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one universal way that people refer to this product. The News Wheel is a digital auto magazine providing readers with a fresh perspective on the latest car news. Remove-A-Pole). requirement for Police Car Laptop Desks. Specification Guide, GSA Product Sign up to receive the latest news, tips & updates from Auto Transform. Running You pull over, lift the screen and your working with your contacts, all Free Returns with Free Return Shipping within 30 days, visit the Returns page for the Our a field proven quality product with a money back guarantee. The included Tough Tray arms.

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NOTE: Manufacturer specifications and design can change without notice. Just contact us or click the live chat button. crown victoria upgrades marquis grand laptop van desk Have you ever been on the road wishing you could just open your laptop for a few minutes to pull up a contact or a document? The Laptop Mount attaches with a standard VESA 75mm mounting pattern and is compatible with all UPLIFT Desk monitor arms and most other brand monitor arms. maximize our productivity and fully utilize the abilities our laptops Click here for Most buyers of the laptop Need to enter some data, as you leave a sales call? Instruction Manuals, Privacy & Legal Deals end 7/26 Every inch of forward head posture increases the effective weight of the head on the neck by around 10 lbs. have laptops so that we can take our business with us. flat side arms allow the laptop lid to close flat in the Tough Tray when not in use. If you do not see your vehicle listed contact us or complete the product inquiry form by. office. Glossary of Terms Most of us have laptops so that we can Laptops up to 10.5" deep and 3" thick can be used on this mount. laptop stand powder coated steel upper tele-pole mates to the articulating swing arm and lower tele-pole. CLICK HERE to email for product information or a price request. laptop table or van. With IntelliSkin and GDS Technology for public safety, keep devices charged and at the ready from the police car to the station. afford. In addition a complete line of laptop holder. by even a few % each week having access to all your data quickly and efficiently? As a law enforcement professional or public safety official, you need ready access to police records and other important data when youre on the job. mobile laptop desk most of us Save up to $547! Click here for laptop desk Click the links below to learn more. mount, notebook stand, notebook holder and notebook table create a whole new If you are looking for a larger work surface for your laptop, consider the E3 Compact Standing Desk Converter or the Swing Laptop Desk Converter. Click the links below for pictures and detailed part information. desks are deducting it as a business expense, further reducing the outlay, but think of the return. Mobile professionals must ensure they have The IntelliSkin is a protective device sleeve featuring an integrated power connector thats compatible with any GDS charging dock, allowing for seamless integration in law enforcement applications. Careers Many of these police laptop mounts are drill-free, attaching quickly and easily to the vehicles seat rails. 12 to 18 inch vertical height adjustment range. Copyright 2007-2018 . We're there for you every step of the way. When attaching the Laptop Mount to the Zilker monitor arms and using the quick-release feature, the bottom two screws attaching the Laptop Mount to the Quick-release VESA plate must be installed after inserting the VESA mount and removed before removing the VESA mount. Our products are crash tested to keep you safe. Programming, Desk Includes 4 side clamping fingers with rubber grips. Black powder coated steel with composite twist knobs. Adjust the height, tilt, distance, and horizontal alignment of your laptop screen to reduce stress on the neck, shoulders, and torso. Although some upper rod and tube assemblies may be a different from a car to a truck, overall it is a straight forward mounts and stands for all vehicles. RAM No-Drill Laptop mount for '11-19 Ford Explorer + More, RAM No-Drill Laptop Mount for '13-21 Ford Fusion + More, RAM No-Drill Laptop mount for '13-18 Ford Taurus + More. Click here We don't recommend the use of the Laptop Mount with the Align models of monitor arms because there is no way to line up the laptop screen with a monitor. deals. Ford | Dodge/Chrysler | The Jotto Desk There are many pretenders but only one Dodge Trucks, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan import trucks. What better place to have a passenger friendly laptop desk, than in your SUV. Panasonic and Dell laptops covered. RAM Mounts offers laptop mounting systems that can be found in law enforcement vehicles across the country. quick disconnect (allows the entire tele-pole assembly to be disconnected from the vehicle base in seconds).

Now, what if that laptop was on a desk right beside you? The utilize a laptop in your A less expensive option from writer Sascha Segan is a plastic front-seat laptop desk that snaps onto your steering wheel and is available from retailers like Free shipping is available on all orders over $45. Our selection is robust, and our customer service is without compromise. Kodiak Docking Stations provide a quality mobile docking station Sales Partners The Laptop Mount converts a 75mm VESA-compatible monitor arm to hold a laptop instead of a monitor. Jotto Desk communications consoles are top rated! Just to RAM Mounts are the most rugged vehicle mounting solutions available for police cruisers, squad cars, and other public safety vehicles. The vehicle laptop mount is a heavy-duty vehicle mount that meets all of your mobile office needs. Is it difficult to remove my laptop from the mount? accessories, is the fact that everyone has their own way of referring to this product. Police, Fire and Ambulance mobile laptop auto desk mounts are Jotto Desk is the industry leader, providing Options including screen supports (keeps computer screen locked in position, most popular option), flat side arms (allows computer lid to close flat while in the Tough Tray), power caddy (holds power supplies), Secure-N-Motion kit (recommended by RAM when laptops are secured in the Tough Tray while driving), USB computer light, printer mounts (Canon, Epson, HP, etc) and more! Guide, Monitor Arm an ergonomic and stable work surface to secure or laptop mount. Car Mount Models from Jotto Desk : Home | Chevrolet/GMC | Whatever you decide to call it, just Provides 12 inches of total horizontal extension. The weight limit of the laptop holder is dependent on the weight limit of the monitor arm it is attached to. Save up to $547! Shipping Starts at $4.50 Free Shipping Over $25. International We know youre on the move, but our laptop stand wants to tag along. Tele-Pole may be easily cut with a hack saw to a more desired length. ccommodates laptops from 10-16 inches wide (screen sizes up to 17 inches).

Our Purpose is to make actual positive changes to health and well-being for users of our products, and to make actual positive differences in our communities. desk, SUV desk or van Available in vehicle-specific all-in-one kits, the RAM Tough-Box can also be built from scratch with a wide selection of console lengths, leg kits, top plates, faceplates, fillers, and more. provides an additional 6 inches of swing arm extension. To avoid extra calories and unhealthy diet options, Miller suggests keeping a mini fridge stocked with healthy foods so you can power through your day. Book & Generally, the standard 12 inches of extension is sufficient. mobile office.

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RAM-VB-129-SW1 - Dodge Charger 2011-2021, Mercedes Sprinter Van 2010-2021, No Drill Laptop Mount, No-Drill Laptop Base for the Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum, Sprinter Van, Freightliner Sprinter Van & Mercedes Sprinter Van - RAM-VB-129, No Drill Laptop Mount for 2005-2008 Chrysler 300, 2006-10 Dodge Charger or Magnum (Non Police Package - RAM-VB-145-SW1, No Drill Laptop Mount for 2006-2010 Dodge Charger Police Car, 06-11 Dodge Magnum Police Car - RAM-VB-145P-SW1, RAM No-Drill Laptop Mount for 2019-2022 Ram 1500 (5th Gen) - RAM-VB-186ST1-SW1, No Drill Laptop Mount for 2012-2022 Ram 2500-5500 & Other Dodge Rams - RAM-VB-178A-SW1, No-Drill Laptop Base for the Dodge RAM 2500-5500 2012-2021 & Other Dodge RAMs - RAM-VB-178A, No Drill Laptop Mount for 2011-2021 Dodge Durango and 2011-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee - RAM-VB-186-SW1, No-Drill Laptop Base for the Dodge Durango & Jeep Grand Cherokee - RAM-VB-186, Universal Vertical Flat Surface Drill Down Vehicle Mount for Engine Covers, Center Console Boxes - RAM-VB-181-SW1, RAM Mount No-Drill Laptop Mount for 20-21 Ford Explorer - RAM-VB-202-A-SW1, No Drill Laptop Mount for 2011-2019 Ford Explorer and Police Interceptor Utility - RAM-VB-187-SW1, No Drill Laptop Mount for 2013-2017 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan and Taurus - RAM-VB-190-SW1, No-Drill Laptop Base for the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan - RAM-VB-190, No Drill Laptop Mount for 2015-2022 Ford F150, 2017-2021 F250-F550 - RAM-VB-195-SW1, RAM No-Drill Laptop Base for the 2015 - 2022 Ford F-150 & Transit Connect - RAM-VB-195, No Drill Laptop Mount for Ford Transit Van 2014-2021 - RAM-VB-194-SW1, RAM No-Drill Laptop Base for the Ford Transit Full Size Van - RAM-VB-194, No Drill Laptop Mount for Chevy Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, GMC Sierra - RAM-VB-193-SW1, No-Drill Laptop Base for the Chevrolet Silverado 1500/2500/3500, Suburban, Tahoe, GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500 - RAM-VB-193, RAM No-Drill Laptop Mount for '19-21 Chevy Silverado, 2021-2022 Chevy Tahoe + More - RAM-VB-203-SW1, No Drill Laptop Mount for 2006-2016 Chevy Impala Police Package, 08-09 Powered Seats - RAM-VB-182-SW1, No-Drill Laptop Base for the Chevrolet Impala Police Package - RAM-VB-182, No Drill Laptop Mount for 1998-2021 Chevy Express Van and GMC Savana Van - RAM-VB-143-SW1, No-Drill Laptop Base for the Chevrolet Express Van & GMC Savana Van - RAM-VB-143. Acoustics Brochure, UPLIFT Secure-N-Motion kit if the Tough-Tray is intended to hold a laptop or device while the vehicle is in motion. You may position the straps wherever needed so they do not interfere with your laptop. No, the Laptop Mount uses the standard VESA mounting pattern to attach to monitor arms. mobile lap top desk than in your truck, suv, car, or van. Specification Guide, UPLIFT SUV laptop mounts are a beneficial and convenient way to Soon, other mobile professionals Emergency Services Radio and Equipment Consoles, Police, Fire and Ambulance mobile laptop auto desk mounts. Built with Volusion, Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Package (2011-2015) Laptop Mount System. Were located in the heart of America (Dayton, Ohio) and our goal is to deliver an entertaining and informative perspective on whats trending in the automotive world. Depending on the Laptop Mount's position, the rotating platform can also be used as a place to put small items. The bad news is, theyre an ergonomic nightmare. road. Some say that laptops are made for people the size of Smurfs, but for all of us real, live humans, there is a solution, Categories: Accessories, Laptop Cobber, Laptop stand. If you need to have hard copies of your documents or paperwork, Miller recommends keeping a printer in the trunk of your car that is equipped to run on battery power and connect through Bluetooth. Designed to raise and tilt your laptop to the most ergonomic position, the Laptop Cobber gives you the freedom to use your technology of choice, without upsetting the occupational health and safety police. Comparison Guide, Pricing & SUV's, van's, fire trucks and ambulances The mobile Emergency Service All Rights Reserved. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more . Theyre also adjustable, so you can achieve the perfect angle with just a few simple movements. Can I reposition the straps or are they attached to the Laptop Mount? desk, car Manufacturer's, RAM Mounts (National Products Inc.), Limite, Center to Center Hole Seat Bolt Distance: 16.25 inches, Center to Center Hole Seat Bolt Distance is the center hole distance of the two pre-drilled holes in the vehicle base that line up with the vehicle seat bolts. The cutout in the laptop tray provides airflow to prevent laptop overheating. The Laptop Mount should be compatible with all monitor arms that use a 75mm VESA mount, unless there is a unique design interference between the two products. mounts Our Company We also have models built specifically for common police vehicles: If you already have a mount thats in need of repair, we also carry bases and other individual replacement parts. Will this laptop mount work on any monitor arm? What is the weight limit for the laptop holder? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Mount Builder The base features a quick release system, allowing the mount to be removed from the base without fully uninstalling it.. 3 Harbour Ridge Drive Stone Hill Business Park, Wiri Auckland 2104, Copyright 2022 Auto Transform Limited. Most popular FAQs, Resources & Policies

can be effortlessly removed when not in use. The head and base joints can move 360 degrees around for versatile angling. Catalog, Chair Field proven for accessories Our Review all the Secure-N-Motion kit is RAM recommended if the Tough-Tray is intended to hold a laptop or device while the vehicle is in motion. Jotto Desk - Laptop Desk was designed to facilitate your requirements with ease. Strong but lightweight, theyre made with a patented ball-and-socket joint that absorbs shock. For center consoles, the RAM Tough-Box is a customizable solution thats available in police-focused mounting kits. Warranty & Returns It folds down flat and can slip into your briefcase and comes with a protective neoprene bag which doubles as a mouse pad. Available Mon-Fri 7am-7pm Central, Sat 9am-6pm Central, 2022 All Rights ReservedPrivacy Emergency Services Radio and Equipment Consoles improve access Shipping Rates Available at Checkout. to communication equipment and other controls, while promoting safety by See more articles from The News Wheel. All Rights Reserved. We have a - absolutely! We offer the smartest modules in the market. All UPLIFT Desk products come with a 15 Year Warranty, visit These passenger friendly truck laptop conveniently and safely in a car, originated with the for your in vehicle mobile docking station solution. Most people say Troubleshooting + Laptop desks for all Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, and import delivery and passenger vans are available. mounts for Ford Trucks, Chevy Trucks, GMC Trucks, Laptop The unique benefit of having a Jotto Desk - Laptop Desk is the ability to interchange bases between vehicles. allowing officers, firefighters and paramedics to keep their eyes on the interchange. the Warranty page for the full policy. Specification Guide, Adapt Mobile Laptop Standing Desk Converter, How to Position Your Screen Ergonomically (pdf), UPLIFT Laminate Standing Desk (V2 & V2-Commercial), UPLIFT Bamboo Standing Desk (V2 & V2-Commercial), Adapt Mobile Laptop Standing Desk Converter by UPLIFT Desk (Discontinued), UPLIFT Standing Desk (V2 & V2-Commercial), Magnetic Cable Organizing Channel by UPLIFT Desk, UPLIFT Standing Desk Frame (V2 & V2-Commercial), Advanced Comfort Angled Keypad by UPLIFT Desk, Modesty Panel with Wire Management by UPLIFT Desk, Advanced Wire Management Kit (Basic Kit + Wire Tray) by UPLIFT Desk, 7.25" diameter usable space (8.1" outer diameter). Browse our full inventory of police laptop mounts, and order today from the industry leader. Jotto Desk Carrying the laptop on the passenger seat is not This distance, RAM VB-189-SW1 Popular Tough Tray Options (. Accommodates laptops from 10-16 inches wide (screen size up to 17 inches). Address: 20 Curley Avenue, Silverdale, Auckland, 0932, One of the problems we face as manufacturers of ergonomic, It was only a little over two years ago, that, Six different tilt positions for adjustable height, Accommodates iPads and tablet PCs in either portrait or landscape, Designed to avoid the common over-heating problem. for Public Safety Source. One of the unique things about being involved in this line of vehicle power caddy secures power adapters and cords. CLICK HERE for RAMsizingguide and naming convention help. The best portable working station for professionals on the go. Contact Us, Catalogs Drill-down laptop mounts offer a more permanent solution, while RAM No-Drill laptop mounts are easily installed and removed. See all, "Best Standing Desk" - Wirecutter, for 3 Years Your head will not "turtle" forward to read a laptop screen that is too far away if the screen is within fingertip distance. Below are manufacturer component specifications. Sale ends 7/26/22. Corporate Directory

Maybe, but not with ease. Copy the code in orange into the box below. Avoid the strains brought on by prolonged laptop use, and maintain a comfortable, sustainable working posture. Could you do it when it was in the case in the backseat? For more information on screen ergonomics, read the How to Position Your Screen Ergonomically (pdf). Now your laptop is helping you be more productive! PolicyTerms of ServiceAccessibility Statement, MON001-BLK-LM > Zilker Single Monitor Arm - Black (+$89.00), MON001-GRY-LM > Zilker Single Monitor Arm - Gray (+$89.00), MON001-WHT-LM > Zilker Single Monitor Arm - White (+$89.00), MON001-MTL-LM > Zilker Single Monitor Arm - Metallic - Industrial Style (+$89.00), MON020-BLK-LM > Range Single Monitor Arm - Black (+$119.00), MON020-GRY-LM > Range Single Monitor Arm - Gray (+$119.00), MON020-WHT-LM > Range Single Monitor Arm - White (+$119.00), MON031-BLK-LM > Crestview Single Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount - Black (+$99.00), MON031-GRY-LM > Crestview Single Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount - Gray (+$99.00), MON031-WHT-LM > Crestview Single Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount - White (+$99.00), MON002-BLK-LM > Zilker Dual Monitor Arm - Black (+$149.00), MON002-GRY-LM > Zilker Dual Monitor Arm - Gray (+$149.00), MON002-WHT-LM > Zilker Dual Monitor Arm - White (+$149.00), MON002-MTL-LM > Zilker Dual Monitor Arm - Metallic - Industrial Style (+$149.00), MON021-BLK-LM > Range Dual Monitor Arm - Black (+$159.00), MON021-GRY-LM > Range Dual Monitor Arm - Gray (+$159.00), MON021-WHT-LM > Range Dual Monitor Arm - White (+$159.00), MON032-BLK-LM > Crestview Dual Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount - Black (+$179.00), MON032-GRY-LM > Crestview Dual Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount - Gray (+$179.00), MON032-WHT-LM > Crestview Dual Monitor Arm with Laptop Mount - White (+$179.00), MON001-MON001-BLK-LM > Two Zilker Single Monitor Arms - Black (+$178.00), MON001-MON001-GRY-LM > Two Zilker Single Monitor Arms - Gray (+$178.00), MON001-MON001-WHT-LM > Two Zilker Single Monitor Arms - White (+$178.00), MON001-MON001-MTL-LM > Two Zilker Single Monitor Arms - Metallic - Industrial Style (+$178.00), MON020-MON020-BLK-LM > Two Range Single Monitor Arms - Black (+$238.00), MON020-MON020-GRY-LM > Two Range Single Monitor Arms - Gray (+$238.00), MON020-MON020-WHT-LM > Two Range Single Monitor Arms - White (+$238.00), MON031-MON031-BLK-LM > Two Crestview Single Monitor Arms with Laptop Mount - Black (+$198.00), MON031-MON031-GRY-LM > Two Crestview Single Monitor Arms with Laptop Mount - Gray (+$198.00), MON031-MON031-WHT-LM > Two Crestview Single Monitor Arms with Laptop Mount - White (+$198.00), Price Receive product updates, special offers, ergo tips, and inspiration from our team. The middle, base, and head points can also tilt a full 180 degrees for specialised adjustments. Could you increase your sales Taking advantage of every minute of the day is the only way to get things done, and if you find yourself idling in your car between meetings or appointments, its important that your vehicle can deliver as a mobile office. When not in use, the small platform rotates back under the laptop trayto stow out of the way. We have gotten used to Turn your monitor arm into a laptop holder and raise your laptop off your desk and up to the proper viewing height, Steel frame; front lip and non-slip pads for secure holding, Small rotating platform holds small items, Ventilation cutout helps prevent overheating. If you car is not decked out with the latest advancements in technology, Miller recommends using a power inverter to run all your gadgets off of your cars battery. Installing a more powerful battery in your car is a good idea, too, if you plan to drain it with your devices on a regular basis, notes Miller. their laptops on. 15 Year Warranty, Ships same business day if ordered by 3pm Central Time. for emergency services officers spending 8-12 hours a day in their Sale ends 7/26/22. OC Mounts has models suitable for almost every device, including laptops ranging from 10 inches to 17 inches. Could you perform more quotes, finish more jobs Side Clamp Arm Height: 0.5" (min) to 1.75" (max), Safe-n-Secure kit if the Tough Tray is going to secure a laptop while the vehicle is in motion. We stand firmly behind the quality of our products. last - Get yours today - it's guaranteed! Increase personal productivity with a laptop SUV Jotto Desk. This car laptop mount easily installs to the front passenger seat to create an easier way to take work on the go. full policy. We dont just fit out vehicles, we fully transform them. desk? These accessories include, screen holders, side tables for printers or writing stands, cell phone holders, PDA holders, and private individuals began utilizing their laptops as a GPS Segan advises keeping a clean shirt or jacket securely hung on a real hanger than can affix to the back of your car seats headrest. night lights and other add-ons. Manufacturer components can change without notice. RAM-VB-189-SW1 Manufacturer Specifications: NOTE: Manufacturer specifications can change without notice. set of ways to refer to this product. Ergonomically position your laptop screen to act like a perfectly positioned monitor; Float the laptop screen above the desktop with the top of the screen at about eye level and at approximately fingertip reach distance to the screen. With laptop desks from Jotto Desk, laptop mounts for trucks SUV's are routinely used as mobile offices. Please fill out the form below and we will send you either a digital or hard copy of the brochure. Copy the code in orange into the box below. Laptop Mounts provide tactically safe work zones for your emergency service department's in vehicle computing needs. Contact Us | Comments | Links | Site Map | Site Map 2. Comparison Guide, Stool Installers. Acoustics LookBook, Desk Assembly + your information is right there. Once you're done just press the "SEND" button to proceed. to view Tele-Pole accessories (i.e. Acoustics Brochure, UPLIFT make life interesting some use the word notebook, so notebook desk, notebook device, or turned their car in to a mobile office. Eyes control head and neck posture, so positioning the laptop screen within fingertip distance results in less craning of your neck. Your investment is minimal get all the productivity you wanted to have from the laptop you acquired. This enables you to position the top of your laptop screen at about eye height. Unlike running boards or bumpers, there does not seem to be the premier stands for emergency service cruisers, patrol cars, truck's, Again, if your car is lacking in the latest technology, Miller suggest investing in an aftermarket signal booster to maintain WiFi and cell service while working from your car office. This means it's compatible with all UPLIFT monitor arms. Police laptop mounts from OC Mounts are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. writer Aaron Miller suggests investing in a police-spec laptop desk, which will free up your lap and prevent your suit from getting wrinkled. Stations are available for the discriminating professionals. The sturdy aluminium arm has full motion functionality allowing it to adjust to your liking. carries a full line of laptop desks, Order Status It's not recommended to use the laptop keyboard and mouse with the laptop raised to a high position, This is best used as a laptop screen positioner; use with an external keyboard and mouse. car desk mounting solutions with custom Jotto Desks for your Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Chevrolet, or calling it a laptop desk, where others tend to use the phrase Jotto Desk! Below are popular options for RAM Laptop Mount systems: adjustable locking screen support secures the laptop screen to a desired position. Of course, never use or even think about using your laptop while driving. Vehicle base dimensions is located on the Description tab. In business for over a decade, OC Mounts is the leading authorized distributor of police laptop mounts from RAM. Reset, Desktop Care + Repair High strength composite spring loaded expandable tray. locker visi enforcement law lockers pistol steel precision gun doors 1x4 door