Great theme for its price. This is often expressed via dark headers, clean photography and office/business-based imagery, like below. Webify comes with loads of ready-made demos which will get you going in little to no time. A few additional tweaks (without coding), and youre done. It is the best to choose a blog theme from design persprice over everything else. That said, the appearance is appealing to the eye and likely suits your style as is. Users can alter their blogs color scheme or implement some predefined palettes. (Highly monetizable!). Reasons why wordpress is quite can see themes in lots of amount.nice article for the wordpress client. You can also perform additional tweaks if necessary and fine-tune the default layout to your liking. First of all, Id like to say big thanks to you for apprised me a bunch of WordPress Themes. Now that you have a better idea of how to design your online space, here are ten blog examples you can use for inspiration. Moreover, it is super lightweight, featuring smooth performance. Including your most popular articles is a strategic way to leverage this section because this is the content in which readers find the most value. This engaging home renovation blog provides readers with content about interior design, DIY project tutorials and inspiration for home decor. Webify is a complete pack of goodness for creating any website you want. Documentation, support, and updates are all in the kit to provide the necessary help. I have a lot of resources for it, personal stories from a moms perspective etc.. All of these themes are amazing, however which one would you suggest I use? Start on the web with a compelling blog, thanks to Sitka. You can also personalize, tweak, and modify every piece of your website. I definitely think ill be going with either

In this post, Agente will share with you some of the best blog web designs on the Internet. Very useful post. Thank you for your feedback! and surprise surprise the original chat was blocked by spam bot. Once you find Onces demo that suits your needs best, hit the button and import it with a single click. Typology suits bloggers or particular professional websites for information delivery purposes. They need to be able to find your posts easily and navigate the various pages on your site. Sway is a resourceful personal blog WordPress theme to create your online journal without doing the heavy lifting. I would like to have a slider on the home page, the recent posts as pictures underneath and a big logo at the top. Your blog can also encourage people to follow and share your content on social media or sign up for an email newsletter. If not, you can always use 3rd party (free) WordPress plugins to create a portfolio. It has advanced panel options that make coding unnecessary. If you have some specific requirements then please let me know and I will try to come up with some suggestions. This blog example features a dark-themed header that speaks of professionalism and authority. This post list format alongside the featured image means that the visitor can see many articles at once. plz suggest me a best theme for jobs & film news. Build unique Landing Page designs with Squarespaces Fluid Engine editor. I also looking for well optimized, and designed as minimalistic too. Note how the designer used a more legible font for the main content. You can read more about it here.

I would like to start a blog, but Im new in this field. Her blog contains articles all about how she has transformed her own home into a place for her family to thrive as well as ideas as to how to incorporate specific trends and colors into your own. I think that most above themes listed above are going to work well for coding blog as images are optional for all themes. Multiple headers and footers frame your content in different lights and tones. I am looking to design an inspirational website/blog that is very responsive and has the necessary plugins for social media. In addition I will be loading YouTube videos, want to have Instagram and Facebook widgets on the homepage, but have no coding knowledge at all so need a theme where I can literally drag and drop. See more in, 10 Best Examples of Website Footer Design, How to Design a User Profile Page in 2022, 10 Best Game Website Design Examples: How to Design Yours. I want a theme that has the same look and feel as my website so that user wont realise they are on a different website. With hosting saying that you get what you pay for is always true therefore WordPress managed hosting is your only choice if you are looking for performance. Will take look on other remaining themes in my free time. These articles generate three times more social media shares than shorter content, and enabling sharing capabilities allows you to leverage this opportunity. I am am starting a blog that is based around moms and families. Try this powerful blogging theme today and enjoy the positive and rewarding consequences! Also if you couldnt decide which one is the right one for you, please let me know your requirements and I will come up with some relevant suggestions. you better look into Stockholm if you are looking for an impressive, clean and high-performing personal blog WordPress theme. My goal for my blog is to chronicle my life as a Leather manplus offer sections on Education, Health, etc. I would go with Rosemary or Buzz Blog themes are they are much more flexible and will work better for what you need. Colorlib content is free. The creators also included a live demo for a more hands-on experience.

If you find such theme make sure to keep away from it as Google uses mobile-friendly structure as ranking factor. Himmelens features can accommodate any user, regardless of their taste and experience. Those things are very useful but will slow down your website. I write about lifestyle, foods, travel & techs.

Thanks. A perfect guide for a beginner. This restaurant review food blog focuses on eateries in Dublin, Ireland. thank you very much! Due to this id like something that is big on organization of all this while still maintaining(or at least trying to) a minimalistic feel.

Dan is an experienced graphic designer and writer. Let your voice reach a wider audience and make a lasting impression with POFO! This blog experiments with icons to increase a positive user experience in its navigation. Readolog

Utilize them both in the theme design and posts you write. its a good collection of wordpress blogs! The logo is featured in the upper left corner of each page on their site, including their blog. You can instantly expand your blogs capabilities with unique elements and layouts. (Hint: You can test it for free!). All the themes are really beautiful, i fallen in love with Gridlove Template xD. Arminioso. Get rid of excess elements they may distract users and even slow down page speed by times (e.g., if it's an animation). I also hear that Solo Pines customer service is fantastic. You can perform adjustments live without the need to go behind the scenes, changing the code. I also love the lay out of everything.

Great list. Can you help me pick out one for my blog? The options are endless, so do your thing, go against the norm and create a one-of-a-kind blogging experience with Akea. But if you have decided on a custom design, make sure it is responsive. It also offers article topic buttons to quickly find your desired articles and filter out unwanted content. I guess I could modify the codes as Insights suggest but Im a newbie coder. Quality WordPress themes such as Applique promise to enhance the overall quality of your page, making it easier to attract a large number of customers. Each blog post is outlined in a light grey box, complete with a title, image and the opening sentence of her post to give readers an idea of whats in store. It really all comes down to your personal preference. I had tried colorlib html5 templates. Since all blog themes are very similar when it comes to functionality I would recommend to choose the one that you like from a design perspective. I really would like to take my blogging a step up, and I know that a really professional look that puts the content into a more user-friendly format is important to achieve that goal. Sagar Ganatra. All above listed themes are premium WordPress blog themes. Can you give me any suggestion which themes should i use? Can you advise which theme would be most suitable for my needs? Foodica: Let the world know whats cooking.. This tool is all set and ready to go for building the most compelling online presence. Rachel Norstrom has created a lifestyle blog centered around empowering women to express their individuality through fashion.

This minimalist multi-post layout highlights the categories with a muted blue color and places it before the article titles. I have checked out all these themes. I have a very basic coding knowledge and managed 5 websites in wordpress so far. Appliques setup process is very intuitive and user-friendly. You will find cool progress bars, tabs, and complete translation. Double-check that it is easy to use and intuitive. Just drag, drop and arrange any of the themes 1,300+ elements and templates, and you can see the changes happening instantly. I am currently deciding between Nimva, Minimalix and Brandon for a new digital marketing blog. All themes are highly customizable and such things as fonts, color schemes, font color, and everything can be changed via settings. It achieves this through the Divi Builder, a block-based, visual page editor that you will love to use for its simplicity and effectiveness. Is it possible the Divi theme to be tweaked, so it will look a bit similar to the one they use for the landing page of customerso? Within a few seconds, a person visiting your site will decide whether or not your blog is worth exploring. If youre creating a more professional, but friendly blog, you may like to take some hints from this example. Themes that I can recommend for your personal blog are The Voux, Rosemary, Morning Time, Soledad and BuzzBlog. When hes not creating illustrations or designing pages, he likes to kayak and hike along coastlines, watch sports and eat good food. For those searching for a multipurpose blog and business theme, Scalia is the right option. Hi Nice collection. For some even simpler blogging themes you might want to check this theme collection. Instagram carousel is also available for my mentioned themes but you can also use some of free plugins. It complements your content perfectly while getting rid of unnecessary animations and slideshows. But, I think HelloWorld may be the best for us.

Be careful when selecting a platform for your blog. 2. All articles that features FREE themes clearly states that in the title. This blog page focuses the viewer on a three-column grid with buttons to encourage the visitor to click through to read the article. Something that integrates well with social-media sites would be great for obvious reasons, and plugins are particularly useful for IT blogs. And some great suggestions for WordPress themes. Magplus is a modern and stylish WordPress theme for different users. . I really cant decide which one i should go with so maybe you can help? 4) Website about traveling connecting to instagram (Themes maybe: Gillion, Kalium) Lots of blog themes to choose from. I also want to blog in two languages and have icons of flags in the top right corner to switch from one to the other. Im between The Fox, Uncode, TheGem, and Writing as options. There are some good free alternatives as well such as Activello and Sparkling themes. I purchase my domain name ( from DirectNic which might have a hosting option. You may also want to use a navigation menu so visitors can easily make their way from page to page.

I need help selecting a new theme for my blog/websiteI would love something similar to as I post a wide variety of content including recipes that I would like to organize by category, fundraising efforts through the Alzheimers Association, a gallery of quilts I have made, book reviews, samples/chapters from books that I am working on (and of course never sending to agents or publishers), and personal thoughts and stories about our family. etc).

I create a site which based on Android apps & games means a downloadable site. In addition, a special archive can keep track of your most important moments.

Great list of WordPress themes, however, can you suggest if the Hello World or another theme is simple enough and would not require a broad base of knowledge to get up and running and manage. It is a very simple blog theme yet it has everything you would expect from premium WordPress theme.

You will still need to understand basic WordPress concepts but once you get used to those, switching from one theme to another is going to be simple because they are very similar but you need to learn WordPress first. Tulip and Shasta are both great options.

I found many beautiful themes here like soledad, simple&elegant, brixtons, zarja, piemont. The themes im looking at so far are: Jevelin, UnCode, X The Theme, Freyja, Colors and Soledad!

Would it suffice to use any theme then remove the services and service related page and make the blog/posts page and then it serves as a blog? Something thats easy to add links and shoutouts and is very e-commerce friendly. Your blog design needs to express all of this in a visual way.

To view our privacy policy, please visit our website. Small Business Expert and Marketing Blogger. Im gonna write both recepies and tutorials so I would like it to work good with that. Which do you think is the best and how easy are they to customise them?

Scalia is a multipurpose theme which means that it includes things such as visual drag & drop page builder and dozens of different layout options. This product incorporates social media buttons, making it easier for your content to spread and go viral. Thanks for sharing the themes actually i am very much passionate about writing blogs with different contents and themes. It depends how you created these. I am quite impressed with your responses to people on here so I am going to try to see if you can help me too. Hi Aigars, Additionally, you get 11 custom widgets, minified code, Disqus and Facebook comments, a setup wizard and lazy loading. Thank you. Looking for a blog theme that has maximum font / colour and formatting options, will support pics, has multiple gallery options, supports sound (very important) and video. ART is an impactful WordPress theme for various objectives, including building a personal blog. This lets her connect with readers immediately and explains what her blog is about. I want more of a list presentation for posts with a top bar and right bar for featured content/sign up/ads. Nice themes! Intuitive and user friendly (this is going to be my first blog ;). Did I overlook something or do you have any recommendations for me? A perfect platform will give you the elbow room by providing multiple design possibilities. One of three Americans plan to shop on these days, so marketers shouldnt miss a chance to attract these people exactly to their shop. If you experience any problems during installation, posting, or customization, you can always contact the support team. It offers 1,000+ custom-built slider and blog combinations that you can activate with a single click. Hello. No need to delete your existing theme. yes, 15Zine is a serious deal. Building a personal blog (even if its your 1st time) happens easily and quickly with Zeen. You can hit the ground running with Foodicas several layouts specialized for foodie blogs.

I love this list as I do with all the others Ive read but while reading a question was raised. Very cool theme collection. For a reference site including the features I am looking for: although I find the design really outdated! I like swank theme but in my opinion this is very limitted when it comes to customizing your blog. You can find more info about it here. The best places to start your search are here and here. I would like the theme to be very clean and simple. Malina guarantees a striking outcome with all the specialties, great page layouts, and practical features. Thing that you dont realize is that even if portfolio is put in front of theme demo it doesnt mean that you cant move it somewhere else. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Just one full page of the current blog and a left sidebar with chronological listing of past post I am doing a motivational Blog. While blog theme is your favorite and why? Learn how to customize your Wordpress Theme Design right in your Blog Template pages inside Showit. Are there actually any themes easy to customise for a writing/photography blog out there? If you already have a brand identity design, put it to use on your blog too. I would like to use the theme with 1 column + sidebar. 15Zine rocks! Personally I would go with The Reader, Foodica, Brixton, Piemont, Uncode or Webly. Also, a philanthropic feel to it, because a percentage of all sales will go to charity. About is using Magazine style layout and here you can see some of the best magazine style themes for WordPress. Great and awesome list for themes i found one for my new blog. Behold contains Slider Revolution, Instagram feed, Elementor, multiple headers, social icons and a child theme. Which will the best theme to purchase for SEO Training Institute. inability to change home page without codding). Its best fit for my blog so lets start blogging. Your blog should flow seamlessly so visitors can easily navigate from one page to the next.

I am starting a restaurant blog, and one of the key UX items I have is the ability for the reader to see the restaurants ranked from best to worst, sorted by location, etc. Moreover, this theme is a perfect framework for bloggers seeking competent tools for expressing themselves online to a massive audience. An abundance of white space directs visitors eyes to the blog title when landing on the page, followed by an image of Rachel and a paragraph explaining who she is. I am fairly impressed with your feedbacks to individuals on here so I am going to attempt to see if you could assist me also. My new site is mainly a blog with an e commerce section. 35 people logos that humanize your company. For a simple blog theme you would need SEO plugin (SEO by Yoast), Caching plugin for performance optimization (W3 Total Cache) and maybe contact form (Contact Form 7). The theme has an Affiliate Metabox and several dedicated advertising spaces. SEO optimization is key for me and those seem to be the ones that would feature written content well and be somewhat searchable. I especially visit colorlib when I have to find a new theme which will be great for my WP Site .

Thanks for sharing these themes. My favorite are The Voux, Rosemary, Morning Time and BuzzBlog but maybe you have a different taste for design and it is completely subjective.