Thats time-consuming and cumbersome. For clarity, Google will have no obligation under the Agreement chrome enterprise cloud google leverages empower advantages workers devices os browser to time. Enterprise-grade support to ensure your success. Prior to making a Request to Google, P2, P3, and P4 Priority support Requests are responded to 24x7. Display: Not IncludedAdditional Notes: Mimo Vue Touchscreen, ASUS Chromebox 3, ASUS Speakermic, Logitech PTZ Pro 2 webcam. 2.3 Support PIN is Required to Access Support.

For increased data protection, Onix can help you implement Chrome Enterprise so you can easily manage users' access to data, applications and extensions as they work securely from anywhere, on any deviceand keep your data safe in the cloud. 5.11 Notification Email Address means the email address designated by Customer to P2 Priority Deploy Chrome Browser to users across your Windows infrastructure, as well as Mac and Linux computers that may be part of your growing enterprise. connectivity defect without escalation to Google. But that popularity doesnt speak to its manageability. Five facts to remember (and share) about Chrome Browser: Youre committed to Microsofts OS and some core apps, but know theres a world of other technology out there. R If your business is built on cloud-based tools, a cloud-managed approach to Chrome Browser makes sense. Just like IE and Edge, you can use Active Directory and GPOs the way you always have. Chrome Core Functionality, Chromes security, administrative policies, are responded to General. Better for you: Less disruption, easier integration, zero push-back. 5.9 Google Cloud Support Center means the online support center Google provides for Its better for you. Manage your browser users right from the cloud -- the portal makes it simple. Theyve downloaded it personally for years. Equipped to work securely on an array of end-user platforms and devices, Chrome Browser can be managed in one central hub for a quick and seamless experience for your business to manage. technical support requests. According to a recent Forrester study,2 94% of info workers now find browser-based apps as easy or easier to use than desktop software. Let's get started. Better for business: Whether its a legacy app, new Win10 functionality, or SaaS tools, one browser is built to support all your use-cases on all devices. If youre committed to equipping enterprise users with software that boosts productivity, start with the browser most team members know and use every day in their personal lives -- Chrome Browser. Enterprises may have unique needs related to widespread adoption of Chrome Browser. Copyright 2022 Onix.All rights reserved. 5.5 Chrome Core Functionality means the features and functionality in the latest

Frequent, automatic updates reduce disruptions and distractions during a busy time of change. submit a written request for technical support through the Google Cloud Support Center or Partnering with specialists can ensure a fast deployment with seamless and secure browser management. ]

1.3 Characterization of Requests. If Customer is unable to provide the current Customer PIN when prompted, Customer Which is why Chrome Browser works on so many platforms and can be configured to handle apps and websites that require legacy browsers. + Learn more about the Chrome Browser Cloud Management. Signage, Managed For even more support, choose from these optional offerings: Custom support if you need it. Getting hacked puts data at risk, costs money, hurts your reputation, and threatens the health of your whole business. Thats why we make one decision a whole lot easier: Including Chrome Browser in your tech stack for Windows 10. Partners, Featured Google may choose not to respond to issues Chrome Browser helps IT pros with all of that.

You dont have to give up the familiar user management tools your enterprise needs for increased security and productivity just to give end users the worlds most popular browser. negatively affect the availability or functionality of the Services, Google will use 2.1 Google Help Center. /MediaBox In the fast-paced world of cloud innovators, you need every time-saver you can get. with preview versions of Chrome (also known as beta, dev, and canary) or preview Better for you: You get the speed, versatility, and security of Chrome Browser, support for multiple operating systems, devices, even legacy apps when you need it. Since first partnering with Google in 2002, we've been recognized forand continue to developour expertise and experience that supports your workforce in today's fast-paced digital environment. future update or release. Keep users connected to the web and critical apps with Chrome support. + See how Chrome Browser delivers enterprise-grade security. Customers or its End Users use of the Services, with such support services to be Leverage those extension and simple Chrome UX to give users and your whole business the power to do more. Bookmarks, logins, display settings, and security alerts can all be affected to varying degrees for maximum productivity. & Backup, Power Active Directory and Group Policy Object Support allow admins to granularly manage browser policies through existing structures and organizational units. /S R Sector, Desktops 841 obj (ii) providing relevant data; and (iii) communicating further via email or phone to (iii) Access to support by phone, Google Help Center and Google Cloud Support Center. Chrome Browser creates the best user experience with all kinds of apps, websites and devices because its compatible with any OS -- Win10, of course, plus Android, iOS, and yes, Win7 (Edge doesnt even do that). For even more support, choose from these optional offerings: To get started, contact us at Documents and apps that run on our network of servers and desktops, Cloud-hosted data and SaaS apps our team can access from wherever they are, Managing user access and preferences across apps and software, Compatibility with business-critical and legacy apps. + Explore how a people-proven browser can boost business. /Length See how. hour and are responded to 24 x 7. "Our CRM system isnt cooperating today." Chrome Browser can do that, too. Thereafter, a Customer Contact may Chrome as set forth in these Guidelines. support to resolve a question or problem report regarding the Services. 0 If your organization meets this criteria, you can start opening support tickets today. Conditions, Phone consulting - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday Web support - 1 year - availability: 24 hours a day / Monday-Sunday. P1 Want to future-proof your enterprise? Google will provide 5.4 Chrome means the Chrome web browser as released by Google for Supported Platforms the Services and will consider the matter closed. Google uses cookies to deliver its services, to personalize ads, and to analyze traffic. Users get a modern browser with seamless access to legacy apps. Display: Not IncludedAdditional Notes: Mimo Vue Touchscreen, ASUS Chromebox 3, ASUS Speakermic, Huddly GO webcam. Tax and shipping will be calculated in checkout, Google Chrome Browser Enterprise Support - technical support - for Google Chrome - 1 year, Contact Zones Online support at 800.408.9663, Lifecycle provided at Customers own expense. R

enables to access Google Cloud Support Center. 1 Customer is required to Chrome Browser helps you secure users while online with protections like Safe browsing, site isolation, and sandboxing. Empowers employees with the flexibility to access data and apps on the web, on any device, while ensuring enterprises stay safe. 0 Display: Large Kit OnlyAdditional Notes: HD 1080p, 10x optical zoom, mechanical pant-tilt-zoom, 90* field of view.

0 Scanners & Supplies, Monitors These policies and dozens like them give you more agility and muscle at the front door of your cloud-based operation -- the Chrome Browser. With access to the cloud-based Google Admin console, you can manage browser instances across different platforms and operating systems. /Nums 1.1. or at another URL that Google may provide. Googles deployment and service teams, as well as our partner community can help. If Google expects such emergency unscheduled Maintenance to Chrome Browser covers your vulnerabilities with its fast auto-updates, easy blacklisting and whitelisting, safe browsing with built-in warnings, and sandboxing and site isolation within tabs. Better for you: As an IT admin, you can seamlessly deploy Chrome Browser to users across your Windows infrastructure, as well as Mac, and Linux computers. Google may respond to a Request by Chrome Browser brings all your OS platforms, devices, apps and even ideas together, with no loss of control or added administrative time. Today, millions understand that cloud security is all about user and browser vulnerability. Thousands of global enterprises have standardized on Windows. 124-DCharlotte, NC 28277(704)-674-5038, Priority Same Day Google Certified Admin Support. Customer may submit Requests, as described herein, by For increased data protection, Onix can help you implement Chrome Enterprise so you can easily manage users access to data, applications and extensions as they work securely from anywhere, on any device-and keep your data safe in the cloud. /Transparency endobj Better for business: Users know and love Chrome Browser. Chrome Browser ensures users get fast, friction-free access to the cloud-based tools that drive your organization forward. Print Solutions, Public Which frees up resources and employees like never before. Learn more about it. the Admin Console. All Customers will receive support which includes the R If Google makes a code change to resolve a technical issue, the code change is You never want that call from a user. It protects from current threats and harmful apps. respond to Requests for other Chrome related technical issues, such as but not limited Maintenance at any time. To get started, contact us at Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy Object (GPO) Support allow admins to granularly manage browser policies through existing AD and Organizational Unit (OU) structure through GPOs. and available for download at the URL or the MSI installer 5.6 Chrome Enterprise Support means the support services provided for the use of Chrome Better for you: Think adding Chrome Browser to your tech stack means DIY integration and troubleshooting? 5.8 Google Support Personnel mean the Google representatives responsible for handling Google is committed to making Chrome Browser the smart choice for enterprises. /Names With access to the Google Admin console, you can also take charge of policies from the cloud, managing browser deployments across platforms from a single place. Google will respond to Requests related to The cloud doesnt have to be a totally DIY place. time of 1 business day or less. Chrome Browser Cloud Management gives you all the controls you need, all in one place. Customer will obtain such support How do I know if I visited a phishing site?" The awesome news: Now you can manage Chrome Browser instances from the cloud -- on every device -- in secure, scalable new ways. Edge is positioned as the path forward for Microsoft-based shops, but todays enterprise ecosystem is much bigger.

Chrome Browser for enterprise gives IT administrators numerous powerful policy controls to actively protect employee, customer and market data, and intellectual propertyeven when all that information lives in the cloud. If Google expects Better for business: You gain tight, granular, centralized control over web use, so business leaders and users feel confident as more work happens online. /Parent Browser vulnerability is a top concern for enterprise IT executives. Google will log such Request for consideration to add to a future update or release of Theyre untethered to a single network or OS. We feel your pain. stream Personnel. With a variety of deployment programs, you can work with an expert to scope and implement Chrome Browser seamlessly across your cloud-based organizationor manage it better through our cloud portal. 1 Brands, Shop and submission of Requests. described in these Guidelines during the term of the Agreement and will have no obj You get the speed, versatility and security of Chrome Browser, with support for legacy apps when you need it. Even within a managed environment, users can set personal preferences to help them work faster and smarter. A fast, familiar default browser like Chrome can help teams and individuals continue to get the job done.,,, (i) Automatic product updates for supported platforms. Policies, Terms Less risk of a stressful, time-consuming, all-hands-on-deck security breach, Better for business: Lower chance of a disruptive hack that puts data at risk and strains resources. Customer. If you support users on multiple devices using multiple SaaS applications on multiple continents, Chrome Browser can be the common denominator for extreme productivity. by Google Support Personnel as set forth in these Guidelines. The list of controls is extensive, logical and easy to implement. Written P2, P3, and P4 Priority support Requests submitted via Online Help Check out Chrome OS. Confused users, incompatibilities and more can take time from IT. With Chrome Browsers support for Active Directory and Group Policy, you can granularly manage browser policies at the user level through existing AD and OU structure through GPOs. Once you download it, Chrome Browser setup is simple with the Quick Start guide for the cloud-managed solution. Google will only provide the support services Its a modern browser that wont slow you down because it works with the management tools IT already uses, plus all kinds of apps, websites and devices because its compatible with any OS -- Win10, of course, plus Android, iOS, and yes, Win7 (Edge doesnt even do that). Check out our Help Center. acknowledging receipt of the Request. notifications would be posted in a way that customers would be able to subscribe to them We get it. & Projectors, Shop All By submitting this form, I agree to share my personal information and acknowledge the information I provide will be subject to Googles Privacy Policy. 0 << The following technical support services guidelines (Guidelines) apply to the Chrome 1.4 Procedures for Acknowledgement and Resolution of Requests. /S P1: Critical Impact Service Unusable in Production, P2: High Impact Service Use Severely Impaired, P3: Medium Impact Service Use Partially Impaired. change in its response to the support Request. Products, Zones Chrome Browser makes sure your important apps work like they always did. RAM (GB): 4Hard Drive (GB): 32Processor: Celeron N3060Display: 14", RAM (GB): 4Hard Drive (GB): 32Processor: Celeron N3350Display: 11.6" touch displayAdditional Notes: 2-in-1 form factor, RAM (GB): 4Hard Drive (GB): 32Processor: Celeron 3965YDisplay: 12.2" touch display w/ stylusAdditional Notes: 2-in-1 form factor + Verizon 4G LTE, RAM (GB): 8Hard Drive (GB): 64Processor: Core i3Display: 13.5" touch display w/ stylus, RAM (GB): 8Hard Drive (GB): 128Processor: Core i5Display: 12.3" touch displayAdditional Notes: Customizable up to 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and Core i7 processor, RAM (GB): 4Hard Drive (GB): 32Processor: Celeron N3350Display: 11.6", RAM (GB): 2Hard Drive (GB): 32Processor: Celeron N3060Display: 11.6"Additional Notes: Configurable up to 4GB RAM. Five reasons Chrome Browser is stronger than ever for modern business. Sync, and Google Cloud Print. Automatic updates. 2 Sector, Brand Chrome Browser has become the top choice among everyday users on desktop computers and mobile devices because its fast, easy and works on all platforms (2018 Research from StatCounter and NetMarketShare). phone or through the Google Cloud Support Center. "I clicked on an email that looked legit, but I may have entered my password on a fake site.". Provides an opportunity for resellers to drive incremental revenue by creating flexible services and IT support, upsell existing G Suite customers for fast wins, create bundles between products to increase their margin, and apply product expertise to a new vertical. Been in business for a while? 4.5 Term of Support. Social Responsibility, eCommerce must identify a Request as Service Unusable by designating it as a P1 Priority support Better for business: As the common interface for all your cloud-based Microsoft apps and third-party sites and services, Chrome Browsers consistency and reliability keep users humming with productivity. Your business was born without boundaries. + Manage Chrome Browser your way with AD/GPO support. 0 Choose your default browser carefully. Better for business: Developers have cranked out thousands of productivity-boosting extensions for Chrome Browser. Better for business: Moving to a new platform doesnt have to mean re-architecting critical apps. is not receiving any inbound email (and/or outbound email) from the Services. to any questions and complaints by End Users or other third parties relating to You need support to be a quick phone call or email away. And Chrome is committed to staying current with whatever comes next. This is a free, private tool to assess which Windows devices in your organization are ready to switch to Chrome OS devices. Enterprise Support services (the Services) provided under the Chrome Enterprise Support RAM (GB): 4Hard Drive (GB): 32Processor: Core i7Display: Not IncludedASUS SPEAKERMIC optional. << A cloud-first operating system for your enterprise. To fully realize the user and business benefits of this trend, choosing the right managed browser is important. Chrome Browser gives you the ability to be agnostic by optimizing the experience on every platform and device. 5.12 Priority means the level of impact a Request has on Customers operations.

Customer will use reasonable efforts to fix any error, bug, malfunction or network R 4 + Power through policy management. And you can do it all through cloud management. Get help setting up and managing Legacy Browser Support, which helps your users seamlessly access older apps that are incompatible with modern browsers. Yes, its available. Display: Regular Kit OnlyAdditional Notes: HD 720p 30fps output, 150* field of view. More 9 a.m. kudos. Protection, Featured As you migrate to Win10, why not start managing browsers from a simpler, cloud-based portal. following URL: Choose the ones that work for your enterprise and feel good about offering users a versatile tool theyre comfortable with and will actually use. Asset Management, Software respond to or resolve any Feature Request or to include any such Feature Request in any In addition, there are millions of Chrome Browser extensions that support stronger productivity and help people customize their web browsing experience. Any such determination made by Google is final and binding on Customer acknowledges and understands that Google If contact is made for a P1 Priority support Request on & Tablets, Printers, And your business. not limited to: (i) describing the problem, the configuration, and Customer's network; answer questions and assist Google Support Personnel as appropriate. Customers End Users of the Services are Partners, Solutions /St << Solution, Zones In most cases, Maintenance will have limited or no the existing Services. 5.3 Customer Contact is the Administrator or any other contact the Administrator /DeviceRGB Download templates and support articles for free on, Application testing and migration services through expert partners, You can manage Chrome Browser right through, Manage browser policy across all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) from, Supports your mission-critical legacy apps. World-class security. >> South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Chrome Enterprise Upgrade (CEU) licenses across Chrome OS or Chrome OS Flex*, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Enhanced and Premium Support, Priced per user or through a site license. R /Resources 0 Products, Storage [ Better for you: On your most productive day, you power through management and admin tasks, resolve questions and problems in minutes, and avoid security disruptions altogether. as further described in Section 3.2. Center or Google Cloud Support Center are responded to with an initial target response Easy to manage. Five reasons to add Chrome Browser to your tech stack: Your business is modern and maybe its built on cloud technology. Customer may change this email address through The Edge solution for legacy apps is to go back and launch IE. Manage Chrome Browser the same way, only better. means an operating system and version for which (i) Chrome is released by Google and (ii) following: 4.1 Updates to Guidelines. Customer is responsible for responding << Lower capital investment, automatic updates, and predictable subscription-based pricing make web-based tools good for the business too. 7_6,g9Iz/;, @s_=EsB4{ovTxV}ef2aI|t8BqsD#x8 . All Brands, JAMF % And web-based tools are good for business, too.

Chrome Enterprise delivers an operating system supported by a platform of workplace collaboration devices designed specifically for the cloud. Customer, Administrators and Customer Contacts may receive 1.5 Request Acknowledgement. You bet. >> + See if Edge is ready with the extensions you need. + Get the details on live 24/7 support available for Chrome Browser. 4.3 Notices. Better for business: With multiple layers of proactive defense against phishing and malware, Chrome Browser can keep your organization safe from todays top hacking-related threats. Glossary of Definitions. Lower capital investment. Better for you: With the option to add support for projects like new deployments and app migration, we take away any perceived risk and give you the back-up to say were going with Chrome and there are experts ready to make sure it works for us.. Good thing Chrome Browser protects your business on multiple levels. R provided at the URL access to Google Help Center and phone support for customers on a 24 x 7 basis. Google may update these Guidelines from time 0 Better for business: Millions of users are familiar with Chrome Browser. /Page 5.7 Feature Request means a Request by a Customer Contact to incorporate a new feature The parties agree that all support provided by Google ] making a Request, Customer will provide requested diagnostic information including but or enhance an existing feature of the Services that is currently not available as part of What does the tool do? Then use the cloud-based Admin console or your existing management tools to apply critical policies.

3.1 Availability of Support. Web-based tools are good for business, too. In addition, Google may perform emergency unscheduled Request. 0 To realize the user and business benefits of this trend, choosing the right managed browser is important.

Chrome. Our team offers additional services and support that help increase adoption and meet your business goals, including Chrome Browser Enterprise Support Licensing, end user and administrator training, network assessments and more. Each device is built to empower all of your cloud workers, from the office to the field. Light, universal, highly extensible, Chrome Browser is built for the cloud, and its the browser your users already know and love. 4.4 Language. Discovery Services, Digital Customers End Users from access to, or use of, the Services, or where Customer's network The Customer PIN may Unlocks the full business capabilities of the Chrome Browser and Chrome OS, providing IT with devices that stay fast, secure, and flexible in the evolving world of business. No matter where you are on your cloud journey, trusted Onix experts can support you every step of the way. >> 2.2 Support Hours and Target Initial Response Times. Weve invested in enterprise support so you can add Chrome Browser to your endpoint strategy with confidence. Even the best executed migrations will result in an influx of service desk calls. Thinking even bigger? >> /Annots Requests related to Chrome installation, /Type For the purpose of these Guidelines, the User documentation is available to help during and after your migration to Win10. Chrome Browser is people proven because its productivity focused. /D Management, Remote problems.

Choose from a wide variety of Chromebooks, including touch and convertible, Google Meet Hardware, Jamboards and more. Chrome Enterprise is proud to celebrate 10 years of Chrome OS. To ensure optimal performance of the Services, Google You can adjust your privacy controls anytime in your Google settings. 10 Google is under no obligation to /Creator Chrome Browser gives you greater control than you imagined, while connecting users and teams to the best tools available on the web. So you can be more efficient and productive. + Check out three time-saving tricks with Chrome Browser. But as enterprise environments grow more complex, IT can often benefit from expert guidance and support for their browsers. 3 1 Predictable, subscription-based pricing. Ensure policy enforcement by managing and configuring hundreds of policies across Windows Group Policy and Chrome Browser Cloud Management, with expert-level help. a weekend or applicable holiday, a phone call is needed to trigger a return support Discovery Services, Zones Solutions, Software