Byrons The Modern Bartender, in 1884. San Francisco.

Greerty says the Martini Navy occasionally would set sail for Sacramento bearing copious amounts of gin and vermouth to lobby for the span.

An added bonus for those still trapped in the quagmire of dating, is how much you can up-sell your sophistication levels on a first date by ordering a this drink.

This led many American natives to European shores, including some of the best bartenders in America, who thus became influenced by a European taste and style, which is distinctively drier. The result is a smooth and uplifting drink that is perfect at any time of day.

Add the gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur and bitters into a mixing glass with ice and stir until well-chilled.

Martinez, California: Birthplace of the Martini The stylish drink is claimed to have been invented by a Martinez bartender in 1874.

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Garnish with a long coil of orange twist. Make that claims. They all begin circa 1870, with a gold miner fresh from the foothills and clutching a bag of gold nuggets walking into the Richelieu Hotel and asking bartender Julio Richelieu for something special.

This in part has been the case due to Thomass influential book, which has got a near cult status. Jerry Thomass The Bon Vivants Companion also gave rise to a recipe that is often thought of to be the drinks template and one of the tales for where it was first invented. Whats indisputable is how the drink became part of the citys fabric in September, Martinez expanded its annual Martini Festival into a Martini Month.

The lore around the original martini is fascinating and became relevant recently when I discovered the artisanal gins from an Oregon company, Ransom Spirits; the more traditional Hayman's Old Tom is also excellent and makes a great gin and tonic.

martinez boston late bird What is certain is that the Martinez made its first print appearance in the 1884 book, The Modern Bartenders Guide by O.H.

As in the San Francisco proceeding, martinis were served.


(adapted from the O. Byron original recipe). All rights reserved.

The city of Martinez, however, insists that a local bartender concocted the drink.

[10], Difford's Guide lists several versions, including an "Old Tom" version with Old Tom gin, maraschino, and angostura bitters,[11] a "London Dry" version with dry gin, maraschino, and angostura bitters,[12] and an "Orange" version with dry gin, curaao, and orange bitters.

This was a way for politicians to laugh and enjoy stories about the martini and also to focus on the need for a new bridge across the Carquinez Strait.

In the town of Martinez, California, many of the historians and inhabitants of the area claim the Martini was created during the mid-1800s Gold Rush.

This casts doubt over whether this choice was meant to have existed in the first place.

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In 1947 Trader Vic called for 3/4 oz gin, 3/4 oz french vermouth, 1/2 tsp orange bitters, and 1/2 tsp curaao. Byrons succinct summary of the Martinez states that it is the same as Manhattan, only you substitute the gin for whisky. The difficulty in this very simple statement is that he gives two versions of the Manhattan and no suggestion of which the Martinez is to follow; both a dry and sweet Manhattan were recorded.

In others, the Richelieu was at the corner of Alhambra Avenue and Masonic Street, where a plaque identifies the site as Birthplace of the Martini.. The cocktail world owes a lot to the classic Martinez.

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But its likely that the cocktail predated the book by a decade or more. Drinks historians broadly agree that the Martinez evolved from the Manhattan and preceded the Martini and that it emerged sometime in the 1860s or early 1870s.

Whether this is the real history behind such an iconic drink will always remain a mystery. But they had a flag, admirals, certificates. There were no ships. (English gin had not yet assumed its throne in America.). If this verbal understanding did indeed exist between barkeep and customer, it was never written down unequivocally.

[7][8], After Jerry Thomas' recipe for the Martinez, as well as Byron's, ingredients for the drink that would retain the name Martinez began to take more firm shape, with most variations based on differences between the use of maraschino or curaao.

In some versions, the gold miner asks Richelieu for Champagne, only to be told none is available. [13], "The classic cocktail that is not a manhattan or a martini",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0.

It is not that dissimilar to Harry Craddocks version.

These are generally distinguished by the accompaniment of either Maraschino or Curacao, as well as differences in gin or bitters. Even today, the martini continues to be one of the most popular cocktails globally. Indeed, the people of Martinez claim that the namesake Martinez cocktail was first produced in their town. Strain into a chilled Martini glass. Either way, it is commonly believed (by cocktail historians and educated barkeeps) that the Martini and Martinez are related, but it seems we will never be certain. London dry gin will produce a more bracing drink, while modern styles can create a more pronounced citrusy or floral flavor, depending on the bottle. From there, the story gets fuzzy. The Martinez is sophisticated, just sweet enough and supremely indulgent. Whats the difference between a Martini and a Martinez? Orange bitters is another martini ingredient that has disappeared from the modern versions, but was a required one in versions of the cocktail up until the advent of vodka martinis and the general drying out of the drink that James Bond and the Smirnoff marketing machine wrought. Follow him at

The bar had none, but undeterred, the bartender concocted a special drink with gin and dry white wine.

It opts for sweet vermouth over dry and brings in just a hint of maraschino liqueur. Hundreds of affordable homes could replace Calif. shopping center, Photographer killed in apparent murder-suicide was open on social media about divorce struggles, Sky-high Orlando rent hikes top the U.S., with relief years away, Ivana Trump mourned at Manhattan funeral by Donald Trump and kids. Richelieu made what he called a Martinez Special a potent blend of gin, vermouth, a dash of bitters and an olive. Regd.

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1. But it was serious.. However, its worth noting that apart from in Bryons guide, there arent two separate recipes for the Martinez cocktail in later recipe books; so it does not seem possible that you could order it dry or sweet like you could with the Martini and Manhattan. Its possible that legendary bartender and author Jerry Thomas may have invented the cocktail for a customer traveling to the port city of Martinez, California. Two early stories attribute the making of a cocktail named the Martinez to bartender Jerry Thomas at the Occidental Hotel or by a bartender by the name of Richelieue who worked at a saloon in Martinez, California. Martinez, the county seat of Contra Costa, has the most credible claim.

Apparently pleased, the miner took the recipe with him to San Francisco where the bartender at the Occidental Hotel adopted it, substituting vermouth for the white wine.

He called his cocktail the Martinez after its inspiration. It most likely started life sometime in the 1860s or 70s, but is first known to have been published in O.H.

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Whilst now they have been established as two very distinct and separate drinks, it is hard to decipher what their separate histories (if indeed they had separate histories) are and where they are supposed to interweave. Needless to say, Martinez won the trial.. In 1983, the San Francisco Court of Historical Review held a mock trial, which ruled that the drink originated in the city.

Both stories are difficult to verify because records of drinks at the time are missing or incomplete, but the 1887 edition of Thomas' The Bar-Tender's Guide includes a recipe for the Martinez. The true origin of the Martinez cocktail is unclear.

How much Angostura bitter is used when making a Martinez? A 1884 drink guide by O.H. Season a cocktail glass with ice and some of the cherry liqueur to chill the glass, dump the mixture. In the years since, this has added greatly to the confusion.

The Martinez is a classic cocktail that is widely regarded as the direct precursor to the Martini. This cocktail works well either shaken or stirred; shaken it takes on body similar to a Manhattan, and if you are serving several guests it looks enticing in a martini pitcher, condensation beading around the meniscus level. Colorful local attorney Bill Glass represented Martinez. Robert Vermiers, Cocktails: How To Mix Them, verifies this change, presenting a drier Martinez than previous recordings.

Incidentally, during this era the Martini was also slowly being made drier and drier too. Whats the difference between a martini and a Martinez? There is even a plaque proudly hung up that commemorates its creation, possibly done so in an effort to protect and certify their story.

He established the case through Julio himself. No drink epitomizes the cocktail culture more than the martini.

The Martinez is part Manhattan, part Martini, and entirely delicious. Culinary Opportunities From Home Appliances, Fruit Storage Tips for a Greater Shelf Life, Get the Impeccable Chef Look You Have Always Desired, Fat Free Desserts Can Be Your Sweet Treats, Wilton Armetale and Classically Styled Cook and Serve Ware, Homemade Substitutes for Store Bought Drinks, The Good and Bad Impacts of Online Gaming, How To Dry Your Roses Perfectly So They Will Last Forever, How Much Draw Weight Do I Need For Crossbow Hunting. This Old Tom Gin looks more like whiskey, but it tastes and smells like gin, like no other gin you've had.

Its traditional dry gin, Small's, is excellent, but it is Ransom's old-style gin that is unique and worthy of reviving the original martini story and recipe. Moreover, just to spite us, the Martine and Marguerite which are also mixes of gin, bitters, and vermouth which were first produced around the same time. The sweet version was the one that was followed throughout the 1880s but as an appetite for drier drinks became ubiquitous by the 1920s, the alternative that Byron suggested was used instead. The origin of the martini has been debated throughout the years, with some arguing that the martini originated around 1900 and was the offshoot of another popular drink of the era, the martinez. The origins of the Martinez are unclear. All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents!

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He called on the ghost of Julio Richelieu. Man walks into a bar.

It was a social club. Two early stories attribute the making of a cocktail named the Martinez to bartender Jerry Thomas at the Occidental Hotel or by a bartender by the name of Richelieue who worked at a saloon in Martinez, California. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy.

This page was last edited on 22 April 2022, at 19:30. Over time the alcoholic drinks further evolved regarding both their ingredient construction and names to become what were eventually considered as two different cocktails, the Martinez and the Martini.