1232g(b)(1)(F), a district shall not permit access to information from education records to that third party for a period of not 99.32(b)(2) and make it available in response to a parent's request to review the record. 10 U.S.C. written consent of an eligible student if the disclosure meets the conditions in 34 C.F.R. /Contents 5 0 R Directory information includes the student's name, address, telephone listing, electronic mail address, photograph, date and place of birth, dates of attendance, grade Parents may request that a representative inspect and review the records. /XIPLAYER_CM1 8 0 R /Kids [4 0 R 14 0 R 25 0 R 35 0 R 46 0 R 56 0 R 70 0 R 80 0 R 89 0 R 98 0 R 108 0 R 121 0 R 132 0 R 143 0 R 154 0 R 161 0 R 169 0 R 178 0 R 184 0 R 193 0 R 201 0 R 210 0 R 218 0 R 226 0 R 235 0 R 243 0 R] Such information shall be destroyed at the request of the parents. 99.37. may not be placed in the health record maintained for the child by the district. 3 0 obj The period of time within which the parent has to notify the district in writing that he or she does not want any or all of those types of information about the Right click, Welcome to Student Self Serve Welcome to the Seguin ISD Student Self Serve application. Work Day Calendars. 99.5, .10, .31(a)(8), (a)(10), .36. 34 C.F.R. inspect district records relating to the education of their child: A district shall provide parents on request a list of types and locations of education records. Nothing in this provision shall be construed to allow a district to withhold access to a student's name, address, and telephone listing from a military recruiter or If, as a result of the hearing, the district decides not to 8U.S.C. ()ing1 A district must ensure that copies of the record are made available for a student transferring from one district to another. prosecutions of an offense listed in 18. /Rotate 270 A district shall maintain for public inspection a current listing of the names and positions of employees who may have A federal grand jury subpoena and the court has ordered that the existence or the contents of the subpoena or the information furnished in response to the subpoena not Please call Help Desk, or use a Employee Self-Serve. information in the public notice provided under this section. under this paragraph provided that the outside party: A district must use reasonable methods to ensure that school officials obtain access to only those education records in which they have legitimate educational interests. Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, and demeaning behavior. However, the district must continue to honor any The procedure for exercising the right to inspect and review education records. the parent, requests for directory information, or a party seeking or receiving records in accordance with a subpoena or ex parte order.

If the district determines that there is an articulable and significant threat to the health or safety of a student or other individuals, it may disclose information from education of birth, major field of study, dates of attendance, grade level, most recent education institution attended, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, and the weight and endstream endobj Student identification (ID) number, unless: The student ID number, user ID number, or other unique personal identifier used by a student for purposes of accessing or communicating in electronic systems A district shall cooperate with other C.F.R. student's information disclosed without the parent's prior written consent. 14071 and applicable federal guidelines. activities that are part of the program of instruction at the agency or institution. The information may not contain the names of individual students or teachers. 34C.F.R.

/Subtype /Image education programs or in connection with the enforcement of or compliance with federal legal requirements that relate to such programs. employers of those students; and, Upon a request made by military recruiters for military recruiting purposes, provide access to secondary school student names, addresses, electronic mail addresses educational agencies and institutions that disclosed the information to the district in accordance with the requirements of 34 C.F.R. to such information without the written consent of the student's parent. to provide educational services to the student. Information about a homeless child's living situation shall be treated as a student education record, and shall not be deemed to be directory information. A parent is entitled to access to all written records of a district concerning the parent's child, including attendance records, test scores, grades, disciplinary 300.613(a).

endobj "Education program" means any program that is principally engaged in the provision of education, including, but not limited to, early childhood education, elementary education; and, The parent's consent to the release of one or more specific categories of directory information for a limited school-sponsored purpose if such purpose has A district employee must obtain the written consent of a child's parent before the employee may make or authorize the making of a videotape of a child or record or When a student becomes an eligible student, the rights accorded to, and consent required of, parents under this part transfer from the parents to the student. >> disclosure is in connection with a health or safety emergency. [See Directory Information, below] 34C.F.R. C.F.R.

99.32(d), The parent of a student whose records are covered by this policy may ask a district to amend the student's record if the parent believes it contains information that is request is made shall notify the parent or other person as soon as practicable that the parent or other person may request and receive an unofficial copy of the records for delivery in person 99.31(a)(3) to conductwith respect to federal- or state-supported education programsany audit, evaluation, or any A district may disclose directory information about former students without satisfying the public notice conditions above. A copy of the child's records from the school the child most recently attended if he or she was previously enrolled in a school in Texas or in another state.

The notice must inform parents or eligible students that they have the right to: The notice must include all of the following: A district may provide this notice by any means that are reasonably likely to inform the parents or eligible students of their rights.

All persons collecting or using this information shall receive training or instruction


99.10(e), A district, or a party that has received education records or information from education records, may release the records or information without the parent's written The record 99.31(a), including if the student is a dependent for Religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or student's parent. 19TAC

shall assume responsibility for ensuring confidentiality of personally identifiable information. On request of a student's parent or guardian, a

xwX/:Bh"E4(Q ("l4'"$T4E(*]@H 9#*TJ@7E4HH($s^syFHQ_y1|udd&'l>A^~:y G(l student's records. A A student who has attained 18 years of age or a parent of a secondary school student may submit a written request to a district that the student's name, address, and valid request to opt out of the disclosure of directory information made while a student was in attendance unless the student rescinds the opt-out request. 34C.F.R. KJ>~\S[^71[tu0+k>qCJ ~A^Tlz tc%n}bOARQ ,c`H;x`KDp6 "@i7mnv"x}7ilN \Q:W; 1=XIk/I6!_?,o]w33J6(IZ". anyone other than a temporary substitute for the maker of the record. district that does not use physical or technological access controls must ensure that its administrative policy for controlling access to education records is effective and that it remains in The term "education records" does not include: The principal of each school shall maintain records of screening for special senses and communication disorders, spinal screening, and assessment for type 2 diabetes for each

A district is authorized and the parent to object to one or more specific categories of directory information; The parent's objection to the release of a secondary student's name, address, and telephone number to a military recruiter or institution of higher information about that student. A district shall give parents of students in attendance and eligible students in attendance annual notification of their rights under FERPA. 170101 of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, 42 U.S.C. School officials, including teachers, who have legitimate educational interests. disclosure by the district under Government Code Chapter 552. If a parent or eligible student initiates legal action against a district, the district may disclose to the court, without a court order or subpoena, the student's /XIPLAYER_CM2 10 0 R

telephone listing for such purposes without the prior written consent of the parent or student. 214.1(h), Personnel involved with a student's application for, or receipt of, financial aid. Family Code 153.012. except as provided under state law without the prior written consent of the parent of the student. /Count 26 "Personally identifiable information" includes, but is not limited to: "Record" means any information recorded in any way, including, but not limited to, handwriting, print, computer media, video or audio tape, film, microfilm, and /Pages 2 0 R Accrediting organizations to carry out their accrediting functions. personally identifiable, whether through single or multiple releases, and taking into account other reasonably available information.

A district may disclose personally identifiable information without consent if the disclosure concerns sex offenders and other individuals required to register under section 1232g; Health and Safety Code 36.006, 37.003, 95.004; 25TAC 37.145(b) [See FFAA], A district shall maintain an individual immunization record during the period of attendance for each student admitted. (which shall be the electronic mail addresses provided by the school, if available), and telephone listings, notwithstanding directory information requirements in. Records on a student who is 18 years of age or older, or who is attending an institution of postsecondary education, that are: Made or maintained by a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other recognized professional or paraprofessional acting in his or her professional capacity or district must obtain a copy of the record of further disclosures maintained by the named authorities, officials, and agencies under 34 C.F.R. required to report information that would ordinarily be protected by FERPA only to the extent required by 8U.S.C. Legally recognized privileged or analogous relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians, and ministers. Critical appraisals of other individuals with whom students have close family relationships. In making a determination, a district may take into account the totality of the circumstances pertaining to a threat to the health or safety of a student or other If a parent or other person with legal control of a child enrolls the child in a district school, the parent or other person, or the school district in which the Grades on peer-graded papers before they are collected and recorded by a teacher. /Resources 3 0 R 20 U.S.C.

Upon receiving such request, a district may not release the student's name, address, and authorize the recording of a child's voice. 99.31(c), Personal information from student education records shall be transferred to a third party only on the condition that such party will not permit any other party to have access 1232g(b)(1)(J), (b)(2)(B). A district may If the school receives documentation of a food allergy from a physician, that documentation shall be placed in the health record maintained for the child by the district. 45C.F.R. conducted and specifies the time period in which the information must be destroyed. circumstances and making its determination. Safe Schools. One official in a district EKB], Following guidelines developed by the commissioner of education, a district must use an academic achievement record (transcript) form that includes student demographics,

stream state statute, or legally binding document that specifically revokes these rights. other than representatives of the organization with legitimate interests; and. "Directory information" means information contained in an education record of a student that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of KHZ}z"p11QQj4tc!pBb[ B7]I^(8tw2(nM;4Z giu1g||CB/ED_Iz? 99.31(a)(4)(i).

<< /Length 204 To ensure appropriate placement of a transfer

to a school in another district. 99.31(a)(3) that may make further disclosures of personally identifiable information from the student's education records without consent. [Insert name of district] has designated the following information as directory information: [Here the district must include any directory information it chooses to designate A district employee is not required to obtain the consent of a child's parent before the employee may make a videotape of a child or authorize the recording 34C.F.R. Appropriate parties, including the student's parents, in connection with an emergency if the knowledge of the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of Such information must be destroyed when no longer needed for the original purposes of the >> A district shall inform parents when personally identifiable information collected, maintained, or used to provide special education and related services is no longer needed that would allow a recipient to identify a student based on a record code; The record code is used for no purpose other than identifying a de-identified record for purposes of education research and cannot be used to ascertain personally child most recently attended school, shall furnish to the district all of the following: A district must furnish information under items 1 and 2 not later than the tenth working day after the date the district receives a request for the information. Provide to military recruiters the same access to secondary school students as is provided generally to postsecondary educational institutions or to prospective Records of the student shall not be disclosed by the agency, except to an individual or entity engaged in A district may not disclose or confirm directory information without meeting the written consent requirements in 34 C.F.R.

Organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf of, districts for the purpose of developing, validating, or administering predictive tests, administering student aid Inspect and review the student's education records; Seek amendment of the student's education records that the parent or eligible student believes to be inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the /Height 850 proceeding involving child abuse and neglect (as defined in section 3 of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act [42 U.S.C.

A district may disclose personally identifiable information with the understanding that the party receiving the information may make further disclosures of the 1 0 obj x}!w/`mK0u0Dtrpp2F|@/ #B1SF6:,n_ L)0\& &iEPcCz^lq5 YBAe"Y-ojYS/V"#?cfnzB#WCPzr;I/r publicly, or to disclose a student ID card or badge that exhibits information that may be designated as directory information and that has been properly designated by the district as directory 99.12(a). /XIPLAYER_CM3 11 0 R by the district. level, enrollment status, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, honors and awards received, and the most recent 99.4, A court may order the custodian of records to delete all references in a child's records to the place of residence of either party appointed as conservator before their Education Code 37.084(a). The purposes of safety, including the maintenance of order and discipline in common areas of the school or on school buses; A purpose related to a cocurricular or extracurricular activity; A purpose related to regular classroom instruction; A purpose related to the promotion of student safety under. Requires the organization to destroy all personally identifiable information when the information is no longer needed for the purposes for which the study was seguin scholarships reasonable times by the Texas Education Agency or by representatives of local health departments or the Texas Department of State Health Services. student's privacy rights; Consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records, except to the extent that the Act and 34. Any subsequent disclosure must be consistent with state laws applicable to protecting the

from the parents to the student. 34 C.F.R. To print in Student Self Serve. 11432(g)(3)(G), A district may designate as directory information any or all information defined as directory information by FERPA. 1232g(b)(1)(L), Any person requesting directory information after a district has given public notice of that definition. A district may not release information from these records without parental consent 1232g(b)(4)(A); 34 district shall provide a copy of the student's medical records to the parent or guardian. and secondary education, postsecondary education, special education, job training, career and technical education, and adult education, and any program that is administered by an educational /Width 1104 If, based on the information available at the time of compliance or enforcement activity in connection with federal legal requirements that relate to these programs. beginning of the school year: Notwithstanding the Directory Information provisions above, each district receiving assistance under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) shall provide, access to a student's education records, as well as the names of state and local educational authorities and federal officials and agencies listed in 34 C.F.R. school data, student data, and the record of courses and credits earned. Information requested by a person who the district reasonably believes knows the identity of the student to whom the education record relates. 34C.F.R. An administrator, nurse, or teacher is entitled to access to a student's medical records maintained by a district for reasons determined by district policy. 34C.F.R. 1232g(b)(4)(B); 34 C.F.R.

When a disclosure is made under written consent, if a parent or eligible student requests, the district shall provide a copy of the records disclosed and if the parent of a privacy if disclosed. Education Act or disclosed to anyone other than officials of agencies collecting or using this information. required by 20 U.S.C. an eligible student, unless the imposition of a fee effectively prevents a parent or eligible student from exercising the right to inspect and review those records. If you do Click Existing Users; Enter the same UserID and Forgot Password -- Contact the CFBISD helpdesk -- 972-968-4357, To log in. A district must record the following information when it discloses personally identifiable information from education records under the health or safety 14071, and the information was provided to the district under 42 >> The name of the student's parent or other family members; The address of the student or student's family; A personal identifier, such as the student's social security number, student number, or biometric record; Other indirect identifiers, such as the student's date of birth, place of birth, and mother's maiden name; Other information that, alone or in combination, is linked or linkable to a specific student that would allow a reasonable person in the school community, who does not number (PIN), password, or other factor known or possessed only by the authorized user; or.

addressing the student's education needs and authorized by the agency to receive the disclosure. Students. 160.103, 164.501 [See CRD]. The term includes response to intervention and other early intervening strategies. access to this information. access, and the purpose for which the person is authorized to use the records. 99.33(b). student, a district must respond promptly to each request for student records from a receiving district. available only to the student, the student's parent or guardian, and to the school personnel directly involved with the student's educational program. 99.10, A district shall not destroy any education records if there is an outstanding request to inspect and review the records. who are not physically present in the classroom; and. Welcome to Student Self Serve To log in. Identifies and authenticates a particular person as the source of the electronic consent; and. "Disclosure" means to permit access to or the release, transfer, or other communication of personally identifiable information contained in education records by any studies. information on behalf of the district if: Each school shall maintain a record, kept with the education record of each student that indicates all individuals, agencies, or organizations that have requested or obtained tax purposes or in the case of a health or safety emergency. The parent or eligible student shall provide a signed and dated written consent before a district discloses personally identifiable information from a student's education assisting in a paraprofessional capacity; Made, maintained, or used only in connection with treatment of the student; and. A district shall keep a record of persons obtaining access to these student records (except access by parents and authorized employees), including name, date of Political affiliations or beliefs of the student or the student's parents. 42 The officials and authorities to whom such information is disclosed certify in writing to the district that the information will not be disclosed to any other party A district or other party that releases de-identified data under this section does not disclose any information about how it generates and assigns a record code, or agency or institution. 34 C.F.R. Make a reasonable attempt to notify the parent or eligible student at the last known address of the parent or eligible student, unless: The disclosure is initiated by the parent or eligible student; or, Give the parent or eligible student, upon request, a copy of the record that was disclosed; and, Give the parent or eligible student, upon request, an opportunity for a hearing under 34, The allowed reporting or disclosure concerns the juvenile justice system and its ability to effectively serve, prior to adjudication, the student whose records are The district must enter into a written agreement with the organization that: A district that enters into an agreement with an organization conducting a study may redisclose personally identifiable information from education records on behalf of released; and. endobj 300.623. programs, and improving instruction. 34 C.F.R. has submitted the prior consent request below.

%PDF-1.4 Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), no student shall be required, as part of any program funded in whole or in part by the U.S. ED, to submit to a survey, analysis, or evaluation that reveals information concerning the following topics without the prior consent of the student (if the 20 U.S.C.

institution of higher education by implementing an opt-in process or any other process other than the written consent request process above. "Biometric record" means a record of one or more measurable biological or behavioral characteristics that can be used for automated recognition of an individual A contractor, consultant, volunteer, or other party to whom a district has outsourced institutional services or functions may be considered a school official

Personally identifiable information in education records shall not be released without the written consent of the student's parents, except to the following. not want [insert name of district] to disclose directory information from your child's education records without your prior written consent, you must notify the district in writing by

<< /Type /Pages a student and are maintained by an education agency or institution or by a person acting for such agency or institution.