A new ferocious Barbarian is available for hire from Qual-Kehk. ELIF, IE else if (if the storage is full do X, Y, Z). Let Waheed keep his things. And unless you saved the original variable in another temporary location before replacing, the original value of that variable is lost. Who is really being lazy here? Jesus Christ why is it that damn near everyone here calls you a troll or a shill if you dont agree with their complaints? The message is pretty clear. Any further non-useful amateur comments? i feel so bad when something like this happened. He knows HTML (and how to copy/paste javascript). They gave you a pretty clear message, This mercenary will replace your current one. I thought the word, replace, was a pretty common word, with a fairly understood meaning. I assumed that my replaced mercenary would send his gear to my inventory or inventory stash, that turned out not to be the case. aaaaaanyways, yes, the gear should simply stay on the merc once replaced. Well, not to be mr obvious but, if you are familiar with the elseif command, you should be aware that replacing a variable means that the previous variable value is overwritten. Blizzard has little UI design sense across all their games imho. But that doesnt mean it should exist. Also add a dismiss option to mercs. Potresti voler rileggere i tuoi commenti prima di inviarli. Normal is unchanged. I click hire instead of resurrect. It would also give us more characters to gear up and maybe more use for the items we find. It doesnt have anything to do with when the game was created. Utilizing the Frenzy, Taunt, and Iron Skin abilities, they lure enemies in and unleash a fierce barrage of attacks. Nightmare and Hell difficulty now have all 6 different aura types available from the Hire menu, instead of separating them out by 3 per difficulty. Cos, cosa stai aspettando? These warriors cannot use two-handed swords. The English Language hasnt changed in 20 years. What is this D3 you speak of? So rather then being a hostile, try looking at the game from the perspective of a new player that hasnt dealt with outdated mechanics that still exist in D2. Updated each stat/skill gains in each difficulty to match so that there is no disadvantage of leveling up a Hell difficulty mercenary versus a Normal difficulty mercenary. Non sei sicuro di come scrivere? And if your stash/shared stash is full? Would encourage players to maybe branch out and try different mercs for different scenarios. There are a few little things like this to watch out for, hope you didnt loose anything too important. Per favore, quando invii un commento tieni in mente questo: Il tuo commento deve essere in italiano o sar cancellato. Do you really assume this game is going to hold your hand and not allow you to make mistakes? Its fine, just remember to remove items and drop it on the ground. To the ground? only one flaw, the weapons are not the same on each act merc. Clearly every post requires a troll. It clearly isnt hard for them to do, as when you die all your stuff is stored on your body. Per favore, scrivi le tue domande sui nostri. Do you mean PoE? yes we get it, us old school players have done this and are too used to the game to know better now. I really like this idea. Il Client di Wowhead una piccola applicazione che usiamo per tenere aggiornato il nostro database, e per per fornirti alcune funzionalit extra sul sito! Ummmm, what happens if your inventory is full? Also, if you hire an act 1 mercenary, your gear on your a2 merc should stay. I dont know any D3. Bash level scaling increased and will no longer be capped at level 80, Stun level scaling increased and will no longer be capped at level 80. And all the stashes of your limited character list? Controlla la nostra. Can now gain + Amazon skill bonuses from gear. but look at it as an opportunity. if you hire an act 1 mercenary, your gear on your a2 merc should stay. Or, dare we say that the items can simply fall to the ground in one of the elif statements? Puoi usarlo anche per tenere traccia delle tue missioni completate, ricette, cavalcature, mascotte e titoli!

But what is an obvious design flaw is when buying a merc, theres no button to take that action, other than requiring the player to double mouse click on the selected merc. Scarica il client per iniziare. Thorns aura level scaling increased and will now continue scaling up beyond the highest-level threshold up to max level. Nah that wrong assumption is on you. Replace still has the same meaning now as it did then. Doable but not worth. Ive almost done this a few times just accidentally clicking to fast, and usually stop myself in the list before I hire one. You realize how many players are new to this game. Cerca il tuo screenshot usando il modulo qui sotto. but are well trained in the art of dual wielding. Le schermate che contengono gli elementi dell'interfaccia utente sono generalmente rifiutate a vista, lo stesso vale per le schermate della schermata di visualizzazione di modelli o di selezione dei caratteri. This should be something relatively easy to program and seems to be a poorly designed game mechanic. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. There are many things that new players may not know. Dont question him. Ive seen people on forums asking for help to get their dead body because they didnt know if they relog their body would be in town. Id like to suggest that items equipped on a mercenary return to inventory when being replaced. This should be something relatively easy to program. To have a geared up merc on call for each act that you can choose. Life baseline and scaling increased by about 25% (Now has Life similar to the Rogue Archer), Defense baseline and scaling increased by about 40% (Now has defense closer to the Rogue Archer), Resistances baseline and scaling increased by about 20% (Now has the highest resistances baseline compared to other mercenaries), Increased chance of the Iron Wolf casting Fire Ball, Added Enchant - Now the Iron Wolf will cast Enchant on himself, the player, and nearby allies, Increased chance of the Iron Wolf casting Lightning, Can now gain + Barbarian skill bonuses from gear, Life baseline scaling increased (Now has the most life compared to other mercenaries), Defense baseline and scaling increased and the scaling at higher levels was reduced (Now has the highest defense baseline compared to other mercenaries). The popup clearly says, This mercenary will replace your current one. If you replace your computer, does everything on your old one magically show up on the new one? its a great chance to build again. The coding is clearly lazy, at best. Scrivere semplicemente l'URL del video nel modulo sottostante. I guess they need it to say, THIS WILL DELETE YOUR CURRENT MERCENARY AND ANY ITEMS THEY HAVE EQUIPPED, right? Do they then fall onto the ground? This mercenary will replace your current one.. Just because its existed for over 2 decades it doesnt mean everyone knows the various in and outs of the game. simple QoL change. I havent played in years, but doesnt D3 say something similar except that those mercs retain their gear.