So my adventure started. The glasses are an extremely personal thing and me, Daniel Beckerman, I love the America, total black or havana, doesnt matter. Stingerino is a classic squared model that references 1950s masculinity, elevated for a contemporary aesthetics with its chunky rims, carved nose-bridge and curved temples. Dreaming is free! I would've never have imagined that I would have hit the eyewear market the way I did and that then similar brands" would have come up and become my competitors - also thanks to external financing while my company has never been funded, at least until now that I've found a partner. EXPLORE THE NEW COLLECTION DEVELOPED IN COLLABORATION WITH RETROSUPERFUTURE NOW AVAILABLE. Created for Ottomila, known for its high-end approach to eyewear design, this Optical silhouette emphasizes the brands exceptional approach to craftsmanship and timeless style. I remember when Kanye West started wearing our sunglasses and there was a model that he wore for six months in a row! He used to call me to ask for particular models that he wanted to try and been keep up to date.It was a new way to do marketing. Stinger is an essential geometric silhouette characterized by a thick and sturdy acetate construction. In the 1990s, Safilo entered the Asian market in Hong Kong, opened branches in more European nations, South Africa, Japan and Brazil, acquired American sports eyewear maker Smith Sports Optics, Inc, and Austria's Carrera Optyl. Today, the market is so fast and so different that it has confused everyone and I'm excited because I believe that I, along with my team, will be able to interpret it properly. This archetypal shape has been updated with a thicker, chunkier acetate construction, milled on the inside of the frame to reveal its construction and precise geometries. [6], During the years, the Group exports expanded to many European countries, North Africa, the Middle East and South America. THREE DAYS ONLY! Ah, then there is the Francis, with the golden earpiece, the Francis Classic or, even better, the Flat Top: the first true iconic SUPER shape thanks also to Kanye West - and now it has been worn by virtually every rapper on the planet. Inspired by 1950s Italian film noir, the model exudes a mysterious energy, with its protruding temples and sharp lines. In 2002, Safilo acquired the Solstice Sunglasses chain in US, which was then sold in 2019 to focus exclusively on the wholesale business model. Please select a category to narrow by size. Sign up to become a seller. Stay up to date on the latest product releases, special offers & news by signing up for our newsletter. The model features wide, squared lenses and chunky acetate rims with geometric temple tips, conceived as a crossover between 1950s glamour and daring masculinity. There's a ton of new stuff. Well, initially I did not consider Italian craftsmanship as a value, for me the value was the approach to the work I was doing. They allowed me to be more structured and able to deal with my growth as an entrepreneur in the best way possible, by working hard. We are definitely considering a large number of opportunities and we will surely express it with greater strength and power with our new partner, also thanks to his experience. In 2020, Safilos total online sales, including acquisitions, almost tripled compared to 2019, accounting for around 13% of the Groups total net sales, from around 4% in the previous year. The rims were carefully carved on the sides, emphasizing a meticulous, obsessive attention to detail that characterizes Ottomilas products. Also in 2001, the company inaugurated its new centralized warehouse at its Padua headquarters, a state-of-the-art structure with highly automated facilities. Honestly nothing. It will be something we will live together, SUPER and who follows us, because the opportunities are so vast that they are devastating. Welcome back! He subsequently acquired then sunglass-maker Friuli-based Oxsol and listed Safilo on the Milan Stock Exchange. Burglarwear between balaclavas, masks and privacy, According to designer Paula Ulargui Escalona, with extreme patience and the right doses of water, The Donda Foam Car, "designed and manufactured in the United States", Backstage at his show, the designer talks about himself on the occasion of the brand's 10-year anniversary, "Like being in the body of a deer": the Vibram FiveFingers as told by their creator, We met Robert Fliri at the Vibram installation at last year's Design Week, Steve Van Doren, son of the brand's founder, tells the story of Vans and skate culture in the 1970s. The acetate glasses have success because they are beautiful. In May 2001, Safilo Chairman Vittorio Tabacchi began a takeover bid in which he acquired full ownership of Safilo. Saint Laurent glasses, for women and men, today represent an icon of style that has broken with the past, in a legendary mix of elegance, refinement, versatility and above all modernity. The Safilo name dates back to 1934, when Guglielmo Tabacchi bought this first Italian production site and founded a new eyewear company, making it the oldest player in the Italian eyewear industry. 52g  The advice I could give myself is one that I could only give today, because of what I have done so far, an example is a collection with Kanye West. There is nothing that you must "absolutely know" or that should get public about me, but Id like people to know how hard has been the way to get where I am now: I come from a family who gave me the "wealth of instruments" rather than economic wealth. Sign up for fashion snacks from boutiques and designers straight to your inbox. Safilo owns its private collection about the history of eyewear and of the company.[8]. We contacted its founder in the year of the brand's10th anniversaryto tell us his and the SUPER's story. Exceptional details, such as ribbed temple tips, metal hinges and studs on the front complete the piece. It is a question of mutual trust and knowledge of which are the specific skills and competencies. Before SUPER, I had a magazine, PIG, with my brother but suddenly I felt the need to diversify and enter in a less "arid" market, I do not mean at a stimuli level but on potential growth. Minute metalwork and inscriptions complete the piece. It is something that stimulates you even if it scares you. If ten years ago my ideas were very clear about what I wanted to do, now I'm more confused and if I werent, I would be presumptuous. We were producing in Italy for convenience and for the major contact with producers that, doing otherwise, would have been impossible at that time. 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A timeless piece of eyewear designed for Ottomila, a high-end brand known for its meticulous approach to design and craft. Search by Category, Brand, Boutique or Item, Tibi Eco Poplin Lean Back Wrap Skirt - DARK NAVY, Odeyalo Bloom Kimono Inspired Overpiece - Black, House of Sunny Shape of My Heart Hockney Dress, Caron Callahan Vivian Bra - Blue Gingham Voile, Caron Callahan Vivian Bralette - Panama Licorice.

Maybe, I find myself having to do one step back, or ten, but when I started I had no idea about the success the brand would have had, but Ive always done everything possible to build it for its maximum success. You can change your browser's cookie settings at any time but parts of our site will not function correctly without them. Note: Orders will be charged in US Dollars. Daniel Beckerman: the man behind SUPER by RETROSUPERFUTURE.

The models sturdy construction has been carved on the inside of the frame, resulting in a high-end piece. It was such a strong trend that it could take twenty years before it even comes back, even if, already now, the color, a little tinier, is coming back. All of our NY + LA Boutiques Up to 60% off(!) NO FOG - AND YOUR GLASSES DON'T FOG UP ANYMORE. The figure of Daniel Beckerman is surrounded by mystery even though with his ideas and creations he has contributed to revolutionizing - and shape - the current sunglasses market: we are talking about the founder of SUPERby RETROSUPERFUTURE. I checked online the domain, it was available and I said, Here we are. I wanted a name that was international, short and recognizable and. Created by nss in collaboration with Lyst, Cartesio is an interactive experience designed to identify users relationship with some of the biggest brands. Stilottica s.n.c. There is also a creative team that researches and proposes brands to collaborate with and, once seen all the alternatives, we decide what to go on developing.In terms of design, the speech is similar but depends very much on the figure you interface with: if on the other side there is Gosha Rubchinskiy obviously he will put his own in the creative act while other brands or designers entrust us for the whole process. Some have been more successful than others and the reasons are many, ranging from fit to endorsement. The company returned to the Milan Stock Exchange in December 2005. It's not an easy sunglasses and communicating all its peculiarities isnt simple, but once you see it, you realize it's light, the frame is not acetate, it's all lens and the vision it offers is complete and without interferences, the look is a classic, well: its a bomb. Metal detailing such as its lightweight core are revealed through tinted acetate finishes. With the first line I wanted to present a classical shape but that would allow people to express themselves differently from what was the trend of the period, black and havana: I wanted to play with color and if I wanted to play with color then I had to opt for a classic shape.