Ontop of that the crew which is normally excellent, was feisty and rude and wanted nothing to do with their job", "This was the fourth first class leg of our overall trip and the first three flights on Delta were great. Leg room inside the flight was to tight. The flight was on time", "Take off could have been better. This is a huge problem for me, as my back and leg injuries require the ability to stretch and move frequently. Minor inconvenience but room for improvement on Delta's part. If a passenger is taller than average, and the flight is more than 60 minutes, provide comfortable seating at no extra charge. I was also instructed multiple times to not show at the airport unless I had receive the confirmation. The air conditioning was really loud. ", "One flight attendant who was on a plane not scheduled for this flight (much smaller plane than scheduled) so lots of people left behind. ", "For the most part the trip was wonderful. I also paid $25 for my small piece of luggage. I have had literally the worst airline experience of my life today with United airlines. (If you know you have customers with short connections, why leave early to make their connections even shorter?) Delta prioritizes its operational metrics - an obsession to fill and overbook its capacity - over its customers' experience, one again under the foolish belief that short term savings in any way offset the long term damage of disappointed and alienated customers. KAYAK users also found Atlanta to Huntsville round-trip flights on Delta from $238 and on United Airlines from $397. I loved your flight attendants on this flight! Well I had already paid $50. ", "They somehow lost luggage for half the hee passengers, and we had to wait for 2 hours by the carousel for them to find it. If a customer has a short layover, which their system knows about since it is the sourve of the flight plans, put the customer toward the front of the aircraft since these flights are habitually late and customers end up having to sprint through airports to try to make connections. I wish this had been clearer so I could have avoided waiting to board and gate-checking my bag. It was the same presentation on both legs of my trip, so even if I had been interested initially, I would have gotten bored the second time around. Then @ gate for 1hr. Without any type of explanation and nothing more than an email announcing the change, the nonstop flight I bought was replaced by a 1-stop flight with connection in Atlanta. Totally unacceptable. This kind of error on Xmas eve is embarrassing. We have celiac disease and nice you offer GF options. I was told there may be a lot of suitcases and it was better to check it. ", "Delays are never fun and unfortunately our flight was delayed, but more importantly the pre-boarding staff and crew were rediculously rude. The issue was said to be an element that keeps a sensor from freezing in extreme cold weather. Best time to beat the crowds with an average, Flight from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson to Huntsville. ", "I had a reserved Comfort Class Aisle seat, purchased at time of reservation and showing as my assigned seat through printing of boarding pass. ", "If I didnt have to tap to my inner Usain Bolt to get to the gate in time", "Inflight movies and charging stations at every seat at the delta Gates and at every seat on the plane. Good service, on time, polite staff", "Duty free purchases not waiting for us at boarding like usual. They were frustrated and thus frustrated me. All attendants approached me to confirm my allergy and the special meal. ", "The boarding process seems a bit chaotic, but it didn't really detract from the overall experience. ", "I did not like the idea of having passengers wait so long to board the plane. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, "My sisters checked in luggage was in poor shape when we got it in Albany. ", "We had originally reserved a window seat and an aisle seat but when they changed our flight they put us by the window seat and the middle which we didn't like. However, I was not permitted to step onto the plane by the fellow at the gate at the time. It's more and more bad everytime I fly! Your team insisted on scheduling a flight for next week or a full refund!! I'm still in the terminal with no clear indication of when I will be able to go home I might be more understanding but, my flight here was also delayed 4 hours", "This regional airplane was extremely comfortable! ", "On-board staff were professional and kept everything running smoothly and with great communication from the pilot. I have lost more money by missing my flight to Burbank because of the Atlanta airport lying to me then the flight was even worth. ", "This was the first flight out. If Delta has any responsibility in this it would be in the retention and compensation for the private contractor. I sent United this letter, but no one is gotten back to me yet. It just made me want to sneak water from the drink cart rather than curbing my hunger. There was a problem with the seat of the person in front of me. We, needless to say missed our connecting flight to SYDNEY and had to wait til next day and fly to SAN FRANCISCO, then to MELBOURNE, then on to Christchurch. When complaining on Delta phone lines, I was told that the seat was needed for a Diamond member and therefore was "policy" to bump. ", "The flight attendants were nice and helpful", "First of all flight was delayed an hour and a half.. Then I went to get something to eat to kill time just to find out they switched the gate causing me to have to run all the way to the new gate then they close the door as I was walking up and told me I missed my flight even though the plane was still there for another 15 minutes.. so I had to fly standby on the next flight which was another hour and a half later.. ", "I was unhappy because every leg of my journey I was being charged for my baggage. I stopped using UA over 7 years ago because of these charges that came when gas prices were high and never went away. She talked to my husband who was further in the back and came back and told everyone it was ok for my kids to not be with their parents because my husband said it was ok. ", "That our family was separated. She put me in the middle seat! A little disconcerting. No free tv/movie offers on plane". When we abandoned our wait we were still 4th in line for an attendant to push the chair. ", "The flight attendant at the door when boarding didn't smile or say anything to me, I was the one that greeted her!! Cheaper! It's about getting some one home for the Holidays who has helped a ill person during the most vulnerable time in her life!! I then spoke to customer service and they told me there was nothing they could do after informing me that the flight that they switched my flight to was delayed yet another hour and I would not arrive until 350pm. Had to wait several hours for them to get us back the carry-on luggage that they insisted we check in the first place. ", "Getting stuck at gate waiting for air traffic control to find/make the flight a new flight plan", "The flight was good crew members was nice and professional. ", "The delta checkin desk were exceptional. Overall, not one to be proud of, Delta", "Flight took off three hours late. ", "I travel this route (ATL - MGM) often and it seems like half the time I use Delta there is an issue with the plane including times when the flight has been cancelled. You will leave Atlanta from ATL and will be arriving at HSV. ", "VEry good Cabin crew and the plane was reasonable new", "Clean plane a little more room in economy seats. ", "Flight attendant called cops on passenger sitting next to me to be escorted off the plane for no reason! I had to get a supervisor and they said my seat was gone and I may not be able to get back to NJ that day. Please contact me back, as soon as possible. When I opened it to view the itinerary it showed she had been booked for the am fight at 6:30 am! Had to get off plane, then had to wait in 3 lines. atlanta I was actually comfortable. But I didn't like that my husband's wishes over Road mine, it was misogynistic and she was a woman, a very condescending women. I get that planes have problems and flights are delayed! And the people making the announcements could be a bit more chipper also, we the customers didn't overbook the flight and we surely do not want to miss said flight so don't announce over PA system in threatening way bc United is trying to make more money by overbooking flights! The attendants were pleasant and even fun. I was promised my luggage on the same day,but I didn't get it until 11:30pm that night from a 2:40pm flight. ", "Wouldnt let us take our carry-on because they had overbooked and had no more room in overhead. ", "Ok we have two units at Crescent apartments to clean so please meet us there. ", "I had asked for help for when we landed in Houston to get to my conecting flight. Although I eventually received some compensation for the fact I paid more for the original seat, I remain very disappointed in Delta, if this is indeed the policy. Then the plane had problems we were then again delayed and had to deplane. Only when I approached the gate to board did I notice on the info screen that I had been "upgraded" to Comfort + and granted boarding with the Sky Priority group. The Kayak and Delta apps streamlined perfectly and I was able to check in and pay for luggage through Kayak! Could the zones instead reflect both location of seat and area of plane, so that those with window seats at the back board first, then middle seats, then aisle? Passengers were not being rude to one another, it was simply that the process is poor. We noticed an outside compartment was unzipped. However, a minute by minute call to hurry up on a flight that was sold out was over the top. Kept saying flight would go DID NOT go until another plane came in at 9:00 PM! We were told this would be a 2 hour delay. Front door broken at hotel. ", "The staff member in the boarding gate was very unorganised she was announcing incorrectly two times , which make the passengers confused. They didn't even put my bag on the plane and had to send it with the next one coming. Confirm policies on booking site. Airlines need to be a little more attentive to their customers' needs. - HATE, HATE, HATE the charges for the first and second checked baggages!! ", "Flight was on time departing and very early for arrival. Booking your flights between Atlanta and HSV can sometimes prove cheaper using this method. The Boeing 717-200 is the aircraft model that flies most regularly on the Atlanta to Huntsville flight route. I will do whatever I can to transmit my experience to everyone I know. even gave me a separate snack due to food allergy. Then we realized a zipper was missing from the luggage and then decided to check all the other compartments and realized her bag of jewelry was gone. The United policy says that it goes by class of ticket, which probably goes hand in hand, but hey really need to get thier staff on board with the policies. Entertainment was poor unfortunately", "The staff are friendly and passengers quickly get on and off the plane. ", "Food was decent and crew were nice enough", "Seat space was small and cramped. The plane arrived late and the we sat in the airplane for over 2hours because of repairs being made. Find cheap tickets to Huntsville from Atlanta. Our plane landed early which is a plus", "I didn't like the fact some of the seats appeared to be dirty , I sat on a book. Very old and noisy aircraft. Its nice to allow passengers to connect and watch movies or shows, however, when trying to watch a movie it constantly buffers. I have allergies and requested a special meal on all legs. ", "I was not expecting the ample leg room and arm space. In addition my flight was late leaving the airport and the captain nor the stewardesses gave an explanation. This was not a money matter!! It is disappointing to observe how Delta believes that a few dollars saved on extra staff and emergency measures can offset the irreparable long term damage to its business due to upset customers. Today, I had a final for school, a meeting, and interview with a job, and I had to drop my dog off at the vet for an appointment which costed around $150. I was upset. Those working with customer service was not helpful either. The letter is good with 2 other airlines which we travel on frequently. ", "I hadn't been on a United flight in quite some time but gosh this flight was awesome. Atlanta and Huntsville are both served by 1 main airport. ", "The flight was very comfortable and quick. ", "When I checked in at Newark, I upgraded my seat from 22 B to 7B for $55. It made such a huge difference in my day. Also the bathroom became a mess - slow to restock toilet paper, etc. ", "The plane was antiquated and the seat space and leg room were minimal. With confirmation number BS2EL9, my flight was set to go from Atlanta to Burbank, with a connection in San Francisco. ", "The crew was very informing and they fly attendants were very polite", "Once we arrived Ohara airport this went from bad to worse. That was it for me. Nothing they could do about it, but a slight annoyance.

There is a reason I paid a premium for a nonstop flight, and Delta did not hesitate in providing me with a less valuable product without any explanation or refund. That's just unporfessiknal. That way if aisle seats fill first, seated people are not stepping back into the aisle to accommodate others needing to get a seat in that row, while everyone on the gang way must wait for the aisle to clear. Female flight attendants are not so much in the friendly skies", "Took forever to board and exit the plane", "The staff was very nice and the flight was smooth. Your flight ticket price will generally be cheaper if you fly to Huntsville on a Sunday and more expensive on a Saturday. I had to go out and spend money on toiletries,night wear and my medicine because of not having my luggage. Seemed little control over how much hand luggage passengers were bringing onto the aircraft. You would think Delta could invest in keeping better maintained planes on the route. My screen was not calibrated correctly so I couldnt rewind or pause movies. After already spending 10 hours in ATL because of an earlier delay due to human error I was extremely disappointed in Delta that my flight out of Atlanta was delayed by an hour because they LOST the plane and couldnt find it or the truck to bring it to the gate. ", "The seats were comfortable with adequate cushioning. Space was unbelievably tight between seats and rows; I cannot imagine a horizontally or vertically big person having any level of comfort. Instead, you're given a salty trail mixed something that's seasoned very heavily. After we boarded the plane, we had to sit on the plane for over three hours before we finally took off. This might never be read, but I hope that kayak can pass along this information to the Dullus United team to try and make the flights more enjoyable in the future", "Our flight was delayed so our connecting flight was cancelled what a terrible experience. ", "my flight was delayed 3. ", "I was separated from my 4 year old and 7 year old children as well as our husband. I feel like the crew cold have been more forthcoming about what was happening it took at least .30min before we were told anything. ", "My flight was overbooked. ", "The crew went out of their way to make sure they got the plane ready as quickly as possible and get us to Jacksonville as quickly as possible. United blamed the controllers. ", "Great ticket price, friendly staff, relaxing flight, clean plane, fast travel time, smooth landing, free snacks n drinks", "Food & drink on plane is expensive. ", "I wasn't too excited that the in-flight entertainment quit working about five hours in, but the crew did their best to remedy the situation. ", "The entertainment, the crew were very hospitable. Audio selection on entertainment was v poor", "The Delta people were solicitous, efficient and brilliant the whole way through.

Gave us a discount with a nearby hotel that was more expensive than what you could book it for online. This was NOT THE PRODUCT I PURCHASED. ", "I was sitting in the middle seat between two very big (fat) people and it was uncomfortable. A Delta employee theorized that they do not pay enough to attract and retain personnel. The Captain was very courteous apologizing many times for the delay . This is absolutely unacceptable, and I need a remedy. Delta, and Alaska Airlines offer inflight Wi-Fi service on the Atlanta to Huntsville flight route. ", "The private contractor handling wheelchair assistance was terrible. ", "I did not like the way the plane was boarded- people could not get into their seats because others blocked the aisles - so chaotic. paige I'm willing to pay $9 for a few cheese slice and crackers or a sandwich yet they don't offer anything, not even to first class which would really irritate me had I paid 1000 bucks. The customer service call center was collapsed, and at the airport counters at one point there was ONLY ONE DELTA REPRESENTATIVE serving a line of more than 100 upset customers. New crew. ", "Nice equipment for the ride and pleasant staff", "Gluten free options! It was not ok, it was awful. ", "The ladies at the gate stayed over time to help reroute all the passengers. David Larkins", "Everyone working the flight was wonderful", "United, once again, was late and delayed. ", "Not enough space to sit at the gate. Well you are telling someone that is missing a bag of jewelry that theft is not a problem. ", "Gateway clean. A full flight in the same plane from Denver seems to have plenty of overhead space, but a full plane leaving Atlanta runs out early? Lots of leg room. Our first class seats were comfortable, but with the supplied blanket, pillow and poor air conditioning it was a hot flight. Really helpful and kind. I was told once again I should check my luggage and shelled out another $25. ", "Boarding was on time, and landing was smooth. Service wa excellent. When on the plane, a stewardess came up to me and asked to see my boarding pass (which was scanned when I got onto the plane.) He told me that because boarding time was over at 9:55a, he would not let me step on the plane even though it was still on the runway. I just need to do better at checking my phone due to both apps sending me updates about flight delays and luggage locations", "Lack of space from being confined to the middle seat but the passengers next to me were nice and the plane ride was over before I realized it. ", "On the flight I got on the 8:20 to Reagan the flight attendances were wonderful! on time departure, early arrival. Our pre-arranged chair was not there, multiple calls by our Delta assistant finally got us a ride to the chair holding area, but after about 45 minutes we gave up and shuffled off to the security area on foot. Not to mention the accepted they had problems with their email system and phones, but asked why didn't I called,mmm I was on the phone for the 3rd time!!!! ", "I wanted a voucher ride but they only needed a few volunteers. Speaking with a girl named Krystin S., I explained that I really needed to get to Burbank on time, before 2 o'clock. At a time where major airline carriers are in the spotlight due to abusive practices (i.e. So we checked to see if anything was missing and a souvenir from Mexico was gone. ", "Equipment used has seen better days. Would love to start back flying United more frequently", "I truly have no dislikes so I can't come up with 50 characters I don't think", "Did not allow our emotional support dog with the letter our doctor had written. This should have been dealt with as a maintenance issue but Delta doesn't seem to think so. ", "Seating was done at the gate Didnt appreciate being placed near the bathroom when it was evident the flight was not sold out", "I flew on a basic economy fare (I understand the restrictions) and was seated in Economy Comfort +, so that was appreciated. I already had a stressful day before arriving the airport and did not need any more delays. ", "More seat room than expected for economy tickets. I called United who said I wasn't on the plane. She tried to give me the regular meal. ", "Personnel was friendly and accommodating", "I has nothing to do with the flight it self! I like the coffee when I pair it with a biscoff. ", "Seats were very basic and not as good as the low cost carrier I normally fly out of the UK. Agents were so UNPROFESSIONAL! ", "Plane was supposed to depart at 9:09pm. I thought this was unfair. After sitting on the plane for over 1 hours they finally move us to a new plane to board all over again it was very unorganized . Then told us they would not pay for our hotel since it wasnt their fault. Her attitude was take it or leave it. They were very polite. I got cleared for this flight and bumped to delta comfort. Delayed our first flight and then our connecting flight left *early*. Anyone traveling, paying for the services of the airlines should not be mafe to feel ashamed to ask for help. Defiantly made up for me having a aweful time on the 7:20 flight. Multiple announcements made about keeping the boarding lanes clear and roller bags needing to be checked though some space in the overheads remained available. You had to pay $700 vouchers to a whole bunch of folks so whatever profit was possible went to vouchers instead. We MISSED out on TWO DAYS of our short trip! I had to wait in line at LAX for 8 hours to even get information on what had happened, and what solutions were available. ", "Crew was above and beyond. ", "I'm not sure how you lose a bag on a direct flight from Atlanta to Denver, but Delta found a way to do it. All before we board. ", "It got to me to Atlanta fine. He couldn't keep his seat straight and his head was in my lap throughout the flight. ", "I like that I was able to request a window seat and was obliged to get another one. I wish I could fly this way all the time! In the last 3 days, Delta offered the best one-way deal for that route, at $174. To make matters worse, the gate agents didn't make announcements even if just to say we know this isn't good and we will update you asap even if just to tell you we are still waiting on word. When I need to get somewhere on time Ill never rely on Delta after this experience. Also, I requested to speak to someone, but the representative on the phone said they didn't have a phone number to speak to anyone which adds to the cumbersome nature of this issue. Drink service was good with snacks. You can then pick the flights that suit you best.

Just a bad gate experience, but bad enough that peopoe were commenting, and I waited for someone from the cockpit to del\part so I could mention it to them. More buffering then watching, to the point of just stopping and skipping it all together. I was up most of the night waiting for this confirmation that never came!! ", "Plane delayed 5.5 hrs. So the nice lady put me on that flight after I had already asked for window seat. ", "Was not accommodated for a missed flight", "One of my flight was cancelled I have to repay for a ticket which did not make sense", "Why I have to pay for another ticket for my son when did it and then", "Paying for my plane ticket broke college kid", "The boarding process was efficient and the staff was friendly. ", "Delays happen but DCA is a pretty big hub not to have a big enough plane to get passengers on board who are already delays. The last flight leaves Atlanta at at 10:55 pm and lands in Huntsville at at 10:48 pm. The logic behind this is beyond me. I get to the Atlanta airport on 10/31, and I was not in the system. They yelled at one lady bc she didn't speak English. I was dumbstruck by the apathy of the Delta employees at the gate (the exception was the flight crew, who tried to get the aircraft there earlier). ", "So I arrived in Atl was on standby for the 7:20 flight to Dca airport I had already paid $50 for standby! the United passenger case), I still find hope in knowing that alternatives such as Southwest still put their customers first, over the ethereal benefits that a few-dollar savings in operational expenses can provide. Always use Southwest whenever possible.

The planes on this route make Delta a LOT of money as it is one of the most profitable routes in the US. I had no options to select a seat when I checked in or made my reservation that wasn't an extra charge. The plane did not have any kind of tv screen in which to watch films or programs. Was told it needed his license number. I then get to the gate, and the agent at the gate was asking for 10-20 people to check their luggage for FREE. If your preferred travel dates have some wiggle room, flexible dates will show you all the options when flying to Huntsville from Atlanta up to 3 days before/after your preferred dates. ", "The efficiency of having my boarding pass on my phone (Apple Wallet). Still, I ran to my connecting flight before it left the runway at 10:10am. KAYAKs flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Huntsville from Atlanta is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now. I'm very upset at the situation. you all treated me way better than spirit airlines! ", "In general, all the crew and counter people are not able to say "good morning" or smile, besides a delayed flight made a really bad experience", "I was put on wrong flight and arrived 4 hours after scheduled landing. Far larger than a simple meal voucher. Just drop down lCD panels for shows. The cheapest month to fly is February. They were stressed I am sure with delays and working the gate that has like 5 flights leaving at once, but they could be a bit better at their job by being polite to us the customers! ", "Delta lost the plane for over an hour. I was offended, and declined the voucher. ", "The boarding process was very simple and the crew was friendly. I will not fly United again, and have already requested that my Executive Admin's not use United and use other airlines when they book business trips because I would hate for anyone to have to go through what I did. ", "Seated in the rear middle seat. Attentive pilot. After the agent called United Headquarters, they finally got me on the plane. When I explained I needed an allergy free meal (mind you this was first class), I was told I could not get it and got no apology or other accommodation. We were late over hour. ", "you guys have tvs in the headrest and its spacious in the seating area. Here is the other part,,Rosa came all the way from Mexico to care for her ill sister for the last 2 1/2 months, all she asked was to be able to be back home for the holidays!! The flight from Atlanta was delayed about 10 minutes, however, they assured us that we would arrive in San Francisco at the correct time of 9:39 AM with enough time to get to our connecting flights. Only 15 minutes late. Computer problems. Just totally disgusted by the overall experience and wouldn't wish it on anyone. ", "There was no food or entertainment. You could then fly to Huntsville with an airline and back to Atlanta with another airline. The crew members were great and it was a pretty chill experience, which is not how I can describe any other flight in recent memory. Krystin told me that there was nothing she could do, and offered me only a meal voucher. 3 hrs sleep. I'mover 6' tall and middle seats are painful, especially cross country. An announcement was made that in Atlanta which is Delta hub, there were no flight attendants for the flight so we had to wait for another crew to fly in. The original fight was cancelled from Minneapolis to Atlanta (with no notice) I found this out by calling!! Not losing kids stroller", "Everything was fine, crew was great, but the wifi entertainment system is a joke. I am 44, have been flying since I was 5, and have never had anything like this happen and don't want it to happen to anyone else I know. The attendant was nice enought to arrange it, but when we landed and I introduced myself to the person with the wheelchair, he made me feel bad enough to walk to my conecting flight. And had standby of 4 and the staff kept announcing they were going to kick 6 people off and we wouldn't know until we were boarding and it was going to be by whoever paid the lowest price per ticket which btw is not the policy. Plus she was the same the whole flight like she had somewhere better to be!! ", "The greatest part of the trip for me was the smooth landing. The earliest flight leaves Atlanta at at 8:10 am and lands in Huntsville at at 8:06 am. ", "Didn't get snack.