The most important thing is the width of the clothes and the length and direction of lines expressed in cuts, patterns, and details.

Sign up to be notified of new posts and updates from une femme d'un certain ge. Hemlines can be any length depending on the top (the skirt is always opposite the top in style), although shorter is most effective. However, due to the widespread deficit of perfect clothes, it is worth having one with dominating symmetry. Lips should be fresh and shiny. Avoid long lines of verticals at all costs. When an outfit is in harmony with your Yin-Yang balance, only then will you be able to create a flattering ensemble.

Not anywhere as good as an in-person evaluation but definitely helpful. I fear that I dont properly understand any style profiles/types that Ive seen described . Education and input are so valuable. Currently, I work mainly with Ethereal Typology, created by me.

The silhouette mixes both narrow and sleek with boxy and choppy, and the accessories might share a theme rather than come fromthe same prepackaged set. The written word is sometimes tricky to interpret correctly, and I appreciate that you responded.

The long and lean androgenic body contrasted with the girlish, innocent face. This is what she says about style: Be authentic: Forget conventional style typologies like classic or bohemian and create your own unique look. A Flamboyant Gamine woman will look exceptionally well in the 1920s and 1930s retro style.

We use these words to describe a certain look or clothing personality which is the Style of clothing for each individual.

Would love to hear from anyone who can clearly differentiate the two types.

Loving and accepting our bodies is so crucial. I know fashion, I speak beauty and I know what lifestyle suits you the best. Please note that I originally wrote this blog post in 2015 on my previous website, GET the LOOK.

The fabulous style of the 1920s needs to have a contemporary and modern form. What ruins this outfit for a Flamboyant Gamine are the following: Looking for an exclusive shopping guide for Flamboyant Gamine? However, we should remember that short stature and the mentioned facial features do not describe every Flamboyant Gamine woman. Youve articulated what was bothering me about the descriptions of the styles. Mary, I agree.

I cannot carry it off but many can. innocent and provocative icky indeed! Everyone, or almost everyone who is faced with the topic of style, and not only, watched the Sex and the City series, with Sarah Jessica Parker as the main character, Carrie Bradshaw. Im really looking forward to the next steps of my own style journey, as well as following along for yours.

I do love the outdoors and dress for that occasion but I never stray too far from the gamine. While I appreciate the notion that there are certain commonalities that create one of these style categories, I dont care for the narrowness of the definitions. Avoid baggy, slouchy, oversized cuts. Im less self-conscious, and more accepting of what I look like now. strapless low cut gown to a public event and was later induced to wear longer skirts for her engagement photos . The more attention-getting your accessories are, the better. 2. 1. An outfit that goes harmoniously with your frame. Worst looks are moderate and Classic, retro feminine dresses and dainty embroidery and crochet. Theres too much Yin in this outfit to match a Flamboyant Gamines Yin-Yang balance: the ornate and rounded floral prints, the lightweight and soft flowing fabric, the ruffled cuffs with their intricate edges. An obvious use of separates is very effective in keeping your freshness, energy, and vitality visible. The eyes are narrow and almond-shaped. And they all wear hats all the time ! It is recommended that short people keep vertical lines as long as possible to lengthen the figure optically. Flamboyant Gamine makeup focuses all the attention on the eyes. General recommendations in the image are still based on the dramatic gamine type but are adjusted according to the dominant.

Classic, symmetrical hairstyles and smooth hairstyles should be avoided.

Im not sure what you mean by a woman of a certain age needing to follow long over lean.

Today we will analyse her type of appearance according to the Dwyn Larson type system.

Stick to matte for the day, with a simple addition of sheer sparkle at night. My trip to NY will find me wearing mostly navy, black and gray with only a little color thrown in. Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a41aeac3a84b3b87d6757c78324e8207" );document.getElementById("c5b6cb7268").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The Red Leopard team took detailed measurements, and analyzed my body shape and proportions. But the biggest revelation is that I could go ahead and wear tops that are a bit more fitted and not too long. Bodice detail should be sharp-edged (pleats, plackets, epaulet, etc. Try baby steps; dark brown, grey or navy are less harsh on our skin and go with most of your black pants, skirts & jackets. Because Im very short (51) I need to wear Petite sizes (which arent often carried in brick and mortar stores) or have regular sizes altered. My mother was more Romantic when young but I couldnt do that either never having been seen as very feminine , which she was . I find from working with my personal style and wardrobe clients that with style insight they suddenly realize why certain things in their closet just dont work for them. Shoulder pads are a great help as well as crisp fabrics. I gave all the coatigans to my 59 daughter and they look wonderful on her. I go back and forth between soft dramatic and flamboyant gamine. Thus I am a Classic/Diva however contradictory that sounds . I think Im a mix of huntswoman and adventurer with relaxed tech company and work from home wardrobe now (no PJs and bunny slippers!) I like to be able to feature a variety of clothing for various body types, color palettes, and style preferences on the blog. Id suggest doing what they told me at the time when I got my colors done, which is finding the shade/color that matches your hair, your skin, and your eyes. I too love black, although it love me less and less as time goes on. Flamboyant Gamine Olga Bryliska Image Consultant, page-template-default,page,page-id-19993,page-child,parent-pageid-18942,eltd-core-1.1.1,audrey-ver-1.5,eltd-smooth-scroll,eltd-smooth-page-transitions,eltd-mimic-ajax,eltd-grid-1200,eltd-blog-installed,eltd-default-style,eltd-fade-push-text-right,eltd-header-centered,eltd-fixed-on-scroll,eltd-default-mobile-header,eltd-sticky-up-mobile-header,eltd-menu-item-first-level-bg-color,eltd-dropdown-animate-height,eltd-,eltd-fullscreen-search eltd-search-fade,eltd-side-menu-slide-from-right,wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-6.4.1,vc_responsive, FLAMBOYANT GAMINE BODY CHARACTERISTICS, Long vertical lines (a Flamboyant Gamine woman often appears taller than she really is), Body type a cone or a rectangle (if overweight, the silhouette becomes stocky and a bit square), Arms and legs long in relation to the torso, Hands and feet large in relation to height (lean and long or square), Bust small or medium (depending on the weight), FLAMBOYANT GAMINE FACE CHARACTERISTICS, Jaw wider, square, sometimes sharply defined, tapering towards the often elongated chin, Nose medium or large (wider or sharper), Cheekbones wide, can be sharp and clearly defined, Eyes usually large (a characteristic feature of FG), Below is an eye-catching gallery of Flapper Style clothes, wide, boat-shaped necklines revealing the shoulders, asymmetrical and irregular details and patterns, straight or narrow skirts (especially mini), combining long blazers with dresses and mini skirts, masculine-style, slim fit pants made of heavy fabric with deep folds, avant-garde jewelry, patterns, and details, Art Deco style (patterns, details, jewelry), handbags with angular edges (asymmetrical, original, colorful), square or rectangular crossbody bags (introducing asymmetry and cutting the silhouette diagonally), all styles attributed to beauty types strongly affected with the female Yin element (this applies to clothes, accessories, and jewelry), pleated skirts (except for those with pleats starting below the hip line), Iskra (DC) + wietlisty, Wietrzny, Karmazynowy, Iskrzcy. Thisarticle will show you with pictures and examples.

Im having some trouble making a meaningful distinction between the Gypsy and the Bohemian. Despite the diminutiveness, the figure is more feminine than youthful.

Ive stopped thinking that losing weight is going to completely change what I can wear. (I tried on a few different tops they had on hand during my Red Leopard session to be able to see the effect, and they were right. The lines of her wardrobe are horizontal and diagonal. This just looks too matronly on a Flamboyant Gamine. This combination mixes boldness and drama with the fun and youthful. You used yourself as the only example and did not stray into judging anyone. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your understanding. Elizabeth, Oh my. Lets take a look at Vanessas androgenic styling and confront it with Yin looks. I am for sure curvy but also tall and look best in structured clothes but I can pull off longer length sweaters. In any case, I enjoy following your style journey. It will probably be a combination of a few of these style profiles. Note: The following descriptions are merely general outlines and not meant to 100% describe a Flamboyant Gamine down to her very last detail. I am drawn to short over long but love the drama of long over lean too. Either way works. I look best if there is a bit of edge in some aspect of what Im wearing; usually an accessory, but I do love a slightly period-looking or in some other way slightly dramatic/costumey jacket. But that wasnt the extent of the style analysis, just the starting framework. Maybe I am lucky having been raised by artistic/designer parents who pushed the boundaries of their personal style ( albeit mother was a partial hostage to her 1950s cohort phoney belief about ladylike:). I went in to buy my very fist luxury bag, and was intent on the classic double flap, but the Boy caught my eye. However, unlike a pure Gamine, she has some soft Yang undercurrent (Natural: answers B). Form dictates function. Will every woman of this type look favorably in the spiciest of all styles? Grey makes me look like a cadaver, dark brown not much better. It may be eliminated in very clingy, skinny styles that reveal the shape of the body underneath. Hoop earrings and solid circles work best with my facial features, no chunky jewelry. Just a hint of color is necessary. The larger issue for me is finding the right silhouette, for lack of a better word, and making choices about how to pair things. Although, I do think some of the descriptors are helpful in terms of nailing ones style. My most beloved and worn pieces are a white tee, an olive utility jacket, a faded chambray shirt, and a great fitting pair of jeans. The most important thing is, first of all, very fitting or tight-fitting cuts of clothes. I get it thats its just for fun and to help figure out the style that suits one best, but the terminology is downright icky. Lea Michele has beautiful long hair and absolutely shouldnt change her hairstyle. It is not about retouching (which appears in almost every shot) but about the overall impression created by particular outfits and styling.

One can get the impression that David Kibbe, when establishing the image and wardrobe of Flamboyant Gamine, only considered extravagant Liza and women very similar to her. Therefore, even if these elements appear in a small percentage, a womans beauty can no longer be classified as typically androgenic. Ive become much more discriminating about what I purchase, and what I do have works well together. The method of highlighting them depends on the facial features and the color type. Such was Audrey Hepburn. I had myself pegged differently of course, due to my muscular legs!

Thank you. She represents all the qualities assigned to this type. Just my opinion! Of course, Flapper Style for a modern woman is retro-styled clothes, not literally retro clothes. And yes, Ill still include it, just not exclusively, and with slight modifications. Ive been retiring my heavier earrings anyway, so this works for me. It concerns mainly the top garments and everything close to the face. gamine Slim cropped and ankle-length pants. No, actually. And your examples of mature gamine are of interest to me. Function dictates form. Dresses with middle-calf length will have a disastrous effect on the figure. And now, lets look at the successful images for the dramatic gamine type.

The nose is angular and prominent. Its not my best look and I dont have to embrace it just because Im a woman of a certain age!

Hi Lyn, yes, I still love the ease and drama of it. Its the in-between stuff that doesnt quite work on us short women (Im also 54). And I can clearly see which colors work better than others. And keeping ties simple and neat, not a lot of fabric flapping around. Wow. (I still have a few in my wardrobe; will avoid buying any more.). My best prints are smaller and evenly spaced, not too much contrast.

The eyes can be of medium size, the lips less full, and the height limit set by David Kibbe is as high as 170 cm (57). I love that book! This is the theoretical analysis by the system of Dwyn Larson, and here we can see the features of Dramatic to the left and the Gamine to the right.

Hence the following guidelines: In short, avoid anything that is not fitted or sharp, or that is all Yin or all Yang. The goal is to know the principles first then marry those principles to your own taste instead of following a one-size-fits-all rule. Just like pure Gamine type, Flamboyant Gamine combines extreme masculine and feminine qualities.

Smaller hoops are good too. This explains why certain styles look better on you than on other women and vice versa. Asymmetric detail is best. Im 55 with similar shape and like to do long shirts/cardigans over slim jeans, skirts and shorts.

It was a blast. (I had on my trusty SAS Herman Munster-esque travelling shoes). Women with more delicate facial features (influence of the Ethereal or Ingenue element) should avoid any sharp lines close to the face (except for V-necks and FG-type jewelry). Perhaps its more a question of learning what cuts/shapes/lengths suit ones individual body best, outside the issue of trying to look taller and slimmer, as someone noted above. And these are mysteriously sounding Ethereal (angelic) and Ingenue (youthful innocence). Pure Gamine type is defined by the answers from groups A and E (see David Kibbes Beauty Type Test). Breaking all the rules is his guideline for building the Flamboyant Gamine style. Outfits pinned on my Pinterest and my Instagram are the most current sources of information. Style personalities dont work for me for this reason. You can either go for an extended, sharp shoulder (sculpted, not gathered like a Gamine) to honor your Dramatic or a streamlined and rounded shoulder to honor your Natural (soft Yang).

I know for sure that certain colors look terrible on me, and certain styles sadly, I dont yet know what looks best, and a trip to the mavens at Red Leopard is not likely anytime in my near (or even distant) future. Let's do fashion together! Yes, Im petite, but with more curves and softer contours than I usually associate with the iconic gamines (Jean Seberg, Audrey Hepburn). See my complete disclosure policy. Both Ingenue and Ethereal clearly influence her subtle, interesting features. Pants legs can and should be shortened to a length of 7/8 (3 to 5 cm above the ankle). is always stunning as long as it is asymmetric and not overly fussy or flouncy. But no in the face, there is a dramatic dominant, in the figure mixed, or also dramatic (depending on weight, but rather leaning to drama). Remember, the approach needs to be holistic. ), and is best kept slightly oversized, as opposed to small. David Kibbe, writing about the Flamboyant Gamine woman, describes her as one who is not tall. It will also opposite in shape, line, colors, and patterns. Your best makeup goal is to emphasize your sculpted cheeks and accentuate your waif-like eyes with a smoky eye makeup. As a Flamboyant Gamine, you harmonize best with short, broken vertical lines unlike pure Dramatics who require long vertical lines. On the other hand, delicate types of beauty (especially Summers) should rather stick to their natural color. Some of the personalized Gamine style suggestions were already in line with how I like to dress. The terminology we use is not an exact science in the same way that a colour consultation is. The term classic reminds me so much of styles predating the 60s twinset and pearls and todays lifestyles appear to be much more relaxed and informal.

Sorry this is so long but I have been inspired to think about all this by your most interesting posts about your developing style directions . If you think youre a Flamboyant Gamine, this article will help. But not complaining, as aging surely beats the alternative. Fitted, to harmonize with the part of your frame that is Yin.