7. which is the cheapiest way to travel to Blue Mountains and is it Sunday when everything is cheaper? Yes, Marie, you can travel for $50 per person all week. I was just wondering I will be coming to Syd for a training course in Guildford and need to train it there from Central station and return to central again when finished its just for a day, would I still need to buy a Opal card or could I just buy a return ticket from Central? Where you can sleep in a dorm room or a room from$25 USDwhile you can stay in a budget hotel for as low as$60-80 USD. Click here to check train schedule and route! Im planning to stay at an Airbnb in Banksia (near the airport and near the train station to it). Thanks for your time. Also, we will be taking the airport train from the cruise terminal two weeks later. It can seem confusing. Top-up is $60, but weekly cap is $61.60????? Are they included in a trip or journey cost and if so how can you tell which ones are.

If I buy at the airport with the minimum $35, the airport fare of $14.30 will be deducted from the top up? or the single ticket will do? Children or concession cardholders will still need an Opal card to access reduced fares. I reckon the bus a lot cheaper that the train right?

If your Opal card is registered you can also. You dont get a card for each day, rather one card that you use for your entire visit.

Arriving on 28th Dec 2018. so only in sydney for the day. You can buy a one-way ticket there and then get another on the way back from Guildford. In QLD I have a Translink Card which entitles me to free Buses, Ferrys, Trains. Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Bondi Junction Station; Double Bay Wharf; Royal Randwick Light Rail; Moore Park Light Rail. It is a bit confusing at first but as stated on their website you have 9 years to use the credit on your card. The prices and travel time arent fixed and it will depending on traffic and your final destination. You will be best off on the train from Mascot station, it goes directly to Circular Quay where you can take a ferry to Mosman.

Thanks in advance, I await for your kind response. Hi Mick

I dont think a regular taxi would fit 5 pax with luggage. After 8 trips all your travel becomes half price and Sundays are max $2.70 so reaching the cap is hard.

I would suggest you call 131500 and ask directly as I have had two different answers when I checked.

If not, what are the alternatives, and will these alternatives easily be accessed with many bus stops? 5.-Now I actually arrive on Sunday. It would also save the hassle of having to buy individual tickets for each trip before you travel. You dont have to register your card if you buy it from a retailer. Im not sure if this will increase from Monday like the rest of the Opal fares. 4. after travelling 8 times which trip is 50% off and which is 30% off ? You can call Opal and let them know, and they will usually reverse this charge. Prices change between peak and off-peak travel.

I am considering to buy Opal card for my transportation in Sydney for 2-3 days, including trips in CBD, Manly, and Blue Mountains. Many many thanks for all the information that you shared with us! Have you seen the information on this page? You can add credit with cash or a credit card via the top up machines at stations.

This post has been removed at the author's request. 4 adults in Sydney over night , staying Travelodge king street airport , wanting to get across to Mossman , then back to Travelodge , then to ANZ stadium in night and return to hotel best means of transport. What kind of Opal card suitable for student?

Read here how to get fromSydney airport to Bondi Beach,Sydney airport to Kings Cross,Sydney airport to Manly Beach,Sydney airport to [], How To Get From Sydney Airport To Parramatta - All Possible Ways - Gamintraveler, How To Get From Sydney Airport To Glebe - All Possible Ways - Gamintraveler, [] can also rent a car in Sydney airport or get a private transfer.

Hi, My friend went to Sydney last December and i am planning to visit Sydney in April. You will need to take a train to Mascot suburban station to join the 400 bus. Child opals are for those under 15 years.

Its a personal card and you cant use for two people the same card. If you download the official Opal app you can see your balance any time and top up in $10 increments Sorry for the delay in responding. Will the Opal card save us some cost travelling using the bus/train/ferry? Please note the prices in the article are valid 1 January 2022. If you are on a tight budget the 400 bus from the front of the terminal to Bondi Junction then a train to Kings Cross would be the cheapest way.

7. which is the cheapiest way to travel to Blue Mountains and is it Sunday when everything is cheaper? The Train fare to Bondi Junction Station, Stand K costs about $2.65 - $7.24. Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel at Circular Quay. Best place to watch the New Years Eve fireworks?

Click on the Train route to see step by step directions with maps, line arrival times and updated time schedules. Read here how to get from Sydney airport to city center, Sydney airport to Kings Cross, Sydney airport to Manly Beach, Sydney airport to Darling Harbour, Sydney airport to Glebe, Sydney airport to Coogee Beach, Sydney airport to Parramatta, Sydney airport to Newtown and Sydney airport to Circular Quay and The Rocks. Can we use opal card for the train from Sydney to Newcastle ? Will be visiting Sydney for 3 days.

Check out this list of closest stops to your destination: All services count toward your daily caps ($15 max a day) and your weekly travel benefit (after 8 trips all trips are half price). For starters, here are some of the most popular ones. Cheaper and Faster options are also shown in this smart tip. Public transport to Darling Harbour is not ideal.

I hope this simplified guide to using the Opal card helps you plan your visit to Sydney. Please help me out. The date of the payment, when processed, will likely be different to the actual date of travel and will appear as TransportforNSW on your statement. You can top up with as much credit as you like. You will have to get the Line T8 from Sydney airport to Central Station. more. If your card has any international transaction fees this can be costly and an Opal is still the better choice.

How many days will you be here?

Near city train stations The only train stations that sell Opal cards are the two airportstations.

I should put that in my itinerary to get the nicest view of the opera house . The train schedulefrom Sydney airport to Bondi Beach is running every 5-10 minutes starting from 5 am until midnight. Is it worthwhile for 8 of us to buy Opal card? During our stay in Sydney we will be visiting places such as the Cricket hall of fame, Lolly Swagman, The rocks, Sydney observatory, National Maritime Museum, Bondi beach, fish market, Wentworth falls . The minimum cost is $20 for adult cards, $10 for child cards (other types such as seniors and students cards must be ordered). If not download the app and set it up before you leave home. Tickets are less than $4.40 outside peak hour. Now I can just buy a lower priced Opal card and take the bus from Airport to Mascot and change to train there or bus 400 all the way to Bondi Junction and take the train from Bondi Junction to KX to have a feel of the locals. A really nice day out is to take the bus to Bondi Beach then once you are ready to leave the beach take the bus from Bondi Beach to Watsons Bay and then take the ferry to Barangaroo. Yes the $17 is correct because it is a Sunday and their is a cap of $2.80 on Sundays. What is the best way to pay for the trip? Please tell me if I understand weekly cap.

Thanks in advance.

Honestly, though I would pay the extra $40 or so dollars for a quick 20 minute trip over losing lots of time in airport traffic and then still having to wait for a train. Is this requirement only enforced by the Airport Stations when they sell the new Opal card OR all other sellers (newsagents, convenience stores) in the airport premises would also enforce it? Double-check the current cap but there is a system in place for people who work at the airport. Click here to get a shared transfer from Sydney airport to city center with Klook! We have created several articles to help you plan your day both with the public bus and the HOHO bus. Hi, I am travelling to Sydney in Dec with my family of four, planning to go to the Blue Mountains on our own from our hotel near Circular Quay Railway Station. You can get theBus Number 400from Sydney airport toBondi Beach. Hi Gilbert Very few people reach that amount. You can use your credit or debit card to tap on and off, no need for an Opal on such a short visit. Uber is an extremely convenient, and a widely available option throughout (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? We can also consider stopping by half-way to take a ferry back to the CBD, if there were such alternatives that can make our trip fun, but the only concern is the time management, which we wouldnt want to miss any last departure time of any transport mode. Should we get the opal card ? Will you be driving? I have had a look and you may be entitled to a discounted opal here.


Hi Eric, there is no limitation to what you can bring on the train and there are lifts at all stations.

The third day we might have a few hours left in Sydney. The price of tickets depends on the distance travelled. Hello,

It depends on what you plan to do once you are here. My understanding is that funds can only be returned to Australian bank accounts so I assume that would also be cards but I might be wrong. Click here to get a discount booking activities in Sydney with Klook! Can i sue my friends Opal card? Please understand I am a traveller, and do not wish to add all that extra $80 credit since it will be money lost for me!!!! There are at least 20 outlets in the area from Woy Woy to Wyong. Is it the same price for the children? We are going to Sydney in November. https://sydneyexpert.com/blue-mountains-itinerary-by-train/. Would that be a better idea to have an Opal Card to cover the Airport to City and few city trips during 2 days ? bus? Can I use this one card for both myself and my wife? Should I get an Opal card?

On Sundays, you get unlimed travel on all 3 types of services for just $2.60. Otherwise, see Sydney Experts suggestion.

Its confusing I know.

Bondi Junction Station, Stand L is 274 meters away, 4 min walk.

Trips are 30% cheaper which is a good saving on the ferry particularly. Have a great time in Sydney. Hi. You will not need to use the card readers.

Hi, thanks everyone for your reply. Hi Joe

Subsequent top-ups can be made in $10 increments. You also get a smart tip where the details of other modes of transport like bus and metro availability for your route is also present. There is also a fare cap of $15 per day. A lot of budget option is available for accommodation in Coogee Beach. If you go from Sydney airport to Bondi Beach by taxi is the most comfortable, available 24/7 and fastest way. The nearest light rail station to Bondi Junction Station, Stand K is a 30 min walk away. Hi Raihan You dont need an Opal card for children under 4 years. The cheapest way from Sydney airport to Bondi Beach is by public bus. Plus coming to and from the airport with the public bus 400-410. There is no special luggage area but there is an open area inside the doorway just be sure to move right inside and dont block the doorways as this really upsets the locals. 2008 june taxi travelling