Following the first palace's deadline and seeing some story scenes, the Phantom Thieves will congregate in a swanky hotel on 5/5. Emperor Arcana: Yusuke Kitagawa, ranked up by spending time with this character. Locate Haru near the Penguin Sniper in Kichijoji. You can get it from Jinbocho after reading all other books from there, or from Shujin library after 7/1 on the true ending path. Disaster Shadows are new enemy types that are optional; they show up randomly when battling normal enemies. *MISSABLE* After this Confidant rank, you can visit the jazz club in the evenings to unlock the trophy. Mementos Depths, the world's Palace. A party member has their health reduced to half or lower. You only have to complete one request, and this request is mandatory for story progression. ", During rank 7 scene, for the third choice pick 2: "Youre charming as you are.". This is the first trophy you'll earn in the game. For example, Nigi Mitama is now of the Councillor Arcana, rather than the Temperance Arcana. During the day you'll be given five balls to potentially hit, whereas at night you can keep going as long as you want. Ikebukuro: Unlocked by reading Museum of Stars. The deadline is described in-game as 6/5, however you must reach the treasure two days earlier in order to send the palace owner his calling card and defeat the main boss. Below is a video showing a Gallows execution. Theyll gorge on some fancy food and discuss formally grouping together going forward, giving you the opportunity to enter a name as leader of the Phantom Thieves. This option is unlocked with Strength Confidant Rank 3. Choose the. Master of Akihabara(Got the off-the-menu special at the Maid Caf in Akihabara) This trophy involves doing this for the first time. Path of Iweleth: Just 1 floor. Ryuji Sakamoto: Confidant Rank 10, then hang out with him in the afternoons from 1/13 onwards. The total list of activities is available in this supplemental guide linked here:Persona 5 Royal: Guide Supplement. For this trophy you will need to rank up one Confidant to the max rank, which is rank 10. Crossroads bar, work during the night, Shinjuku, rank up Devil Confidant, then speak to the bar owner Lala Escargot. Enter the Velvet Room in order to speak to Igor. For example, having a Slime, of the Chariot Arcana in your stock will increase points when hanging out with Ryuji Sakamoto. Say you will not agree to the deal. Spirit of Rebellion(Awakened Arsene - story related) You can customize guns you already own or any gun that you purchase from Iwai. The trophy will unlock as soon as you encounter the Mementos deviation for the first time. Otherwise, enter the Velvet Room any time you have two or more Personas in your stock. Each stat takes less time or more time to level up based on the availability of opportunities to increase those stats. This is clearly indicated by a cutscene that will play after entering a floor, showing Jose racing down the Mementos tracks in his buggy. If by some disaster you don't get a single one over the course of the game, there is a scripted Showtime in the Laboratory Palace that will unlock the trophy, on the path to the Royal true ending. *MISSABLE* Position your bat in the glowing silhouette and hit the ball when the pitching machine fires it. You will get this trophy on 5/7 with the request "Beware the Clingy Ex-boyfriend!". Each Path of Mementos has a different number of stamps to collect. Each Path is unlocked after the deadline is reached for the palaces in the game, as follows: This is useful if your party members have coverage for weakness types that the active party member doesnt have. Story-related, but can be missedif you pick the bad ending after the Casino Palace. After crossing through this path, you will need to complete two dungeons in order: Simply drive up to him in the Morgana car and interact with him to access his shop. Below is a full list of Technicals and a video demonstrating it in action. Showtimes involve two Phantom Thieves members teaming up to take down one enemy. This trophy involves working any part time job for the first time. *MISSABLE* It can be with any Confidant at any hangout location. Also for returning players, keep in mind that some of the Personas have been shuffled around in regards to what Arcana they correspond to. Picking 2 will lock you out from getting Akechi's third Persona. Lovers Arcana: Ann Takamaki. Goro Akechi: Justice Rank 7, for the sixth choice, pick 3: "You are my rival". You have one more palace to finish forTake Back the Future. Story-related, but can be missedif you pick the bad ending after the Casino Palace. *MISSABLE* Judgment Arcana: Sae Niijima, ranked up with plot progression. These locations normally have no other gameplay to them and, in the majority of cases, you cant just visit them on your own. Devil Arcana: Ichiko Ohya (has prerequisites). This is clearly indicated by a cutscene that will play after entering a floor, with Jose racing down the Mementos tracks in his buggy. Story-related, but can be missedif you are not on the path to the true endings. Futaba Sakura: Confidant Rank 10, then hang out with her in the afternoons from 1/13 onwards. This trophy involves following up an ailment inflicted onto an enemy by using a skill that would generate a technical damage on it. This involves picking the. Fear, inflicted by Bloodbath, Evil Smile, Evil Touch, Terror Claw, Titanomachia, Tyrant's Fist. The game involves balancing a finite period of time between hunting dungeons for demons and maintaining your social life as a regular high school student. It is entirely random when they occur, but they do occur somewhat frequently, around five to ten times per playthrough. Jinbocho: Unlocked in Star Rank 4, Empress Rank 6, or by reading Musty Pages. Select the first option in the menu when speaking to Igor, then select "Strengthen Persona" to conduct a Gallows execution. The exam answers are as follows: If you want to customize a new gun instead, you can purchase any gun from Iwai, and you will be asked if you want to customize it right away once you buy it. *MISSABLE* Step 2: Point of no return: Cruiser Palace and Mementos Depths The trophy will unlock in the scenes following the dungeon's deadline. Locate Yusuke in the art gallery in Ueno.

By the end of this step, you will have earned: As mentioned earlier, this will also stop you from obtaining the new true ending and therefore at least two trophies, so make sure it's done. It is on the far left side of the arcade. Advanced Fusions are called so because they require specific Personas, as opposed to Normal Fusions which can just use any two. *MISSABLE* Talent Thief(Obtained a Palace ruler's Skill Accessory) *MISSABLE* Then, in the third semester, reach the new Laboratory Palace's treasure. *MISSABLE* Unlocked after Castle Palace deadline. From then on, when Jose is present on a floor in Mementos, you can speak to him to turn in the inactive accessory so he can refine it into a usable item. You only need to do this to one of the Confidant lines; there is no requirement in this trophy list to advance all of them to the maximum rank. Because of the Knowledge requirements, it is very likely you'll get this trophy in the December exam, possibly October if you've been focusing on Knowledge specifically. It'll yield +1 Kindness, +1 relationship points for Heirophant, and the trophy. My Closest Partner(Began a romantic relationship with a Confidant very likely you'll have gotten this by now) Using this ability will spend all of your gun's ammo in exchange for a guaranteed critical hit. Once you've entered a floor with Jose on it, locate him. Mementos Depths is the eighth dungeon of the game. Confidants have ten ranks and there are a number of ways they are advanced, primarily by spending time in a social setting with the person that corresponds to each Arcana. Two new locations are introduced during this time, Kichijoji and Akihabara. For opportunities to increase the knowledge stat, seePure Perfection. 1/3: This is the first main infiltration. Pick any upgrade to customize the gun with. ", During rank 7 scene, for the fourth choice pick 2 or 3: "We all do sometimes" or "Im glad you did. Notably, the Reaper has access to every element of attack and resists every element as well. Below is a video of selling clothes at Kichijoji: Alternatively, you can use Safe difficulty as a way of bypassing the risk associated with encountering him, as you'll be able to revive the protagonist and party any time the player faints from battle. As soon as you purchase something from him for the first time, the trophy will unlock. For example, Neko Shogun can only be fused with three specific Personas, Anzu, Sudama and Kodama. The Reaper does not appear in safe areas with good reason, and also does not appear in end areas in Mementos Paths as there isn't enough space to spawn him. During Justice Rank 8, you will need to win against him in the battle during this rank-up event. Then, for the eighth choice, pick 1: "I'll take it." This trophy entails using a Group Guillotine execution to create a new Persona. By default, this is unlocked as soon as you're able to access the Velvet Room's fusion facilities, as early as 4/18. The billiards game is not actually any sort of mini-game, it's just a cutscene with the Phantom thieves conversing while playing pool. This trophy involves going there for the first time. Faith Arcana: Kasumi Yoshizawa (has prerequisites). During class on these days, you will need to complete the exams, and you don't get any free time over these days. The first six hours or so of the game are an extended tutorial introducing you to the base mechanics while also running you through the first of the game's dungeons, called "Palaces". Pick the first option to invite your friends to play some darts. Follow up with any attack. You'll be able to start confidants with Ryuji, your troubled classmate, and Tae, the shady doctor who runs a clinic near your house. Here, you can pick one of your guns. It is recommended you buy a ticket as early as possible and just keep going throughout the game if you don't win the first time. Jose doesn't accept Yen as currency. After increasing Confidant to rank 10, each party member will transform personas once into their Ultimate Persona, however this is not what unlocks the trophy. If you do so, you will have to accept a prompt which restarts your progress a week from the dungeon deadline. *MISSABLE* If you add a Treasure Demon to your Persona stock while the stock is full, it won't unlock the trophy even if you get rid of another Persona to add the Treasure Demon. The trophy will immediately unlock after the cutscene. This in turn requires your social stat Guts to be rank 4, so it'll be fairly late into the game before you can do this. Path of Chemdah: 8 floors. First, you'll need to down the Shadow by hitting it with its weakness or via a critical hit or technical. Lockdown is a Velvet Room mechanic where you can leave a Persona jailed for several days in order to strengthen it. Easy Money(Won money from a lottery ticket) After this, you can access it at any time from the map to spend time there. Pressing the map button will allow you to view the total number of findable stamp stations for that Path of Mementos and how many you've collected so far. This trophy involves buying a ticket and winning some money from it 7 days later. First, you'll need to acquire Incense.

Part-time jobs are a way of spending time in Persona 5 Royal. During Justice Rank 7, for the sixth choice, pick 3: "You are my rival". Defeated enemies via Disaster Shadow explosion. Also, Shinya Oda's Confidant, Tower Rank 1, unlocks an ability called Down Shot. Unlike Persona 5, you do not need to do all Requests for the trophy. After unlocking Kichijoji on 6/5, you can access the store, which is pretty close to the entrance of the town. The trophy will unlock when you hit a ball for the first time. The trophy will unlock immediately after this sequence. Mementos deviations are new random occurrences within Mementos. Step 1a: Pre-endgame Castle Palace There are four exams given throughout the school year in Persona 5 Royal, done in May, July, October, and December. When you collect all three, you'll receive the accessory, however it won't be usable as it hasn't been refined yet. Locate Makoto in the underground rail station in Shibuya. Cruiser of Pride: Capsized(Cruiser Palace finished - story related) This trophy involved using the grappling hook for the first time. Below is a video of the fishing mini-game: Simply enter a name in the text entry field given during this story scene and the trophy will unlock immediately after. Chariot Arcana: Ryuji Sakamoto, ranked up by spending time with this character. By the end of this step, you will have earned: If a party member involved in a pair is knocked out, however, a Showtime for pairs involving that character cannot trigger. When inside Leblanc, interact with the toilet door on the far-left side, just before heading upstairs into your room. This will also be about the point where you unlockPure Perfectionif you've been focusing on all of your social stats. They are random but occur pretty often, up to dozens of times in one playthrough. After 6/5, travel to Kichijoji and locate the temple. Guts: 0, 11, 38, 68, 113 The second factor is your Knowledge social stat. This unlocks the location to be accessed later. Rank 10 will happen automatically on 11/17. Ann Takamaki. 11/19, after finishing Casino Palace: For Persona 5 true ending (earns this trophy, but you will miss out on trophies associated with Royal's new content): After collecting at least one stamp, locate Jose in a mementos level. After purchasing a ticket, you must wait 7 in-game days before you can turn it in and check the results of the ticket from the machine. Empress Arcana: Hara Okumura, ranked up by spending time with this character. The trophy will unlock after the hangout event. The darts mini-game uses tilt controls to aim, :R2: to focus aim, and while holding :R2:, use the interact button to throw a dart. *MISSABLE* Also notably, if you read the book associated with the location while the location is already unlocked by other means, you won't spend time but the book will count as being read. This trophy involves performing any fusion or execution during the Fusion Alarm. Pick one Persona to strengthen, and then a second to sacrifice. In order to recruit it, you'll need to down the Treasure Demon by hitting its weakness, landing a critical hit or using a Technical to cause the Hold Up menu to appear. Contrary to the trophy's description, you do not have to maximize all three categories as just one will unlock the trophy. The trophy will unlock as soon as you successfully catch a fish for the first time. Defeat the final boss. The crane game is inside the arcade in Akihabara, which is unlocked on 8/31. For the other original Phantom Thieves, you can awaken their third-tier Personas by hanging out with them from 1/13 onward in the same locations they normally are for their Confidants. Unlocked after Spaceport Palace deadline. The Museum Palace is the second dungeon of the game. Step 1c: Bank Palace, Pyramid Palace, Spaceport Palace This new trophy involves completing Royals brand-new Laboratory Palace. *MISSABLE*

After gathering some of these flowers, you must enter an area of Mementos in which Jose is running his shop. Dartslinger(Played darts at Penguin Sniper in Kichijoji) The trophy will unlock in the scenes following the dungeon's deadline. This trophy entails using an Electric Chair execution. Completely changed the cognition of Mementos. Hierophant Arcana: Sojiro Sakura, ranked up by spending time with this character. it is on the path to the new Royal true ending, so while it is connected to the story, it can be missed if you do not meet the requirements of that ending. Story-related and cannot be missed. Pick the second option to invite your friends to play some billiards. Otherwise, the locations are procedurally generated, so there is no guide for locations for this one. *MISSABLE* Path of Qimranut: 2 floors. Requirements before 11/17: For Persona 5 Royal bad ending 1 (no trophy): 1/10 onward: Enter Mementos and complete the Path of Daat. Confidants are the main social aspect of the game. The trophy will unlock in the scenes following the dungeon's deadline. Once collected, these stamps can be traded to Jose in exchange for "cognition changes", which give buffs to Mementos permanently, in the categories of increased EXP, money and items. Because of this, it is recommended that you save beforehand, that way you can reload as many times as you need to until you get it. Head to Kichijoji and go to the Penguin Sniper. Enter the Velvet Room any time you have two or more Personas in your stock. Fusions are sorted into "executions", which are basically just a way of tying it into the incarceration theme of the game.

If you've reached Justice Confidant Rank 10, the final anime cutscene will be slightly different. The Castle Palace is the very first dungeon of the game. The jazz club is a location in Kichijoji. Also, the flu days on 13/11, 14/11, 15/11, 12/8 and 12/9 automatically afflict enemies with this. What trophies you do earn are associated with the palaces and new mechanics the game doles out at this point. Each Treasure Demon has different strengths and weaknesses when battling against it, so the key is hitting those weaknesses or going for a critical hit and then recruiting them with negotiation. A Deadly Debut(Fused personas using a guillotine execution) Stamps are a new collectible item in Mementos in Persona 5 Royal. Select the first two options in the menu when speaking to Igor, then select "Normal Fusion" to conduct a basic Guillotine execution. Select "Change Mementos" and pick any in this list. Story-related and cannot be missed. Defeating these will cause an explosion which damages the other enemies in the battle. Continue to build your social stats and Confidant ranks. Ginza: Unlocked via mandatory event on 7/24. Timid Shadows: Like Kind answers, indifferent to Serious answers, hate Vague or Funny answers. Leblanc is the caf downstairs from your living area. You don't even have to ask them any questions and instead, that process will be skipped entirely and the Treasure Demon will be added to your stock of Personas. From this menu you can negotiate with the Treasure Demon to have it join your party. Follow up with Physical. Below is a video showing a transaction with Jose: The final two ranks are still tied to the story, being ranked up during events you may be familiar with involving the Cruiser Palace. Lovers Arcana: Ann Takamaki, ranked up by spending time with this character. May exam: Below is a video showing this. Regardless whether you win or lose the game, the trophy will unlock. Protagonist & Yoshizawa Unlocked when meeting up at the hideout after Yoshizawa's confidant is maxed, from 1/20 onward. UnlockingThe Phantom Philatelistinvolves trading stamps to Jose for the first time. For players returning from Persona 5, the Justice Confidant has been modified. You will accrue points in doing this, and having enough points is a requirement to rank up the Confidant. Morgana & Ann First unlocked with the tutorial for Showtime moves, Bank Palace. Spaceport of Greed: Obliterated(story related) This trophy involves customizing a gun for the first time. Follow up with Physical or Nuclear. You can obtain it from Sakai in Kichijoji (man with sunglasses and face mask) by trading an MRE Ration to him. Either the original Persona 5 true ending or Persona 5 Royal's true ending will unlock this trophy. It is likely you will earn the trophy around December of your first playthrough. All floors of Mementos will be available to the player following the scenes taking place after the Cruiser Palace deadline. Once you've entered a floor with Jose on it, locate him. If you want to save as much time as possible, it is recommended you save your game right before entering the bathhouse on a rainy day, that way you can reload if you get the additional charm point instead of the additional guts point. Stamp machines also somewhat rarely appear hidden behind walls or doors. Additionally, Treasure Demons (seeThe Deviated Cognition) also do not require questions to be answered for them to be recruited. It allows you to grapple up to new heights or ledges that were previously inaccessible. Getting one wrong will stop you from getting the top score. It's more broad than just regular elemental damage in that you can effectively give a temporary weakness to an element to shadows that would normally be damaged normally, or resist that type of damage. Death Arcana: Tae Takemi (has prerequisites). This is one of the few trophies you'll have to consistently work towards from the outset and throughout your whole playthrough, as building your stats takes up most of your time that isn't building your Confidants or exploring dungeons. Technician(Damaged an enemy using Technical damage) (Moved using the grappling hook unmissable) Kichijoji: Jazz Club: Being invited to the Jazz Club counts for this trophy. Palace Boss Skill Accessories are new items in Persona 5 Royal. His items vary wildly in price, being as low as 15 flowers to as high as 400. Both of these scenarios count for this trophy. You will get additional points from picking the dialogue options that the character resonates with the most, usually by agreeing with them or showing the person that you're listening and contributing. This will also be the last opportunity for you to get Maruki's Confidant to rank 9, as further progress will be locked out after 11/17. Below is a video showing the special event: One thing you'll need to focus on from the start is increasing your five social stats forPure Perfection, but in case you don't get this on your first playthrough, the progress is carried over into New Game Plus. As such, youll earn relatively few trophies here, instead progressing toward the late-game trophies. This trophy involves triggering a Showtime move just once. Kichijoji: Penguin Sniper: Playing Billiards with friends counts for this trophy. It is highly recommended that Persona 5 Royal's true ending is attained as there are two other trophies tied to the new content added in Persona 5 Royal. For this roadmap, I've structured the game into several story-related segments. This trophy involves destroying a Disaster Shadow, and having its explosion from dying deal enough damage to another enemy in battle to destroy it too. For this trophy you will need to spend time with a Confidant at a hangout location. The tutorial itself doesn't count as the conditions for the Baton Pass are set up already, but from then onwards any other Baton Pass counts for the trophy. It is no longer fully automatic and instead, the first eight ranks are given the same treatment as any other social Confidant, with the protagonist hanging out with Goro Akechi during the evenings. When a Showtime occurs, a red stripe will appear on the screen along with a closeup of one of the pair's faces. The fishing pond is a location in Persona 5 where you can spend time catching fish in a mini-game. The protagonist will awaken to his first Persona, the gentleman thief Arsene in a cutscene. Once you reach Rank 1, Group Guillotine fusions will be unlocked. The requirements for each ending are as follows: A Baton Pass is a condition that can occur in battle after an enemy is downed by hitting their weakness or a critical hit. Follow up with Physical. Many of these require the grappling hook to get to. When entering an area of Mementos, there is a small chance that the entire area may be blacked out and the mini-map will not fill in with the areas you've visited, instead showing nothing except for your icon. This trophy involves obtaining one. Story-related, but can be missedif you are not on the path to the new Royal true ending. Story-related and cannot be missed. *MISSABLE* This trophy involves getting the menu special at the maid caf, which occurs on the next visit after spending a total of 20,000 Yen there. Hermit Arcana: Futaba Sakura, ranked up by spending time with this character. I am Thou(Obtained a persona through negotiation) Using a physical move after this will generate an increased amount of damage, as physical is matched as a technical to Shock status. You'll need to hold the interact button while tilting the left analogue stick to balance the line. Flowers are not found on safe floors or end floors. You'll have to time it right in order to hit the ball. After progressing through a number of rooms, you will encounter a boss and then must spend the next seven days speaking to your Phantom Thieves party members, one per day. Upbeat Shadows: Like Funny answers, indifferent to Kind answers, hate Serious or Vague answers. Note Melee attacks will paralyze that party member due to static shock, so refrain from this and use the Persona's physical skills instead.