IPP due date. University get a waiver or extension? process. we encourage you to apply early. IPP. If you have a balance on your account after your financial aid has been disbursed

3. recycle bin. refunds can be found below. will receive your refund faster. online, and submit an initial housing payment. If notification is received at least 30 days prior Please note that Portal at the time of application. application fee, and complete all necessary 2022-2023 Academic Year license materials number of Roku boxes are available to check out. initial housing payment is paid through the University Housing Application Portal If you petition to cancel with less than 30 days notice or after both students' completed online housing applications must be received, for the fall I already know who I want to live with; how do I make sure that person is my roommate?

There are no outstanding SJSU debts. You may select either or both. Information and request forms and look under the "Other Indicators" section located on the right hand side of your If you apply for the academic We accept applications on a first completed, What are my payment options? 2 mobile files, 2 desk hutches, 2 desk chairs, 4 dressers, 2 closets, 1 trash can

application fee and the initial housing payment and complete the. If you are a new SJSU spring semester A petition to cancel the Housing License Agreement may be approved for a number of (electronically signing the License Agreement, remit the $50 non-refundable application Triple occupancy bedrooms are furnished with 3 extra-long twin beds, 6 dressers, on or before the payment due dates, even if you have the Tuition Fee Deferral. Classics or CV2 (if space is available). application fee and the initial housing payment. Any SJSU student loans can be "accepted is June 1. To verify if you have an approved Housing Extension, navigate to your MySJSU account Due to space limitations, it is highly unlikely that nor are they designated by apartment, suite or room. Do I need to sign up for utilities, or internet service? Refunds are processed throughout the semester. at San Jose State University or be a faculty or professional staff member. the 2022-2023 academic year. We encourage you to complete the online housing application Screen names are also shown on will be adjusted to reflect these additional charges. fee. may authorize a parent user to discuss financial information regarding their accounts.

their tuition, housing fees and board, therefore all students must be prepared to

You may contact the

Residents wishing to reside in Intersession Housing during the winter break period Prior to having guests over, roommates should discuss what their comfort level is (See section 10a and b). Please note that the earliest Approved pets must be retained in fresh water aquariums that may not exceed 10 gallons Academic year license agreements for the Apartments begin mid-August and end the second Click here for more information. to pay your entire semester housing charges by July 14, 2022 for fall or January 16, submit a Winter Break Period Addendum and payment by December 3rd. has a maximum number of residents or guests who may use these spaces at any given All cancellations for reasons listed in the Annual Housing License Agreement are subject Although you may have a Tuition Fee Deferral for your registration fees and a I haven't been admitted to the university yet; May I still contract to live on campus? https://sjsu.starrezhousing.com/StarRezPortalX. of time. However, all newly admitted freshmen, transfer, and lower division students for Fall Residents may not receive an advance reminder What are my options? notice of payment due date. account. of financial aid that may be available to you. 2 extra-long twin beds, 4 dressers, 2 desks, 2 hutches, 2 mobile files and 2 desk to University Housing Services. The initial payment is $600.00, however, some freshman, transfer, and lower division See below for more information on the Housing IPP. in it? The first Housing Extensions will be placed after semester housing charges have been

The number reasons stated in the Annual Housing License Agreement. fee and initial housing payment) by the May 1, 2022 deadline. During the application process, You can enroll in the Housing Installment Payment Plan (IPP) which is explained in payment). are received. Guests must be office by the specified due date or a $75 late fee will be assessed to the residents I am not receiving any financial aid but I cannot pay the full amount due on the payment within the last 21 calendar days (if so, there will be a waiting period). http://www.sjsu.edu/bursar/students_parents/ferpa_privacy/, How to add an authorized parent user:http://www.sjsu.edu/bursar/docs/steps/setup_authorized_user.pdf [pdf] [pdf], For more tutorials on how to locate information on your MYSJSU account, please visit:http://my.sjsu.edu/students/student_tutorials/. the common spaces and lounge areas must have a mask on at all times. CV2: Double Occupancy units are furnished and include 2 extra-long twin beds, 2 desks, Double and Junior Double bedrooms are furnished with Financial aid may be delayed for a number of reasons, please visit the Financial Aid located in the Mailroom in Joe West Hall or in CVB. Housing License Agreement. Keep in mind that the initial housing payment is actually a pre-payment to your MySJSU student center and following the instructions on how to enroll in Direct Deposit [pdf]. We encourage all applicants to complete the online housing application What if I need to cancel my contract? Depending on when you enroll in the Housing IPP will depend on how many payments to allow smaller monthly payments instead of one larger semester payment. The deadline is May 1, 2022. not receive a room assignment by the deadline to establish a Housing Installment Payment If you are receiving $14,000 or more in financial aid, you qualify for the Housing UHS receives a weekly report from the Financial Aid Office of the students Students are responsible for their own accounts. and can return at the start of Spring semester; For specific license agreement contract As a first-time freshman am I guaranteed housing? semester, by May 1, 2022. they meet the criteria for cancellation. Residents using the space will ensure that they do not exceed the maximum number any additional housing charges ($50 non refundable application fee excluded) paid of your assignment at the International House, your contract with University Housing Remember that roommate requests are honored based on space availability. You may also complete your online housing application University Housing Services does not send out paper bills or invoices. All persons utilizing the common spaces and lounge their housing application online; there is no need to contact the Housing Office. Garage instead by purchasing a SJSU parking permit through Traffic & Parking Services. Please note that residents who

or there are any other adjustments made to your account, the amounts of the installments Telephone upgrades are available for an additional fee. Please note that residents who elect to enroll in the Housing Installment If you plan to accept any loans offered, you must log into your MySJSU account on type whenever possible based on the date their online housing application, electronic on a student's account, per standard processing schedules. Indicators. for this plan each semester. Financial Aid Extension: I am receiving Financial Aid; may I ask for an extension the beginning of the fee period, you must meet the criteria outlined in the Annual uploaded to the student accounts, approximately June 24, 2022 for the fall semester, you will receive a full refund less the $100 license processing fee and the $50 non-refundable The check. 2 dressers (only 1 in the accessible unit), desk, 2 hutches, mobile file, desk chair, a 30-day prorated housing fee, and prorated board, parking and telephone if applicable. Information regarding a students account cannot be given out to anyone other than please inquire at the UHS Housing main office. until you have paid the $50.00 non-refundable application fee, completed the online a summer space (pending availability) if summer housing is needed. Yes. Extension. It is not Spaces are not assigned, You will be advised to enroll in the Housing Installment Payment Plan (IPP). utilize common spaces and lounges. lamp, coffee table, end table, 2 barstools, washer/dryer combo unit, dishwasher, garbage

is available to review any additional options with you. winter break, for the Suites, Classics and CV2; mid-August to the second to last weekend I am not receiving $14,000 in financial aid, but I am receiving some financial aid. this reduction; they will be automatically identified in the University Housing Application financial aid. When is my payment due? until all steps have been completed (submit the online housing application with electronically (or $7,000.00 if you are a new SJSU spring semester only student)? application. Bedrooms are furnished with 2 extra-long twin beds, 4 dressers, Financial Aid will be disbursed directly to students MySJSU account, and applied is July 14, 2022, for the spring semester it is January 16, 2022. Additional fees may apply depending Mandatory Frosh do not need to complete and submit an Deliveries and packages may also be picked up in the Mailroom in Joe California Dream Act Application, may qualify for a 50% reduction in the required While the Housing Installment Payment Plan may still What happens if I can't pay the full amount of the final installment payment? and 1 recycle bin. 2022 for spring, then you may want to select the Housing IPP, even if you are receiving If you are unable Extension and most likely already have both the Housing Extension and Tuition Fee Online housing applications and payments received after the May 1, 2022 deadline will The License Agreement does Payment Plan (IPP) to pay their fees in installments will be charged an additional only, the application will be available in November 2021. can verify that they have been "accepted" by the student. dates, please refer to the Annual Housing License Agreement located on the housing If you are receiving more financial aid than your semester Should you accept a space at the International House and want to cancel your space account under Other Indicators. Do not wait to complete your housing application as space fills quickly. of people allowed in the space. 3 hutches, 2 safety rails, 2 ladders, 1 trash can and 1 recycle bin. spring semester (mid-January to mid-May for the Suites, Classics and CV2; January By email and phone only.No Walk-In Hours. 3 desks, 3 hutches, 3 mobile files, 3 desk chairs, 2 safety rails, 2 ladders, 2 wardrobes Student loans may only be considered if UHS of UHS staff. Junior Double bedrooms include 1 safety rail. with University Housing Services, upon receipt of your cancellation request and verification MySJSU account. More information regarding By email and phone only.No Walk-In Hours. CVA: Apartments licensed by the bedspace are furnished and include an extra-long twin are $100 per month ($20 per month for motorcycle), and are sold on a first-requested, and common areas. In addition, The License Agreement is for the entire academic year (mid-August tomid-May, excluding For more information go to. and submit payments any time after this date and your room/apartment assignment will The information allowed to be given to authorized parent users is Please be reminded that your housing application is not complete If roommates cannot reach a compromise, guests If you have any questions about your financial still be processed; however, roommate matching cannot be guaranteed. 2 desks, 2 hutches, 2 mobile files, 2 desk chairs, 2 wardrobes and 2 closets outside installments will be charged an additional non-refundable fee of $35.00 for this plan curtain in bathroom. your fall housing charges (or spring charges if you are a new spring applicant). a parent/guardian or legally responsible adult to electronically sign the License Masks must be worn while utilizing lounge spaces. application fee. you complete your online housing application.

Residents may not division students) with an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) of $0 - $800, as calculated MySJSU account. What furnishings are indcluded in my room? of charges on a student's account are issued to students when there is a credit balance The priority deadline is Monday, May 9, 2022. areas must have a mask on at all times. mobile file, and a desk chair. Meals are not served during either winter or spring Qualifying students will only have to make an initial housing payment of $300.00 instead I have accepted all available financial aid and Im receiving over $14,000 for the semester only and must be re-selected at the start of each semester. Wi Fi Internet access is provided and utilities are included in your rent. bedspace, 3 desks, 3 hutches, 3 mobile files, 3 desk chairs, 2 safety rails and 2 include 2 extra-long twin beds, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, 2 dressers, 2 built in dressers occupancy units are furnished and include 3 extra-long twin beds, 3 desks, 3 desk you. You have submitted all required documents to cancel your Housing License Agreement Residents in these apartments may request to receive a refund. Room assignments will not be issued to applicants who have not completed this process. of installments depends on how soon you enroll in the Housing IPP. or immediately after June 1 to accept the loans. To see if you qualify for a Housing Extension, answer the questions listed below: 1) Have your housing charges been uploaded to your MySJSU account? chair, built in dresser and a trash can. Qualifying students do not need to contact Housing or request The deadline for applications housing early; however, UHS is not able to allow you to move in until you have been Visitors are only permitted in the building for the duration of the move in process. and you cannot pay the balance all at once, you can enroll in the Housing Installment The residence halls and apartments have lounge spaces. If you don't enroll in Direct Deposit, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to receive a refund Agreement, $50 non-refundable application fee, and initial housing payment must be begin mid-August and end mid-May of the following year. Guests are considered anyone who currently lives in the SJSU Privacy Act (FERPA). your balance will be broken up into. For more information go to Housing Mail Information. You will have and fill out the Roommate Request section. you will be redirected to a secure payment website, CASHNet, to remit the $50 non-refundable It is applied directly to the housing fees and board charges. will be required to wear masks while visiting residents. For more information regarding tuition fee deferrals please visit: https://www.sjsu.edu/faso/process/tuition-feedeferral.php4) If you receive a late notice or call, don't ignore it! been applied to your account and paid all university fees owed. Visit the International House for more information about the International House and their application Late fees will continue to be assessed each month the account is delinquent. may inquire at the UHS Housing main office. may be divided into installments to allow you to make smaller payments over a period first-assigned basis. if you are already contracted for the academic year.

application fee and initial housing payment) by this date, you will be included with

A limited number of Campus Village parking permits are available to UHS residents

All future housing charges for the current fee period are paid in full. Housing Extension for your housing charges, as soon as your financial aid is disbursed How do I contract for a space in a residence hall or apartment? exemption form. first served basis.

Please note that depending on when are available in the UHS Housing main office.. You must notify University Housing Services in writing to cancel your License Agreement. We anticipate the online housing application for the 2022/2023 academic year will Online housing application, electronically signed License application fee, not electronically signing the License Agreement, a minor not designating to the requested area or community and occupancy type based on preference and qualifications Agreement, neglecting to remit the initial housing payment and/or not completing the. Please note that the initial housing payment is only needed with each new academic on the date that you sign up, this will divide your semester charges into installments Face coverings or masks should be worn correctly when wearing a mask is required. Due to high occupancy, applicants must be enrolled in an approved academic course Applications will not be considered complete through the Housing Application Portal. IPP? Below is a link to more information regarding FERPA as well as

license materials and payments are received. applicant qualifications. The assignment is based on both parties to a $100 non-refundable license processing fee. housing charges are uploaded to your MySJSU account. 4 dining chairs, lamp, trash can, recycle bin, and a shower curtain in the bathroom. further detail below. Housing Resident Accounts Coordinator in the Housing Office or an Account Specialist Plan allowing 4 installments. and the final Housing IPP may not result in equal payment amounts on each Housing will have two different installment plans to choose from. submitted in full before your housing application can be considered for an assignment. Please keep in mind that housing fills quickly and typically has a paid waiting list. beds, 3 desks, 3 desk chairs, 2 dressers, 2 built in dressers and a trash can. required to meet established criteria of any community, yet reserves the right to Filling out the online housing application, but not remitting the mandatory $50 non-refundable Remember that the initial housing payment is a pre-payment that is applied toward in the Campus Village parking garage, at an additional fee.

student center page (the main page). Housing charges are uploaded to your MySJSU account and due on the same date as the Visit the Health Advisories website for the latest updates, FAQs, vaccination information, and to Report a Case. Depending The $50.00 application fee is non-refundable in all cases. If the answers to all three questions are "YES" then you are eligible for a Housing completed and received is May 1, 2022. You are encouraged to apply for on-campus The Summer 2022 Housing Application will go live at 10:00am on Monday, April 25. Face coverings or masks should be worn when difficult to maintain at least six feet students. cannot be approved at this time and you will need to seek other methods to pay your payment by the scheduled due dates. Does my Financial Aid pay Housing directly? Will I get a refund if I decide not to move in? Students may not break the Housing License Agreement unless with having guests not wearing masks. Depending on your financial aid award, you may want to consider enrolling in the Housing campus debt. Both you and your roommate of choice must complete the online housing application admitted to the University. while completing your online housing application.

campus registration fee due dates. If you have an approved Housing Extension, it Triple occupancy units are furnished and include 3 extra-long twin Agreement Booklet for exact dates. bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, mobile file, hutch, living room couch, lounge chair, charges. sign up as soon as the option is available in late June so you can take advantage each semester. You will be required to enter your automobile elect to enroll in the Housing Installment Payment Plan (IPP) to pay their fees in until on or after June 1. University Housing Services is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 Academic PLACEHOLDER-FOR-XSL:VALUE-OF(SITE-TITLE) on Facebook, PLACEHOLDER-FOR-XSL:VALUE-OF(SITE-TITLE) on Instagram, Summer Conference and International Groups, Campus Village A (Overnight Guest Housing), SummerConferenceandInternationalGroups. chairs (1 or 2 depending on unit location), coffee table, end table, dining table, Application Fee - A $50 non-refundable application fee is due to complete the application Residents will be permitted to bring one (1) guest into the building beyond lobbies 1st to the second to last weekend of May for the Apartments). Services will be canceled and you will receive a credit for the initial payment and If the answer to any of the above three questions is "no", then a Housing Extension Applicants must complete an online housing application, remit a $50 non-refundable For step by step instructions on how to enroll in the Housing IPP follow these instructions: Please read your license materials carefully I am a financial aid student and cannot afford the initial housing payment; may I https://www.sjsu.edu/bursar/docs/steps/enroll_housing_only.pdf [pdf]. on your account past the end dates will be due on the next payment due date. date if you are unsure. before signing the License Agreement. to the beginning of the fee period (the first day that the halls/apartments open), The 2022-2023 Housing Application for new housing applicants is now available. If students choose to do so, they the guest's actions. Housing IPP: When can I enroll in the Housing Installment Payment Plan (IPP)? If will not be able to afford the full balance due by the payment due date after the