That seems like either I'm getting lucky or am just sucking at playing my mage. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, EverQuest/Uncommon Spells Tomes and Discs/Magician,, They are best in group play but can solo during the expansions that their pets are strong. Mend Companion (/alt act 58) - Large heal to your pet. Utility: Innate Run Speed (SoL+) Base Run Speed Increase Spell Casting Deftness (SoL)+ Increases Beneficial Spell haste by up to 50%. Thaumaturge's Focus (/alt act Companion's Fury [Frenzied Burnout/Virulent Talon] (/alt act 60) - This is your main pet burn and holy cow is this an awesome ability. I don't have this bound or being used in any other aspect so why not here? Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. You'll also want to get your Synergy AA maxed out, the Mage one is quite good for a consistent DPS upgrade. So Mage would be Pet Ear, Arms for Fire and Helm for Magic and I think it's Bracer for Chromatic now? The other thing that makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong is the fact that my DPS on my mage tends to be very close to the same as my rogue Merc which I find to be indicative that I'm doing something wrong because I feel like my rogue merc sucks and I as a player should definitely be noticeably better DPS without having to try that hard. I try to switch up my leveling spot every 2 levels and prefer dungeons. Spell Haste Lowers cast time of spells. I guess part of why I'm looking at my DPS is to me that's the easiest way to know I'm doing things 'right'.

Stacking modifiers in a "Burn stack" is less beneficial, since mobs will typically go down quite fast, and the added time and attention to stackin up the burn is taking away from time and attention that could be used to just kill the trash mob. Question, what dps are you pushing out for 2 min burns? Pets use Conjuration and damage spells use a mix of Conjuration and Evocation. Magicians are a very versatile class,\ It starts at level 58. Base HP - Second best - It also have a high regeneration rate. After that your nuke damage/crit AA. You must log in or register to reply here. /useitem 17 (Chest Slot) - This is a small pet buff which gives their backstabs or bashes a strong nuke to go with it. I haven't played regularly since around 2010 and my mage (main) was only lvl 91. Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

Please give examples. The "best" Improved Twincast weave is likely different from previous expansions. Heart of Skyfire (OoW+) Increases spell damage and lowers aggro. Extended Cast Range Allows you to cast from further away. HP/Stamina is second priority so you can take a few hits without dying instantly. It has a clicky Malosinia on it, a must have. Focus Items become active in Luclin and Magicians will need a few different ones. by Savil Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:17 am, Post

Spell types include: Single Target PBAE Hits all targets around Magician Targeted AE 4 Targets Max Rain (Targeted AE) Does 3-4 Waves of damage. Chaotic is top priority nuke, trying to get one of the. While the pets are weak in some expansions, they are very good from Classic Luclin. Fundament First/Second Spire of the Elements (/alt act 1211) - Depending on whether or not you have an Enchanter in your group determines which spire you will want to use. They'll do both. It's worth noting the new GINA Triggers. To get started let's take a look at the spells I have on my spell bar as well as the primary hotbar that I use to play.

It may not display this or other websites correctly. my apologies, you did say sands as your fifth, i was reading the link you put about math. Always keep your pet hasted! Top Bar: Spear of Molten Arconite, Spear of Molten Shieldstone, Reckless Servant Thanks for the advice. Preliminary ToV update done. Thanks for taking the time to write up a guide for the current expansion (RoS), Sancus! Force of Elements (/alt act 8800) - This is the one force ability for Mages that you will weave between spells. Although it isnt recommended or widely used by players in most situations. In fact, magician is one of the few classes that can continue to solo effectively even at higher levels. It's not that I am too lazy, it's just the only way I know how to play a Mage is by using a very specific casting order which you just can't reliably do while boxing unless you're using MQ2 in which case maybe if Kissassist attacked faster it could out DPS a boxer in this regard. Which means you want to focus the sort of obvious AA, pet damage things, they also affect your swarm pets to my knowledge. Spear of Molten Arconite 2. JavaScript is disabled. Measurability is typically an aggregated log over a gaming session, a Heroic Adventure, or some place in between. Now let's take a look at my primary hotbar and the abilities that are on it. That would be RS, then Spear, then Clash (assuming enough pets), then Bolt, then Sands if you add a fifth - there is a post in another forum about that with the math (. Magicians should go with either Conjuration or Evocation. what level are you? Best used with a tank. These are tradable and great when undergeared, but should not be used as a permanent solution. portable tanks, only you can control them. Heroic Stamina Mitigation/Stun Resist This decreases your damage taken by mobs. Magicians often sell these to others to make a little extra platinum. Silent Casting (/alt act 500) - This is one of your bread and butter burns for a Mage. These are your two main DPS spells. Does that sound about right? Totally agree with this in the Luclin era. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Magicians get a fair amount of Fire and Magic damage spells with varying cast times and mana cost. The idea is to get as much DPS out of your cooldowns as possible so you use your highest mana cost hardest hitting spells/abilities while they are active then when they're not active you switch to a rotation that uses a lot less mana. and a good deal of fun to play.

Mage DPS is good with low effort, but to milk EVERYTHING out you need to do a lot. Pets are like These have a clicky mod rod on them. Good for solo play. What are most classes averaging dps-wise in group gear vs groupable mobs/ names? First, I haven't decided which of the potential new weaves I like best. Be proactive with resist debuffs and youll be loved by all Always keep Damage Shield up on the tank MoTM increases your aggro from pets, so be careful with aggro on MoTM mobs Make life fun and get 1.0 Epic ASAP. Preliminary TBL update done. Sometimes my Mage doesn't even participate in some fights because my Wizards carry my box team in terms of DPS. If you'd like to see each macro I use broken down check out the pictures below. by svenalo Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:26 pm, Post More Info about Rune of Tallon clicky. Im level 110 and my gear is tier 1 ToV gear (snowbound). i totally agree with you svenalo, but im not trying to start a thread about '"burn clicks and mana regen durring raids", this is intended to cut the fat, ie. Both plate tanks and slows are situational abilities that are only necessary for hard content. takes to long to cast for not that much mana. Pets use Conjuration and damage spells use a mix of Conjuration and Evocation. The Magician's Tower Levitate Rings, Bags, Food, Water, Eyeballs (for scouting), Misc. It says it only works for magic spells and every mage rotation I see is all fire spells. Shields are not capped by the AC soft cap so this can be a huge AC boost if you have a good one. This article could use a cleanup in order to be more legible and/or presentable. have powerful DD spells, second only to those of the Wizard. Water pet with all gear, ideally attacking from back to avoid riposte losing dmg. With both this and Shared Health your pet will be fully healed. Heart of Flames, SPA 124 (additive), Heart of flames does not stack with Flames of Power, Heart of Flames stack with Elemental Union, You can ding 59 at rockhoppers.

Turns into a monk class. Youll want to get this as early as possible when Kunark is released. This page was last edited on 16 August 2020, at 21:18. Careful though, you can hit yourself with these! by svenalo Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:29 pm, Post They have different names depending on the era and specific item, but the description will tell you what they do. What should mage DPS look like and what are some ways I can improve things to get my average DPS to 120k+ each time? Some rains are on separate timers from each other so you can cast weave some of these together. This macro goes on the same keybind as Group Heal so that it fires when you're healing the group. I don't play a mage however spam/mash buttons for your rotation should be used to max out your dps over time. Magicians are one of the coolest and most powerful classes in the game. What you use will vary based on what content in the game you are doing. Not a tanking pet. XX of Many. its not that good. Magicians are sort of a cross between a fighter and a wizard, because they can fight with their pet elemental and stand back and cast like a wizard. What kind of pet are you using? The same thing goes for keybinding if you're used to clicking things; I think changing all of your abilities to keybinds right at once can be a bit daunting. Login with username, password and session length. High DPS and high aggro pet. This isn't required but it sure is recommended! Shield/Resist Buffs These gives HP/AC/Elemental Resist self buffs. We have: Chest Item - For mages the majority of their chest slots have a clicky which adds a proc to your pets Backstab or Bash abilities. © Copyright 2008-2022 Almar's Guides. A small but nice boost in DPS. bidding. A discussion community about the greatest MMO of all time! Heart of Flames (/alt act 784) - This is the most important Mage cooldown that boosts the damage of your fire nukes. Ever since I got my sk into a full set of conflagrant plus a skybreaker his dps averages 50-80k but full burn on names I've had it skyrocket to as high as 450k. A main challenge is therefore to utilize the different modifiers as automatically as possible, so that the modifiers are not sitting unused, while also considering to strecht out the modifiers instead of stacking them, so that a more even dps can be attained. These are tradable and great when undergeared, but should not be used as a permanent solution. This guide covers Magician basics up to the Omens of War expansion.

It is one of the main jobs of a Mage (or Shaman) on a raid to ensure mobs are debuffed. Spear of Molten Shieldstone My mage is fairly poorly geared with mostly snowbound and icebound with few augs except a handful of eok stat augs. This page was last edited on 2 July 2017, at 08:44. Load highest and 2nd highest Spear. Now as for the other macros on my bar, I have a 'Protection' macro bound to the same slot as group heal. Their harm touch ability skews the parse because of how much damage it is. The exceptions to this are if the event is going to end before you can consume all of your Improved Twincast counters or if you won't be able to use all of the ITC counters within the duration of Illusions of Grandeur. Magicians can also haste and heal their pet. Focus Items Focus Items become active in Luclin and Magicians will need a few different ones. Shield of the Elements (/alt act 603) - Heals you, increases health regen and reduces incoming damage, Shared Health (/alt act 265) - Heals your pet, tethers him to you and all incoming damage is split with your pet for 2min. Burn: time to prepare and plan, most AAs will be up, the goal is to take a large mob down as fast as possible. It's available on GitHub. A functional distinction between a Burn and Sustained will therefore serve us well. It's possible the GINA triggers no longer work, I changed mine around a lot and have them separated into a handful of different overlays, which makes them more difficult to share properly. Direct Damage Mod % Important for both schools of magic (Magic and Fire). Magicians (and Druids) both get a good line of Damage Shield spells. The Protection macro uses a few mage abilities that heal me and protect me from incoming damage. The Magician's Tower is your premiere EverQuest Magician's Resource online. Also procs your synergy boost for fire/chrono group nukers. He parses better than I have ever seen anyone of his class do before but his rotation would be too difficult to encorporate into a boxing rotation so I had to alter it. Base HP - Second - Only Earth has better HP/AC but does not have as good evade skill. As for the guide, playing a caster in EQ usually has you use two different rotations. 1. and have a ton of spells in general (too many to go over in a 101 guide). You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Mages are better at consistent DPS than short burns (which in the comparison you used, SKs excel at,) in my opinion. If you're doing crappy DPS it is also most likely caused by you using cooldowns improperly. is the instant cast circlet of shadows in takp? In addition to this versatile tool, you have the ability If you raid, your base stats will likely already be maxed out from gear and AA. Raid-DPS is often conotated with Burn, and it is often measured in how much damage an individual can do to a boss mob, aDPS is assumed to be factored in, but typically is less emphasized in forum discussions, compared to how much DPS is actually accounted to the individual (especially by DPS classes). If you have two of the same type they will not stack; the highest one will be used. Among the objects they can summon are pets. What about 3-4 min burns? Download the client and get started. A common way to distinguish between scenarios a Mage can be in, is to talk about Grouping and Raiding, where Grouping typically centers around making sure that the palette is used, but also can center around a specially hard mob, and Raiding is very often centered against a very hard Mob. You also Many Mages use the Suspend Pet AA and do two pets back to back with Frenzied Burnout. 4. Later in the game, youll also want to max out Mana Regen (aka Flowing Thought) from items (15 max by default).

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mod Rod Gives target a 3 charge item that allows them to convert HP to life. The haste spells are very good. Raid mage should see greater dps due to crit mods with Belt of Boromus. Mages can use daggers, one-handed swords, staves, and wands. However Magicians are very squishy and arent meant to be taking hits in general. For Arcane Mages, this furthers the gap between Kyrian and the other covenants making it our go-to for 9.2 content. IDK. Although its recommended to get an actual focus item once you can. Anything relating to the magical arts (pets, spells, AAs). Theycallmestacy is the Mage; his pet's DPS is not combined with his own since Gamparse was still in beta. Im working on leveling some additional toons. by svenalo Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:42 am, Post I think that approach to the guide makes a lot of sense.

Decent DPS and Tanking pet. You're going to want to use one rotation while burning (when cooldowns are active) as well as one rotation when you're low on mana/when Cooldowns are down. These are useful for any class that uses mana. Although the items will be lost once given so be careful what you choose. Although its recommended to get an actual focus item once you can. Good for Summoning pets. If more than 1 target in range it will do a 4th wave. This will make your pet hand out a can o' whoop ass to any enemy he's fighting. If you have two of the same type they will not stack; the highest one will be used. Maybe one day in the distant future this guide will become out of date too and things will change again, that's the nature of EQ., (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Improved Damage, Improved Ranged, etc. Sustained: A lot of lower power mobs, "trash mobs", with a few mobs that are somewhat tougher, but very far from being raid class. This is important to mitigate damage and to resist stuns. Mental Clarity (SoL+) Increased Mana Regen Elemental Form (SoL+) Gives various benefits based on which form you use. Keep your group/raid up with mod rods. They have some unique utility such as Call of the Hero, Damage Shields, Mod Rods, resist debuffs, and summoned items. As you can see, I don't take my own advice on the mage to use two different rotations - it's why my DPS is such shit for the class. Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. I just don't want to be missing out on something obvious I could be doing to maximize my DPS / efficiency. The reality is that mobs in the current era just don't live long enough against the epic pet plus associated nukers for it to matter. Very good on TLPs! Spell Specialization Magicians should go with either Conjuration or Evocation. Focus effects are for casters like weapons are for melee, they're your bread and butter increase.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, masters of summoning things. This macro will give you a small boost in DPS (20 - 30k probably) but more importantly it'll guarantee that your Volley of Many ability has all the targets available that you need to do max damage with it. This can be hard/expensive to obtain at lower levels but eventually there are a lot of good/easy choices. Keep these up on tanks and your pet for extra damage. Rain of Scimitars and Obliterate the Unnatural are situationally useful in ToV raids. The mage may not always be the person who is taking damage but if he is, this macro would be a significant help!