Pets washed twice with a degreasing/deodorizing shampoo and conditioned afterwards. Mechanical Breakdowns.

Yes, our groomers are trained to groom to breed standards. Stress-FreeGrooming. - Haircut from to 1 inch in length This must be booked with Deb, Amber, or Kimberly, our groomers, to attend to your poochs needs! Our full-service bath takes cares of everything your dog wont hold still for when you bathe him at home. We do have express services available that will eliminate the time your pet is in our salon. No flea dips of any kind may be applied in the grooming salon. Mobile groomers often work alone, and very rarely have help. Yes, you are welcome to watch the grooming process from outside the grooming area. California Residents (Privacy Policy / California Consumer Privacy Act), Talk to a project specialist: (855)-974-4790, We suggest choosing a location for best local results, *Will be used to provide accurate estimates, Do you really want to exit? Basic haircut including face/feet/sanitary trim, bath, brush, blow-dry, ear cleaning, nail grind, and gland expression. - Brush out/ Fluff Dry (25 minutes) Please call your local store for their hours of operation. 2022 Lovely Cuts Pet Grooming. No. When kennel drying is being used, our dryers are on a timer. Come visit us! And unlike most dog grooming lines, Wildsaint uses ingredients you'll actually recognize that are all-natural, USDA certified organic and USA sourced. Same day local delivery on orders place before 12pm! The amount of time it takes varies by breed, type of service and coat condition. - Haircut from to 1 inch in length All services require proof of rabies vaccination. They are on Time with excellent results. Well call you 15 minutes before your pooch is complete. She really cares about pets and you see it with her care for him, her pet stories. Let one of our experienced professionalscome to your home or office topamper & clean up after your furry friends. We can start grooming your puppy at 8 weeks old. You can expect to have the same groomer for every groom. Thank you! By submitting a Request Service form or using the CallOut feature, you agree to the Same Day Pros Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Promotion Sign Up Modal. We also have a variety of add-on options. This can be a disadvantage if you have a very large pet or a pet that may require the help of another groomer. We use only the most gentle shampoos. Prevent foot injuries with a trim. 5% of every groom withAZ Mobile Spaws is donatedto local charities. It doesnt just perk them up. The water temperature of the bathing water is between 75-95 degrees. We do have walk in services such as a nail trim and ear cleaning that do not require an appointment. Well call you 15 minutes before your pooch is complete. Your pooch gets gentle attention & affection as the bather gets a feel for the unique attention your dog needs. Copyrights 2022 |, 4501 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL Plus nail grind, gland expression and teeth brushing. Use the store locator to find a store in your area that offers grooming. It also clears soggy, smelly stains from tears. I've had them come to my home in both NYC & NJ. Book an appointment today! Check Feet and Ears The waiting period is to make sure the pet has had no reactions to the vaccination. Faster Grooming Times. The deposit will be applied to the cost of service. - Brush out (10 minutes), Cage-free grooming by our award-winning stylists. Severely matted dogs will incur an additional fee. A Tidy UP! 60640, Open Today from 7:00 am Our groomer was excellent! So good at clearing up tear stains. To view your upcoming appointments, login to your Pet Supplies Plus account. The Lucky & Lady pet Grooming Spa offers individualized attention and unparalleled quality in a state-of-the-art space. Regular brushing is not enough to keep fur in check. That's why we created a product line that lets them give in to the dirt-covered devil on their shoulder but still look heavenly on your couch. While these dryers are useful for speeding up the grooming process, they can be too noisy for some pets. Creating a stress and anxiety free experience for the pet. They have great staff, their grooming is booked well in advance for good reason, and their store has a lot of great stuff which is also rotating quickly so we find ourselves buying from them often. Personalized individual attention is given to each pet and expert care from our groomers throughout the grooming process. Haircut including face/feet/sanitary trim, bath, brush, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail grind, and gland expression. Lion cuts or simply a bath and brush, our pet groomers are the finest pet groomers in Denver. Be Specific Our dog, Frida, is quite anxious but she was able to bathe and groom her and Frida is so much happier now - and so are we! No Shows -Two or more No Shows and the customer must pay in full prior to services are rendered. Mobile groomers rely on a lot of mechanics to keep their operation going.

You can schedule appointments up to 90 days in advance. Cancellations Please provide one day notice. ", "I would like to first start off by saying that I am truly pleased with my first experience booking an in-house grooming appointment. They are our faithful companions, playmates for our children and protectors of our property. Same Groomer Dry Skin? Urban Dogg has instituted a small surcharge to each groom to cover the significant rise in costs of items such as grooming materials, supplies and equipment. Use online booking to schedule your appointments on the go. High-End Dryer. Older dog with special needs? If you don't receive it very soon, please check your spam folder. We will not kennel dry any Brachycephalic dogs. I would recommend to anyone. Mobile grooming is usually a little more expensive than a grooming salon. A mobile groomer may also be the best grooming choice if your pet does not travel well; pets that become anxious on a trip to the groomers may eventually become fearful of the groomers.

Average grooming costs for large breed dogs are $70 to $100 dollars, and giant dog breeds usually cost the most to groom with the average around $120 to $130 dollars. Pets will be groomed in a one to one service with a comfortable and climate controlled environment.

Your pooch will have a two-cycle rinse-and-wash from our expert bathers. Shear Style $79-$179 The Groomer even arrived 10 minutes early. The best rule of hand is to get an itemized estimate so you know exactly what is expected from the local company. The cost for small dogs with short and fine coats are $30 $40. The shop is really nice too and they had plenty of unique treats for us to try. Please contact your local Pet Supplies Plus for details. All rights reserved. A cleaning removes debris and prevents infection. Our goal remains to offer quality services at competitive pricing while maintaining living wages along with medical, dental and vision benefits for staff. Our Grooming Spa is a perfect way to cap off an overnight stay in our Beyond Boarding program and can be incorporated into our Enhanced Day Care program. Please try again using a different Zip Code or City and State combination. Its time for a quick gland expression. A mobile pet grooming company can eliminate a stressful car ride and the effects it may have on your pet and your pets grooming experience. The screening process was easy and comforting to know they make sure all the dogs there will be friendly in the group. Written proof of vaccinations are required and pet must be in good health prior to the first appointment.

In most cases, it will need to be shaved off in small pieces.

Even the cleanest animals know how to get Dirty. For the comfort of your pooch, we groom by appointment only. We use the finest quality products to thoroughly clean a pets coat and skin. *Dogs must be 4-6 months. The first impression is important! Start Grooming Early Haircut including face/feet/sanitary trim, bath, brush, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail grind, and gland expression. Thats just one of the reasons why grooming is so important. All salon team members must also take an annual safety test and pass with a perfect score to remain a groomer at our salon. SHOP LOCAL, $15 OFF A PURCHASE OF $75 OR MORE WITH CODE: LOCAL75. Puppy Package Short Hair $39-$49 She's a bit of a diva (monster, if you will) when it comes to getting her nails cut, but Andy did an amazing job. Personalized appointments For the comfort of your pooch, we groom by appointment only. Paired with a calm, comfortable environment, natural pheromones are used during the appointment to provide calming relief. Thank you Groomit! We strip out dead hair by hand to prevent overcrowded follicles. A mobile groomer may only service certain neighborhoods or towns on specific days of the week to help keep their travel expenses down. professional groomers may also offer extended hours that traditional grooming boutiques do not such as special late night or early morning appointments that are more suitable to your schedule. Sign up for emails to receive our latest news and offers. Our trained groomers will personally speak with you to discuss your dogs specific needs.

Can't find what you're looking for? Urban Dogg grooms cats. You'll always remember your first time. We strive to do ourpart to give back to our community. Cancelations can occur if vehicle breaks down. The key is to make sure your pet is comfortable with the touch. All pets must be current on vaccinations and reservations will be canceled if vaccination requirements are not met in advance, New Study Says Breed is a Poor Predictor of Dog Behavior. Highly recommended!

can usually be accommodated on short notice. Express services can be arranged upon request, shortening service time. There is not a heating element in our dryers, and they are all automatic shut off. No kenneling and working straight through on your pet. Sign up for the Dirty Dogs & Meow newsletter to have exclusive discounts and news sent straight to your inbox! All Rights Reserved. The same is true of your pets fur. Then click the My Grooming Salon link and the Schedule Appointment button. We appreciate all the wonderful staff.

Dogs with extremely thick coats will cost more to groom than those with thinner and shorter coats. Our dog LOVES Urban Pooch and would live there if he could! We have a shampoo that is specifically formulated for skunk issues. No, we can groom pets of all ages. He is a long haired cat whose fur became very matted. Puppy Package Long Hair $49-$69 We will take the time to slowly introduce and let you know what we learn about your new pooch! Just add a treatment on to a full-service groom or bath. We use a special shampoo to provide relief during and after the bath. I highly recommend Groomit! View offers >.

Yes. and the emergency boarding after our house had a fire. Book your pup's next appointment below. We recommend that your pet is groomed every 6-8 weeks depending on breed and coat growth. He took every precaution and was super sweet and patient with her. For a spa day, book a regular appointment and then you can add 3 more services. Wait time may apply. Now you can simply sit back and relax! Triple stage bath, brush out, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail grind, gland expression and teeth brushing. Pets have a special place in the hearts and homes for us all. A master stylist directs each groom. 20% off Add-on Spaw Package + earn 1,000 Rewards points ($5 value) | Use code 89463 - Book Grooming Now >>, Brightening: Enhance coat color and shine, Lavender and Chamomile: Calming for nervous pets, Oatmeal: Sensitive shampoo for itchy skin, Flea Shampoo: Kills adult fleas and ticks. Urban Dogg features only the highest quality pet supplies, including foods, treats and toys for your dog or cat. I have zero complaints and my dog actually runs to the groomer. The surcharge is applicable to full-service grooms only and not a la carte services, such as nail trims, etc. Day-of-groom cancellations will incur an additional fee at the next appointment. The groomer did a really good job grooming and we will definitely be using them again! Noticing stains around your dogs eyes and mouth? Also, considering travel time and the cost of gas, it is easy to see why the price would be more. A WASH-UP! DENVER'S FAVORITE GROOMING & PET SUPPLY STORE. If you love your pet as much as we do then I encourage you to give them a try. For older pets or pets needing more time and attention. Special orders are our specialty! Clearly, their lives are sooo stressful. Puppy whos still working on his manners? Grooms take 24 hours, depending on the size and condition at the time of grooming. A Review, Choice of Hypo-Allergenic or Oatmeal Shampoo, Scooty Booty (outer anal gland expression). Our kennels are open air with the air temperature must be between 64 and 80 degrees. Sylvester was shaved and at the same time made him look very handsome! Get exclusive email offers, promotions, and updates from our business. - Haircut from 1/16 to 3/8 inch in length - Brush out/ Fluff Dry (15 minutes) Our groomer was professional and immaculate. The mobile groomer will arrive near your home and get your pet groomed in their professionally equipped vans. Keep Calm Yes! Limited Schedule.

Weve got you covered. We never leave pets unattended in the salon and they are never allowed to roam free.

Significantly reduce your dogs shedding for up to 3 months, plus improve their circulation. We offer an array of services, including de-shedding treatments, nail trims, teeth brushings, facials, and massages. The best time to start is when your dog is just a puppy and you dont have to touch the paws for very long. Should a no show occur, the deposit is non refundable. The waiting period helps ensure a pet isnt sore at the injection site, which can cause irritability or lethargy. We also do faux stripping to improve texture. Grooming prices, should include bath, nail trim and ear cleaning, and are the lowest for puppies and kittens. Groomers will arrive at your time and location. Your pet is never in a cage. Fleas, ticks and mosquitos hate the essential oils in this treatment, but your dog will love it. Drop off your dog while you shop ~ no appointment needed. If you haven't shopped at one of our stores, you can sign up for an account to start earning rewards points for discounts and free items! Your pet should be treated by a veterinarian and free of all pests before visiting our facility. Current grooming customer? Book your appointment online via to see the cost or contact your local store for more information. From shaggy shedders to non-stop scratchers, weve got you covered. Bathing and Grooming are available throughout the week. All remaining product will be returned to you. Urban Dogg full-service dog grooming includes a double shampoo, conditioner cream rinse, herbal ear wash, foam breath freshener and/or teeth brushing, anal gland expression, nail trim, blueberry facial and haircut to specification. 2022 Dirty Dogs & Meow All Rights Reserved. We then trim their nails (with ultra-smooth Dremel service upon request), clean their ears and brush their teeth. Groom Regularly Dog Free. Haircut, bath, brush, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail trim, gland expression. Our groomers go through a 4-week training class with one of our academy trainers. plus a full body haircut to breed standard or your own style catered to your dogs unique personality! Your consent to marketing communications is not required to make a purchase. Are they scooting their bottom on the carpet? In order to maintain a safe, comfortable environment we require all pets to be current on their rabies vaccinations and wait at least 48 hours after vaccinations before checking in for services. No.

Professional scrub by our certified bathers. Please provide one day notice. Plus a sanitary trim and paw pad shave. Our award-winning stylists perform a gentle scrub and brush out/fluff dry with premium add-ons, including nail grind, teeth brushing, and gland expression. For most pups we use our lowest dryer setting, give them earplugs to keep the noise down and a slow-paced, comfort-centric hour to acclimate them to the bathing process. The Urban Pooch Grooming team uses quality, natural, wholesome products to ensure your pooch leaves looking and feeling like a superstar! All tools and cages are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between appointments. How many technicians are working on your project.

Definitely recommend Groomit. Call ahead to ensure a cat groomer is available.

With no distractions, pets to check in or out, other groomers to help, your pet is worked on non-stop from the start to finish. Come visit us in Chicago, IL specializing in quality food, treats, fun toys, and supplies for cats and dogs. Isabella was extremely gentle and efficient. De-matting prevents infections, circulation problems and even parasites. Check that your pets vaccinations are up to date. Grooming costs for medium sized dog average $50 to $70 dollars, but the total costs will depend on the dogs cut. At our Grooming Salon, we offer hands-on care and a variety of dog grooming services. Staffed with experienced pet groomers and bathers, the Grooming Spa specializes in breed-specific and standard cuts. Looking forward to our next appointment and hopefully get Anita to do our grooming again. I would recommend to anyone. The site was very responsive and found a groomer for me quickly. Chill those hot spots with a grain-free, allergy-safe aloe and calendula treatment. If you are more than an hour after we call you, youll be charged an $8/hour fee.

Yes, you may tip your groomer for a job well done. So relaxing they may take a nap. Yes, our groomers are trained to provide puppy cuts. Grooming Salon days and hours vary by store. This includes your consent to have Same Day Pros, Same Day Pros affiliates and Service Professionals to contact you with quotes, information, pricing, and offers. Grooming can be stressful for any pet so the sooner they get comfortable with the grooming process the better. This content will be replaced at runtime with an error or success message. Time that it takes to complete the project. All pets must be current on vaccinations and reservations will be canceled if vaccination requirements are not met in advance. If youve shopped at one of our stores before you probably have an account. And we offer premium upgrades, specialty shampoos and conditioning treatments based on a pets coat and skin type. Well escort them into our bathers loving arms, where well begin the process of groom training! Schedule an in-home or mobile pet grooming appointment for when it is most convenient for you. Your pet groomer is on their way and your pet will soon be looking and feeling fabulous. Buzz Cut $59-$119 Includes grain-free shampoo, conditioner, nose and balm, facial, and conditioning spray. All of the services included in the Puppy Package Short Hair PLUS a sanitary trim, paw pad shave and eye trim. Then, click on the My Grooming Salon link. No, payment will be accepted at the Grooming Salon. You will be able to view upcoming and previous appointments for your dog. Triple stage Bath, brush out, blow dry and ear cleaning. *Dogs must be 4-6 months. The groomer they sent was awesome, done in 30 minutes and very attentive and all in all I found a lot of peace in mind in this experience as well as a new business to continue having my pet groomed. For more information, please visit our FAQ. Creating a better experience for both pet owners and their pets during a grooming session. You may also need to consider that most companies charge a higher rate for overtime, weekends, holidays and emergency calls. Make grooming appointments on the go and even when our stores are closed. Day-of-groom cancellations will incur an additional fee at the next appointment. - Haircut from 1 inch in length and longer You no longer have to worry about loading your pets up and taking them to the salon. Also recommended for newly rescued pooch.

We use a natural shed treatment formulated to decrease shedding by releasing loose hair and undercoat. We even offer same day appointments. We love pictures, descriptions or even adjectives get creative and let a new side of your dog show through! BOOK APPOINTMENT, Cage-free grooming by our award-winning stylists. Personalize their experience by selecting some of our organic shampoos and optional add-ons. If a pet has been given medication in order to sedate it for the service, it cannot be serviced. Treatment is combined with use of deshed techniques and tools to get rid of all the unwanted hair (on your pooch and everywhere else!). - Haircut from 1/16 to 3/8 inch in length Professional cat bathing and grooming. Trust us at Urban Pooch to give your new family member a loving & faithful memory of grooming! Breed Guide. This will vary by breed and coat. !for my long haired cat.

Haircut including face/feet/sanitary trim, bath, brush, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail grind, and gland expression. Seasonal Allergies? Carefully massaging in a special shampoo with joint resolution provides some ease during and after. The whole process took 75 minutes. They are definitely not cheap, but for a 1x a month need are certainly worth it.

HAPPY DOGS. Cage-free grooming by our award-winning stylists.

AZ Mobile Spaws brings dog and cat grooming conveniently to you via our customized grooming trailers and vans. Too much poof is a problem. Theyll get to inspect our tools, table, tub and dryer before a gentle mist rinse and shampooing! He is very sweet and a mix of two high energy breeds and they take great care of him and provide a fun and safe environment for him to play.

We take special care of our senior pets. Went there to get my dog's nails trimmed. We pride ourselves on providingsuperior quality customer serviceto our clients and furry friends.We are dedicated to working hard,having fun and loving what we do. Price varies based on breed, coat condition and service time. We are dedicated to providing a stress-free, gentle experience with lots of love and attention so your pet will look forward to the next appointment. No appointment? LUCKY & LADY, the Yellow Dog and NO B*RKING WAY are trademarks of LUCKY & LADY. Check out our key organic ingredients below. Matted fur is uncomfortable for pets because it pulls on their skin and can be difficult for the groomer to remove. NoCages. These include: Remember, the company quoting a low rate may not necessarily be the right company for you. Fleas, ticks, medical issue, special needs, and de-skunking will incur additional fees. An email to confirm your subscription will be sent to your inbox shortly. *Dogs must be 4-6 months. High-EndDryer. At the end of this class they must perform field practice under the supervision of an experienced groomer. Minor services such as nail trims take approximately 15 minutes. They were incredibly flexible for both the planned boarding for the birth of my son (4am drop off!) Bathing and grooming cats costs an average of $30 to $60 dollars, depending on the type of coat the cat has and if the cats fur will be trimmed. Prices for grooming small dogs with thicker or longer hair are around $40 to $50 dollars. If you want the coat to be truly healthy, get your pet groomed regularly. The cost to groom a pet is based on time, coat, breed and size. Your pups first bath? 695 East 19th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203, 278 South Downing Street, Denver, Colorado 80209. Dogs want to be good, but the mud puddle outside still calls to themnot to mention that intriguing garbage can full of goodies. Consult groomer. Our training course is updated annually to keep up with the newest advancements in pet safety protocols. includes everything included in the Wash UP! First, select a bath or full groom, then customize your dogs salon experience with a personalized add-on package. Minor services, such as nail trims, take approximately 15 minutes and no appointment is necessary. Subject to availability. The average costs for a mobile pet grooming varies widely depending on some factors like travel time, pet bread and services rendered. Thank you for your continued support of our small business. Some companies may offer low hourly rates, but then charge additional fees to complete the job. Lavender hot oil nourishes skin and conditions hair to promote growth. You'll always remember your first time. (skunk, or just super smelly). Theyll also recommend the best grooming service. A professional scrub by our certified bathers. Hold the phone, now everythings online. Our all-natural finishing sprays smell great plus repel dirt and condition hair. No problem. Tangles are serious business. Triple stage bath, brush out, blow dry and ear cleaning. Yes. Our Grooming Spa is all about pampering your pet. Mobile pet grooming is all about convenience. A senior is defined as any small breed over the age of 10 and any large breed over the age of 7. Grooms take 24 hours, depending on the size and condition at the time of grooming. All They are on Time with excellent results. Avoid Matting We've been using their service for over a year and we look forward to seeing them every month. Other special needs? They will closely observe them for any combination of the following: Our store team leaders inspect our salons regularly to ensure all pets are happy and healthy.

They kept me notified of the time of the visit and the ETA for the groomer's arrival. Imagine a grooming experience thats actually relaxing for you and your dog. Groomers work with a lot of pets all day long, and each client wants a slightly different thing. Puts a smile on their face, not to mention soothes irritated spots near their eyes. She was easy to work with and listened to what I wanted.

This will eliminate the need for commuting to salons and pet shops. Yes! Life in the dog house ain't what it used to be. Thats why these services give extra time to dogs who need it. Please correct the address. One of the biggest benefits for mobile pet grooming is the fast grooming time, which, depending on the breed of the dog, can range anywhere from 1-2 hours on average. It all depends on the pets temperament. I know my dog has amazing time there because he always run right in. ", "I've always taken my dog to the groomer, but since COVID I wanted to try in home grooming for the safety and convinience.

Virtual consultation with vets via text and video,plus up to $3,000 a year for an emergency fund. Severe matting not included. From above their eyes to beneath their tails, we trim any spot that gets out of control. Choose one of our three grooming packages for your dog or cat. Check out all the special offers available for dog grooming services in our salon! Our Groomers go through 160 hours of training.

Brush Regularly This will eliminate the time spent commuting in traffic to a local grooming salon. For services, we require you to either: This is so much more than a quick rinse.

Our "What The B*RK" monthly e-newsletter delivers news updates, special offers and subscriber-only promotions straight to your inbox. *Dogs must be 4-6 months. We use a demat treatment and leave in conditioner to help your dog and their coat feel nice and smooth.