Anyone remember how to reset the map seed in offline mode? Ive been testing it, and it seems like Merc Bugging no longer works. same. Clear editor. Fixed an issue where keybindings would not save if the player exited the game too quickly after changing their keybinds, +1% synergy bonus from Find Potion is now properly communicated on the Find Item skill tooltip, Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur on level transitions, most commonly seen in the Forgotten Tower, Fixed a rare crash in the mercenary equipment UI related to mods. This has happened to me recently also. That was one of the core issues with Diablo 2: balance-breaking items were easily available through botting and duping. Survivability is a bit poor at the moment, mostly due to resists, but did make it to A2 Hell last night. You do not want to make the game too easy. Everything would just ignore him. This was especially noticeable with Quick Cast skills. A link maybe? Upload or insert images from URL.

You basicly make the merc teleport to you by locking him behind a door. Your previous content has been restored. Previous playthroughs I had gear from higher-level characters to help me over the hump. The only thing that was able to hurt him was Iron Maiden damage in the Chaos Sanctuary, which he only got because he was next to me when it happened. Dropped a Ber in Maggot Lair 2, Hell today.

Permabans Email (Yes its the A2 Merc) He still gets targeted normally by Melee monsters and everything else. However, keep in mind that monsters will target you instead, but if you are playing ranged build, you should be fine. More of an exploit, really. You cannot paste images directly. The audio issue where theAmazon Valkyrie skill sound effects were too loud was fixed. If its intentional well, then its obviously working as intended lol. As pointed out though, the devs DID say that they wanted to keep bugs that people loved in the game, so if this is an accident, its a bug. Avatar & Profile customisation Can anyone back this up? Crazy. Durial is the worst for a sorceress too. Your link has been automatically embedded. Slain Bots Rest in Peace, List trades and earn trust There are really only a couple bad enemy sets and nerfing gloams would remove one of them. If you're coming at gloams with 75+% lightning resist with absorb that's different than say 40% lightning resist. Like I said above, I really enjoyed making a helper pally with maxed out lightning immune sharing to trundle pubbies through the caves in Hardcore mode. You can post now and register later. How do I keep a Merc alive in NM (and beyond). Not sure if this a ahem BUG but here it is. (can also happen during regular gameplay when the merc got stuck somewhere and teleports to you). One side embraces the edge cases that push their gear while the other is in danger of being deleted. Here you can see it in action. Permabans Account Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Reached Diablo with my Frenzy barb. The merc was not being targetted by the monster AI at all, nor was he being hit with magic from any enemy, including Baal. Ive got 2 Jah in the past few days, I'll give one up for a vex and some other stuff. I have made it to Act IV Hell, but I keep getting my ass handed to me. I remember a lot of the timings, so I can avoid the lightning, but I'm still getting pasted. Which was fine with me being how nothing hurt my char to begin with. It was a much more interesting experience solo self found. Probably sit in my stash forever. Level up as you post I've been poking along, solo. Ars may earn compensation on sales from links on this site. That's how I beat, You must be a member of to like this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ad revenue helps keep the servers going and supports me, the site's creator :), making their offers on your trades invisible. Good luck with that boss. /r/Diablo is the greatest source for Diablo-related news and discussion on the Internet. Use Drafts & Revisions For a breakdown on the issues addressed, check out the list below: Not sure what is wrong with the game to be honest, i remember doing rather well in the original version, but in this one, the hit chances are next to zero, i have had my paladin, barbarian missing hits over 20 times right after each other.never had that when i played the original, it must be a new feature to make it more challenging.which i see no point in. Blizzard suspended many Diablo 2 accounts in a large ban wave today. I've been poking along, solo. Bizarre to me how people consider it such a vital part of the experience. Hell countess dropped a TIR rune (wtf? You should be able to shut down most of their activity with cloak of shadows. A while ago, I was playing with my sword barb, who uses a might merc, and had something very strange go on. *edit* Never mind, switching difficulty then back again reset it & the cavern spawned this time. I'm in act 3 & need to get the brain from the spider cavern, but I've cleared every single inch of the map and the spider cavern is not there. I'd recommend an insight polearm on an A2 merc to cut them down quickly, with the bonus that you'll never worry about mana again. All rights reserved Global Community Lead for Diablo Pezradar revealed that the Diablo 2 team is working on an update to the game that will improve the PC lobby experience while also overhauling the lobby system on consoles. My trapsin is all (95%+) lightening and I just made it into hell and encounter lightening resistent creature all over one cave My paltry ability to do physical or fire damage was fairly useless. After doing that most (not all) monsters stop targeting your merc. Zap zap zapzapzapzapzap zap zap zapzapzapzapzapzapzapzap.Death from off-screen has now happened 5-6 times to my poor little assassin. My understanding is that it's running the actual d2 simulation under the hood. The suspensions focused on map hackers and botters. That one also is changed, as now your merc will open doors on his own, their pathing is way better, and even if you manage to get them stuck on the other side of a level so they have to port to you, everything will still attack them. Your California Privacy Rights | Do Not Sell My Personal Information Deletes all Posts I'd forgotten how *difficult* that fight is with found gear for a solo mid-20s level character. Alternately, if you find 2 more Haha you can think of last wish. It's not the most useful thing I could have been doing with my time back in college (especially trying to find that Guardian Angel with a hardcore character, took forever but randomly popped on the foothills when I wasn't even MFing), but it was a unique part of the D2 experience as a whole.Just not one I want to recreate. Private Messaging However, he was fully functional, his aura worked and gave me the damage bonus, and he could hit enemies while they attacked me, but even after he attacked them, they wouldn't target him at all. Bookmark Pages & Posts I honestly rarely did this, never really found too much use for it, other than with specific builds and characters that it worked wonders for. Users browsing Forums: Armlesswunder, Bisu, grama, JustinBarber, Necrarch, ref0rm and 28 guests. Or just like, play with other people?

Just need a Jah and Ith and you can break the game. Press J to jump to the feed. Its not always a good thing and yeah it could happen from time to time on accident, but a lot of people loved it because it helped some builds drastically, especially while playing through with them. Shift/Ctrl/Alt plus another key) could get stuck in the active state. So Yeah. I have absolutely no idea what was going on, but figure (hope) someone here might. Fireblast is no joke, though, once you get Death Sentry to halve everything's health, rapid fire grenades will finish off what's left in a hurry. I had it happen by accident a couple of times and did not like that monsters did not target my meat shield, so this wasnt a bug thats good for everyone. This update is focused on bugs and fixes. They are weighed less than enemies to prevent them from being accidentally targeted too often, Fixed an issue that caused the player to unintentionally move towards their mercenary if they pressed the bottom face button on their controller while they had Holy Bolt bound to a non-bottom face button, and the mercenary was nearby, Fixed an issue that caused the player to unintentionally cast Holy Bolt towards their mercenary if they pressed the bottom face button on their controller while they had Holy Bolt bound to a non-bottom face button, and the mercenary was far away, Fixed an issue where the Gold Max string was misaligned in Classic Character stashes when using a controller, Fixed an issue where certain seeds could generate an Underground Passage or Pit map without an exit. Fixed an issue where key mappings with modifier keys (e.g. Still need more resists though. im using a fire claw druid now LOL. Technically, wisps are bugged: they use mana burn modifiers for their damage calculations due to an error. Besides getting better gear for merc, you can try bugging your merc, it will make him impossible to target by melee attacks.