If the furnace overheats, it can cause the temperature sensor to trip. Required fields are marked *, .dropdown-menu .inner{ If no method seems to be working for you, or if your system keeps rebooting frequently, it may indicate a problem with your system. If your furnace overheats, the safety sensor will trip, causing the heat to turn off. Setting up your thermostat requires that you connect it to your Wi-Fi for remote access, connectivity, and update purposes. Often, it is simply that the Thermostat isnt seated properly on the backplate. It should only take between 5 to 20 minutes maximum to calibrate. To do this go to Main Menu > About > Version and check this against the latest version on the Ecobee support site. Make sure the connected wires on the backplate arent protruding and stopping the thermostat from making the correct contact. To help narrow these choices down, I split these solutions into two categories.

If the water level surpasses a certain threshold, the system sensors will shut down the machine for safety. Check the fuse on the furnace control board, it is normally a 3amp or 5amp fuse. Thermostat wires can prevent the Ecobee from properly connecting to the backplate and cause the thermostat not to turn on. The lever on the side of the terminal should also be in the down position. If the body has become black, this also signals a blown fuse.

width:-webkit-fill-available; If they appear to be clean, then there could be excessive dirt on other furnace components like the heat exchanger or the condensing coil. Evidence of water damage near or on your condensate drain pan or drainage line. Choose Reset all settings and then click Yes to confirm. Ensure that the Wi-Fi Radio option is enabled, and then select the Network option. Ive been having so much fun here talking to other people who are as passionate as me about smart homes. If no method seems to be working for you, or if your system keeps rebooting frequently, it may indicate a problem with your system. Try using another wire as the C-wire and see if this resolves the problem. This will open the Wi-Fi configuration menu. Select either Heating or Cooling Smart Recovery. On the schedule page, tap on the + icon. This guide will help you look at each of these fixes to get your Ecobee Thermostat working. Then make sure your thermostat is set to Heat or Auto mode before adjusting the settings. Can Nest Camera Be Used as a Baby Monitor? Check to make sure these havent blown. Check your furnaces float switch, condensation pump, and drip tray to ensure that there isnt a blockage or an excess of water. In many, instances this is all that is needed to resolve the issue. ecobee Not Turning on Air Conditioning (A/C), Troubleshooting guide for newly installed ecobee thermostats. Checking the Voltage with a voltmeter from step 5 above can help identify if this is the issue. The reset will allow you to re-register with your new email address and password. The rating is not an indication of the fuses performance. If the breaker has been tripped, try switching it back on. Wait for some time and allow your thermostat to turn back on.

Often, it is simply that the Thermostat isnt seated properly on the backplate. The power R/Rc/Rh wire for all Ecobee thermostats needs to be connected to the Rc terminal. Sometimes, you can find the drain pan beside the system, and it usually has a PVC drainage pipe attached to it. To reset, follow these steps below. If the ecobee is working, but youre not getting heat or air conditioning, visit one of these other articles: If your ecobee thermostat doesnt power on, there are several troubleshooting steps you can try. 3Reset the ecobee thermostat to factory settings.

Reduced airflow: Clogged or dirty air filters reduce the airflow through the furnace, which can cause it to overheat. This means the thermostat will wait to engage the heat until the temperature drops 0.5F/0.3C (if using the default) below your set point. Check to see whether the drain pan is full. It might also be a wiring issue. The fan may continue to run to help cool the system off, or the system may not function at all until it is cooled off. After saving the comfort setting, youll be directed to the schedule tab to adjust the settings. Check your filter. A blown fuse might potentially prevent your Ecobee from turning on. Clearing this blockage or removing the excess water should resolve the issue. Ensure the power is on before performing the test. Tap on the menu option on your thermostat. If the indoor temperature has not dropped below the heat differential temperature, the Ecobee will not call for heat. Clean and replace the air filter regularly. The thermostats voice prompt will say, Restart Device.. This will turn off the feature and no longer run Smart Recovery on your Ecobee. Other times the Ecobee calibrates if when you have a power outage, intentionally reboot the thermostat or change some of the thresholds. vwf6EH+ Check the fuse on the furnace control board, it is normally a 3amp or 5amp fuse. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. .active-page{ Follow the steps to reconnect your sensor. The encryption type has to be set toWPA/WPA2-AES. I have seen this issue where peoplehave installed several Ecobees and after a few weeks noticed that at least one of them always displayed the temperature off by up to 5 degrees. Y{wON!y'u)I7i^wJ2.M=Xh^Q_qz^PGub CzYbtBRIb'W^rBB[! You can use a multimeter to test for continuity. Running for long periods: The colder it is outside, the harder and longer your furnace will run to keep the inside of your home warm. If you have installed a PEK and your thermostat still doesnt power up, the first step is to check the wiring. It applies to temperature deltas, runtime, and dissipation time. Locate the evaporator coils, condensate drain pan, and drainage pipe. If the outline on the flame icon is white, the thermostat is not calling for heat. As a result, during colder days, it is wise to give your heater a vacation from time to time. Open the panel on your furnace to expose the control panel where your thermostat wires are connected. thermostat imore %*`r@) _:/c#k3\=DRDU,T! Adjust the power settings to ensure that your thermostat is functioning correctly. When waiting for a technician to stop by isnt an option, some DIY options can be quite useful. It will also not depend on the AC if the heater is running. A sudden black screen on a previously working thermostat is a sign of insufficient voltage going to the thermostat. A blank screen is a deal-breaker, especially when you need to adjust your thermostats settings. 2 Turn off the circuit breaker for the furnace and wait for 30-seconds, this will reboot the heating system and the thermostat. Then adjust the Comfort setting to ensure the thermostat will automatically change all the temperature settings on your AC based on your requirements and comfortable temperature ranges. A 3 Amp purple body fuse or a 5 Amp orange body fuse is a popular fuse for furnaces. If you installed one of these and the thermostat doesnt power on, see the next troubleshooting step. 1 Is the ecobee Seated Correctly on the Backplate? The Ecobee furnaces system should have a fuse to safeguard it from power surges. In case the body has turned black, it indicates a blown-out fuse as well. If your system uses a 3 Amp fuse, you cannot replace it with a 5 Amp one. Select the Main Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi to open the Wi-Fi configuration screen. The furnace may continue to run the fan to cool off. This may cause the heater to overheat in some circumstances. The evaporator coils and drain pan may be situated above or below the system, depending on the type.

Select the Menu option on the thermostat and then select Schedule. Ensure that the panel is closed properly. Dont freak out yet. Tap on OK to proceed. If the thermostat reading is too different, you can use the Temperature Correction feature. Check that the circuit in your breaker box that powers your HVAC system hasnt been tripped. Here is how you can safely inspect the breaker switch: Did you try to ramp up the heating power and your machine shut down? To keep your house warm at higher temperatures and for longer periods of time, your heater will have to work more. Check to make sure the vents are clear; there shouldnt be anything directly in front of them. If youve just installed your Ecobee and it is not powering on, follow the steps provided to know more about what could be causing the issue. In this case, ensure that you call a professional technician to keep the issue from worsening. Change the minimum difference between the current temperature and the setpoint required to turn on the heater. Open up the menu and go to the Settings tab on the Ecobee application. This is to protect the HVAC system from water damage. Simply long press the reset button for a few minutes to reset the thermostat. If you have power to the thermostat, but the touchscreen isnt working, then there are several things you can try to resolve the issue.

That said, here are tips to fix the issue; Check the heat setpoint and set it to 1 degree higher than the current temperature or more. If you are still having calibrating issues after doing the above check to see if there are any firmware updates. If your ecobee thermostat was originally working, then it stopped working all of a sudden, it usually indicates a power failure between the thermostat and your HVAC furnace. The thermostat will now be reset to factory settings and hopefully, with a working touchscreen.

After two minutes, take the battery out and insert it with the + facing up. If you continue to see the Ecobee Calibrating message for more than 20 minutes, it is probably an error. If there is no power, then fix the wiring or connection. You should hear a click when you do it correctly. Check the air filters to ensure they arent clogged. }. If you are experiencing this problem, Ecobee recommends moving the remote sensors closer to your Ecobee thermostat. Excessive water build-up due to condensation is a common reason why Ecobee Thermostat often does not turn on. ecobee thermostats require a C-wire to power the thermostat. If you have one, this can be connected to the C terminal on the HVAC system and the corresponding C terminal on the thermostat. The fan setting is on your Ecobee Thermostat, with an option to switch it between Auto and On. Change the setting to Auto so that the fan will only turn on while your A/C or heater runs. Next, use the slider on the main display screen to increase or decrease the desired temperature. This power wire should be connected to the Rc terminal on the unit. Low-Cost Gadgets That Outperform Expensive Smart Home Devices. Depending on whether you have just installed your thermostat or working fine before, you may need to try different methods to fix your thermostat.

If they appear to be clean, then there could be excessive dirt on other furnace components like the heat exchanger or the condensing coil. Finally, look into hiring a technician to do a deep clean. The Indoor Haven also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. Check the wire within the fuse body once the fuse body is clear. This reset is essential if you need to change the email address linked to your Ecobee account. A commonly used fuse for furnaces is a 3 Amp purple body fuse or a 5 Amp orange body fuse. You can replace these components if damaged. To correct it you can gointo the settings and set an offset temperature correction. However, the cause of the power issue may vary depending on whether you have just installed the thermostat or if it was working and stopped working. When this happens, you have to rewire everything. There are a good number of reasons why the power might have gone out. If you have a dual-band router, make sure to connect to the 2.4 GHz band rather than the 5GHz band. Adjust the part of your Schedule by selecting the desired start time, then tap Save. The drain pan is sometimes found beside the system, and it is normally connected to a PVC drainage pipe. RobotPoweredHome.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. However, the Ecobee thermostat comes with one wireless sensor powered by a CR2032 coin-cell battery. Then you are good to go and can now control your thermostat from your smartphone. Wait for the Ecobee to show the success message and hit OK to finish the process. Keep in mind that they are not interchangeable. Tap the temperature controls to open them and adjust to the desired temperature, then tap Save. Go to your Ecobee thermostat screen and from the settings tab go to Installation settings > Thresholds then Temperature Correction (depending on your model is might show as Temp Correction. Another possible cause of your thermostat not turning on is a low voltage. Ive curated this list carefully to ensure that you can find a quick fix for your device using a safe method that wont damage your device. Home Smart Home Ecobee Thermostat How to & Troubleshooting Guide. Usually, when it comes to a newly installed Ecobee, the problem lies with the wire and connections of the Ecobee. Here are the directions to adjust the heat threshold settings: You can also switch the fan control from the thermostat to the furnace. If your Ecobee is taking an unusually long to calibrate, try rebooting it by removing the thermostat from the wall and replacing it. A complete setup is necessary after this reset. It also deletes your account and equipment configuration. If this is flashing and the thermostat still doesnt power on, then contactecobee support, as there may be an issue with the unit.

However, if you find that this problem occurs often, it could be an indication of faulty wiring.

Wait for some time and allow your thermostat to turn back on. Ideally, it should only vary by a degree or two. Inspect the fuse on the actual furnace control board. Follow the wire, and you will be able to locate the float switch. Hold the main switch for at least five seconds. Depending on the model you use, the evaporator coils and drain pan may be located above or below the system. If none of the above steps worked, and your touchscreen is still unresponsive or your ecobee is not turning on still, then it is possibly a fault in the device itself. It ain't much, but at least it's an honest living. In case it is, drain the pan and clean it carefully. Life on AI participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes earn a commission through qualifying purchases made through our links. In case you have just installed your Ecobee thermostat, the chances are that the above tips wont work out for you. I know it can be super frustrating when the ecobee thermostat is not working. If it is connected, give a gentle pull to ensure it is properly installed. It is also possible that your thermostat is not requesting heat. If you are happy that all the writing is as it should be, then there is potentially a problem with the voltage. Go to the main menu on the thermostat and then Settings > Reset > Reset Schedule and Preferences. The lever on the side should be down-facing to indicate that the wire has been adequately secured. 4 Is the Power Extender Kit Installed Correctly? Add the desired start time and click on save. Signs of water accumulation in the system. If the fuse is damaged, it is blown. The Ecobee calibrates on the first installation to properly read the temperature inside your home. If you wish to add a new activity, select the +. You try pressing the buttons, but theres no response. Follow the wire, and you will be able to locate the float switch. Flip it back on and wait for at least 30 seconds to ensure that it does not turn off automatically. We take pride in helping you get the answers at no cost. You can also define comfort settings by activity types such as Sleeping, Away, or yoga. This helps to improve the air circulation in your home, but it increases your energy bill, and the fan emits a distracting sound. Its because the temperature difference between outside and inside your house isnt great enough to prompt your thermostat to request heat. color: white; This is because minimum fan runtime is only applicable if the fan setting is on Auto. Push the main button on your Ecobee Switch+. How To Connect, Nest Thermostat 4th Generation: The Smart Home Essential.

Check this too: Ecobee Sensors How to & Troubleshooting Guide. Additionally, you need to take into account the minimum compressor cycle off time. Ecobee Thermostat How to & Troubleshooting Guide, Bosch Connected Control Thermostat How to & Troubleshooting Guide, Ecobee Sensors How to & Troubleshooting Guide. At this stage, you should contactecobee supportfor further guidance. Then tap Schedule and select the day you want to adjust. Check whether the drain pan is full. The most common causes of overheating include; Here are some pointers to help you ensure that your furnace does not overheat; Note: If the outline on the flame icon on your Ecobee thermostat is orange, but your furnace is not heating, contact the Ecobee support center. Puddles, water leakage, dripping, and moisture near your system or on it. Ive been swimming in the world of home automation for years now. Your personalized Comfort setting informs the Ecobee which function it should perform at specific times. A very common cause for this issue is that your air filters are clogged due to which airflow through the furnace is reduced causing it to overheat.