We are happy to offer aNO CREDIT CHECK PAYMENT PLAN! I was in and out of there for a teeth cleaning AND x-rays in 50 minutes. Longer terms and/or larger down payments usually mean smaller monthly payments. For circumstances like these, patients can choose a no money down, no interest plan to pay back their dental procedure over time. If time permits, a same day cleaning may be scheduled. The doctor is very thorough in his exam andtreatment. In using this method, patients are able to seek the care they need and the financial questions regarding that care all in one place. 2022 Western Dental. ", "I used Sunbit to finance a Root Canal. Made me feel comfortable, tooth extraction was quick and painfree. Everyone is always very pleasant. A dental insurance plan alternative TheDental Saving Planis a membership plan we offer to our non-insured patients that allows them to save a percentage on all their treatment without a yearly maximum. Friendly dentist and staff. He could tell I was in unbearable pain and would not let me leave until he could help me someway. Thorough but quick.

We offer a Free Screening to make sure you are a candidate and to get a better idea of how much to set aside. ", "I used sunbit for the balance of my dental work that I could not afford. My past experiences in Dental offices have been unpleasant to say the least. Trusted dental practices choose Sunbit to provide care for more patients. However, this should never prevent patients from receiving the care they need. Dental financing works just like anything else you might pay over time. At Bright Now! It was my first time there and everyone was verynice.

We are open - safety is our toppriority! On time, courteous and thorough in thework. The dental hygienists, doctors, and staff are all very friendly and are helpful in calming my anxiety. Extended terms up to 48 months at 14.9% promotional interest rates. They take good care of me. Dental work is not considered the same as medical care, which restricts medical insurance coverage from working within the realm of dentistry. In some cases, patients find that extending the length of time they have to pay back their dental procedure is the best case scenario. Notice of Nondiscrimination. I absolutely love my hygienist, she always does an amazing job. Continue reading, Finding an affordable dental insurance plan can be a real challenge. Everyone deserves to feel great and confident about themselves and their appearance. Dossett Dental Sees 2,650% Increase in Monthly Patient Financing Transactions Through Sunbit, Dynamic Dental Experiences 25X Increase in Financing Production. You are seen on time. I would recommend them for adults and kids my son is also a patient their and he is so scared of dentist but being there with them he is confident and all that nervousness isnt there anymorebecause. With a 151% increase in patient approval rates and nearly $1 million in incremental sales in the first 8 months, this is the best financing tool weve seen come to the market. You probably know that your mouth is home to one of the largest populations of bacteria in your body. We understand that not everyone has the ability to put cash forward on their procedure right then and there. His assistant and all the staff were all very nice and friendly. Payment plans like these eliminate barriers to quality dental care patients everywhere deserve. Call 512-292-9209 to schedule your initial examination, advanced imaging and solution work up.

Awesome Staff and Dentist. Ive been going to Gentle Dental for several years now. By enrolling in DentRite dental discount plans, you can ensure that your family receives the dental care they need at a price you can afford. With advancements in technology and specialized training, the cost of dental care can be quite high. Spanish Fort Practice:251-300-6100Contact Us >. Bright Now! With a few good hygiene habits, your breath is usually ready for the day. While theyre an independent bunch, you can dramatically influence their effect on your health. Also, they also made sure I understood the reasons for theirrecommendations. Doctor was very confident and kind and i felt comfortable with her working on my teeth. CareCredit has no up-front costs, no fees and no pre-payment penalties. shes a great dentist. Dental. As part of our commitment to providing quality dental care, we offer convenient dental financing programs that work for all budgets and credit levels even no credit. We want to help our patients, and believe if we provide a good service, people will pay us as promised. They are friendly, caring, efficient and honest. High marks to Terrie and the office staff as well. CareCredit is a company that provides patients with credit for their elective procedures, offering short-term, 0% interest payment plans and low-interest, extended payment plans. Research shows that one simple, inexpensive supplement may dramatically reduce attacks. Great experience every time I come in for anappointment. No late fees or application fees. Overall, outstandingexperience. Ive had everything from cleanings to root canals done at Gentle Dentle and now have an awesome new smile thanks to them. After my examination they gave me a detailed breakdown ofthe, Dr. Minatoli (if I am spelling correctly) is absolutely amazing. To learn more about Western Dental Credit, just ask. This depends on which program you are approved for. Get paid right away with funds deposited to you promptly. Ive had the best cleaning. Good and gentlefolks. Your smile is as important to us as it is to you. A great experience the staff and doctor wereexcellent.. All Rights Reserved. Tara was amazing! Flex Spending Plans: Flexible spending plans can be used to cover the costs of vision correction. You get assigned a dedicated Account Manager and Partner Success Manager that visits you either in-person or virtually to train and certify your employees to offer Sunbit technology. However, since they were only a pediatric dentist I had to stop seeing them once I turned 19 and had to find a new dentist that I could put all my trust into. The patient sends the word "apply" to 49854. Pediatric Dentistry Dentists for Children. The staff at Gentle Dentle remember all my family individually, we have a daughter who is special needs-they were great with her! Talk to your employer about setting aside money for you to put toward the costs of your surgery. The plan offers a significant value over traditional insurance because there are NO annual maximums, No deductibles, No pre-existing condition limitations, No waiting periods and no one without insurance will be denied coverage. also the tech that made my impressions for my top plate was fabulous, very conscious and friendly and informative,very patient with me and was extremely helpful.shes a great worker,you can tell she loves her work. No late fees or application fees for patients. We believe that quality dental care should be affordable for everyone. Before last week I had only ever gone to the same dentist since I was born. Very thorough,gentle. I planned an opening patient appointment to see if I liked the officeand. Great service and reasonable pricing. Whether youre looking to FINALLY replace those missing teeth youve been embarrassed about, to transform your smile with Porcelain Veneers, or just have a single broken tooth, we understand everyone is concerned about costs. I wouldnt have been able to proceed with everything I needed without Sunbit. Terri, the office manager, is fabulous and has helped accommodate my needs and Icould. There are several ways to go about this, including paying up-front, using your own credit card, or seeing if your dentist office offers the ability to make small payments towards your balance. Get a Virtual Consult to find out your options without leaving the comfort of your home! It's a fact, even for dentists like us who try to keep their prices low. Here at Austin Artistic Dental we realize that dentistry can be expensive, so we offer several different flexible payment plans so that your family can get the care it needs. Dr. Minetola and his staff aregreat.

A contactless process that can be completed by a customer from their connected device. You click here, and fill out the form asking your questions, take a couple of selfies and Dr. Hulse will send you a personalized video explaining your options including COST.

Friendly professionals ! Everyone treats us well. I was late for my appointment and everyone was super nice and understanding, especially considering it was the end of theday. I was in a time crunch due to moving in a few months and staff workedha. The staff is outstanding and verycaring. Aside from dental insurance, patients can find refuge in knowing dental financing and dental payment plans can work for them and their wallets. Everybody was very friendly and it was veryclean. The service was great didnt have a long wait time in the waiting area. Always very friendly staff, no long wait time. Quick appointment made available to replace a dislocated cap. I am very happy with both of their services. Everyone is so nice,friendly and professional Dr.Fee,Kaneisha,Rudy and Tonah. Everyone is very helpful and nice. Well engage with your practice often to ensure you have all you need to drive production and patient satisfaction with Sunbit technology.

Peak production occurs in the late afternoon, dropping off dramatically during the night. I met Denise as I entered, she was so pleasant and courteous and a joy to talk with. Doctor very friendly and explainseverything. Also, take a look at our Flex Spending Q&A. Dr. Nahsed and his staff are very nice and accommodating. I set my appointment up online and did my new patient paperwork online prior to my appointment. I will go back thereagain! As a patient with existing dental insurance, you may also be faced with a similar financial obstacle as patients without dental insurance depending on the type of coverage you have. To learn more about how we collect and use information through our website, please read our Privacy Policy here. We accept many child and adult Medicaid, Chip and Medicare plans. Great experience. The assistants and Dr. Fee were absolutely amazing. OH, MY GOD WAS SCARED TO DEATH, THEY WERE GENTLE AS THEIR NAME, THEY WERE VERY UNDERSTANDING, THE DOCTOR WAS GREAT VERY KIND LADY, THANK YOU GUYS SOMUCH. a credit decision will be displayed. Whether your preventing a dental issue or taking care of a current one, payment plans eliminate financial worry associated with care. Tel:(512) 292-9209. The staffs professionalism and quality work guarantee myreturn. Your dental hygienist is an absolute pleasure!! always consistently a great experience and the best patientcare! Its exactly what a great dentist office shouldbe. Taking care of your smile in this manner ensures you are tackling the biggest dental issues at hand, without prolonging treatment which can only worsen the health of your smile as well as your finances. We want to help you receive the dental care you deserve. Especially when it comes to larger, more costly dental procedures, patients can be left with a statement they werent necessarily prepared for.

Use a dentist near me search and youll find several Bright Now! Everyone was very welcoming andfriendly. The folks at Gentle Dental explained the procedures and repeatedly if I was alright with what they were doing. Financing offered is made by Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc., dba TAB Bank, which determines qualifications for and terms of credit. Friendly and professional people thereFastservice. He saw all the work. Our insurance experts are always fighting the insurance companies on your behalf to try and make sure you get your maximum benefits. Instead of having to pay nearly $500 upfront, I was able to split it into $36 payments, which is such a great help to me. Our office provides affordable dental services designed specifically to suit your needs. Highlyrecommend! Dental we offer several payment plans to choose from: Using one of these three payment plans allows both the patient and dentist to receive the dental care that needs to happen. I have been to a few dentists on my life time. Once the doctor has diagnosed the type of cleaning you need, the appropriate appointment can then be made. Challenged by low approval ratings with other financing tools, Sunbit technology paved the way for this dental group to help more patients get the services they need. Office very clean workers are very friendly veryprofessional. My husband and I have been going to Gentle Dental for several years. The service with Gentle Dental is very good the receptionist to the nurses and doctors are all welcoming and sweet and they talk with you about other things other than dental you know which is good. They explain everything they are going to do, thenonce. Through our partner portal youll see just how much incremental revenue youre earning from Sunbit technology anytime youd like. plan on going back andgetting. Our payment slider allows you to customize your down payment and monthly payment, creating a plan that works for your budget. Preventative dental care helps manage smaller dental issues before they become more painful, more intense, and more expensive later on.

Using this flexible plan, patients can have more time to pay back their dental procedure. Dental procedures can sometimes dig up unexpected issues, meaning more visits to the dentist requiring further work to make sure your smile maintains its optimal health. Missing or damaged teeth may put you at risk for future dental problems. Learn about one habit that may accelerate the breakdown of your teeth and how to read the symptoms your teeth share with you. Loans from $50 to $20,000. Everyday we meet people who thought they couldnt afford treatment. DentRite members also enjoy added discounts on hearing aids, glasses and contacts, and prescription medications from participating care providers, making these discount plans even more cost-effective for you. With CareCredit, no down payment is required for general dentistry treatment, and only $99 is due up front to start orthodontics. When I found gentle dental on google, I read all the reviews and decided to give it a shot. Weve been seeing Dr Minetola for 25 years. If you are looking for a great knowledgeable dentist. Only the most creditworthy applicants qualify for the lowest rates, largest loan amounts, and longest terms. They always do a good job with my teeth. In doing so, patients are able to receive more comprehensive care, increasing their satisfaction with the care and quality of work their able to have access to. Courteous staff. If you think you may be interested in a payment plan with Compassionate Finance, For orthodontic treatment (braces, Invisalign, etc). Financing your dental care is flexible and easy with options like these. Absolutely! From the minute I walked in the door until I checked out they were nothing but friendly and professional. At Bright Now! To get started, please type in a location or click the arrow icon to use your current location. My first time there. "I used Sunbit to finance some dental work.

But sometimes we use our teeth in ways that push them to the limit and lead to unnecessary problems and treatment. Orthodontics may be provided by general dentists. Your teeth and the surrounding jaw muscles present a powerhouse capable of crushing even the hardest foods to pieces. Veryconvenient. Vision Insurance: Some vision plans will cover some or all aspects of your laser eye surgery. Reliable restorative options with innovative procedures allow us to offer a remedy to almost every dental dilemma. Please call, Optional: Show only orthodontic offices (braces). Cancer treatment brings along a host of questions, feelings, and concerns. All of these dentist offices provide patients with exceptional quality care with a multitude of payment plan options to choose from. Dental technicians are just as courteous. The process was so quick and I couldnt believe I was approved for that much. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed for your health and wellness needs. Dr valentine is a very knowledgeable professional. All Rights Reserved. We offer flexible financing programs with no interest (if eligible), giving you the freedom to prioritize your dental care needs. They can be used as a tool for patients that have dental insurance, or those without. Many of our patients come to us after asking the question, Where can I find a dentist near me that takes payments? We are proud to offer flexible financing for major procedures. Did you know your own bodys immune system can attack the lining of your mouth and create stinging sores? Regular visits to an affordable dentist office can allow you to enjoy a brighter smile and a more positive outlook in all your activities. Everyone was so nice. Dr. Valentines quick deductions of my oral problems,easy explanation about my treatment plan and the actual dental work on me was of the highest order. All rights reserved.

Generally speaking, dental procedures tend to increase in cost the more intensive they become. Dental one of our solutions is to offer in house dental financing. Appointment was on time. Website by LegworkPRM. This can help you reduce the cost of your familys dental care while ensuring that you receive the best possible treatment options from our skilled dental team. Subject to credit approval. Thorough cleaning by friendly, competent hygienistIn house plan makes for a very fairprice. 18-, 24-, 36-, 48-, 60-, and 72-month plans are also available with interest. Ive been coming here since I waslittle. He relieves all dental anxiety. But what happens to those patients that dont have dental insurance? Patient must have a valid email address to consent to recieve the terms and conditions (including Privacy Notice). He explained how the problem would be fixed and how I could take the necessary steps to insure the problem would not return. In house dental financing will also provide patients with dental payment plans that dont exist within any other network. Great dentist, very accommodating and serviceoriented. I have had done He is going to fix the problems that just happened with my last dentist. The Dentist and staff are professional, knowledgeable and kind. To make things even more affordable Austin Artistic Dental offers theDental Savings Plan. They make you feel good even that youdont. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, financing dental work is possible, and were here to help. CareCredit helps families cover out-of-pocket dental costs and other medical expenses. Can You Get Dental Financing for Implants? Preventative care like professional teeth cleanings, oral exams, and dental X-rays are all on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to cost.

Available at our orthodontic offices for treatment like braces or Invisalign, OrthoFi offers 100% approval and the ability to choose your down payment and monthly payment. If you need assistance or have questions about your insurance policies or claims, our staff is knowledgeable and always available to help you. Using in house dentist financing allows patients to seek dental care to not only maintain their health but improve their smile. The dental Hygienist Jennifer is great WOW I really like her. The terms of financing, down payments, and interest are all exclusive to each plan at Bright Now! Many dentists offer affordable care, along with discounts, plans, and offers that help patients every day. Tax Deductions:The IRS has declared laser eye surgery to be a valid medical expense, thus making it tax deductible. Dental insurance doesnt always cover every dental procedure, or it poses different structures in how the coverage is provided whether full, partial, or not at all. Update: got 2 cavities filled and was so pleased with the results! They are efficient and pleasant. Your monthly payments depend on the amount of your down payment, the total treatment cost, and the length of the financing plan. They are such nice, professionalpeople. Pay as low as $99 down to start treatment, No interest payments available (if eligible). Ive been going there for many years. Your team get hands on training. If you dont have separate coverage from a dental insurance provider, you will be left paying for the cost of your dental work out of pocket. The wait time s very short and the hygienist and dentist spend the time to assess any problems and answer your questions. This includes marketing materials, training, and one-on-one coaching. But with the right strategies, oral wellness can be maintained with manageable side effects. I never wait long and am always greeted with a friendly smile. Continue reading. A text message will be received including the link for the patient to select that will open a web browser to learn more about the program and apply. We provide digital marketing resources to help you get the word out on your website, social media, email marketing, and digital ads. One of the best ways to get an idea of cost before you come in is to do a FREE Virtual Consultation. Dental location to you to find dental financing that eliminates those financial obstacles to give you straightforward options in quality oral care. I also really appreciate that they run on time. Excellent customer care. Actual Google star rating for total offices February 2022, Actual Google star rating for total offices May 2019. But if youre struggling with bad breath, or you suspect it might be a problem, we have a few tips to kick this social issue to the curb. Payment plans and dental financing, especially in house dentist financing, is one of the easiest ways patients can manage the cost of their dental visits. Other times its easier to use payment plans as a type of financial management tool. Whether the kids need braces or you need a root canal, we'll do our best to make sure affording the treatment you need isn't an obstacle. So glad I gave this place a try ill be coming back! The hygienist and dentist are very skilled and very friendly and kind. This allows patients to seek the quality care theyve been needing from a dentist they trust, with the ability to pay back the cost of their procedure on their terms. Sunbit was so easy to use. HomeNew PatientsServicesTechnologyContact Us, Monday-Thursday: 8am - 5pmFridays: 8am - 12pm. Dr is very personable and explains everything he is doing. In addition, we have partnered with Wells Fargo andCare Credit,which upon credit approval, allows you to pay a monthly fee for12 months with NO INTEREST and sometimes up to 18 months with no interest. He is excellent and caring. From dental cleaning specials to discounted rates for extended treatment regimens, our administrative staff will work with you to determine the most effective solutions for you and your family. Contact our office for details. Hygienist very nice and did a great job! Overall experiences is only happy. Hate going to the dentist, but gentle dental staff are friendly and they make you comfortable. Only the most creditworthy applicants qualify for the lowest rates, largest loan amounts, and longest terms. Continue reading, DentRite is an innovative alternative to traditional dental insurance. We can help you identify low cost dental insurance to cover your entire family. Always been friendly, convenient andnice. The patient will need to select which of the four WFHA health segments they are applying for. Judy Lees is an awesomely amazing assistant and all of the staff are always so friendly I always walk out the door with a smile on myface.

We accept most dental insurance and discount plans and can help you ensure that even inexpensive dental insurance covers as much of your treatment as possible. The quick approval process wont affect your credit score. By choosing our office for all your dental hygiene and emergency care services, you can be sure of the best results and the brightest smiles for every member of your family. Best experience Ive ever had at the dentistsoffice. From emergency dental repairs and remediation to routine teeth cleaning and examinations, we can deliver the right solutions for your entire family at a price you can afford. Do you still have questions about our dental financing options? The front office explained the costs in detail before and after each visit so there were no surprises financially, the place is extremely clean, and the dentalwork. We can also provide you with customized payment and care plans designed specifically to suit your needs. If you do not, interest is charged from the original purchase date. Rates from 0% to 35.99% APR. Get in-depth reporting about your store performance. The office staff and the service is verygood. Our experienced professional staff can provide you with the best care and the most cost-effective solutions for brighter smiles now and in the future. Great dental work from a kind, gentledentist!!! At Bright Now! Austin, TX 78748 It starts with understanding how the key bacterial players operate and your role in altering their destructive tendencies. Including myDentist. But we promise, we will help you find a way tofill in the gap between what you need and what you can afford. While oral health may seem like a small part of the equation, prescribed modalities often affect the mouth. She did an excellentjob. Sometimes patients develop toothaches or gum discomfort, but mouth pain comes in many other forms, too. Excellent practice, top notch dentists, hygienists andstaff. You agree to the cost of your treatment plan, make a down payment (if required), and then pay off the rest through monthly payments. Love Dr. Amrute. They also seem to get patients in and out quicker since I left a few years ago and returned. Thank you for helping make sure that all children can get good oral health care to stayhealthy!! Everyone is polite and professional my teeth are polished like astar. However, one of the biggest challenges with dental insurance isnt about the dentist taking your coverage, its within the terms of coverage itself. I really appreciated the holistic approach to dentistry that Iexper. Thank. From door to door I was in and out in 40 minutes when I sawDr, Excellent service, clean quarters and friendlystaff, cleanliness of facility. Many patients will use their dental insurance to cover most, if not all of the cost of their dental procedures. Unfortunately, quality dental care can come with a heavy price tag. The entire staff are very kind and genuinely care about each patient. If you know someone who deals with head pain, spending 5 minutes reading this article could make you their hero. Please call our office with any questions you may have about your plan. Everyone experiences headaches occasionally, but no one should live with them on a regular basis.