Josep Borrell told a news conference the EU sanctions imposed on Russia will have a cost for Europe. "The economic situation here will get a lot worse. A court in Breda has ordered the early release of two Ukrainians, so they can fight the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The key thing now is defense. The latest evacuations come after Russian President Vladimir Putin put Russia's nuclear deterrent on high alert on Sunday in the face of a barrage of Western reprisals for his war on Ukraine, which said it had repelled Russian ground forces attacking its biggest cities. Read more. The prisoner swap included the handover of 43 members of the Azov regiment, a National Guard unit that Russia says is a dangerous far-right battalion, a promising sign for Ukrainians hoping for the release of other fighters from the unit. The 55-year-old engineer's act of defiance happened on Saturday at a luxurious marina in Mallorca. "We must stop this war," Ostapchuk said from the other side of the phone. Croatia is preparing for the changeover to the euro in 2023, and the countrys top officials, including Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovi, highlight Croatias readiness to adopt the euro. While the exchange has been shrouded in secrecy, Denis Pushilin, the head of Russian proxy forces in the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine, said that the same number of Russian and pro-Russian forces were returned in the deal. Read more. Prisoners line up alongside a road during an exchange of prisoners, as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, in the location given as Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, in this handout photo released on June 29, 2022. but my colleagues will be starting a fresh blog in the morning, We fact checked Dominic Perrottet's claim about the flu and COVID-19 . The suspension would cover all Russian national teams the women's team are due to play in UEFA's Euro 2022 competition in England in July. ", Zelensky said the decision was difficult to make from a moral point of view but was vital "in terms of our protection.". Read more. Read more. "Regarding the ExoMars program continuation, the sanctions and the wider context make a launch in 2022 very unlikely," it said. (eljko Trkanjec | On Saturday, Roscosmos said it was pulling its personnel from the European space port in Kourou, French Guiana.

Germany has broken its long-standing policy of banning weapon exports to conflict zones andSweden broke its long-standing neutrality. 1999 - 2022 | Efficacit et Transparence des Acteurs Europens. The commanders of the Azov regiment and a marine infantry unit who fought at Azovstal have been moved to Moscow, where they are being held at the notorious Lefortovo Prison, according to Mr. Budanov. Irelands Foreign Minister Simon Coveney visited Warsaw over the weekend to discuss the war in Ukraine and the provision of assistance for those fleeing it with his Polish counterpart, Zbigniew Rau. Neo-Nazis vandalise Soviet monument in Athens. Reporting by Pavel Polityuk; writing by Tom Balmforth; The European Union has asked its satellite centre in Madrid to provide intelligence to Ukraine about Russian troop movements and EU countries are determined to further increase their bilateral military support to Kyiv, head EUdiplomat Josep Borrell said. Taras Ostapchuk said he was hoping to join Ukrainian soldiers or civil militias trying to hold back Russian troops advancing towards the capital, Kyiv, and other parts of his homeland. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said he will be releasing prisoners who have "real combat experience" so they can assist with the war with Russia. Russias Ambassador in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Igor Kalabukhov, tried to clarify his earlier statements on BiHs potential NATO membership in an interview he gave Face TV on Friday, explaining that what he said should not be taken as a threat, but rather as a warning. 'I can still smell it': Foot-and-mouth disease is on our doorstep. Russia suspected of plan against Croatia and Hungary. "Russian or Belarusian nationals, be it as individuals or teams, should be accepted only as neutral athletes or neutral teams. Luxembourg will send 100 NLAW anti-tank weapons, jeeps and 15 military tents toUkraine, Defence Minister Francois Bausch said in a statement. Mr Lebedev, the son of Alexander Lebedev, used a letter in the Evening Standard London newspaper he owns to call for Putin to use peace negotiations to stop the conflict in Ukraine. The arrests of two Kosovo Serb officials over corruption charges prompted Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to claim the government of Kosovo is ethnically cleansing Serbs from the country. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the German chancellor (not pictured) give statements ahead of talks at the Chancellery on July 12, 2021, in Berlin, Germany. Shift in Spains policy on Western Sahara triggers government tensions. Ex-PM Borissov released following arrest. Read more. There are arguments in favour of taking some more time before the country enters into the eurozone, but he said it is a political decision. Mr Zelenskyy has asked the European Union to allow Ukraine to gain membership immediately under a special procedure as it defends itself from invasion by Russian forces. The Albanian government has announced new measures to deal with the ongoing energy crisis, including scheduled power cuts throughout the country and off days for the public sector as citizen protests continue. Negotiations on amendments to the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina failed after four days of talks in the EU Delegation in Sarajevo and with the mediation of international negotiators Angelina Eichhorst and Michael Murphy. Ukraine announces largest prisoner exchange yet, including Mariupol fighters. "Only 4 countries supported Russia'sposition, clearly demonstrating the international community is united in condemning Russia's egregious action," she said. Canada to return Nord Stream 1 turbine to Germany in blow to Ukraine, Ukraine's richest man agrees to hand over media empire, Rome fires mount pressure to diffuse ecological bomb, Shell on cusp of Albanian discovery that could change Europes energy future, Rama says, Russia shuts down terminal after Kazakhstan offers to send more oil to the EU, Germany hotspot for hosting child porn as Berlin wrestles with Commission over privacy, Italys COVID surge is real reason for concern, says health foundation, Ukraine cries foul as Canada sends Nord Stream 1 turbine to Germany, Lavrov storms out of G20 talks as West presses Moscow on Ukraine, Terminal: inside Europes summer airport chaos, Dutch court releases two Ukrainian prisoners to fight Russia.

"Relations with Russia will no longer be determined by trade," he said. They have two children. Russia is the world's largest exporter of natural gas, and it satisfies about a third of Europe's consumption. More than 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered to Russian forces in mid-May after fighting in Mariupol, Ukraine, from their base in the bunkers of the Azovstal steel plant for months. The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIVs media network. Draghi to Club Med Leaders: energy challenge most urgent. Patriot air defence systems have arrived in Slovakia, and talks continue about a permanent deal that would open the way for a shipment of the old Soviet S-300 system to Ukraine. I saw that everything was not fine, she said. Read more. She spoke to him 10 days ago. Mikheev, 61, is the CEO of Rosoboronexport, the weapons export arm of Russia's state-owned defence conglomerate Rostec. Zelensky said incarcerated people "with real combat experience" would be released from custody in order to join the war against Russia. The Albanian government has announced new measures to deal with the ongoing energy crisis, including scheduled power cuts throughout the country and off days for the public sector as citizen protests continue. Don't believe your propagandists. Read more. At least one Western country is studying a request from Ukraine to provide fighter jets, a European official said. Read more.

These are the key takeaways from our finance Q&A blog, SA teenager acquitted of dangerous driving over triple fatal near Mount Gambier, India elects Droupadi Murmu as first president from tribal community, Matildas veteran Lydia Williams farewells Arsenal to sign one-year deal with PSG, Paramotoring pilots strive to make it across Australia 'in one piece'. A Ukrainian draft resolution will be considered at the urgent debate. Screen for heightened risk individual and entities globally to help uncover hidden risks in business relationships and human networks. Editing by Tomasz Janowski, Ukraine talking to major institutions about ways to reduce debt payments, U.S. says it will hold Russia accountable for carrying out Ukraine grain deal, Europe's power system feels the heat as cooling demand soars, UK consumer mood stuck at record low, GfK survey shows, ECB goes big with 50 basis-point hike, ending negative rates era, See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. Hungary will not send troops or weapons toUkraineand will not allow lethal weapons to transit its territory in order to keep the country safe, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Monday during a visit to Kosovo. The Polish FA had said that they will refuse to play against the Russian team. KYIV, June 29 (Reuters) - Ukraine on Wednesday carried out its biggest exchange of prisoners of war since Russia invaded, securing the release of 144 of its soldiers, including 95 who defended Mariupol's steelworkers, Ukraine's military intelligence agency said. Commenting on Croatias plans to adopt the euro as sole legal tender, Stiglitz said on Friday that potential benefits are more restricted than potential costs. On February 25, the day after Russia's invasion began, he tweeted that it was "an unimaginable tragedy". Welcome to The Capitals by EURACTIV. No national symbols, colours, flags or anthems should be displayed," the statement added. The focus of the January 6 committee turns to Donald Trump for what could be the last hearing. His target was the Lady Anastasia, a 48-meter-long (457-feet-long) superyacht whose owner, according to Ostapchuk, is Alexander Mikheev. He said that everything was fine, she said, but she knew that was not the case. Energy on the table as EU foreign ministers meet on Ukraine, defence. (eljko Trkanjec | ), They must avoid committing any other offences, return to sit their pre-trial detention if requested by the court, and, if required, carry out their sentences if the court still decides to sentence them. European nations and Canada on Sunday moved to shut their airspace to Russian aircraft. Read more. The second package of measures designed to address the impacts of high energy prices on Austrian citizens has been criticised for its heavy emphasis on the environmentally damaging commuters subsidy. By Michael Schwirtz,Marc Santora and Ivan Nechepurenko. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. The sailor considered what he would do for a couple of hours before deciding to take revenge. "As a Russian citizen, I plead with you to stop Russians killing their Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Croatia should take some more time before the changeover to the euro since the disadvantages could be higher than benefits due to ongoing geopolitical risks, US economist Joseph Stiglitz, who won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2001, has said. "As Europe stands on the brink of another world war, and the world on the brink of a possible nuclear disaster, I plead with you to use today's negotiations to bring this terrible conflict in Ukraine to an end," he wrote. Browse an unrivalled portfolio of real-time and historical market data and insights from worldwide sources and experts. "The reason for making this decision is that such deliveries might become targets of hostile military action and we have to ensure the security of Hungary that we are not getting involved in that war," Mr Szijjarto said. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says prisoners who have real combat experience will be released from jail and will be able to "compensate for their guilt in the hottest spots of war". The United States shuttered its embassy in Minsk and allowed non-emergency employees and family members to leave its embassy in Moscowas Russia pushed on with its invasion of Ukraine for a fifth day. Evgeny Lebedev, the ennobled British-Russian media boss and son of a former KGB spy, pleaded with Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine. European governing body UEFA is due to hold a meeting at 6pm Central European Time (3am AEST) on Monday to decide on several issues relating to Russian football. There is a bit of an information vacuum, but we are hearing that both sides are returning to their respective capitals to discuss things before meeting up again in a few days. Zelensky also urged the European Union to grant Ukraine immediate membership as the country continued its conflict with Russia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says he has signed an official request for Ukraine to join the European Union. In an address on February 28, Zelensky told the people of Ukraine that everyone who can "join the struggle against the invaders must do so" and that the country is dedicating "every minute" to the conflict. "Switzerland reaffirms its solidarity withUkraineand its people; it will be delivering relief supplies for people who have fled to Poland," the government said, renewing its offer to mediate in the dispute. "When I went to the presidency, I said that each of us is the president. "All sanctions against some individuals who participated in the Anti-Terrorist Operation will be lifted. This is inevitable in the circumstances," said Anastasiya. There are arguments in favour of taking some more time before the country enters into the eurozone, but he said it is a political decision. Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak, who announced the start of the talks, says on Twitter they are continuing. "Residential buildings destroyed by missiles and artillery are the final argument for the world to stop this occupational invasion together with us," he said on Saturday. On top of this, Luxembourg is offering allied countries transport capacities on board of its A400M military transport plane and chartered aircraft, Bausch added. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. Russia is also a major producer of petroleum products. His father once worked as a spy at the Soviet embassy in London but then built a fortune by trading securities in the chaos that followed the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. Operations at the USembassy in Minsk have been suspended and non-emergency employees and family members are authorised to voluntarily depart the US embassy in Moscow, Secretary of State Blinken said in a statement. There will always be a risk when it comes to military exercises, Norwegian Air Force Chief Rolf Folland said regarding the four US soldiers killed in the NATO Osprey plane crash during the Alliances military exercise in. The United Nations is live streaming the meeting on YouTube: FIFA is set to suspend Russia's national teams from international football until further notice due to the country's invasion of Ukraine, a source with knowledge of the discussions told Reuters on Monday. Austria launches 2 billion anti-inflation package amid criticism. Read more. Just save your lives," he said. Read more. The best war is the one that could be avoided, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Saturday, adding that Serbia and Hungary, which have many nice plans together, face a serious challenge concerning the war in Ukraine. She spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss information not yet public. Patriots arrived in Slovakia, talks about S-300 delivery to Ukraine continue. As a British citizen, I ask you to save Europe from war. The Capitals brings you the latest news from across Europe, through on-the-ground reporting by EURACTIVs media network. The United States had already relocated its Ukraine embassy operations from the capital Kyiv to the western city of Lviv two weeks ago as Russian forces amassed at Ukraine's borders. You can subscribe to the newsletter, Before you start reading todays edition of the Capitals, feel free to have a look at the article, The European news you deserve to read. The Russian rouble plunged 18 per centagainst the USdollar on Monday and the central bank more than doubled its key rate to 20 per centin an emergency move after the West imposed unprecedented sanctions on Moscow over the weekend. Look back at how the day unfolded in our live blog. On Sunday, Finland agreed to let Estonia supply Ukraine with field guns purchased from Finland under an agreement that originally prohibited selling them on. Follow our live blog for updates on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Courtesy of Ukraine's Military Intelligence/Handout via REUTERS. Join half a million readers enjoying Newsweek's free newsletters, Ukraine-Russia Live: Russian Rockets Kill Dozens, Kyiv Holds, Talks Begin. We insisted that the Russians give them over.. The sanctions are widely expected to hit the economy hard and inflict pain on ordinary Russians, compounding years of stagnant or falling real wages and driving up inflation. Following a meeting of officials from its 22 member states, the agency said in a statement that it was assessing the consequences of sanctions for its cooperation with Russia's Roscosmos space agency. Ukrainian government issued the surrender directive, a list of companies that have pulled out of the country. Svyatoslav Palamar, his deputy, along with Maj. Serhiy Volyna, commander of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade. Get out of here. Vucic claims Kosovo is ethnically cleansing Serbs. But the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic in eastern Ukraine said it had secured the release of 144 soldiers, including its fighters and those of the Russian army. Finally, she said, soldiers considered fit for combat, like her husband, would be traded. The husband was captured at Azovstal. A warning, this is distressing footage. The European news you deserve to read. A car drove at high speed into a group of Belgian carnival performers who were preparing a parade early on Sunday, killing six people and seriously injuring 10 others, authorities said, saying the incident did not appear to be a militant attack. Read more. The Polish right has proposed simplifying gun ownership regulations and shortening the procedure for applying for a gun permit as Russias attack on Ukraine has renewed discussions in Poland about the countrys stringent gun ownership laws. "I'm sure it's fair. They have severe injuries, some have amputated limbs and other complications, he said.