OG&E expects to reduce CO2 emissions to 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. OG&E constructs Centennial Wind Farm, the first wind farm to be wholly owned and operated by a utility in Oklahoma. A weekly roundup of the latest news and analysis, sent every Wednesday. Seminole (OK) power station is a 1701-megawatt (MW) natural gas power station in the state of Oklahoma, United States. power plant induced formations exhaust cloud learn agendas exposed global ecology economy The phase consists of 1 steam turbine with 567MW nameplate capacity. Power industry news, data and in-depth articles on the global trends driving power generation, renewables and innovation, Receive our newsletter - data, insights and analysis delivered to you. The OGE Plan focuses on new systems that promote a self-healing grid. More than 120,000 customers participate in the program today. Set up your free account with IndustrySelect. The power industry's most comprehensive news and information delivered every month. OG&E brings the 10 MW Covington solar farm online. The project generated 989,931MWh of electricity. OG&E begins the Oklahoma Grid Enhancement plan (OGE Plan) to further enhance the system, making it more reliable, resilient, secure and efficient for the benefit of customers. Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant (Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant Unit III) consists of 1 steam turbine with 567MW nameplate capacity. Tick the boxes of the newsletters you would like to receive. The 5 MW solar farm is comprised of 35 acres of land and 15,000 solar panels. The project is currently owned by Oklahoma Gas and Electric. "U.S. Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-860 detailed data with previous form data (EIA-860A/860B), 2018", "www.oge.com/wps/portal/oge/about-us/companyOverview/!ut/p/z1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8ziLYwMnA08TYy83L2NXA0cvV1cAk0DXAw9jc30wwkpiAJKG-AAjgZA_VGElHjpR6Xn5CdBXOOYl2Rska4fVZSallqUWqRXWgQUzigpKSi2UjVQNSgvL9dLz89Pz0nVS87PVTXApiUjv7hEPwJVpX5BboSBblRSZbmjoiIAxeJVdg! Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises supplied steam boiler for the Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant (Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant Unit III). It has been developed in multiple phases. The information regarding the project parameters is sourced through secondary information sources such as electric utilities, equipment manufacturers, developers, project proponents news, deals and financial reporting, regulatory body, associations, government planning reports and publications. !/dz/d5/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80TmxFL1o2XzhRRzBISzQxTUcwOUYwQTMyMU9PRlAzRzcy/", "U.S. Energy Information Administration, Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory (November 2019)", https://www.gem.wiki/w/index.php?title=Seminole_(OK)_power_station&oldid=285893, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. The company turns to low-sulfur coal from Wyoming to help maintain affordable rates for customers and ensure a consistent power supply. OG&E renovates its oldest power plant with new state-of-the-art quick-start combustion turbines at Mustang Energy Center, one of only two in the country. In the 1890s, before Oklahoma was a state, entrepreneurs were investigating an emerging technologyelectrification. Carmen is a robot, or rather an algorithmic journalist, who creates valuable automated content for our audiences. OG&E adds an additional 5 MW solar farm in Davis, Oklahoma, increasing total solar capacity to approximately 22.5 MW. This page was last edited on 4 February 2022, at 17:05. The fuel is procured from Enable Midstream Pipeline. OG&E constructs Seminole Generating Station, now Seminole Power Plant, at Konawa. Grand River Dam Authority, Energy Control Center / Robert S. Kerr Dam / Markham Ferry Project (Locust Grove, OK), Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, Ponca City Unit 4 & Combined Cycle Repowering Project (Ponca City, OK), Edp Renewables North America, LLC - Edpr NA, Blue Canyon Wind Power II - VI (Carnegie, OK), AEP Public Service Co. Of Oklahoma, Northeastern 1 & 2 Generating Station (Oologah, OK), AEP Public Service Co. Of Oklahoma, Northeastern 3 Generating Station (Oologah, OK), Us Army Corps Of Engineers, Tenkiller Ferry Dam Hydroelectric Plant (Gore, OK). The partnership results in the creation of Enable Midstream Partners, LP. I consent to GlobalData UK Limited collecting my details provided via this form in accordance with the, Introducing the Excellence Awards & Rankings 2022, Industrial solutions for power generation, Power industry venture financing deals total $1.9bn globally in June 2022, Europes power industry saw a rise of 16.67% in cross border deal activity during June 2022, Power industry cross border deals total $15.9bn globally in June 2022. Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company is the first company to successfully electrify Oklahoma. Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises supplied steam boiler for the Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant (Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant Unit I). The nations energy crisis means a shortage of natural gas, leading to ever-increasing costs in the operation of OG&Es plants. In case of shortage of natural gas the plant can also run on Residual Fuel Oil. The power plant run on dual-fuel. Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant (Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant Unit I) is equipped with GE Power steam turbine. The company converts its Muskogee plant to natural gas and adds scrubbers to its Sooner plant in order to preserve fuel diversity and reduce cost risk for customers while still complying with EPA mandates. Since those early days, OG&E has seen a lot of firsts. We carry that same spirit of innovation from more than 100 years ago as we grow together with our customers in the future. Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises supplied steam boiler for the Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant (Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant Unit II). The map below shows the exact location of the power station in Konowa, United States. OG&E expands the Choctaw Nation Solar Farm in Durant, Oklahoma by 5 MW and builds a new 5 MW solar farm in Branch, Arkansas -- the companys first universal solar offering for Arkansas customers. OG&E crews are among the first responders, working to secure and disconnect live electric wires, using truck ladders to reach those stranded in the building, stringing temporary emergency service lines to provide power to searchlights for rescue operations and powering pumps to remove water from the basement. It is located in Oklahoma, the US. OG&E is the first in Oklahoma to develop a utility-scale solar farm on the location of Mustang Power Plant. OG&E acquires Enogex, a natural gas pipeline and energy marketing company with 10,000 miles of pipeline crossing west Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and southeastern Missouri. OGE Energy Corp. becomes the holding company of OG&E and Enogex, employing approximately 3,000 people. It is a steam turbine power plant. OG&E becomes the first Oklahoma utility to install smart meters in its service area, improving response times and strengthening reliability. Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant is a 1,701MW gas fired power project. Networking Products for Critical Infrastructure, Innovative Energy Solutions for the Power Industry, Custom Cylinder Protection for Power Projects, Thank you for subscribing to Power Technology. Post completion of construction, the project got commissioned in March 1971. OG&E adds two new power plants to its generation fleet: River Valley, located near Poteau, Okla., and Frontier, located in Oklahoma City. By 1928, the company was the states largest electric company/provider. Oklahoma City is changed forever with the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Carmen's focus is to deliver deep, fact-based articles and to free up our human journalists to interpret, analyse and explain developments. Combined cycle power plants are among the worlds safest fossil-fired plants for the environment and climate, producing high power outputs with high efficiencies and low emissions. This is quickly followed by the completion of the 462 MW Mustang Energy Center, which replaces 1950s era power generating units with seven modern natural gas quick-start combustion turbines. Investing in Combustion Turbines. In addition, the company was able to implement the nationally-recognized SmartHours program. The company receives EEI's "2018 Emergency Assistance Award for Puerto Rico Restoration.". Through a long-standing partnership between OG&E and the Choctaw Nation, the Choctaw Nation Solar Farm is constructed in Durant, Oklahoma. Today, the company owns two additional wind farmsOU Spirit and Crossroadsand has Power Purchase agreements with four others, providing the company with close to 842 MW of wind generation power. OG&E launches Oklahomas first convenience store electric vehicle charging station. OGE Energy Corp., CenterPoint Energy Inc. and ArcLight Capital Partners LLC enter into a master limited partnership that includes CenterPoint Energys interstate pipelines and field services businesses and the midstream business of Enogex LLC. The project got commissioned in March 1971. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions have decreased by approximately 90 percent, nitrogen oxide (NOx) by approximately 75 percent and carbon dioxide (CO2) by more than 40 percent, below 2005 levels. OG&E is the first company in the U.S. to use gas turbines combined with steam turbines to generate electricity. {"type":"SATELLITE","minzoom":false,"maxzoom":false,"types":["ROADMAP","SATELLITE","HYBRID","TERRAIN"],"mappingservice":"googlemaps3","width":"600px","height":"500px","centre":false,"title":"","label":"","icon":"","lines":[],"polygons":[],"circles":[],"rectangles":[],"copycoords":false,"static":false,"visitedicon":"","wmsoverlay":false,"zoom":16,"layers":[],"controls":["pan","zoom","type","scale","streetview","rotate"],"zoomstyle":"DEFAULT","typestyle":"DEFAULT","autoinfowindows":false,"resizable":false,"kmlrezoom":false,"poi":true,"cluster":false,"clustergridsize":60,"clustermaxzoom":20,"clusterzoomonclick":true,"clusteraveragecenter":true,"clusterminsize":2,"imageoverlays":[],"kml":[],"gkml":[],"searchmarkers":"","fullscreen":false,"scrollwheelzoom":false,"locations":[{"text":"","title":"","link":"","lat":34.966500000000003,"lon":-96.725800000000007,"icon":""}]}. OG&E commits to reducing its environmental footprint and is at the forefront of the industry. The top stories of the day delivered to you every weekday. Together, these additions bring OG&E's total solar power generation to 32.5 MW. OG&E later sponsors research with OU to produce a 200 mph electric race car. OG&E began construction on a steam turbine generator at Horseshoe Lake, which was the largest built in the state of Oklahoma at the time. The quick-start combustion turbines are capable of starting and putting electricity onto the system in under 10 minutes. Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant (Seminole Steam Turbine Power Plant Unit II) consists of 1 steam turbine with 567MW nameplate capacity. OG&E is the first Oklahoma utility to offer wind power to customers. The project is currently active. OG&E works with the University of Oklahoma and Electrosource, a company that makes lead acid batteries, to promote electric vehicles. The company begins construction of coal generating units at the Muskogee Power Plant in 1972 and builds the Sooner Power Plant in 1975. When that unit fired up in 1969, Horseshoe Lake produced nearly 1 million kilowatts of power. OG&E adds northwest Arkansas, including Fort Smith, to its service area. Wherever needed the information is further validated through primary from various stakeholders across the power value chain and professionals from leading players within the power sector. To enhance the area, the company expands the stations cooling reservoir, creating the 1,350-acre Lake Konawa, which also doubles as one of the states premier bass fishing spots. The primary fuel being used to power the plant is natural gas. OG&E joins nearly 60 investor-owned utilities in an unprecedented emergency power restoration mission in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. All power projects included in this report are drawn from GlobalDatas Power Intelligence Center.