172 per second and use another ability called Safeguard to provide them with 35 armor. Dhaka can also heal himself through one of his abilities. Leoric has an attack called Skeletal Swing through which he can deal 150 damage to his targets by using his mace. And through the second one, she can increase the movement speed by 10%. It also reduces the cooldown of his abilities by 1 second. Position well and she can comfortably be a top-tier hero. He does this by using an ability called Inner Beast which increases his attack speed by 50% for three seconds. Zarya can target multiple enemies at once by launching a grenade towards them that does 75 damage to all enemies that get caught up in the explosion. Sonya has a single target attack called Ancient Spear that lets her deal damage from a safe distance. Subscribe to our email list for the latest news, guides, and reviews for all things nerdy! His abilities can be dodged easily so picking him against mobile enemies can be a nuisance. The AoE attacks also help clear waves and prevent the other team from pushing. He can extend his arm towards his target and then push them until they are hit with a terrain. Tyrande should be higher in this list if it werent for her abysmal mobility and high skill cap. The effect lasts for 1.5 seconds. Valeera has a single target attack that allows her to deal 130 damage while reducing the armor of her target by 10 as well. Finally, keep in mind that HotS is a constantly changing MOBA game. When not gaming, I can be found wandering around in the streets trying to create a film. The Demon Warrior lasts for 10 seconds and does 35 damage with each attack. Uther has two abilities called Holy Light and Flash of Light. Fenix is good for dealing potshots to the opponent and then clearing waves of enemies. Rehgar has one of the most unique abilities in Heroes of the Storm. He can also use an ability called Blink Heal through which he can teleport himself to his allied hero and heal them in the process. His damage output is great and Falstad remains a great pick for those who know how to position. Maiev has an ability called Wardens Cage that summons 8 Warden Avatars around her. He does have late-game value though, so make sure you can farm and strengthen him by then. She can fire it towards any obstacle and it will get attached to it. Valla can shoot an arrow towards a single enemy that will deal 140 damage. Chromie does outstanding at long range and poke, her burst damage is also a force to be reckoned with. It doesnt help that Zeratul is a very squishy character, nonetheless learning how to play this hero will make you great at ganking and just being a problem to the enemy team. The first one allows him to heal his teammate for 362 health, while the second one lets him heal them for 242 health. His talents had a huge buff this patch so he is very well viable. These avatars work as her protectors and last for five seconds. Li-Ming is a resilient hero because of that annoying teleport. Just like Murky, Probius can also be taken down easily and he isnt the kind of hero who can take care of himself in combat. Sgt. Good for repositioning himself to where fights are going to be, offering a unique advantage against enemy roamers. He lacks in waveclear and is difficult to master. Opponents have to watch out for Azmodan because he can clear waves quickly. Alarak is a true assassin. She is also the only hero who can grant Stealth to all her friendly heroes for 10 seconds. Arthas is better at damaging rather than protecting allies. 2022 eXputer. Stitches belong to the class of heroes who have some of the highest health in Heroes of the Storm. Sieging and pushing waves is what he does great. These HotS heroes are strong but not overpowered and can be countered. The first one heals her and her teammates for 15 health per second. Kelthuzad is capable of creating a nova around his enemies, that will explode after 1 second and deal 180 damage to every enemy that gets caught in the explosion. A Ranged Assassin hero, Kaelthas features an attack called Flamestrike that can do 345 damage to the targets. These are the worst heroes in Heroes of the Storm currently. Furthermore, she can place a shield around herself that is capable of absorbing 560 damage. His straightforward playstyle also means that its easy to play/counter him. Unlike heroes who use a Mount to reach a destination quickly, Rehgar transforms into a Ghost Wolf himself. Deckard offers utility as a damage-dealer with healing capabilities. It will take good party composition and coordination to make these heroes shine. In this form, he has 20% more Movement Speed than his regular form. He describes himself as a dedicated gamer and programmer. The turret will remain on the surface for 15 seconds and will deal 38 damage with each hit. However, the biggest downside about him is that he is vulnerable to both crowd control and burst damage. These heroes need a proper team composition and should be picked only in certain/specific scenarios. One of his abilities called Stagger prevents him from taking any damage for a total of three seconds. Dehaka is one of the heroes who can easily break the defense of their targets. Kerrigan is sort of a one-trick pony that can deal massive damage with her skill combos, but isnt flexible in different situations. 2022], Elden Ring BEST Builds Tier List: All Builds Ranked, Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List [July. 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