But you know what? she says, cold and very certain, Someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family. [41:27-46:28], At home playing a first-person shooter video game, Jesse fires a gun at the demons attacking him. [45:40-46:29], In flash-forward, there are sounds of heavy breathing and a pair of broken eyeglasses. [1:51-3:20], Instead, Walt drives to an empty parking lot and races around recklessly, laying heavy rubber and doing doughnuts until the car runs aground on a parking block. Gus begins to faltervomiting hasnt entirely saved him from the poisonand a crash echoes inside the house. Woodrow Wilson? (10% off), ad by TheDogLover

His advice to Jesse: Go to Mexico, screw up, and end up in a barrel.

Jesse bashes him over the head and disarms him. [7:32-12:55], At home, Hank jokes with Tim about the oddball personality that Gales notebook evokes, its like Scarface had sex with Mr. Rogers. He then identifies Badger and Jesse as the only people directly tied to the blue meth. ArtGlassStudioWpg Okay thanks. Jesse starts to take the satchel upstairs. Admit what you did! Jesse screams, knocking Walt to the floor. Ready to talk? Mike translates. Here you will find discussions and speculations about the show, pictures from the show, AMA's with the cast, and anything else Breaking Bad related. Unlike the past year, at least last night Walt was real. Walt is struck by his sons comment. From shop damondchan, ad by WhiteDoePrints Jesse acknowledges he did, then urges her to use the money to move her son Brock to a better neighborhood. great that you could zoom in too. He dismisses the Lab Notes journal as simple rote copying, probably of someone elses work. Skyler looks on disbelievingly as Walt muses that this genius of Hanks might still be at large. When she mentions how late it is, he pointedly notes that the house has other bedrooms. While Hank gives Walt installation instructions, Mike pulls up beside Walts car and stares him down. Is this it?

This is a mistake, says Walt. [29:29-33:47], Back in Mexico at Don Eladios hacienda, Gus stands poolside on the exact spot where his partner Max was murdered years earlier. [3:18-5:44], At the law office, Sauls secretary, Francesca, busy shredding documents, doesnt respond to Walt banging on the office door. He asks, Why me? He likes to think he sees things in people, Gus replies somewhat cryptically. FREE delivery, ad by shopoakandalder Either theyre all going home, or none of them are, Mike replies. Luckily for Walt, Hank doesnt think hes at risk either. EyePoetryPhotography Tim reveals that Guss fingerprints were found at a murder scene. Then he peels out in an attempt to lose the gunman and his cohort. Still angry with Walt, Jesse pushes him away from his door where Brock and Andrea sit inside playing a video game. Get back to work. [26:11-37:30], As Mike watches, Walt and Jesse squeeze Victors body into a plastic drum then pour in hydrofluoric acid.

Returning her call by payphone, Saul lies and assures her Walt is fine; then he tells his new bodyguard, Huell, that they might need to leave town. [26:11-34:35], Later at the hospital, Jesse wanders into the ICU and stares at Brock from afar until a nurse threatens to call security. Captcha failed to load. He knows the recipe. Privately, Saul tells Jesse that hell have to remain in police custody pending a toxicology report on Brock, but that it might be just as well because someone tried to kill Walt in his own home. And meanwhile were buying that stupid car wash! WoodandWhimsyStudio [38:28-41:59], Back in the garage with Tyrus and the bodyguard, Gus walks toward his car. Jesse sits down, lights a cigarette, and impassively watches the chaos. Skyler reduces her offer to $800,000, ignoring Walts protests and hanging up when Bogdan balks.

From shop CafeDeYume, ad by ArtGlassStudioWpg At Jesses protests Gus assures Jesse hell send for Mike when Mike is well enough to travel. Would you please stop what youre doing?, Im not done, yo and that dudes next., I have more pressing business. Walt hustles Jesse to a more private corner, and continues: Gales murder is being investigated, and there are fingerprints. Big doins today, says Mike. ElenasArtStudio Hes squeaky cleansuspiciously so. Outside, Don Eladio involuntarily drops his cigar and becomes unsteady on his feet. [3:20-6:58], Walt slumps in a chair at Sauls office while Saul handles the fallout from his clients little joy ride. Walt admits that the pressure of knowing Gus wants to kill him is getting to him, and then inquires about hit men. When Gus says that wont work, Jesse replies, Then you got a problem. [9:28-11:11], At his home, Ted returns Skylers money to her because paying off the IRS with Walts gambling winnings feels wrong and in any case wont solve Teds other money woes. Maybe I can help you with your case work. They end up looking at Gales lab notes together, Walt asking, So, who is this person? Hes becoming increasingly uncautious. Ad from shop ArtGlassStudioWpg The lead chemist mocks Jesses training, but Don Eladio laughs. You accept that? The group leader takes this in as Jesse charges out. Meanwhile, Jesse leaves a message on Walts voicemail that he has something important to tell Walt. Now, be clear this is an end game, if you get my meaning. [17:10-19:34], Saul visits the car wash and shows Skyler a credit report indicating that Ted leased a Mercedes three hours after receiving Walts money. The weight of the bags snaps the closet bar, so she stashes the bags in the crawl space under the house. Yeah, echoes Walt, wondering precisely the same thing. Walt ducks out of sight. After dropping Don Eladios necklace into Tios pocket, Gus wheels Tio around to face Jesse and informs him that Jesse shot Tios grandson, Joaquin. Victor jumps in and orders Jesse to drive at gunpoint. Finding Gale dead, the man he now believes is his Heisenberg, feels like closure, so he no longer wants to contribute to the investigation. Later, hes sleeping, head on a red-cased pillow, when Mike shakes him and shouts, Wake up! twice. Something bothers her about both. Without him and Jesse, says Walt, the lab is just an eight million dollar hole in the ground. Gus picks up a box cutter and walks menacingly toward Walt and Jesse.

Peeling off some large bills, Jesse instructs Badger to buy everyone breakfast and keep the party going until he returns. After the chemist responds in English, Jesse calls the lab filthy and, channeling Walt, announces that no cook will take place until all contaminants are eliminated. Hank has no hard evidence and his colleagues dont buy his theory, Walt says, begging Gus not to harm Hank. Don Eladio, the Cartel boss, strides out and compliments Gus and Max on their chicken, saying that all his men love it. Its called a cook for a reason, counters Victor. [36:06-37:46], The next morning, Mike wakes Jesse and drags him downstairs, where the tweaker thief is blindfolded, beaten and a little worse for wear, on the floor beside Jesses bag of cash.

Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centres that host Etsy.com, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. Original Price CA$12.13 It falls to the ground, revealing a picture frame Marie lifted from inside. natasartstudio He may also be figuring out a few spots the camera cant see into. Walt tells Saul that he tried to kill Gus himself but couldnt get near him. Maybe lying doesnt come as easily to me as it does to you.. Im so happy you finally came to your senses, says Don Eladio to Gus, referring to the Cartels ultimatum. Watching Walt awkwardly draw the weapon, the dealer advises Walt to practice. Ill kill him first chance I get. [10:33-13:29], The next day at the car wash, Marie tells Skyler how well Hanks therapy is going and that his spirits have improved. [21:12-29:29], At Beneke Fabricators, Ted tells Skyler that hes received a very unexpected cash infusion and is reopening the business. Marie also scolds Walt for not coming, but Skyler declines to pressure him. [0:00-4:41], Having coffee at a bar, Mike discovers Victors dried blood on his jacket sleeve. Walt seals the drum, which is shipped off with a load of hazardous material. [18:04-20:08], At home, Hank examines the photos Gomez took at the laundry and tells Skyler dispiritedly that its clean as a whistle. Or so Gomez says, adds Hank. His only real memory of him is at the hospitalthe stench of chemicals, his father lying twisted in the bed, and the rattling sound of his breathing, like there was nothing in him. But Walter, Jr. retorts his fathers comment. In the driveway, Jesse finds a car with keys in it, and Mike eases Gus inside. [35:25-39:36], In Sauls office, Huell is describing the mishap with Ted when Walt storms in, saying that he needs to contact Sauls connection who can disappear the White family and give them new identities. When we see him next, hes pulling up at Jesses, noticing his red car. He watches nervously as Mike exits the car and grabs a shovel from the trunk. [31:35-33:01], Gus removes the GPS tracker from his car and stows it on a nearby newspaper dispenser before he drives to the nursing home, where he informs Tio that he has defied the Cartels ultimatum and that Hank is looking into Guss past. Tyrus checks out Tios room one more time and calls Gus to give him the all clear. From shop natasartstudio, Sale Price CA$67.92 When they open the rear doors, Mike shoots them dead and jumps out. But Mike passes Jesse by and starts digging. Its only a matter of time before someone looks at it and discovers Gales notes on the superlab.

[13:57-16:19], At home, Skyler conceals cash in vacuum-sealed plastic bags of clothes, and then hangs them in her closet. Original Price CA$23.00 Some sort of egghead. There are two blood spots on the page of lab notes Walts looking at. It happens, Saul says about Skylers attempt to purchase the car wash. Bogdan just needs an attitude adjustment, contends Skyler, though she rules out instigating an IRS audit, INS raid or any violence. QiQiGallery Good luck with that, laughs Jesse, eerily unaffected, adding that everyone is on the same page now: The one that says if I cant kill you, youll sure as s___ wish you were dead. [40:39-44:04], Walt arrives at Skylers house in a cab but cant find his car. [25:18-28:32], The next day Walt tells Saul he fears that Hank will connect Jesse to the murder. [30:57-33:31], Later that afternoon, Gus arrives at the nursing home. But the moneys there, she assures the CID Agent, who buys the act. [6:46-9:28], Outside, Gus tells Jesse that they must walk six miles to the Mexican border, where someone will sneak them back into the United States. Ad from shop KanesDriftwoodStudio Please check with your countrys customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying. You are not in Chile anymore. [34:34-45:40], Back in the present at the nursing home, Gus leans in close to Tio. If for some reason there is an issue with the item when it arrives, please contact me ASAP to address it.To get shipping discounts don't use the buy it now button. He has a history with your brother-in-law, whos probably smart enough not to go down that road., Should I not worry about it? Hes been waiting for Gus to send someone to kill him, he says, And its you. Walt reminds Jesse that Gus previously sanctioned a childs murder and accuses him of poisoning Brock so that Jesse will blame Walt and let Gus kill him. Gus is watching him. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE MINIATURE BOOKSTHANKS FOR LOOKING!Please leave positive feedback for me when the item arrives, I will do the same for after you have left feedback for me. Ad from shop damondchan But one thing troubles him, says Hank, pausing for effect as he reveals photographs of a fingerprint on a Los Pollos soda cup and prints from the crime scene. All hope seems lost. ConcreteDesignStudio We do have a little shit creek action happeningYou know, FYI, you can buy a paddle. Mike asks if Victor performed a sweep of Gales apartment. Near the end, Jesse repeatedly pounds Walts face, breaking his eyeglasses. Jesse locks eyes with Gus until, his face covered in blood, Gus pushes Victors dead body to the floor. They are printed on both sides of the page with a readable passages drawn from the actual book being depicted. Without answering, Jesse points to Walts bruised eye and asks Walt the same. Despite everything, she cant abandon her home yet. From shop QiQiGallery, Sale Price CA$591.83 The lead chemist there takes an instant dislike to Jesse, labeling him an amateur in Spanish when it becomes apparent that Jesse cant synthesize phenyl acetic acid, a basic ingredient. I know he and Walter come as a team, and Walter wont like it, but somethings gotta be done., In the lab, Walt pours powder into a drum, sets a machine, and looks at his watch. But, Walt will have to handle the cook alone. The nurse translates a message via Tios bell. He asks if Walt would like to race go-karts with him after work. Im just the bitch mom who wouldnt cut you any slack., Im sorry. [44:24-45:28], Mike huddles inside a Los Pollos Hermanos refrigerated truck as it travels down the highway. [27:37-29:40], Mike and Jesse stake out the house of two meth heads that Mike says are selling stolen blue meth. [18:05-20:11], While Walt stakes out the nursing home, Walter, Jr. calls and asks him when hes coming to Hanks house. Great! Hank taunts Gomez for not being clever enough to conduct an under the radar knock and talk to collect that evidence.

I dont have any assets, Ted confesses. As Walt drifts back into sleep, he mistakenly calls Walt Jr. Jesse. [11:18-17:10], At the Cartel superlab, workers observe as Jesse begins the cook, which lasts through the night. As far as I can make out, hes writing about a phenyl acetone cook, right?, Thats pretty rare these days, but it does jibe with the blue stuff Ive been trackingTheres a recipe for vegan smores, and all kinds of crazy stuff in therethe top ten recumbent bicycles, indoor composting tips all of it next to the mother of methamphetamine synthesis. He dismissively sets it on a pile of his minerals. Did he recognize you? [8:57-11:20], The next morning, Hank calls Walt and proposes a drive out to what Hank theorizes is Guss meth distribution center. Images of Gale Boettichers murder blend with the action as Jesse replays the real-life gunshot and Gale falling dead in his minds eye. Send me exclusive offers, unique gift ideas, and personalised tips for shopping and selling on Etsy. Hank, in a wheelchair, greets his family jovially, and takes Walt and Junior back to the master bedroom to see his mineral collection. Location: Marshallville, Ohio, US, Weve now caught up with the flash-forward teaser. Walts unsettling laughter continues, as he lies alone in the crawl space. [40:33-41:27], Skyler arrives home and notices the new Challenger in the driveway. Despite his vehemence, Walts not in charge of anything right now. [25:10-26:46], Outside the laundry, Jesse asks Mike why Gus pulled that Terminator s___ at the farm. On the drive back to town, Jesse asks Mike what it is Gus sees in him. Stop whining like a little bitch and do what I say, orders Jesse. Ad from shop SageMountainStudio

Jesse jumps into the drivers seat and floors it out of the compound. Suddenly the truck lurches to a stop, and Mike hears the driver talking to some men in Spanish. Gus replenishes Hanks soda and offers to pay for any future meals at Los Pollos Hermanos. UK buyers may need to log into eBay.com to see cart option. Noticing the bruise on Walts face from Mikes beating, Skyler tells Walt to go to the police, admit his crimes and tell them he fears for his life. Did either of you say anything?. [29:40-35:19], Inside the house, the second meth head, far more belligerent than his cohort, brandishes a shotgun. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. Jesses not sure what he means. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Another addict criticizes Jesse for animal cruelty, but the group leader cautions the group not to judge. [39:18-41:15], At the White house, Walt toasts Skylers unexpected success with a $320 bottle of champagne, which bothers Skyler. Jesse wheels around and fires multiple rounds at Gaffs leather-jacketed thug, killing him. Francesca, furious about the mess, refuses to provide Sauls whereabouts unless Walt pays her $25,000, well more than he has on him. Jesses anxiety during the flight is palpable. breaking bad prop gus cutter box