I might buy another and roll on that one. keep in mind you can also try for divine flesh and a rare talisman to reach 100% of lightning as other damage, if you can manage to get enough chaos resist. I might have fixed it last night by downclocking some ram, so fingers crossed. Actually I do have it going in the sense that I have 90% all ele res, 35k armor, block/spell block capped and CI immune. I from 5m to 9m dps from those cheap changes.As for the crit chest, that's normally an option, but I am leaning on %cold max ichor to hit the 90% all res cap (together with 'sader gloves (2%). However I do no damage. If I drop the shield I can run 2x nebulis for 1200% increased damage with cold-converted lighting spells. The most expensive sextants I can find, and I'm not saying that these are all of them (all priced at 4 charges):100% increased number of runic monster markers 1.2exSacred Grove 100cMirror of Delirium 75cBreaches in Areas Belong to # Chayula 34cSplinters and Emblems dropped by Legion Monsters in Areas are duplicated 35cAreas Contain # Alva 30cAreas Contain # Jun 10cAreas Contain Ritual Altars 25cRitual Altars in Areas allow rerolling Favours an additional time at no Cost 5cDelirium Reward Bars fill 100% faster in Areas 13c. This build gets TONs of value from Ashes of the Stars gem quality.- Divergent Assassin's Mark for an extra +.3% base crit on bosses- Don't have it yet, but Divergent Cyclone (2ex) gives 5% MORE movement speed at 20%, so it should give 11-12% more movement speed at 50%, which is incredible, because it ends up reducing the less multi. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3242928They're looking to replace the lost sextants. It's hard to sort by price because so many people are listing random sextants for 69420 mirrors. It's probably worth it to just to a flat switch out and lose that 3% increased for the big health boost of all those str points.edit: looking at it, 1 faster ignite would be massively beneficial. I found this pretty amusing.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR2235etCbYEmpyrian vs a truly horrible archnemesis mob. At least according to the in-game tooltip, the calculation is not .7 * 1.11, it's .7 + .11. Now we're running maps almost as rewarding, but paying very little entry fee, so if we're inefficient, it doesn't matter, we still make huge profit. On the other hand I can't make up my mind what I should spec into And secondly I feel like I should start another character or something seeing as I have a bunch of currency just sitting around, but for the life of me I can't think of what that character would be - Both herald bomber archetypes got a big buff from Annihilating Light and Omniscience. On the one hand I feel like respecing my atlas a bit, I really don't feel like I need the Delve nodes any more seeing as I'm down to around 400 depth and with everything barfing scarabs at us now it's not like sulphite is hard to come by. I simply always have my non-unique flasks running, even against single bosses.Things I would like to get better at:More damage.More game against large physical hits and phys dots. You need to reduce the cooldown from .15 to below .066.I believe the math is:.15 / (1 + x) = .066.15 = .066 (1 + x).15 = .066 + .066x.084 = .066x~1.28 = xSo you'd need to get at least 128% CDR, but the max obtainable from gear is 20 on boots, 20 on body armour. Alt orbs and shit were a big part of the returns in nemesis3, and you needed them to help cover the upfront cost. Since we don't need a keystone power, it's only a single divine per try. I don't think this is actually the "correct" choice in a currency/time sense, but it is the correct choice in a keeping my wrists healthy enough to continue to play the game sense. So, instead of 30% less you end up with 18% less movement speed while 'cloning which is insane. Too many options.

PoE is an especially bad culprit where I can't even get through a map. That said, I have a jewel socketed today that only gives me 43% total increased and no life. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond Nast. Together that gives me 22CDR. So now I hit the 3 ticks breakpoint and cap crit on brittled mobs using Power Charge On Crit. Bosses in the sacred grove drop an item that raises your horticulture bench capacity to 15. 3 server tick breakpoint is really the best you can expect for CoC. It's not the only way to get %cold max but it's how I'm currently doing it.Edit: lol up to 12m DPS now, or 14m if I spec out of Profane Bloom. It's pretty sweet, I can AFK in the middle of super harbringer pack while getting zapped by multiple packs of laser titties and the only map mod that really kind of messes me up is -max, but I can still run those maps, I just have to actually play. Socketing a Voidstone in your Atlas now causes Maps dropped in Areas to have a 25% chance to be one tier higher, with this chance increasing the more Voidstones you socket. With just a 10ex pair of boots and CoC6, it's 50% more damage. Yeah, was talking about the damage taken thing. ), but 3 is quite doable. Stop crutching on Increased Critical StrikesPower Charge on Crit is a very amazing support when you have 7-9 power charges all the time, but I have it replaced with Increased Critical Strikes. Or, awakener a +1 power charge warlord with a -9 chaos res hunter helmet. Those failed corrupts are cheap, I picked one up for 1.7ex. So Im trying to get melding of the flesh + aegis aurora going. compared to red altars is telling, I think. Also yes, you'd need right at 15.15 APS to proc it that much, which is virtually impossible, and you'd also need to do something weird to afford the mana cost. That's enough for level 5 Awakened CoC to hit the breakpoint. Last edited by teek on Jun 1, 2021, 2:14:32 AM. Getting cyclone to hit fast enough to feed that would also be a challenge. I am thinking of a version that doesnt run Aegis Aurora and gets physical defense from phys taken as ele. I'm enjoying my new character much more than I did the EA Totems guy. Unlocking bench storage? Now I just have to figure out how to scale the lightning trapper I have to get enough to roll into something good. He's on the 3 server ticks breakpoint and has 21m real boss DPS.None of that was necessary to get the build more than capable of fast clearing any content in the game, and it's super comfy to be practically unkillable. I'm already at 559% increased, so even if I could allocate them all, we're sub 20% dps increase there. I have been spending a lot of time figuring out juice recently.I'm mainly trying to figure out what other people are doing. I wouldn't start a build like this again with less than 40ex to spend on it though. GGG stole ~4 sextants from me with that voidstone change. It's not feeling real great in damage or in surviability. That'll be the next play. Your old voidstones are gone and you have to claim new ones from Kirac. The fact that blue altars are so profitable (and less dangerous!) (CoC forbidden rite). I have my melding of the flesh guy up to 5m boss DPS. It's amazing. No idea why this is so cheap.- Anomalous Withering Step inflicts FIVE extra withered stacks @ 50% qual instead of two. Didnt expect to, but got my guy to 97 tonight. Might be done with this league. Enlighten 4 (19 ex, wtf?) And I'm having an unusual (for me anyway) problem this league. I think this will get nerfed, but probably it will go on for at least one more league, like aura stackers.- A build that's designed to get hit a lot can easily perma flask with flagellant's flasks, this is the first time I used the mod since they changed flasks, and it's awesome. GGG have announced a battle pass for cosmetics, unlocked by completing atlas objectives, for $30: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3242840really not sure it's a good idea or value, but whatever.I was debating going back to HC for another attempt, but I started a SC character and had a tabula drop while using a random berserker archnemisis on tidal island. One of the many ways that mageblood is carrying this guy in this POB I've seen is that he's getting something 194% increased critical strike chance from his enkindled flasks diamond flask, and I'm getting 100%. Map sustain is already so over the top. I've spent at least that much. 1.7 ex sheesh)Get a perfect 20 30 Ashes of the Stars (5.5ex). Totems are fine, but the fact that EA deals no damage for 1.2 seconds just sucks. Need to train myself to get through the acts faster. I'll lose some decent ones but nothing big value like delirium or anything so oh well.Getting a free 100% chance for a tier higher is kind of ridiculous. Red altars aren't very dangerous if you do the immune to burning ground pantheon, unless you mean the node on the tree that makes you take 10% increased damage for each altar you click. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3242835, https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3242840, https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3242928, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR2235etCbY. I think the answer is phys-taken-as-element.Shopping list:1. Currently don't have it slotted but I have played with it and it's noticeable in certain clearspeed scenarios.- Melding of the Flesh is an excellent new defensive layer that slots in perfectly with Aegis Aurora which was already a more-than-usable shield. Ashes of the Stars, Mark on Hit, and Melding of the Flesh, at least. Ah bummer. Also, Im slow. Switched my loot filter to uber strict. sacred grove price is probably high for achievement hunting / unlocking bench storage, and because it is rare to hit, not because it is a profitable farm. Maybe stormbrand.

That is pretty crazy compared to the no downside 50% more blue altars one. (Actually nm, I just bought that. No, I don't think you can go down to 2 ticks. Your California Privacy Rights | Do Not Sell My Personal Information GGG have announced a battle pass for cosmetics, unlocked by completing atlas objectives, for $30: I was debating going back to HC for another attempt, but I started a SC character and had a tabula drop while using a random berserker archnemisis on tidal island. Use of this Site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Ars Technica Addendum (effective 8/21/2018). Oh, and eldritch influence for some +cold% max. 2022 Cond Nast.

It's going to be hard to switch from Increased Critical Strikes to Power Charge on Crit, because capping both attack and spell crit without it is hard. Getting it down to two would require some fancy finagling (can you even? posted a detailed video version of the guide along with a small build trailer and an example t16 map, can be found in the videos section or by clicking this link: Ruthless support looks like a fail, generally turning your build into a 5-link Last edited by WrongBlight on May 31, 2021, 9:11:47 AM, Looks interestinggonna give it a whirl being im looking for a non aura stack scion buildlol. Getting a proper -10% thread of hope. There's so much loot in these maps. Blue altars have those blue versions of the act 3 titty monster and those can be spooky, but they die easy. (So I can run precision)Anomalous Precision (7 ex)Anomalous Increased Critical Damage (20c): this is worth 20% increased crit chance at the cost of 10% crit multiRecraft my Gemini Claw with fracture crit chance (9ex for the base - already bought it)I am already using Divergent Assassin's Mark for some extra base crit.PowerCoC (nice) quality gives 20% crit change.The above actions get me to 100% cyclone crit and 98% FR crit chance on marked enemies while flasking.2. It isn't quite nemesis3 levels of loot, but it is way more than anything short of that ever was.Of course the big advantage over nemesis3 is that you don't need to feel bad about leaving lower level currencies on the ground, because you didn't invest a ton of money in getting them all to shit out. It turns out you can get "drop brittle ground" (exarch 2-7 seconds duration) and CDR (eater, 5-10%) on the *same* pair of boots.Using the currency I already had I was able to roll brittle ground (2s, but that's not a big deal since I am perpetually dropping it) and 6% CDR on the already reasonable boots I already had. I'm sitting on 18.8M now. How does that happen?Ed: I assume that the price of sacred grove has something to do with the price of Forbidden Shakos which are good for herald bomber builds, because some of those shakos are running higher than a mirror in price right now. Random defensive stuffES gained on hit while affected by discipline watcher's eyeDivergent Tempest Shield to spell block capSources of phys-as-fire.Corrupt a +1 power charge Crown of the Inward Eye and pay someone to enchant it. Guess I'm sticking with SC for now still want to get to lvl 90 on hardcore, but maybe later. Hi, I'm Teek, welcome to my 8 Threads of Hope Lightning Strike ascendant guide. In the light of day, I think that going to 3 ticks is both cheaper and more bang than dropping increased critical strikes. Then I bought a 55c belt with 16% CDR, good resists, strength and ES (this was kind of a snipe). I've been having some computer issues that cause games to hard-lock my PC. The easiest way to address a lack of crit is the chest mods. Ad Choices. All rights reserved It isn't too horrible to elevate both spell and attack crit on a piece and then you get 1.5-2% more base each, but then you can't use a unique or the new implicits because that requires double influences. These are practically the only things that ever kill me in the rare circumstances where I die. Tons of headroom in the build, but every part of the build is incredibly expensive. It's kind of nice, but knowing GGG I think this is probably more than they intended. We're swimming in a lot of things this league. Just not feeling a desire to play. Awakened COC gives CDR per gem level, but you can't get it beyond around level 10 where it tops out at 37% CDR. E.g., ice bite. Read our affiliate link policy. No one AFAIK has ever done 2 ticks.--- Edit: Here's my guy https://pobb.in/yLE1BNHBtiJh (note: I have a +1 power charge configured in the extra stats box on the config page you'd have to take off to see my actual guy).Would love advice from CoCers or anyone really.Things I think are cool:I am using a ton of 3.17 new things. We're going to be absolutely swimming in maps. So I am immune to death. Ars may earn compensation on sales from links on this site. Expedition and delirium as the top farms makes perfect sense. TFW you realize that the guy you saw running it has 100ex+ in just his gems, another 100ex+ in his jewels, at least another 100ex in rares, and mageblood. I did recently have to transplant my PC to a new box and added a 3070 so I'm pretty sure it's something on my side. That's 20+20+37 = 77, far short of the required CDR for 2 ticks. I want to get that mana cost down and I think the next thing to get is a -mana cost flask. Go to 3 ticks break pointHaven't researched it as carefully, but I know it involves Elevated Tailwind+Elevated CDR boots (35ex - 100ex)Awakened CoC 6 (15 ex)Need to get to 97 and swap to a MCJ with aspdBunch of aspd jewels and aspd precision watcher's eye (25-40ex)3. not really hardcore viable in this current state, Ancestral Protector grants 18% increased attack speed while active, Lightning strike pierces 3 additional targets, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrPNw70-cp0, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0Hdmd5r0Z8, Terms of Use, Privacy Notice and Cookies Notice. It alone solves wither.- Anomalous Zealotry gives 5% crit multi @ 50.- Divergent Tempest Shield (7.3ex) would give me +5% spell block chance which would spell block cap me.- Default Whirling Blades gets lots of extra aspd and feels better.- Anomalous Forbidden Rite gives +4 extra secondary projectiles. Drops the resistances of everything around you by up to 230% (practically the entire screen), bosses included! I frickin love this build I'm playing, you've got to see this thing go. So No jackpot, but an ok one.They're cheap to roll on though. Even then I won't quite be able to sustain full DPS due to mana issues, but it'll be close. Guess I'm sticking with SC for now. Blues were an oops. (Uber strict still shows alt orbs if they're in stacks, btw).