Who would want someone who can toss a 16 year old relationship aside for new friends just because they seem cooler as a brother? I shouldnt be treated lIke this after solely dedicating ten years to him. (If not, could u explain to me what there purpose to be alive might be if u know.. Pls) arent expected to love ol lady even if they r badass self disciplined enough to keep club first.?

Always follow your mans lead, never ever disrespect your man or complain to him about a single thing in front of anyone! Each club as different rules on what they expect from their property ofs. Wow. I like the concept of extended family, if we get serious in this relationship he said I dont have to be property of which is privilege he said, but I want to know how do I pull the women together so no-one feels inferior or left-outwomen movement/empowerment from within??

This life fascinates me and the extended family would be awesome .pitching in with the other ladies and helping out would be no problem. There are those of us out there who wish a nigga would. Road captain, pres, VP, etc.

Im usually never invited for one reason or another. Be submissive to your ole man. He controled my ever move. I spent all my life looking up to my mom who would always run with a MC. So anyone with ideas please email me at rownan4life@gmail.com. He just n RC tho Its on a Friday & I work on sat half a day But I always feel left out.. (I did ask) We did talk a bit about it because I wanted this to work out, I felt like I was stepping on eggshells with him. Life in a motorcycle club, be it 1%er, MC, mom and pop, or whatever, is no different than anything else in life that you do. It was useful for me now dating a biker and SOME things I DiD Not know about even though hes told me about some. If you are a jealous type chick, you need to find someone else cause there is nothing that man can do about other chicks finding an attraction to him because hes in a motorcycle club.

That describes a back stabber in my book. You should love you ol man with every bit of love you have in your entire self and even have some in the reserve tank? Aint it so much cooler to ride next to your girl, on her own bike, as a part of this amaizing adventure ?

You will feel empowered by knowing you have an important role, you are wanted, you are needed and you have a duty to perform. I read about his club online, doesnt change my mind. Your choice cause God grants free will. Never interrupt your man as that is rude and disrespectful, never talk about personal home life shit with anybody and never ever repeat anything you hear or see, EVER! Are the work friends a part of this new group he's hanging out with? We have had the conversation about how hes going to be gone a lot more and itll be hard but that never changes who he is as a person, and he will always respect me and our relationship.

I know some of that lifestyle does happen and it is real, but I don't know an inside experience on it. Sit down, be quiet, let him disrespect you in public but correct him in private, feed him, and support him.

You can argue with me, but deep down you know Im right. I would need some help. ..& she ignored? When I told them that I ride my own bike, they do not find it cool or anything. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. FYI!!!! Im dating a MC and has been for almost 3 yrs. Do not think a sister will not put you in your place if you step out of line with her man or else wise. Honor & Also Im not sure I can afford a divorce, so what if my husband and I are done, but cant afford a divorce?

Hi I have questions? I've known a few people involved in biker lifestyle and bikers themselves (have a past) there are exceptions, but on the whole they're an unsavoury bunch.

They dont even practice what they preach within their own club rules. The bar and my ppl still talking bout that. I expect you to turn down the hoes because if I have too, I promise your bros will never respect you again. even the ones who ride themselves like humble me.

Its not easy but we give it our very best. I just want guidance to know what Im facing?

Except weve been together 8 years. This is a dangerous situation for you, your 3 year old and that unborn baby.

I was just last week introduced to MC and was amazed with the respect I received from the brothers . Take Goldies advice as she sounds very true blue and experienced! Really? Ive had my own bike for years and I can promise you it will be a cold day in hell before I ride passenger as some useless dudes propery! Thank-you in advance. Why do you want to change things? Im just starting to date a biker and I am completely ignorant about clubs. The mc clubs can be cancer to a relationship.

I would be great having the other ladies showing the ropes and having their support. Im so confused and hurt. My bf small mc disbanded and hes going to prospect a bigger club. years

Your husband is abusive and if you're afraid to leave your son with him for t wenty minutes, something is wrong. (Need I mention Im coming out of a long marriage) I must say I felt excited and intoxicated sexually for him. The club if it isnt already it will become his life. You may not be a member but HELL they sure dont wanna miss out on all you GOOD WOMEN taken care of them. Unite as one and as equals Dnt allow high school drama in ur unit Dnt become consumed in gossip. Where to get out and about and stay out of trouble.

Knew it coming in. Only participated in this lifestyle ONCE! I will end that I was very proud of him and my wife as he took her bare back. Problem is Im married soon to be getting a divorce. poker We make it work because we truly love each other.

Just dont!!!

I just asked to join a MC biker club. Yes, he really is in a relationship with his club believe it or not.

Showed me how a women was supose to be treated. Wow, a little forward but Its true that staying out of club business can make life simpler. His woman is going to be there no matter what & will understand club shit is always serious. I often have escorts if he isnt with me himself , and thats just another way for him to know Im ok as well as to keep me safe. Is it abusive if you make a mistake? I dont do disrespect at 40.

I understand the bike attracts the women. Ive put hard work and dedication and have been through hell and high water with this man.

Im sure Jerry Springer is still around. I have been dating a man in a club for 9 months and I fell in love. He wants a confident lady by his side but not a mom and Im sure you understand.

If they're trying to tell you what's expected of you, Get out now. I conducted myself like a wife of a mc the entire night, u wouldve thought I was one, maybe I have in my past life. He once had a family, now all he has is the club and that stool. Women need to know their place period! If he wants to be treated like a king, he needs to treat her like a queen. I grew up a 1%r MC kid, raised by my father who was the Enforcer. Example, you make me so happy but lately i feel like this We are examples to our daughters.

Thank you I need to know there are other woman like me, Well my birthday is coming up. I have been on the bike a total of 5 times in 3 years ( since he became a member). Any woman that willing puts up with being a second class citizen confuses me. When we are out on runs,benefits,etc.. Im not sure what Im doing but by fall Ill make it my mind. http://lefteyestories.com/2011/04/23/a-bikers-funeral/. Hello, what advice do you have for a woman like me whos boyfriend wants to prospect for an mc? I have known this guy for abt 7 yrs.

Why do I have to be second to these people he has only known for 3 years when we have been together for 18?

Bull. My biggest piece of advice for ANY WOMEN that become OLE LADIES. He asked us to go to a party he was having at a hotel nor far from us. I have no idea what to do. Girlfriend I was raised Southern Baptist, and loving a MC club member is no different then the rules you live by, coming from the Bible. but I do hear you ! You deserve so much better. Do not take for-granted true love. Never been this sad. Hopefully you are doing better. I am interested in learning the proper bylaws for propery ofs any suggestions?

I absolutely agree with Goldie, this life is not at all for everyone, and most women especially. What struck me was the way the conduct of the women was described, no eye contact and at a command up for the taking. Just suck it up to bad luck doll and move on. He said he wanted a baby, a family, landit was all a lie. Doesnt matter the ego.

He gone right now to an event, and I googled the page out of curiosity. First off Ive meet Goldie in the past when I was hanging around, hes a good guy I can trust. Im a single mom, 46 years old, going to school and working to support my youngest son who is 10. Dont let the pussy between my legs confuse you, Im the bitch they call when shit need to get done quick and clean. Or am I wasting my time? I had to ask. Treated fairly & Honest & KIND! Especially if they're already being confrontational about you and going to your husband about things. Do not flirt, never have a wandering eye or do anything to make you look like you are checking out a brother of your ol mans. (Is the respect in that sutuation his rule too??

Now he has joined some sort of motorcycle club where they go on long rides weekly, he required to attend one event every week (think poker night, which is whatever. Here is my question , So at the party I saw that his shoelaces were untied so I went and tied it for him as I dont want him to bend down . You will have a wonderful big family that is always there for you at anytime you need them (but never ask for anything without talking to your ol man first and getting his approval). You wait until you are behind closed doors.

Ive supported and been around this club for years. He hasnt even started prospecting yet and has told me he doesnt want me around anymore and that Ive held him back from hanging out with his friends for years now because I always want to go with him and throw a fit when he says he wants guy time, mind you the only time he allows me out of the house is when he takes me out which is on the bike so understandably I cry if he says no because Im home with no less than six kids at a time until now and its three. You see nothing, you know nothing, you speak of nothing.. Always LOOK GOOD while out with him.

Even if you are just beginning to date, do not even think about it. At time we were both in relationship and timing was off. Il sillonne le monde, la valise la main, la tte dans les toiles et les deux pieds sur terre, en se produisant dans les mdiathques, les festivals , les centres culturels, les thtres pour les enfants, les jeunes, les adultes.

One last thing ladies, whatever you do if you think this is still something you can handle, DO NOT EVER CHEAT on your ol man!!! Weve been together for nearly 5 years and have a baby together. Even if he started flirting with her, you keep that fight behind closed doors. They should never hear you coming, no warning given. I want to make my own experience with you.

Refresh and try again. I came on this page by total curiosity and its absolutely not what I expected.

Either way the man is chosing for you by chosing the club.

Sounds like you guys should hold off on that wedding until he emerges from the prospect life! I absolutely am honored and proud to wear my property What it means to me is Protection!!

I am just starting a relationship with a guy who is in a MC Clubnot so sure I like the idea of being anyones property.soon this means they are very possessive? Held my hand and walked proudly side by side . But most of all, I aint nobodys bitch!

We all get OLD. Reply the rules you already know from the Bible, and it will all work out. It can destroy a relationship. That will get you beat up quick. Were not his mat nor his hat. I deserve the respect & genuine love.

All men should own whats between your legs, just in being your man, but a MC member, an ol man he most definitely owns that!! #Im Team Goldie all day every day#. It speaks in volumes And Im accepted n Respected.. Also my club sisters.. Ive learned in this world.. Its a huge family and as with ur own blood family. 1- KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED

I completely agree. Yes? Why You Shouldnt Wait Till Your Kids Leave To Get A Divorce, Camila Cabello Talks About The Beach And Body Image, Local Walmart Employees Allowed Customers to Breastfeed in Locked Fitting Rooms, I Said I Would Never Get Married AgainHeres Why I Did Anyway. Im not beneath no man, im a lady, i have an opinion on things Why would you want to be treated like that, who wants to be walking on egg shells all the time. What would u do if a man treated her like (give example on he treats you). As long as I knew him, he always calculated and measured a thousand times before deciding or starting something new. You address the issue, and move on as if nothing happened. Keep it Real Always and connect Dnt repeat AMYTHING U HEAR!! And the next day its back to normal, going back out with them, nothing resolved. No dirty looks, no whispering, no catty bullshit name calling yelling and acting stupid. As an ol lady you are above them, you have earned your place as an ol lady and you do not need to pay any mind to the lowlys that are wishing they were you! No foul no disrespect anyone percent 1% or 1% down or 99% MC. Also I still do not attend every event or go to the CH every time, as I said thats his club, his business. You feel respected and proud in knowing you have earned your place and you are part of a family that not most can be a part of. williams perform foundry arts songwriter singer entertainment warren hall center guitarist storyteller jack april