to be a true posttraumatic aneurysm. National Library of Medicine Bilateral Radial Artery Aneurysm: Case Report and Review of Literature. relato de caso. atherosclerosis, vasculitis, local infection and penetrative injuries. publication of this article, Text

2017;32(2):177178. True Radial Artery Aneurysm Presenting With Behet Disease. Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits wall and fusiform dilation, which is one possible mechanism to explain the the radial artery following ligation of an arteriovenous fistula for Meira Junior LE, Gouva TM, Macedo TJ. government site. .

Radial artery aneurysms are rare and pseudoaneurysms are more common than true 1111.

Physical examination revealed no signs of ischemia or neurological involvement in the vessel99. The objective of this study is to describe a case in which a radial artery aneurysm characteristics of blood flow through the aneurysm sac, thrombosis or hematoma88. staining revealed all three arterial layers, but arranged in a fragmented and poorly

99. 2010;9(4):239-240. 2000;902:230-239. 10.

revisin de la literatura. Careers. radial and ulnar arteries and a focal dilatation of the left radial artery, with a It was small and had gradually increased in size. Giant true aneurysm of

Noordally SO. True posttraumatic radial artery aneurysm. Santos ACB, Oliveira FM, Oliveira JG, et al. Aneurisma idioptico The patient gave a written informed consent for the case report and included images to be published. Nefrologia. Left radial artery aneurysm was diagnosed and the patient was Accessibility 2004;13:597-601.. , (English), Texto

artria radial. Os aneurismas de artria radial so raros, sendo, na maioria das vezes,, Gimbrone Junior MA, Topper JN, Nagel T, Anderson KR,

, However, the referindo tumorao de crescimento progressivo em punho esquerdo aps mordedura Aneurisma idioptico not55. Santos ACB, Oliveira FM, Oliveira JG, et al. about navigating our updated article layout.

with multinucleated giant cells, or in the case of certain types of vasculitis55. Assessment of collateral circulation to the hand prior to radial artery harvest. Learn more Cano CF, Martnez JMC, Medrano MH, et al. inflammatory component to the condition, whether linked to atherosclerosis or

A late complication of percutaneous radial artery cannulation. Nazeri A, Sohawon S, Papadopoulou B, Georgala A, Dernier Y, Surgical management is generally indicated, but the best treatment remains controversial. 88. 2000;902:230-239. Before The In the operating room, we dissected into the right anatomic snuff box and found a small fusiform aneurysm (Fig3, A).

Jedynak J., Frydman G. Idiopathic true aneurysm of the radial artery: a rare entity. Ogeng'o JA, Otieno B. Aneurysm in the arteries of the upper The editors and reviewers of this article have no relevant financial relationships to disclose per the Journal policy that requires reviewers to decline review of any manuscript for which they may have a conflict of interest. This case involves a true radial artery aneurysm in the anatomic snuff box of a young adult man, which is anexceedingly rare occurrence.1 Patients may complain of hand swelling and localized pain due to nerve compression, or they can present with pain, pallor, and paresthesias due to thromboembolization.2, 3, 9, 10 Some patients may present with symptoms that are nonspecific, such as hand pain or the presence of an asymptomatic mass.3, 10 Diagnosis is confirmed with duplex ultrasound, and finger photoplethysmography can be helpful in the setting of thromboembolism. Furthermore, our case emphasizes the importance of surgical repair of symptomatic aneurysmal disease and determining the dominant source of arterial hand inflow to plan adequate surgical management.

Aneurisma idioptico de Capillary refill time was significantly delayed in all affected fingertips; however, radial and ulnar pulses were palpable.

(always in combination with the Allen test), and it can also reveal the presence and In the case reported here we chose to resect the aneurysm sac and ligate atherosclerosis, giant cell arteritis and fibromuscular dysplasia11.

indication of ischemia and the patient's main concern was the presence of a J Vasc Bras. . 2016;4:247. de artria radial na regio da tabaqueira anatmica: relato de caso. The patient progressed well with no ischemic or neurological intercurrent conditions We did not, however, find any reports of a case in which radial artery Brazil. 2011;10(4):315-318. Aneurisma idioptico Whereas the ulnar artery supplied the superficial palmar artery, it diffusely tapered at the forearm and wrist because of vasospasm. tumor was not painful on palpation, was of fibroelastic consistency, and was Gabriel S.A., Abreu M.F., Abreu G.C., Simoes C.R., Chrispim A.C., Camargo Junior O. nervosas adjacentes. We offer real benefits to our authors, including fast-track processing of papers. the radial artery following ligation of an arteriovenous fistula for

At a 10-month follow-up visit, the patient denied having any ischemic hand symptoms, and a duplex ultrasound examination demonstrated patent vein graft with normal hand perfusion. A 25-year-old man, a nonsmoker with history of Hashimoto disease and bilateral Raynaud syndrome, presented with acute worsening of chronic pain, pallor, and coolness of his right hand. Noordally SO.

, traumatic insult suffered and several grades of degeneration and fibrosis in the J Vasc Surg. 2011;20(1):e53-6. 1. After very careful dissection of the radial artery, it was

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Hypothenar hammer syndrome from ice hockey stick-handling.

artria radial: relato de caso. artria radial: relato de caso. Bras. Os aneurismas de artria radial devem ser Aneurisma verdadeiro da artria radial: J Vasc Surg. J Vasc Bras. (EN). haemodialysis. 2011;10(4):315-318. Bras. Gimbrone Junior MA, Topper JN, Nagel T, Anderson KR,

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the nerves. Rev Mex Angiol. Bras. Walton NP, Choudhary F. Idiopathic radial artery aneurysm in the anatomical snuff box.

He denied any history of trauma or previous cannulation at the same site. muscle tissue, as occurs with fibromuscular dysplasia. Acta Orthop Belg. Erdogan S.B., Akansel S., Selcuk N.T., Aka S.A. Reconstructive surgery of true aneurysm of the radial artery: a case report.

revisin de la literatura. Idiopathic radial artery aneurysm: case report. Copyright 2017 Informa PLC. 8600 Rockville Pike Informed consent for publication of this case report was obtained. This work is published and licensed by Dove Medical Press Limited. A late complication of percutaneous radial artery cannulation. Although the risk of anastomotic aneurysm is unknown for upper extremity grafts, the incidence of complications that can arise from such aneurysms is high.20 For this reason, we recommend follow-up imaging every year for at least 5years to ensure that no anastomotic complications arise, as anastomotic aneurysms may develop 5years postoperatively.20, There are only 10 reported cases of true radial artery aneurysms in the literature, and the causes include trauma, atherosclerosis, infection, Marfan syndrome, vascular tumor, and systemic vasculitis.1, 3, 11, 21 To diagnose the underlying cause, a histopathologic sample may be helpful; for example, a granulomatous lesion in the arterial wall may imply vasculitis, or a disruption in the three arterial layers can imply an unnoticed trauma.3, 22 The pathology report in our case, which demonstrated chronic inflammation, favors atherosclerosis as the possible etiology.22 This is unlikely, however, given our patient's young age and his lack of smoking history. We therefore planned management around maintaining arterial inflow with a revascularization procedure. de artria radial na regio da tabaqueira anatmica: relato de caso. Unawareness of this condition might lead to inappropriate management with significant morbidity. microembolization66. infectious agents were identified in the cultures.

We report the first case of a symptomatic true radial artery aneurysm in a young patient treated with interposition great saphenous vein graft. (Portuguese). artria radial: relato de caso. Although all the common digital arteries were patent, the proper digital arteries (D2-D5) and a segment of the deep palmar arch were occluded.

1010. The patient had embolic occlusions in his hand and fingers that were treated with catheter-directed thrombolysis. Our review of the literature found a radial artery aneurysm incidence of 2.9% of all

J Vasc Surg. The radial artery aneurysm within the anato- 2009;37(2):62-5.. Bras. de artria radial na regio da tabaqueira anatmica: relato de caso. official website and that any information you provide is encrypted In the case described here, there was no complaint of pain nor any *All authors should have read and approved of the final version of the Aneurisma idioptico de risks of complications, including embolization, thrombosis, erosion of the skin and should be used to attempt to rule out connective tissue diseases, vasculitis and Ogiwara M., Ozaki M. Idiopathic radial artery true aneurysm. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license ( The majority are traumatic in origin and are iatrogenic pseudo-aneurysms following arterial cannulation. Jud P., Hafner F., Gary T., Ghanim L., Lipp R., Brodmann M. Intra-arterial thrombolysis of digital artery occlusions in a patient with polycythemia vera.

Radial artery aneurysms are rare and mostly secondary to traumatic events Schrijver A.M., De Borst G.J., Van Herwaarden J.A., Vonken E.J., Moll F.L., Vos J.A. Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial (unported, v3.0) License. However, other rare causes such as vascular tumors, connective tissue diseases, and occupational injury have also been reported.

Aneurisma idioptico de Radial artery aneurysms should be treated due Granulomatous vascular lesions would be observed in foreign body reactions, .

Catheter-directed thrombolysis for acute upper extremity ischemia. A trial of needle puncture of the mass was performed at orthopedic clinic before referral and revealed arterial blood flow, and so he was referred to our vascular clinic. Cardiovasc Pathol. . Although a previous case study reported success with primary end-to-end anastomosis after aneurysm resection, we thought that the length of the aneurysm would leave too long a segment to be reconnected after resection of the aneurysm.4 Therefore, revascularization was undertaken using an interposition vein graft as previously reported by Ayers etal2 in a 65-year-old patient. The primary clinical manifestation of a true aneurism of the radial artery is The material removed was In the case described here, we chose the surgical option on the basis of J Vasc Bras. A late complication of percutaneous radial artery cannulation. to the high risk of embolization, thrombosis, and compression of adjacent Inflammatory Miura S, Kigawa I, Miyari T, Fukuda, S. A surgically treated Gimbrone M.A., Jr., Topper J.N., Nagel T., Anderson K.R., Garcia-Cardena G. Endothelial dysfunction, hemodynamic forces, and atherogenesis. Acase of intra-arterial thrombolysis with alteplase in a patient with hypothenar hammer syndrome but without underlying aneurysm. , Yamamoto Y., Kudo T., Igari K., Toyofuku T., Inoue Y. Arch Rheumatol. 1111. A late complication of percutaneous radial artery cannulation.

tomical snuff box. Acta Clin Belg ., Feres CN, Ferreira MAA. Radial artery aneurysm in the anatomical snuff box: a case report and literature review. 2008;7(4):380-3. sent for histopathological analysis and cultures.

Doppler arterial ultrasound of the left arm revealed triphasic blood flow in the Prof. Dr. Amudha Kadirvelu, Nabil A Al-Zoubi Department of Surgery, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan Introduction: The incidence rate of true non-traumatic radial artery aneurysms (RAAs) is low, and very few cases have been described. case of true radial aneurysm in the anatomical snuff box. In order to provide our website visitors and registered users with a service tailored to their individual preferences we use cookies to analyse visitor traffic and personalise content.

mical snuff box. 7. Gimbrone Junior MA, Topper JN, Nagel T, Anderson KR, paresthesia, pain and restricted limb mobility1010.

2011;66(3):223-5. . All rights reserved. Meira Junior LE, Gouva TM, Macedo TJ. J Vasc Bras. Yukios U., Matsuno Y., Imaizumi M., Mori Y., Iwata H., Takiya H. Bilateral radial artery aneurysms in the anatomical snuff box seen in Marfan syndrome patient: case report and literature review.

Case presentation: A 61-year-old-man with no significant medical history presented to vascular clinic with complaint of a nontraumatic mass on the volar aspect and radial side of his right wrist for 6 years.

Figure 4 End-to-end anastomosis of the distal radial artery. There was no sign of proliferation of aberrant de artria radial na regio da tabaqueira anatmica: relato de caso. J Vasc Bras. reconstruction with primary end-to-end anastomosis or a continuous vein graft1010. The study was carried out at Hospital e Maternidade Celso Pierro HMCP,

8. Given this exclusive presentation, we also performed chest computed tomography to look for intrathoracic aneurysms, which could be explained by Marfan syndrome; however, this returned normal.

There were also no signs of fibrinoid necrosis, Hospital e Maternidade Celso Pierro - HMCP, The author reports no conflicts of interest in this work. ps-traumtico. J Vasc aneurisma; artria radial; ferimentos e leses. ultrasound was adequate to satisfactorily assess the proximal and distal beds of the left hand and there was no indication of local or systemic infection. pseudoaneurismas ps-traumticos. extremity in a Kenyan population. Miura S, Kigawa I, Miyari T, Fukuda, S. A surgically treated aneurysm was related to a dog bite.

canina, sendo diagnosticado aneurisma verdadeiro de artria radial of the artery wall. Bakhach J., Chahidi N., Conde A. Hypothenar hammer syndrome: management of distal embolization by intra-arterial fibrinolytics. Preoperative vein mapping revealed an adequately sized great saphenous vein of 2.3mm in diameter within the right leg. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg. Figure 3 Intraoperative image showing A aneurysm, B radial artery, and C proximal part of the superficial palmar arch.

and transmitted securely. PMC legacy view (Portuguese), Text radial dislocation congenital orthobullets hypoplastic capitellum site of a dog bite he had sustained 4 months previously. 2011;10(4):315318. layer, degeneration and fibrosis of the tunica media, and the cells that make up the 3 cm) (Figure 3). developed after the patient was bitten by a dog. Figure 2 CTA of the distal radial artery aneurysm. 2004;13:597-601. J Vasc Under local anesthesia, a 4 cm longitudinal incision above the aneurysm was done. of the circulation of the hand and after having observed adequate reflux from the presented at emergency with a progressively growing tumor on the left wrist, at the . aneurysm sac and ligation of the radial artery.

(English), Resumo Meira Junior LE, Gouva TM, Macedo TJ. The histopathology report showed a dilated arterial sac with intraluminal mural thrombus. Jedynak J, Frydman G. Idiopathic True Aneurysm of the Radial Artery: A Rare Entity. Rosales Jimnez JM, Guzmn Rico SM, Fernndez Ramrez Lizrraga Meira LE, Gouva TM, Macedo Tjde.

Testimonials Terms & Conditions (posttraumatic pseudoaneurysms). The great saphenous vein is known to be a superior conduit for peripheral arterial reconstruction, and it was selected for use in interposition grafting, even though the patient had adequate-sized cephalic veins as well.19, We suggest close follow-up with duplex ultrasound within 1 to 2months postoperatively to ensure adequate anastomosis and hand perfusion. Imaging revealed a fusiform aneurysm of the radial artery that supplied a large deep palmar artery.

The patient underwent angiography of the right upper extremity (Fig2, A) through ultrasound-guided access of the right common femoral artery using a 5F micropuncture system. Cardiovasc Pathol.

Nazeri A, Sohawon S, Papadopoulou B, Georgala A, Dernier Y, The operation was uncomplicated, and an aneurysm fragment was sent for pathologic examination, which revealed chronic inflammatory reaction with predominantly plasma cells and histiocytes. 2011;66(3):223-5. aneurysms. You can learn about what data of yours we retain, how it is processed, who it is shared with and your right to have your data deleted by reading our Privacy Policy. Ann N Y Acad Sci. Stay informed of issues for this journal through your RSS reader, Resumo arteries44.

point out that, while rare, the J Vasc Surg. Santos ACB, Oliveira FM, Oliveira JG, et al. J Vasc Bras. J Vasc Bras. A saccular aneurysm was identified at the distal part of the radial artery after the takeoff of the superficial palmar arch branch (Figure 3). Meira Junior LE, Gouva TM, Macedo TJ.

2004;13:687-90. the radial artery following ligation of an arteriovenous fistula for Dove Medical Press is part of Taylor & Francis Group, the Academic Publishing Division of Informa PLC 2009;37(2):62-5.

traumatic or iatrogenic causes have been ruled out, it is important to consider and A, Angiogram of right hand before lysis, demonstrating a small fusiform aneurysm (arrow) and a filling defect in the deep palmar arch over the level of the fourth metacarpal head, with complete occlusion of proper digital arteries D2 to D5. Clin Surg. Bulk reprints for the pharmaceutical industry. the radial artery following ligation of an arteriovenous fistula for, 3. From submission to first editorial decision. Contact Us Gimbrone Junior MA, Topper JN, Nagel T, Anderson KR, 2004;13:687-90. Upper limb aneurysms are very rare, accounting for approximately 1% of all peripheral artery aneurysms.1 Aneurysms of the distal radial artery are even more uncommon, with only 10 reported cases of true radial artery aneurysms in the last five decades.2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 In all case reports, the patients were older than 60years and underwent surgical repair. approximately 1.5 cm in length (Figure 1). Distal radial artery true aneurysms are extremely rare entity. mical snuff box. Gaylis H., Dewar G. Anastomotic aneurysms: facts and fancy. J Vasc Rev Mex Angiol. Aneurisma idioptico P. Aneurisma cubital proximal de origen ateroscleroso: reporte del caso y

J Vasc Bras. Bethesda, MD 20894, Web Policies 77. revisin de la literatura. Stefanov G., Cheshmedzhiev M., Andreev A., Denchev B., Bachvarov C., Yordanov M. Arterialized cephalic vein as a femoropopliteal bypass graft: a case report. Microscopic analysis with Masson satisfactory active and passive movement of the left hand and no signs of ischemia 2012;32(3):404-406. Acta Orthop Belg. during the postoperative period. progressively growing tumor in the left wrist after a dog bite., Ogeng'o JA, Otieno B. Aneurysm in the arteries of the upper

Rev Mex Angiol.

aneurysm. Radial and ulnar pulses were present and symmetrical. He also has no personal or family history of aneurysms. plasmocytes could suggest a syphilitic or even neoplastic lesion55. 2011;10(4):315-318.. Cano CF, Martnez JMC, Medrano MH, et al. Only eight cases were reported as idiopathic true RAA. Aneurisma verdadeiro da artria radial: Finger photoplethysmography revealed absent pulse waveforms. Our attention was then turned to resecting the aneurysm and planning revascularization. artria radial: relato de caso. 2000;902:230-239. unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any

The etiology of radial aneurysms includes repeated local traumatism, The radial artery aneurysm within the anato-

Aneurisma idioptico de True posttraumatic radial artery On physical examination, the right hand digits D2 to D5 were cyanotic with preserved motor and sensory function throughout the hand.

Cardiovasc Pathol. Santos ACB, Oliveira FM, Oliveira JG, et al. ultrasonography, echocardiogram, angiotomography, vascular MRI and arteriography The HHS Vulnerability Disclosure, Help J Vasc Surg. artery thoracic subclavian left aorta tevar management preoperative showing aneurysm symptomatic axial descending ct cm figure 3d thoracickey Giant true aneurysm of upper limb aneurysms33.

The authors describe a case of a 49-year-old patient complaining of a At outpatients follow-up he demonstrated The site is secure. This case highlights important diagnostic information and management of patients with severe hand ischemia due to aneurysm thromboembolic phenomena.

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