display: none; DanceMakers focus is to make sure students are recognized no matter where they are in the room and to recognize the dancer by name and not number. In each class there will be a combination presented, which will directly be followed by the audition process. SECURITY: This website is secured via HTTPS and SSL which is designed to protect (encrypt) any data transmitted between your devices and our website host. They are valid from the time it was presented to the end of the 2023-24 Tour. While we will be holding a mock audition and awarding scholarships and performance opportunities, this class is meant to teach dancers how to audition. TO SEE THEIR LIST OF BEST 2022 CAMPS, HOME | SUBMIT YOUR CAMP | FIND A CAMP | 2022 CAMP GUIDE, Enter Keywords, Activities, Phrases, or Camp Names in space above to Search Entire Site, State-by-State Directories of We do not endorse or recommend any of the camps whose information or advertisements appear on any page of this website (or in any linked or referenced media, websites, directories, or web pages) and we cannot confirm the accuracy of any information that appears herein. Session 1: June 26- July 10th (2 weeks) It is awarded to one dancer who shows us love throughout the weekend on Instagram. We are aware that this is not an actual audition and should be meant to guide dancers on how to be prepared for an audition in the real world. Some of our affiliate advertisers may use cookies, but we do not have access to them or any personally identifiable data from them. Our coed summer camp offers multiple session lengths: This scholarship is all about paying it forward. DISCLAIMERS, PLEASE READ: This site is for informational purposes only. Please visit our website for a full tour of activities and facilities. All scholarship winner names have been flagged in our system. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Giving Keys ScholarshipsDanceMakers has once again teamed up with our friends at The Giving Keys. It is meant to encourage growth and broaden perspective and to also acknowledge their perseverance and hard work. We will not narrow this down to finalists. We do our best to provide a positive, encouraging and loving atmosphere, while also preparing the dancers on what to expect in the real audition world. Offering an impressive array of activities with superb facilities and staff, Independent Lake Camp is a premier overnight camp in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania that celebrates diversity, promotes creativity, & empowers individual growth with camper-chosen personalized scheduling. The criteria is based on recognizing technique, drive, style or attitude, and attendance. SHARING: We do not share any personally identifiable information about our visitors with anyone. These scholarships give dancers the opportunity to be recognized in all styles of dance for their hard work and dedication. CIT's must be entering 11th grade and must come for at least 4 weeks.

Mention DanceMakers when registering and receive 10% off registration fees! The Collective JV Will Receive:A year long scholarship to all DanceMakers Conventions for their reigning year, as well as a year long scholarship for the following season. Session 3 July 31st - August 21st (3 weeks) 2022 DanceMakers Inc. All rights reserved. CHANGES TO THIS POLICY: We may from time to time change, update or modify our Privacy Policy. Social Media ScholarshipsThis scholarship allows the recipient to attend our 2023 Nationals in Myrtle Beach, SC convention at no cost! You will then give this person your necklace and tell them how the message has helped you in your life. USE OF COOKIES: This site currently does not deploy any cookies to site visitors. The opportunities gained in being a part of this once in a lifetime program will add to the work experiences and performing opportunities for dancers who are on the road to a professional career. Each camper can choose what they want to do from a wide variety of activities offered by multiple departments. Many Pennsylvania Day and Sleepaway Dance Camps offer professional level instruction in a wide-range of Dance Activities. BRIEF CAMP DESCRIPTION: ILC is a premier, co-ed overnight camp, ages 6-17, located in the Pocono Mountains. For a complete List of Pennsylvania Special Interest Dance Summer Camps & Summer Dance Recreation Programs scroll down to the big black bar at the very bottom of this page. The DanceMakers Audition Class is meant to be just that; a class. We use data provided by these analytics in evaluating such things as the content, quality, speed and usability of our website. You may at any time opt-out of receiving any further communications from us and have any information you submitted removed from our database. Once attendee is added and your registration is completed, check the box next to the attendees name that says Scholarship and choose the appropriate option. We want you to wear this Brighter" necklace until you come across someone who you feel needs the message more than you do. The scholarship is valid for our Nationals event held in Myrtle Beach, SC June 2023. Receive complimentary DanceMakers apparel and of course, the iconic The Collective JV letterman jacket. Independent Lake Camp is a premier sleep-away summer camp dedicated to celebrating diversity, committed to fostering creativity, providing the best facilities, and a powerful, individualized program. ALL Camps (TheBestCamps.com). Directly following the performance, the scholarship winners will be announced. lake peck prosperous We have designed our scholarship tags to highlight their name large and their number small in the upper corner. This makes it the first and only program in the industry providing financial support to mentorship programs. VISITOR IDENTIFICATION: We currently DO NOT require visitors to give us any personal information, create a user id account, or to login to view any information on our site. Be sure to use the hashtag #brighterstilltour and tag @dancemakersinc to be eligible for this scholarship. If you are the admin person for a camp that has submitted information to us to be shown on this site, please Login to the Camp Admin Area to review the privacy policies for all listed camps and organizations. The Collective and Collective JV are elite groups of dancers chosen by the DanceMakers faculty as outstanding representatives of who we are. /* for phone maps */ *Interested in attending Independent Lake Camp this summer? Please visit our website for a full tour of activities and facilities. Combine sessions for a longer stay. ILC prides itself on the unique approach we take about the campers schedules - based mainly on individualized programming. The members of The Collective will have the privilege of training, studying, and performing with our world renowned teachers and choreographers. You can go directly to any of our other 2022 Special Interest Camp Directories from the list in the black bar at the bottom of this page. Your fee will be removed at this point. Circus & Flying Trapeze, Rock Music, Recording Studio, Go Karts, Magic, BMX, Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Kayaking, Team Sports, Climbing Wall & Ropes Course, Role Playing Games, LARPing, Rocketry, CAMP LOCATION: Independent Lake Camp is located in the northern tip of the Pocono Mountains near the City of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Honored at all Awards Ceremonies, such as the Warm Up and Wrap It. Junior, Teen & Senior Audition Scholarship. All scholarships are nontransferable and property of the recipients studio. The opt-out option will be included in any email (or other web communication) sent to any requestor. jorgenson

georgia jackson The friendships and connections that are developed at ILC are one of the main reasons which makes the ILC experience so special. Dancers who show an it factor are hand chosen at Nationals by our faculty and invited to attend every stop on the following tour. We are not responsible for any privacy policies or the content of any ads, websites or web pages linked from our site. This ILC vision was, and still is dedicated to: i) Celebrating diversity of people, activities, places, ideas, views & beliefs,Promoting creativity within each camper and throughout the entire community, ii) Empowering individual growth with our elective, personalized scheduling, and iii) Providing a wide-range of activities for all skill levels that are rich with integrity by maintaining top-notch facilities & equipment and employing a talented, hand-selected staff from all over the world. PRIVACY POLICY (ALL VISITORS) - PLEASE READ. The camp is set on 300 pristine acres and includes a beautiful waterfront on the 100-acre, private, Independent Lake. Below are the scholarships that are presented. camp summer expo virtual park camps sponsored prospect armory slope ymca Audition classes will be held in the Junior, Teen and Senior rooms. Each ILC department is managed by an experienced, talented, veteran ILC staff member. Sponsored attendance to the first city on tour where members will receive head-shots and choreography for the upcoming seasons performance.

Mention DanceMakers when registering and receive 10% off registration fees! Registrations for scholarship winners must be on the studio account and not independent registrations. Courage ScholarshipsThe Courage Scholarship can be awarded to dancers in any age level. This scholarship comes with a customized Giving Key necklace engraved with Brighter" and also comes with a Nationals Scholarship. Are you ready for the summer of a lifetime? }, WINTER (OFF-SEASON) OFFICE ADDRESS: P.O. Each dancer must wear a scholarship tag throughout the entire weekend to be eligible for scholarships.

(Approximately 2.5 hours from Philadelphia, 3 hours from New York City). Be sure to check each camp listing under INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITIES OFFERED for the range of Special Interest Activities and Programs provided by each Pennsylvania Dance Summer Camp or Summer Dance Recreation Program. There will be feedback given to dancers on an individual basis to help correct mistakes and to also point out what they did correctly. All finalists will be asked to perform at the Wrap It Ceremony on Sunday. Session 2: July 10th- July 31st (3 weeks) Box 575Laurel, FL 34272, CAMP VIDEO LINK: Watch Our Independent Lake Camp Video, TYPE OF CAMP: Overnight/Sleepaway. CAMP SCHOLARSHIPS OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Please email one of our Director's, Jeff Gould, at jeff[AT]independentlake.com to inquire about any financial aid or scholarships.

In the Junior and Teen levels, all dancers will perform in groups, notes will be taken, and constructive criticism and positive reinforcement will be given. Courage scholarships are valid for 1 regional convention from the time it was presented to the end of the 2023-24 Tour. They are responsible for helping out in an area of their choice, while still enjoying the benefits that being a camper has to offer. CAMP INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITIES OFFERED: Dance, Musical Theater, Theater, Music/Band, Video/Filmmaking/Photography, Fine Arts/Crafts, Weightloss, Swimming, Tennis, Waterfront/Aquatics, Sailing, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Horses/Equestrian, Basketball, Team Sports, Computers, Technology, Adventure, Wilderness/Nature, and more. z-index:1002; Any updates will be available here (or via a link), and the date of any update will be noted at the top of the policy statement. CAMP LEADERSHIP CIT/LIT PROGRAMS: Counselor in Training (CIT) Program.

A free trip to our Collective Weekend, where members will receive head-shots, a welcome dinner, choreography for the upcoming seasons performance and private classes. Nationals ScholarshipsThese scholarships are awarded by each of our faculty members to outstanding dancers in the Camp Dance, Junior, Teen and Senior ballrooms in each city. Go to The Best Pennsylvania Dance Camps Directory to Find More Summer Dance Camps Near Thompson, Pennsylvania. CO-ED OVERNIGHT. CAMP SESSION DATES & FEES: Please visit our website at Our Camp Website Link: www.independentlake.com to see our dates and rates. This program allows outstanding dancers to become a part of the DanceMakers FAM and travel the country as assistants, performers and staff members for a well rounded experience in the dance industry. CAMP FACILITIES: We have a private lake with a sandy beach, outdoor pool, 2 gyms, 5 tennis courts, an outdoor basketball court, a soccer field, 2 flying trapezes, 2 living campuses with multiple cabins on each (indoor plumbing in the cabins), a skatepark, an indoor and outdoor climbing wall, a brand new recording studio, and multiple activity buildings and facilities. CAMPS WHO ARE LISTED IN THIS DIRECTORY: The above Privacy Policy applies only to visitors of this website. TheBestCamps.comALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Best 2022 Summer Camp Jobs in the US and Canada, Go to The Best Pennsylvania Dance Camps Directory to. In the Senior level, the dancers will perform in groups and constructive criticism will be presented while narrowing down the finalists to the top 20-30 dancers, depending on the city. It is awarded to a dancer who we feel may need this message at this particular point in life. ILC is a fantastic Circus, Trapeze, Sports, Fitness, Archery, Art, Theater, Dance, Magic, Music, Recording Studio, Skatepark, Digital Arts, Moviemaking, RPG, Rocketry, Climbing Wall, High Ropes, Water-ski, Wakeboard, Lake, Pool, Horseback and Nature camp all rolled into one unbelievable summer experience! Scholarships are non-transferable. .white_content { We have evolved into a special, positive community that provides campers with the confidence to advance their existing talents, or even take a risk and try something new! This is meant to give dancers affirmation that they are working towards something much bigger than dance and that they can bring this courage into all aspects of life.

If so, join the Independent Lake Camp community today! CHOOSE A STATE FROM THE LIST BELOW

Scholarships will be awarded to dancers for various reasons including, but not limited to: class performance, excelling at a particular genre, focus, attitude, talent, drive, sportsmanship, etc.

These forms may ask for information such as your email address so that we can deliver to you the information you request. Independent Lake Camp ScholarshipsIndependent Lake Camp is excited to be providing a DanceMakers dancer with a FULL tuition scholarship to one camp session this summer! Honored at all Awards Ceremonies, such as the Warm Up and Wrap It. We are aware that following your passion and going after your goals requires dedication, consistency, hard work, and courage! This is meant to help promote an intimate and welcoming environment. Junior, Teen & Senior Audition Scholarship4 Regional scholarships will be awarded in each audition and announced during our Wrap It Ceremony. CAMP PROGRAM INFO: Established 27 years ago as a non-traditional summer camp, the original vision for ILC has created one of the best sleep-away summer camps around. VISITOR ANALYTICS: This site uses third-party website analytics (such as Google Analytics) that collect some user data that is provided by your web browser and/or browsing device. LINKS: This website includes links that are submitted by the camps that are listed in our directory, and also some third party advertising affiliates (such as Amazon) whose ads we display. Travel arrangements and/or accommodations for The Collective for at least SEVEN cities per dancer.

We do not know the personal identity of these users.