Copyright 2022 Southern Pine Lumber Company Specialties, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This property makes it a preferred choice for people who love DIYs, especially the construction ones. All other logos appearing on this site are trademarked by their representing corporations. Its ease of use is also remarkable, given its high density and long durability. You can just grab your tools and your SYP lumber and make a raised outdoor bed, bench or just a simple chair with much ease and no professional expertise. Besides having a naturally appealing appearance, the lumber is also very durable and can hold up to heavyweight. Melville, NY 11747, Terms & Conditions 225 Broadhollow Rd.Suite 310W These qualities make it quite versatile, which is why it is among the most common lumber species, besides the fact that it is readily available as well as affordable. Straight grained, highly dense and easy to work with, are all terms to describe the Southern Yellow Pine, popularly referred to as SYP. SYP possess both properties, making it a suitable choice for the task. Anyways, these are just the top uses of Southern Yellow pine. You are probably wondering what ground contact is. We offer custom timber in lengths to 40. Southern Pine Lumber Company is one of Floridas largest suppliers of Pressure Treated Lumber, Timber & Piling as well as Composite Decking and currently has 9 convenient locations throughout the State of Florida. Priced per board foot.

When building a deck or constructing a house, there are some materials that you cannot install directly into the ground. It is also very durable and will last you close to a lifetime. We also stock the Manta Ray anchor system for seawalls. The typical properties of lumber used in bridge building are high density and long durability. We are located in Northwest Georgia, just south of Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee. This is one of the top uses of Southern Yellow Pine and it is among the most significant ones. Though SYP has been underutilized in furniture making, it still is a good choice for such, mainly because of its distinctive appearance. The Southern Pine Lumber name and logo is a trademark of Southern Pine Lumber Company Specialties, Inc., and may not be used without prior written permission. It is amazing how versatile SYP can be. Heavy-duty or low duty floor, SYP can be used to construct either, all credit to its high density. In recent years we have worked diligently to improve the quality and selection of our specialty wood trim, v-groove lumber, wide plank flooring and other custom mill work. Other cutting-edge products available from Southern Pine Lumber Company include our SunDeck Plus decking, Aluminum Seawall Cap and TimberGuard coated products. We carry a large selection of Dock and Marine accessories as well as stainless-steel hardware. Copyright 2012-2022W.D. It also has other qualities like resistance to rot, and its aesthetic value is not one to come by easily.

This material is what is called ground contact, and SYP has been found to be good for such tasks because it has very low susceptibility to rot. Smooth or Rough Sawn materials are available in most dimensions. All products we make and sell are made from 100% Renewable resources. We have been serving the Marine & Outdoor Construction Industry for more than 35 years and are strategically located in the following cities; Big Pine Key, Boynton Beach, Stuart, Rockledge, Ponte Vedra / Jacksonville, Orlando, Pinellas Park, Sarasota and Fort Myers. From these locations we service customers coast to coast from Jacksonville to Key West. As mentioned above, it is also less susceptible to both water or insect damage, which is a bonus to the task. We are also the statewide distributor for ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling for seawalls, retaining walls, containment, and water control structures. When it comes to environmentally Friendly green building, lumber is the most green of green building materials. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS SYP is easily the most easy-to-use lumber species, and this is despite its robustness. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Lumber, Timber & Piling vinyl coated products. The better part is that it holds quite well with glue and it finishes pretty well.

A seaside escape with Trex Transcend Gravel Path, Railing in LumbeRock Chocolate Brown and Weathered Wood in Orlando, EverGrain Envisions Shaded Auburn with Spiced Teak, Ultra Composite Sheeting in Naples Florida, TimberTech TwinFinish Grey "for fun in the sand", LumbeRock Putty Boardwalk West Palm Beach, Truckload of ShoreGuard going to Southern Pine Lumber Company, Quality, Service and Knowledge are the Foundation of Our Reputation. Since SYP has low susceptibility to water damage, it can withstand a high amount of moisture without rotting. For this reason, it is advisable that you install a different material into the ground first. SYP is a good choice when it comes to outdoor construction, and this is all thanks to its remarkable properties. This is because the ground hosts microorganisms that cause rotting. Cline & Sons Lumber. The professionals at Southern Pine Lumber Company will work directly with you, your Contractor, Architect or Engineer to answer questions and help with the proper materials, specifications, and terminologies for your project. 2022 Sherwood Lumber Company, Moistureshield Composite & Capped Decking, Seal Your Thermally Modified Porch Flooring, Seal Your Thermally Modified Siding and Rainscreen, Lumber Trading Terminology: Moving Averages, Benefits of Sealing Your Thermally Modified Porch Flooring, Lumber Trading Terminology Reversion to The Mean, Winter Maintenance Tips For Composite Siding. Website Design & Hosting by Yaeger Design. Lets look at some of the top uses of Southern Yellow Pine, made possible by its properties. There are a few more, and you can always e sure of getting the best output. We offer several versatile decking products such as, Azek, Envisions, Fiberon, LumbeRock, MoistureShield, ThruFlow, TimberTech and Trex. Prices are subject to change. Fencing is another outdoor project in which you will never get disappointed if you use Southern Yellow Pine. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It also accepts priming and painting well, giving you just the look you desire.