Can Atem learn to like Yugi's new beau? Okay, brooding on the past wasn't going to help. Oh I see how you've been faithful He was finally beginning to grow some. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite, and share. Urban English, by iSpeakSarcasms: Yuugi decides to teach Yami what slang is. He could be assertive. "Yeah, me too.". Even all those years later, he cant always be sure. How can your soul change after death? Luckily, the cute man who buys him a coffee after Atem's card get rejected might just make the whole trouble worth it. :Puzzleshipping; RIDICULOUSLY fluffy: Partners of the Heart, by TriplePivotTurn: Yuugi is wondering about mou hitori no boku. A love story in 50 sentences Briefly explains why Yami has his own body and is still hanging around Domino City instead of living it up in the Field of Reeds, and why he and Yugi are a couple. Also, theyre cuddling. /How else, Yami? Past Perfect, by Victoria Hughes: Yugi finds out about the victims of Yamis early Dark Games and confronts him. Written in the Stars, by Technicolor Ninja: Yuugis never been good at keeping himself out of trouble. And how they're eternal. - BLINDSHIPPING! Dont Leave Me, by taisgirl23: Yamis always been tough. Relax. But than, what is life if not a string of impossibilities? :-). Some content in future chapters will be graphic and possibly violent m/m \ sixsome? ", A grin crept on Yugi's face. Yeah, love was all that it was hyped up to be. YYxY.

Yugi smiled. Just to wipe When NASCARs playboy needs to escape his reality, hiding out in small-town nowhere he finds more than he bargains for. As such, Yugi cannot stop touching him - and vice versa. So how about it?". Yugi had definitely changed, and changed for the better. A welcoming back into heaven, where paradise resides, a place that is pure and boundless.

Or, the one where Yugi is a very creepy captor.

Atem hissed and pulled away. ", Kaiba growled but put on a more presentable face as he walked over towards Atem, who was now reclining on the sofa. This chance encounter may bring him more than he could have ever dreamed. Please R&R! Finding nothing to believe in Yami was overwhelmed; he knew what this was, knew that it happened only rarely and usually in generations, who was he, to be part of the Balance? But this dream is different. Y/YY. A little snipit into Atemus and Yuugis life together.

Just fine!" Loosely based on final episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugi didn't question how it had happened or why; it was enough that it did. "Hey, Atem! [post-canon au, puzzle/blindshipping]. Yugi refused to accept that this petrified creature was the strong, steely spirit whod watched over him for the past two years. Yugi finds the Pharaoh after hes stumbled upon a memory within his soul room - but he hasnt yet escaped its hold. So, theres only one thing that can help him. Look around! Joey stuttered for a few extra moments with Yugi bouncing around him. At an alter on Atem chuckled as well as he shrugged his shoulders. Seto is Seto, no matter what timeline you're in. Again. I thought you had a black leather-fetish or something.".

Atem closed his eyes. /Hai. Searching everywhere it may Yami, the mysterious stranger, proves to be Yugis, well, other half. Joey just finishing a dance with Mai (eye raising in itself), and Rashiid was also dancing with Isis, with some glares from Malik, of course. What might have happened when Atem was sealed in the puzzle.

Starlight, by Garry Way: Yuugi has difficultly with a science project, which requires students to study the nights sky and draw the stars they see, until Atemu tells him a story about his own experiences with the constellations.

Yugis about to find out! Atem smiled at Joey's bewilderment. ", Yugi clasped Atem's hand. Yami attempts to make it up to him. ", Yugi slumped on his bed, holding his hands as if the Puzzle were between them. After a failure to communicate its season zero all over again. Atem didn't even know if he lived here anymore. A fear for his future, his friends, and most importantly, the light that slept beside him. However, his plans seem to backfire every chance he gets. Yugi woke up to find tear streaks down his eyes.

"Right here in you. Competition, again. :D). "Welcome home And I stopped you. Atem stared into wide, innocent violet eyes. It was a huge gathering of friends, all chatting and reconnecting. I have lived, in some sense, for three thousand years. Tea said as she entered from the kitchen, holding a plate of some impromptu brownies. Shadow & a Dancer, by Hikari-and-Yami: Forensic psychologist Atem Sennen gets the opportunity of his career when hes assigned to interview mass murderer and diagnosed sociopath Yugi Motou. Atem slowly reached through their bond once more, feeling it strengthen and grow. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Loosely follows canon with all sorts of headcanons inserted. Yugi stood up and held his hands wide open. And they've been waiting this whole time. Great Powers but a Shadow Till Unleashed in the Light, by EdokinzStories: It was not nightmares that plagued his mind tonight, but that of a fear unknown. Oneshot), Racing Raindrops, by AlwaysYourAibou: Its a rainy day and there is nothing to do in the Motou household, except race raindrops. He's happy now, anyway. I told you he'd come back!". Laundry Room, by SetoKaibasShowGirl: Laundry is the most tedious of household chores and I do it every friday. "Home, where there is no exile." "How can I, to be called the other soul of an innocent one? Atem wiped the blood from his mouth, and pressed his hands against the ancient stone door, too. Pause.

To have a chance at life again as every time I gave it up to protect the world What happened after the events of Yugioh DM. Originally this was supposed to be a continuation from last chapter, but after the manga, it's more like a continuation after that. And the teacher, and the cameraman, and well I suppose that's all you could think of. To open arms, "It doesn't matter how long you've been gone." His Touch, by renk3r: Yami was usually a patient individual, especially when it came to a certain aibou of his. Serenity was hanging up streamers and Ryou was throwing confetti around, just happening to dump a great deal of it on top of Duke. Yugi grinned as he saw Tea walk towards them, hands on her hips and with a fake pout on her face. "Do I even have the right to be called by that anymore?" Ryou walked over and smiled. Yamis has.

A sudden and mysterious sandstorm separates Pharaoh Atem from his priests and soldiers during a skirmish. They are, after all, hikari and yami, light and darkness, yin and yang. Slight Peachshipping. But not all is what it seems. Kaiba said into the silence. The gods are dangerously playing fix up after the Ceremonial Duel. "To that I reply: here, in a land whose language has become mine in my dreams, among friends who are closer than blood-kin, and where the other half of my soul resides." This Sphinx wants to be his friend though, and Atem cant help falling for him. Welcome home Even Mai had returned, just happening to be on vacation from America. Fund your creativity by creating subscription tiers.

Yugi clasped Atem's shoulders, and Atem faced Yugi again, feeling his aibou reach out with that light that hikaris are made of, a golden, pure light, accepting and embracing. Thank You, by Hikari-J: Years after, a grown up Muto Yugi goes back on his meeting with the Egyptian Nameless King and how he influenced his life. Memories, by MiNiCandyCaKe: Yami reminisces about the precious memories he created with his beloved. ", Welcome home When you took me in Atem turned away. Oneshot. Their bond was restored to all that it once was, and more. Rated for eventual smut, violence, hurt and angst. Atem, an Incubus and Yugi's mate is there to help though. Yugi rested his head on Atem's velvety shoulder, reveling in being able to touch Atem in the physical world. As crimson eyes looked up to the moon that shown at it brightest power, he let his mind wander, hoping that it may give him the offering of peace and harmony as it had always done in his past. That was Yugi, the forgiving, open, innocent one. Please review!

(This is a collection of drabbles and oneshots for my Sphinx AU. Yugi was lucky to have a home and family. The journey home is a long and hard path for Yami, and by default, Yugi. Fave/follow/review and please enjoy!).

"In a very skewed way." Warm amusement flowed through their bond. He pushed himself off the bed and glumly headed downstairs. Tristan exclaimed for the third time. He really didn't know how much time had passed, only that it'd been years.

Possession, by SapphireTreewaterTheBlindOne: Yuugi Muto didnt know what card Fate was handing him when he found the odd, gold puzzle pieces in the back of his family game shop. You made no demands That's-- that's--" Jaw drop. They shouted for them to stop, that there was no turning back, that this was it, this was all, this was the Afterlife and there was nothing better. "I suppose now would be the time to give a speech". That was how it all came to be. Later, he would truly know, but not now. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", , YGO, Prince Atemu has just been able to get out of the palace and go to the markets and finds to soldiers beating a small child. They were cradled in the invisible powers that made them hikari and yami, counterbalancing each other, and things were restored to how they used to be. AU, part of my Eternal Nile series. The guy's been dead and gone for five years, you could at least say hi! "Years I wasted without you. On three, the Court came to the main antechamber. But when he finally has Yami where he wants him, the former Pharaoh is in for the tickling of his life! "Hello, Joey Wheeler. Yugi lurched out of bed and got ready for another day. Hang ten. Chose not to blame You're like, back!" We have to catch up on everything! Yugi whispered, his own tears running down his face. He raised an eyebrow. And every time he heard that, Yugi thought about the first King of Games. After five years, you'd think you've gotten over it, Yugi scolded himself. Mokuba was bouncing around, playing with Yugi's cat, which for some unknown reason was actually enjoying this loud, rambunctious party. Tell the community whats on your mind. We didn'tquiteknow each other yet. "If you say so. "Hai! He remembered again. Implied shonenai. //Aibou, remember that promise I made years ago?//, Yugi nodded, and spoke without words, words that cannot be misunderstood. ", Atem looked mournfully at Yugi. Everyone else was sprawled all over the place -- chairs, the opposite sofa, the table, etc, all celebrating Atem's return. You can't change it. Plum Juice, by Maiden of the Moon: The forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest especially the fruit of temptation. When Yugi and his friends visit a local museum for a relaxing outing, they find more than they were bargaining for. Welcome home Then Joey saw just who was in the doorway. YYY One-Shot! But the disappearance of his mother brings him right back to the source, and keeps him there.

That was years ago Pleaded because of a promise he'd made. Atem closed his eyes and laughed. The dumber the line, the more fun it is! And he still hadn't reclaimed his title after Atem's leaving!

"Well Atem, mou hitori no boku, welcome home. Joey added seriously. ^.~ Not saying b/c that'll ruin it. Like a dance, the balance of light entered and countered the brightness, the dark ebony mixing with the white light, healing the two souls. Am I still that to you? Duel Monsters (Anime & Manga) (1409), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon | Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (3), Jounouchi Katsuya | Joey Wheeler/Kaiba Seto (127), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Atem/Bakura Ryou/Thief King Bakura/Mutou Yuugi, Pharao Akhenamkhanen | Pharaoh Aknamkanon, the line between Yugi and Heba gets blurred a lot, there may be nsfw content later but i wont tag unless it happens lol, Reanimation is Not What it's All Cracked Up To Be, Jounouchi Katsuya | Joey Wheeler/Kujaku Mai | Mai Valentine, Beneath The Sun We Once Shared, We Will Meet Again, Other minor characters mentioned - Freeform, Other Ships Might Pop Up But Aren't The Forefront, This is gonna be kind of a slow build up so please bear with me, Possible triggers included in chapter summary, Priest Seto is a sappy man and I love him, They don't need to be paired up they are each others other-halves, Author is a raging asexual that loves domestic everything, Honda Hiroto | Tristan Taylor/Kawai Shizuka | Serenity Wheeler, bakura has feelings and he's going to make them everyone's problem, this is an au im working on and this is what im doing for an into, Yugi and Atem Tag Duel and Theyre Very Cool. Light, all embracing, filled the two like water being poured into an empty vessel. "Home, where love resides." Sleepy Time, by The Fellow Marauder: Yuugi has not slept well for days and Atemu finally has to use force to get his aibou to go to bed. Try some brownies! Pieces, by routavaurio: Yugi Mutou had no idea what the puzzle he had worked so hard to finish truly held within. That he was just sopure, in the soul-sense. Yugi still remembered it all. After all these years, Yugi made no demands, put no blame on anyone. That'd you'd always be there for me?/, Atem smiled through their bond and whispered ever so slightly, //Promise made//, Yugi answered the rest. "Yugi, I've been away for so long. Atem smiled. For Yugi, this man is infuriating, fiery and sexy. But without Yugi, hes nothing. Just to See You, by artemis.maiden: We all know what Yugis Soul Room looks like now what about Yamis? But patience has its limits, and when Yuugi continues to be blissfully ignorant of wandering hands, his patience is crushed into nonexistence. There was no other choice, He had to do this for the people of Egypt. You'll know, 'cause lyrics and quote are in italics. The pharaoh decides that now is as good a time as any to finally admit to all the Penalty Games he dealt before Yugi was even aware of him. Welcome home. Just like the ones Yugi had given to him years ago. Like this fic is about, it's about the bonds between yamis and hikaris. I have been to heaven and hell, here and back again. Everyone was caught up in this euphoria of joy, and they laughed. "In your returning Whatever Yami wants, needs, might just make Yugi lose his mind. I told you! Not pleased at all.

Like a guardian angel. A smile that held no hidden secret.

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