The one-on-one rate is per suite/per night. Does Pet Paradise offer 24/7 pickup and drop-off? Reactive Rover Class offers a calm, controlled and supportive environment in which both the owners and the dogs needs will be addressed. If you have concerns about training your puppy with a clicker please dont hesitate to contact the trainer. The website is terrible. If you are a registered user, please sign in below. This is a 50 minute play session for puppies and one of their humans to attend together. I am a huge fan of Pet Paradise, and this location is no exception. Can I call Pet Paradise to check on my pet while they are boarding? Your pet can happily enjoy the garden without any chemicals around it. Some Pet Paradise resorts have on-site veterinary clinics or hospitals. You (and your pet) are encouraged to tour the facility prior to your boarding reservation. During the Memorial Day, Labor Day and New Year's holidays, we require a 72-hour notice to avoid a $100.00 cancellation charge. A reservation is recommended if touring the resort with your pet. They enjoy their day. Why should I give him a treat? $18/session. Copyright 2022 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Does Pet Paradise accept pets who are not spayed or neutered? Title 17 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Can Pet Paradise administer medications? Register for one today. Class size is limited to three dogs. As part of the class youll be invited to join an online group where you can connect with other owners of reactive dogs. Cost: $15. Additional features including your pets' profile, vaccination records, webcams and loyalty program information will all be coming online in future releases. This also helps prevent upset stomachs. We do, however, encourage you to talk to your veterinarian about canine influenza and if it is appropriate depending on your dogs lifestyle. All the staff were very friendly and answered all my questions. Your dog will be able to enjoy group playtime with compatible dogs, according to size and temperament. Register Online. Any reservations made on or after July 8, 2022 for boarding reservations on or after July 22, 2022 will be subject to the new one-on-one rates. Requests for refunds for any reason cannot be honored once the class has started. Material covered includes: Go To a Mat, Paw Touch Shaping, distance work, the emergency distance Down/Stay, breaking eye contact while training, and a Leave It exercise to help dogs learn to walk past items on the ground without stealing. Get to the root of it with an individually tailored behavior modification plan. Clicker training is based in the science of how dogs learn. Tests are given 4 times per year and you can test at any time if you feel you need more time to work on the training material.

What a great place for pets to have a day of fun or for boarding. Reactive Rover is for dogs who, while on a leash, will bark and lunge at other dogs. Class time is spent in several ways: Youll address the root of your dogs reactivity in counter-conditioning and desensitization sessions. Don't I have to punish him when he makes a mistake? Register online. And remember theres nothing wrong with earning a paycheck, so go ahead and occasionally pay your dog for a job well done. The employees are always friendly and I appreciate how they report on how my dog's day went. Suites with outdoor access are also available at many locations. Pleasecall us at 509-290-6024 or email at get your password. Yes, same family pets may stay together. The click then buys you a few seconds to get the treat from your pouch to his mouth. I wish I could show a screenshot because it doesnt seem to work properly. endobj This is a chance for your pet to experience a taste of Paradise and for us to get to know them, too for free! Training is also beneficial to curb undesirable actions and help them feel more comfortable around other dogs. Also, its very frustrating that you have to log in every time you open the app and you have to manually type your login information because it doesnt save anything or have Face ID capability.

If the rules are always changing, your dog will not be able to follow them. %PDF-1.7 The trainer will supervise the session while discussing proper play and teaching puppy parents how to monitor play to keep their puppy safe. Cost: $175.

Register online. Play group meets every Saturday from 99:50 am. Get in touch with The Synthetic Grass Store to get the best and reliable toxic-free artificial grass for pets. on theclass registration formso the trainer knows you are interested. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Two auditing spots are available in each Basic Good Manners class. We get down and nerdy with material that includes teaching dogs to watch and copy things that we do. Please emailCvilletraining@petparadiseresort.comfor CGC testing dates. Cat play sessions are done individually or with other cats from their family.

Before we begin clicker training we teach your dog that a click means a treat is coming. They were super kind and loving towards them during the day and even when my little 5 month old got scared of a stampede of big dogs coming at him for a ball they picked him up and comforted him until he settled. Yes, Pet Paradise employees are thoroughly trained to administer medications. If all you need to do is make, view or cancel a reservation then this app is great. Please have your veterinarian fax or email the current dates to us or bring in proof of current vaccinations upon arrival. Pet Parents can also easily add-on new services, register new pets and make edits to their account. They even remember her by name. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our app. Orange County - Tustin Showroom & Warehouse, Copyright 2022 Synthetic Grass. Our dog trainers exclusively use positive reinforcement-based clicker training to teach basic good manners as well as to address more complex behavioral issues. In addition to a deposit, Pet Paradise holiday rates (+$5/pet, per day) and minimum stay requirements apply during the following dates: 2-night Minimum StayPet Paradise requires a minimum 2-night stay while boarding during the following dates(72 hour cancellation policy with full deposit refund): 3-night Minimum Stay Pet Paradise requires a minimum 3-night stay while boarding during the following dates(7 day cancellation policy with full deposit refund): For the benefit of your pet, Pet Paradise recommends that you bring their own food in pre-measured and pre-marked zip lock baggies to maintain your pet's normal diet. When he has good feelings about you and training he will want to work for you. It is called charging the clicker and it only takes a few seconds. This is more convenient for making reservations compared to using the website on your phones internet browser. This class also aims to hone your skills as your dogs trainer. <>/Metadata 116 0 R/ViewerPreferences 117 0 R>> It includes an orientation night (without your dog) which covers: Intro to clicker training, the science of how dogs learn, nutrition, mental exercise for your dog, new information about dominance, and demonstration of simple training exercises. Auditing is good for people who: need an affordable option to get basic manners training, are just curious about clicker training, learn best through observation, or have already attended the class with their dog but feel like they still need more guidance on the basics. Financing now available through Klarna - call for details - 866.429.8873. Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day Hours:All non-airport locations are open from 9am to 2pm. These sessions include work with a neutral dog. Learn Peek-a-Boo, Sit Pretty, Chill Out, and much more. Many times without realizing it, we are giving our dogs mixed messages. There is also no ability to see the webcams either. Pet parents who are first-timers with Pet Paradise are encouraged to bring their pup to Get Acquainted Day! Because it is important to properly socialize puppies to many things early in life, the pups will be introduced to different novelties during the play session. It's just another day in Paradise! If a behavior does not have a desirable effect, it will die out. All Rights Reserved. Place is clean and staff is awesome and wonderful. Prerequisite: Puppy Kindergarten or Basic Good Manners. Your dog will be very active during his stay with us and it is not uncommon for pets to sleep more than normal after their vacation at Pet Paradise. We tried out Pet Paradise for doggy daycare. Reactive Rover focuses on improving an owners confidence in their ability to handle their dog around other dogs. Valerie is certified through the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers and the Peaceable Paws Academy. When your dog learns to associate you and training with fun and treats, he has good feelings about working for you.

I really enjoyed tuning into the webcams and seeing my dogs have a great time in the pool and play areas. Additionally, a significant amount of time is spent working to change the dogs emotions which are the underlying cause of this behavior. If you are unable to get real lawn, then why not provide them with synthetic grass? I have been bringing my pup Nate here for close to a year and a half for day camp and day boarding and I highly recommend Pet Paradise - Charlottesville! An overly playful pack may not be best for them and one-on-one care may be necessary. Here are some of the things that you have to know about our synthetic grass for pets. The test date for each class is listed on the Schedule of Classes. A basic understanding of marker-reward training will be needed and material can be sent to you prior to class to help bring you up to speed. HOLIDAY PRICING & DEPOSIT INFORMATION: Pet Paradise requires a$100/per room depositduring peak/holiday times. Adding the S.T.A.R.

If you have submitted this form for a previous class,you do not need to do so again. <> Prerequisites: Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Good Manners. dag Prices available upon request. endobj Members must adhere to a strict code ethics in which they agree to use only positive, force free methods and tools in training. The Dog Stars and I Speak Doggieprograms are designed especially for pre-school and elementary school-aged children, and have a fun, up-beat message that will have kids singing about dog safety for weeks to come. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Pet Paradise. You can complete the requirements for AKC Puppy S.T.A.R. Your pet must be up-to-date on all vaccinations and have had at least their second set of vaccinations: Rabies, DAPP (2 rounds) and Bordetella. This makes it very hard for our dog to comply. Yes, Pet Paradise accepts unaltered or intact pets. endobj We appreciate your understanding. Less worry about Mud or Fleas: Your pet can enjoy and walk around the lawn as much as they want without getting any mud or falling prey to a flea/tick attack when they are out there. Pets love rolling and playing in the garden, making it their favorite pass time. All pets that are unaltered and over 6 months of age will receive their two complimentary play sessions individually with a Pet Paradise Pack Leader or with other dogs from their family. If you have concerns about training with a clicker please dont hesitate to contact the trainer. I love bringing my dog here. In positive training we dont need to punish incorrect behaviors. However, we encourage our customers to talk to their family veterinarians about canine influenza and whether the canine influenza vaccine is appropriate for their dog. Dogs like to work, but they like to get paid too. Cost: $170. There is a discounted rate for the second and subsequent pet(s) using the same suite.