Atrocity allows kills that would be hard for Dimitri to otherwise get on Maddening. And it's not like you can make a flying mage either. While Fire Emblem Heroes lacks a traditional class system, several characters and variants featuring Paladin attire have been released in the game: Chrom's Paladin themed variant from Heroes. Generally speaking if Im using a unit with a lance combat art Ill put them into Paladin- my reasoning usually being that theyll be solid as is and dont need too much investment either way, so may as well minimise and spend my lecture points on the more unconventional or hard-to-reach builds I typically employ. Chapter 12: To War Favorite and Disliked Gifts They both give similar skill modifiers to lance exp and you'll get swift strikes on time. The one exception is Dimitri, who struggles a lot to reach Wyvern Rider due to his proficiencies, so he should stick to Paladin and Bow Knight. An esteemed knight with a balance of high strength, defense, and resistance, this class can move again after taking certain actions. Soldier I think it's odd only to consider the player phase of these builds. "Win-more" is a concept that I'm mostly familiar with from CCGs (eg, Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone) but that I've also seen applied sometimes to other strategy games. Frozen Lance more so if you're going down the magic route. Wyvern Rider or Paladin? Part of the traditional turn-based tactical RPG franchise, Fire Emblem: Three Houses puts new twists on strategic battling. Paladin maximizes power and gives extra battalion choices, but Wyvern offers much more mobility. The specifics vary by exactly how much atk he has, but such enemies are almost guaranteed to exist bulkier enemies like War Masters, as well as vulnerable bosses like Cornelia and Hubert, are particularly likely. Information on War Monk and War Cleric classes Speculated New Classes in the DLC Just set goals to axe and flying and you should have it pretty fast. These classes are only available with the Cindered Shadows DLC, at level 20 or higher. Chapter 12: To War Monastery Exploration Dialogue Choices Marketplace Facilities Confirmed Support System

Adding Defiant Crit just means that you win in a flashier way. For females, you probably have pegasus knight cert on the way, and can adjutant knowledge gem to get to C flying for 100% pass rate in no time. Choir Practice Only horse worth using is bow knight. Balthus von Albrecht Not as high a ceiling as Swift Strikes or Vengeance, but it's still very much legit. Bernadetta should go Falcon Knight instead of Wyvern if going for flying, of course - the lance boon and axe bane make it a no-brainer. Cathedral Advice Box Replies Tournaments I don't think I agree with the claim that Paladin is low-investment, but Wyvern Lord is high. Chapter 4: The Goddess Rite of Rebirth Artwork of the Paladin from the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game. Amiibo Gazebo Lysithea von Ordelia Character Base Skill Levels Gameplay But if we're talking about mastering Wyvern Lord, it feels like building a dodgetank is just easier, since no way are you mastering a master class before reaching A+ flying unless you have a flying bane. Edelgard As a Wyvern Lord though, since they only have a strength +4 as a class modifier they won't maximize the damage out with this set up but for some it doesn't really make that much of a difference. The Cavalier line in general got nerfed, but fliers are the same or better. Ive made 3 paladins, all of them were my worst units on the entire team, every time. If terrain resist is too situational to be useful would its removal make the class stronger? Chapter 21: The City Without Light The Sacred Stones, Awakening, and Fates provide Cavaliers with the choice between promoting to Paladin or Great Knight. An esteemed knight with a balance of high strength, defense, and resistance, this class can move again after taking certain actions. Game Controls Seteth is easier to slide into Wyvern since he starts with a flying rank and has a riding bane, but for the other two there are cases to be made. Latest News I realize now my previous post was probably getting things derailed, which was the original fear of the thread, but I might as well weigh into the paladin vs Wyvern Lord debate. Commoner While +2 Might is still good, you have to get Lorenz in position where not everyone really wants to Lorenz just for that purpose. It's hardly win-more. On 9/6/2021 at 11:53 AM, lenticular said: On 9/9/2021 at 11:56 PM, OriginalRaisins said: On 9/6/2021 at 1:03 AM, Dark Holy Elf said: On 9/6/2021 at 1:55 PM, Dark Holy Elf said: Low-Mid Investment (Lance rank B and Riding rank B required for 100% certification), Solid growths across the board though the spread in growths are mostly minor, Lancefaire at level 20 for both male and female units, Access to infantry, horseback, heavy armored, and flying battalions which tends to offer better overall stats, Can be paired up with follow up, healing and guard Adjutants, While growths are still solid the glaring negative is -10% in speed, Hates traversing through sand and thickets as it hampered their movement thus you're forced to dismount if you want slightly better move, Lower strength growth and stat modifier than Wyvern Lord, It's mastery Aegis while can be helpful at times, it's proc is dependent on your Dex stat which isn't always consistent. Windsweep which I have used on my maddening run is another great tool for him to punch a hole in the enemy's HP and then have someone capitalize on said punched hole. Marianne Tea Party Guide And quite frankly, I find I don't usually go to cavalier with my paladins anyway, since they spend that time picking up Death Blow (or Fiendish Blow for the magical ones), and there's a case for Hit+20 as well. Three Hopes. The generic Paladin portrait in Thracia 776. Recommended Classes for Each Character So it is a cautious con at best, Great growths in HP, Strength and Speed in particular, Axefaire at level 20 as a Wyvern Rider onwards, Avoid +10 combines beautifully with Alert Stance and it's plus variant, Flight allows them to fly over all terrain maximizing the support from Stride, Rescue and Warp for insane movement and positioning, Higher strength growth and modifier than Paladin, It's mastery Defiant Crit while some don't like it because of it's requirement, but can be devastatingly powerful when knowing how to manage low HP, High investment needed (Lance rank at C, Axe and Flying rank at A is required for 100% certification), Can only access flying battalions which only a couple off hand offers good stat buffs, Can only be paired with Follow up adjutants. Wyvern Lords of course have a higher investment required but a lot of the times it is worth it. The three lance relic combat arts (Atrocity, Burning Quake, Ruined Sky) are also great. Chapter 7: Wolf Pack Failed Manual Instruction Responses Trigger %= Dex stat. Wyvern Rider How to Get Abyss Exam Pass This kanji name has never been applied to the class in gameplay, but is often used to refer to the Paladin class in dialogue.[1][2]. You can see all details about FE3H Classes, such as Stats, Skill, Ability, Mastery, Requirements and more. Ironically, removing Terrain Resist could actually help Vengeance builds (and low-HP builds in general), by providing a non-lethal way to drag HP down below the necessary thresholds in the aforementioned hazard maps. Barbarossa SunbreakMH Rise Sunbreak Wiki Guide, SunbreakGaismagorm - Weakness & How To Unlock, Genshin ImpactGolden Apple Archipelago, Genshin ImpactShikanoin Heizou Build & Teams. Balanced and versatile, they adapt to aid in any situation. Wyvern Master The generic Paladin portrait in Mystery of the Emblem. Besides that, I think the comparison roughly breaks down as follows: -Swift Strikes users can go either way. Chapter 21: Our Chosen Paths The generic Paladin portrait in New Mystery of the Emblem. Combat Arts Sniper -For Vengeance users, the raw damage swing is not significant, so on the whole I'd favour mobility. A strong and reliable comrade. Even bad Wyverns can take a few attacks, while good Wyverns can be viable dodgetanks due to their higher speed limiting enemy follow-ups and innate higher evasion of 25-40% (Avoid+10 and Alert Stance/+). Dancer Linhardt Crest of Blaiddyd has a 10% chance to activate, and if it activates on the final use of Atrocity it has no negative effect. Flame Emperor That's when I heard that Paladin in 3H aren't that good. Death Knight Cindered Shadows DLC Information Warriors: Three Hopes info: As the game has only recently released, we are likely to lack key information. Chapter 22: Fodlans New Dawn, Battles It's not something that helps you turn a loss into a win; it's something that helps you turn a win into a blowout. Hubert von Vestra Information on Preset Classes Dedue Chapter 15: Valley of Torment Although it can be easily mitigated with dismounting, weakness to bows is a definite con for flying classes, since enemy archers are far more common than enemy horseslayers. Even good Paladins are not going to be able to dodge much, do not get any defensive bonuses over Wyverns, and actually receive speed penalties making follow-ups more likely. Unlocking Abyss in the Main Game That said, I think the blanket argument is a less interesting topic than how you get everything onto your character. Flayn

Let's say that we are using the Cichol Wyvern Co. Battalion in this example. Yes you guys are correct in saying that Wyvern Rider is much easier to certify into than Paladin by comparison. Sylvain can go with either Ingrid orFelix, or even both (I think they can stack but don't quote me on it) so he would be the benefit the most out of getting that additional +3 might. Probably best to use paladin if the answer is "yes". To avoid griefing, you will not be able to post or report for the first %d hours upon visiting this forum for the first time. At Level 20, Wyvern Rider is easier to certify for than Paladin, needing B/C instead of B/B. Brawler Jeralt Non-faction Characters Aren't there, like, five maps where hazardous terrain is an issue? Part 2: Verdant Wind (Golden Deer Claude Route) Hapi That said, most of the time, it doesn't move the needle one way or another. Jeritza Blue Lions Paladins are nearly useless on Enemy Phase, while Wyverns are one of the few viable endgame classes on Enemy Phase. Just cert into either wyvern rider or Paladin. Swordmaster zetasoldier Sure, it means that you aren't spending the time training towards an actually useful class mastery, but I always like to strike a balance between being strong now and being strong later. Officially romanized as Paladin; as above. Holy Knight. Gentler certification requirements, but far fewer battalion options. Lost Items

Ignatz Chapter 7: Field of the Eagle and Lion That said, what if your player-phase units are occupied on another part of the map? Chapter 16: Lady of Deceit However, in an actual play-through, I'm more likely to use Paladin so that I can save my flying battalions for my axe Wyverns and my Falcon Knights. Do I have a solution to save the villagers on the east side of the map in chapter 8? Roblox Defenders Depot Codes (January 2022), Roblox Murder Madness Codes (January 2022), Roblox Zombie Tycoon Codes (January 2022), Fire Emblem Three Houses Best Class for each Character FE3H tier list, Cuphead Hardest Boss Ranking Top 19 All Bosses List & Poll, Arknights Tier List | Best Operator Characters, Archero Tier List Best Weapon, Abilities, Hero, Equipment, Brawl Stars Best Characters Best Brawler Tier List, Alchemy Stars CD Key Codes | Free Coupon (February 2022), Roblox Project Ghoul Codes (January 2022), Fire Emblem Three Houses Sylvain Stats, Ability, Class. Find out all you need to know about the Paladin job class, available in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Holy Knight If a paladin does 6 more damage with Swift Strikes than a Wyvern Lord, then that usually only really matters if the break point for the kill is within that 6 point range. Lightning Axe I suppose is good one too but only Edelgard and Annette can make the most of it since they have a good magic growth. Chapter 18: The Kings Triumphant Return Another strike against Atrocity is that it's tied to the Crest of Blaiddyd, which has an effect thatgenerally does more harm than good. There are also special Unique Classes that cannot be obtained normally. List of Preset Classes List of Classes in Fire Emblem Three Houses, Defense +2 Ability, Reposition Combat Art, Darting Blow Ability, Triangle Attack Combat Art, Abyssian Exam Pass, Sword B, Faith B, Thief qualification, Abyssian Exam Pass, Female, Reason B+, Flying C, Abyssian Exam Pass, Female, Reason B, Riding B, Canto, Black Magic Range +1, Dark Magic Range +1, Lethality Ability and Assassinate Combat Art, Tomebreaker Ability, Fierce Iron First Combat Art, White Magic Uses x2, White Magic Heal +10, Terrain Resistance, Canto, White Tomefaire, Terrain Resistance, Quick Riposte Ability, War Master's Strike Combat Art, Black Magic Uses x2, Dark Magic Uses x2, White Magic Uses x2, Enter the White Heron Cup during Chapter 9. The copyright of the contents on this site is on the and Owwya Youtube Channel. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site.Fire Emblem: Three Houses Official Site (EN)Fire Emblem: Three Houses Official Site (JP). Quest Battles Felix Fraldarius As for Terrain Resist, since it bypasses hazard damage from battalions, it's just a layer of protection while nice could have been so much more. I'll point out some pros and cons for the both of them. For such a situation Defiant Crit could legitimately allow you to win when other methods couldn't. How to Defeat the Death Knight Thales Class Stat Growth Rates The following is all database about this class. Lorenz Recommended Classes Part 2: Crimson Flower (Black Eagles Edelgard Route) Having high defense lets the unit survive longer during these solo situations. By Enlightened One, Church of Seiros How to Recruit Other Characters Cyril Sometimes 2 extra damage makes absolutely no difference, sometimes it makes all the difference in the world. The exception to the rule is if you're using Pass with Bernadetta and/or Anna and they are in the Cavalier/Paladin classes so they can zip right pass them. Wyvern Lord Animal Feeding Yes Axes has Smash which is always great and Spike which is some ways slightly worse than Smash but not by too much. Blood, Suggestive Themes, Violence, In-Game Purchases, Users Interact. Claude von Riegan I can totally see where you would all be coming from. You will have to spend some awkward time in cavalier for this to work. Conclusion: Both are goodand if you really want to find out if one class is going to do the trick you should log in to your game and check what it is that you need to do and which class will let you do it. Annette Fantine Dominic Cavs are totally fine if their Spd growths don't fall too far behind, but if they do it's a problem. Since it only requires Umbral Steel to repair I dont consider breaking it quicker a big enough draw to not use Atrocity at all. This will also factor in the combat arts Swift Strikes and Vengeance in particular since these two tend to the most used by end game. This is in part because flying is good, and also because statistically they heavily suffer. Bow Knight Typically, if my only goal was to optimise a single (male, lance-using) unit, I'd use Wyvern Lord. I think Cavalier is fine for possible male fliers like Sylvain and Ferdie to transition into Wyvern, but Paladin is a bit of a tough sell outside of being stride carriers. If not, then why have you listed it as a con? Chapter 13: Reunion at Dawn Balthus Skill Level Experience Bonuses Gilbert Prosnirav Display as a link instead, Trainee Classes of Ashen Wolves Master Good news is: you're playing a game where you can check the enemy stats and see if the extra damage from lancefaire is needed or not. Which one should I use? Gilbert Shields How to Raise Character Stats and Skills Wayseer

Flayn Priest I'd still use them only to make getting to bow knight (An extremely strong class) faster, but i'd only give the class to a unit you know will still get speed. Press J to jump to the feed. You don't need to double if you're using a combat art, and it doesn't matter if you would get doubled if you're killing your enemy before they even get a chance to fight back at all. Compared to the Cavalier, the Paladin has slightly stats and stat growth, skill XP growths (Sword +2 Skill XP, Lance +3 Skill XP and Riding +3 Skill XP) and the obligatory "Canto" ability shared by all mounted and flying units. Petra Macneary Items An esteemed knight with a balance of high. Brigand However, even that falls behind Atrocity in most situations (for instance, against those same War Masters, 5 more str is required with the same assumptions) and also has 15 less accuracy. Powered by Invision Community. And against bulkier enemies it falls further behind; e.g. Yeah, that's fair and I absolutely respect that. The paladin class offers a +2 strength modifier while wyvern lord offers +4 in strength, but paladin gains Lancefaire which allows them a +5 attack when using lances so those combat arts among other lance combat arts gets the maximum damage. Grappler Yuri Leclerc Advice Box Claude von Riegan Sylvain Jose Gautier You may need to be in wyvern to get where you need to go, but this is sometimes not needed (example: Shamir/Alois paralogue), Are there archers? Main Game and DLC Differences They are separated by tier levels that require the character to reach a certain level before attempting certification, and also require different Seals. Character Abilities Balthus Either way I recommend transition them all to a magic class at Master tier like Dark Knight, since Frozen Lance has increasing trouble one-shotting things lategame and if it's not one-shotting it should not be the only thing in your kit, so might as well get your utility back. One thing I can also point out, while Paladins can also take advantage of the Stride and others, buildings and in some cases terrain can still slow them down. Use a Brave Lance, or a different art on a more durable weapon (i.e. Archbishop Rhea Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Are Paladins as good in 3H and are they as good as they were in the other games or has their superiority fallen? Cooking Together Since a Paladin can move farther on the map than most classes, the unit is usually alone in a specific area. Lance type weapons are usable in this class. Throughout the course of the Fire Emblem series, the weapons available to Paladins have varied and the class has had access to all four physical weapon types at some point, but the use of swords and lances is the most consistent weapon setup for the class. Dedue Molinaro Chapter 16: The Rose-Colored River Dorothea Arnault Free Day Activities This page will guide you all information about the FE3H Paladin job class, which is available in Fire Emblem Three Houses. But I would 100% agree that Alert Stance+ wins. More damage with Axes, less damage with Lances. Recommended Battalions Each certification exam requires a Seal of varying quality, depending on the tier of Class you wish to acquire. The Fire Emblem series is well known for its innovation and for being one of the first Eastern style tactical role-playing games, with a strong emphasis on Western forms of medieval folklore. With Atrocity, he only needs 36 strength, easily achievable with his growths at reasonable endgame levels. Recommended Combat Arts Hapi, Popular Guides The reason why I said that Paladin needs low-mid investment because by chapters 10 or 11 (maybe at earliest 9 pending on your levels during maddening) you can certify into a Paladin early and that if you're plan is to stay Paladin by the end of the game then you're pretty much set. Annette Yeah, I think this is well-said and I strongly agree with all of it. First off, between the two, Paladins are easier to get into rather than Wyvern Lord.

Petra (6 move for footlock at level 20 that ignore terrain cost for common terain is huge). Paralogue Battles Over the course of your time instructing at Garreg Mach Monastery, you'll be able to guide each character in your house (and those you recruit later on) to set specific goals to reach skill levels required to certify them for a class you have in mind. How to Level Characters Effect : Allows unit to move again after completing certain actions, if there is movement remaining.

Pagan Altar Items Paste as plain text instead, New Game Plus Guide Chapter 12: Outset of a Power Struggle Game images and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective companies, publishers and its licensors. Hilda Tea Party Guide

At this point we're all splitting hairs over one giving +2 damage or another giving more move in certain maps like we're not playing a game that lets you switch your class from the preps menu. Information on Valkyrie Class Dorothea Arnault Key Gameplay Mechanics Monsters In Path of Radiance, the four weapon-specific mounted classesSword Knight, Lance Knight, Axe Knight and Bow Knightall promote to Paladin, and when doing so the player is allowed to choose a new secondary weapon type to be gained by the individual unit. The best thing about horse unit is that they can use canto after doing a gambit. I also disagree with the claim that males have more trouble training flying than riding. n the case of Defiant Crit, you definitely can do some very powerful things with it, but if you have a dodge-tank who can happily sit at below 25% hp because you're that confident that you'll never get hit (for instance) then you've already won. *Offensive, insulting or inappropriate use of forum may lead to ban/restriction. Chapter 2: What Lies Beneath

Speed is largely (though not entirely) irrelevent for Swift Strike users and almost entirely irrelevent for Vengeance users, especially if they're on a mounted class with Canto. Great Lord You can dismount after moving or re-mount before moving and essentially always have flying movement on player phase without flying weakness on enemy phase. Part 2: Azure Moon (Blue Lions Dimitri Route) Though I wonder precisely when you mean by it being a win-more ability. Just click or tap the icon. It's definitely not just win-more. Alert Stance+ takes as long as Movement +1 to achieve regardless on which route you take though. (stride is the best on horses because you can without a problem position units to get second stride), I think Assasin is the best class if you want to use best batalions and have better movement than almost every footlock class. Chapter 16: The Rose-colored River Bernadetta von Varley How to Obtain Dark Seals Chapter 14: The Master Tactician In theory there might be some sort of lategame map which spawns 12 new enemies every turn and a quick way to kill them all on enemy phase is required to make progress.