The primary genres I work with are: - Horror (in varying genres, but primarily Gothic), - Monster Romance (Im aroace as hell so my romances are prettyclean--no erotica to be found here). thought id watch an opera get to know Some Things for my opera oc but i Guess Not! zenitsu protecting nezuko for tanjirou , #I won't share who sent that awful message unless they come clean themself, #I will say it's the strangest message I've ever gotten. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Fr Links auf dieser Seite erhlt GIGA ggf. theyre up to something, thats for sure hehe /nm, phil and techno are wearing very cool outfits that boar designed: big heavy cloaks with very fluffy collars held together by pretty chains around the breast area! The Faeries and the Lark|| Novel || Dark/Gothic High Fantasy + LGBTQ+ Romance + Adventure + Fairytale/Folklore Retelling (East of the Sun, West of the Moon + Sleeping Beauty + Scandinavian Folklore) || Development + First Draft +Incomplete + On-Hiatus. However, the estate, its gardens, and their master is nothing what Sophie expected. Sophie Wickes and her family struggle to survive, melancholy eats away at her father more and more with each passing day, and her passion for cultivating flowers procures no income. #i watch its right on track on what i imagined for the first like 50 minutes. and then the brothers basically whole village shows up. #the strange case of dr. jekyll and miss osbourne, #to whoever made that meme with colt from aot i am so sorry, #all my love for ms. pheasant and mr. rabbit. rusty #like you think that whatever mr. boar was doing wasnt some kinda fetish? Im in my early twenties and am from the Midwestern United States, and am currently in college getting a degree in Writing and Applied Arts with an emphasis in editing and publishing, as well as a minor in History. it was very comfy and a great time :D love this duo! #there goes an hour of my time! wait so since its implied that nicholas is the eldest eilander son (ie firstborn) because the whole eilander family is living together on the island and gerard is his only known (and younger) brother iirc, doesnt that mean that hes the one who should be burned instead of jakob?? just a bunch of cis queer people and One trans women who is still called mr in the script, #(subtitles at least) and theress some things im going uhhhhhhh at. Its getting to that time for my yearly rewrite of my Writeblr Intro, so here it is! aa!! sounds interesting! Local villages know to revere, and fear, Shadowed Castle. Hey hi howdy everyone!! bet theres some neat like story tension in it. The house? The faeries devote their lives to protecting Lark from the worlds of man by raising her to believe hes one of the fae, and to keep her deep in the forest so that she can remain hidden from the trolls that restlessly hunt for the princess that escaped their massacre. A nurse with a pension for using herbal and natural remedies is hired as an in-home caretaker for a man afflicted with a strange, arcane, and serpentine, infection. #please check boar out he is so cool like aaaa!!!! She believes the local legends surrounding the Shadowed Castle to be only myths meant to keep children in line, horror stories with no ounce of truth to them. #sorry i'm a broken record at this point but you reading the tags makes me !!! The Boars Bride || Novel/Fanfiction || Drama + Psychological/Gothic Horror + Romance + Fairytale Retelling (Bluebeard) || First Draft + Incomplete + On-Hiatus. z.B. A darker version of one of the first scenes in Rusty Lake Hotel, where Mr. Crow brings the five guests to the hotel by boat. Faceless, nothing more than a voice from the shadows. Also a lot of my writing influence comes from authors like Angela Carter, Sarah Waters, Caitlin Starling, Shirley Jackson, and Robin McKinley. rusty lake rabbit hotel mr slavic emerald duo designed by @technpog the dearly beloved, vibes heavily inspired by this lovely fic calledorphans path:) boar was reading the fic as i drew it n like!! it makes me so happy, #it's like going through something very difficult and knowing someone very kind will appreciate it at the end.

Tumblrs website traffic is steadily declining. #goddamn if youre gonna do the ritual do it right, #I AM GOING TO CRY STOP HURTING HIM MR BOAR DUDE. My art and writing updates I post a lot on my social media accounts, which are as follows: Tumblr: my DMs and ask box are always open!. #shoot her! She must swallow her pride and set aside her hatred for Englands aristocracy when shes offered a chance of employment by the reclusive Lord Edgar Cushing to tend the gardens of his Rosenthorne Hall. techno has a big sash across his waist and a large black crown, as well as a big scar on his eye like big q does :0 matching?!? phil is significantly smaller :0 like umm about technos elbow if he were to stand side by side! its very kind of you!! seemed interesting, #two brothers in the military say they will stay bachelors in the peace theyve found themselves in but fall in love with two sisters in a. #also mr boar as i serve him a sandwich with his own shit in it not once but three times, #scrolled my fyp for a bit. i hope it helped some and i wish you an especially wonderful day :), But got distracted watching 3 boars in our backyard, Since me and @theorieswiththeo started sharing art inspiration on Pinterest, And as soon as Edward is back and we are getting frequent content, there will be more Art and meme material , therusty lake: hotel(spoilers ahead)devs soothing the angst by letting us kill the most detestable characters in between killing the most lovable ones is honestly genius. Despite her fear and anger, Sophie becomes enthralled by the gardens potential for mystic, untainted beauty, and she develops a close friendship with Lord Cushing, despite him being nothing but a mere whisper of darkness that pleads for her to never seek him out. || Contemporary + Romance + Folklore (werewolves) || Development + On-Hiatus, A paranormal slice-of-life short story featuring a middle-aged, high school librarian werewolf navigating personal insecurities, as well as a romance with his blind coworker. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience. decided to check one out. so its my ususal/favorite style: the whole thing is in flat black, white, and cyan! thank you for reading the image description, i really appreciate you taking the time to do it!! The husk of something alive, whimsical, and beautiful. But everything the three faeries worked hard for is put to the test when Lark encounters a human named Sigrid, the toughened, sword-wielding chancellors daughter from a neighboring moon-worshipping kingdom thats threatened to be swallowed by the fairies forest, and every aspect of her life as shed known them threaten to crumble around her. no ghosts. Everyone knows to stay away from it, to avoid it as though the land itself is infested with the plague out of fear that whatever evil lurks within the darkness. My name is Josephine, but feel free to call me Jojo (pronouns are she/her), your local penguin and bird monster enthusiast! ), Mrs. Maturin || Novella || Historical Fiction + Drama || Second Draft + Major Revisions + On-Hiatus, This is a short historical fiction novella thats a semi-fictionalized story based on the very real encounter between Joseph Merrick, AKA The Elephant Man, and young widow Leila Maturin, the first woman to have supposedly smiled at him and shook his hand, inspiring him to change his life for the better. #its just queer people. The Monster and the Butterfly || Novel || Gothic Romance + Historical/Paranormal/Gothic Horror + Fairytale Retelling (Beauty and the Beast + Eros and Psyche) || 2nd Draft + Major revisions + My Main WIP. Rusty lake hotel except Mr Boar was killed beforehand so the player doesn't have to deal with his shit (pun intended), Rusty Lake Hotel guests each night as I serve them the cooked corpses of the other guests. If any of these genres interest you, feel free to keep on reading about my WIPs below the cut! they have matching emerald jewelry: technos is a neclace and phils is an earring :). And these are my WIPs!!!!! The Vampire of Shadowed Castle || Short Story || Gothic/Survival/Vampire Horror + Folklore Retelling (Romanian Folklore) || 2nd Draft + major revisions coming soon. However, whatever enchantment the gardens and Lord Cushings voice bring her shatters as she begins to receive nightly visitations from a crooked-jawed phantom and butterflies whos wings whisper of a bloody past and the truth behind the faceless lord's gentlemanly masquerade. checked out the channel saw they were like, #the tiktok of some offical website hosting streams of operas. oh and he is a pig :) just straight up piglin man with the funny lil hoof fingers and a poofy tail! Rotting, dilapidated, hideous. (Think Red Riding Hood meets the 1970s version of The Wicker Man), The Wolf of Pine Falls || Novella (???) i appreciate you so much :) you are so beloved! he has curly, shoulder length hair and scars that look like claw marks across the bridge of his nose! wishing you nothing short of an incredible day today! shut tf up about healing the island via filicide and sacrifice yourself bitch ??? he also has large jagged scarred patches around his head and chest that came from the totem revival!

I am ALWAYS down for chatting with and meeting other writers, and engaging with others content!! eine Provision vom Hndler, his hand and fingers r kinda blackened because like angel of death n stuff :) he is wearing a dress with a patterned trim and a very big buckle at the waist, and a hardcore heart as a necklace! Loosely based on the fairytales Sleeping Beauty and East of the Sun, West of the Moon, as well as Scandinavian folklore, The Faeries and The Lark follows three faeriesspirits of natureraising a human child theyve named Lark, the princess of a sun-worshipping kingdom wiped out by a subterranean society of trolls. aaa!!! Hunters know not to hunt the game in the surrounding forests, shepherds know not to let their livestock graze in nearby pastures, and wayside travelers know to avoid any paths that are within its wretched reach. remember to drink water and take breaks whenever you need because you deserve it :). like ?? Their fate is already seal at that moment. (AKA my Hallmark Movie WIP), Ruth || Novel || Folk/Environmental Horror + Drama + LGBTQ+ + Fairytale/Folklore Retelling (Little Red Riding Hood + Germanic pagan folklore) || Development + On-Hiatus, A folk horror retelling of Little Red Riding Hood where a woman and her partner join her ailing grandmother on a trip to her childhood home in the isolating backwoods of Germany, only to find themselves in the presence of a cult that worship a strange entity that lurk in the shadows. fr mit, Room 2 (Mr. Boar) komplett gelst - Rusty Lake Hotel. found a opera tiktok that was pretty neat. I hope one of some of them have caught your eye, and that you stick around to see where these all go!! The gardens? I tend to be busy busy busy during semester, so in my free time I like to doodle and write silly little stories. it has little stars dangling from it, i love dangly things :), i think thats about it! But when shes forced to enter the cursed castle upon a dare, she must struggle to decipher what is all myth and what is all real when she comes face-to-face with the fabled Vampire of Shadowed Castle. then we go to the haunted manor. #thank you!!! his hat is likeif a sunhat and a bucket hat were combined into a very big, flat hat! phil is perched on technos arm with his wings out and whispering into technos ear, and both of them are looking at the camera with a >:) kinda expression on their faces! A majority of my WIPs are either directly inspired or loosely based on some fairytale, folklore, or myth, and most are part of some genre of horror, whether it be Gothic, psychological, folk, survival, or supernatural. The master? A retelling of Bluebeards Bride set in 1980s America that shows the unorthodox romance between a young, nave painter and enigmatic, charming millionaire Mason Verger, as well as the horror that follows once they are wed. (NOTE: This is currently being written as a Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs fanfiction featuring Mason Verger and my OC Edith Watts, but I hope to turn it into an original piece of fiction in the future. #haunted manor. (AKA the WIP i created because I wanted a werewolf character that subverts werewolf tropes, and I wanted an OC based on John Malkovich), Temperance and Mr. Wyrm|| Novella || Body Horror + (Monster) Romance + Fairytale Retelling (King Lindworm) || Development + On-Hiatus. call her a boar and argue about who shot her! Most of the stories I write are inspired by two things: fairytales and horror.