Why don't we give you complete access! At that point, my sense of dissatisfaction was so strong that I firmly resolved to start thinking until I should find a purely arithmetic and absolutely rigorous foundation of the principles of infinitesimal analysis. I myself, a professional mathematician, on re-reading my own work find it strains my mental powers to recall to mind from the figures the meanings of the demonstrations, meanings which I myself originally put into the figures and the text from my mind. I have reviewed this work elsewhere under the title 'Natural Products Chemistry 1950 to 1980-A Personal View.' The mathematician has to deal with the most exact facts of Nature, and he should spare no effort to render his interpretation worthy of his subject, and to give to his work its highest degree of perfection. I would proclaim that the vast majority of what [say. Read the full interview for Dr. Sterkens tips for ESL authors looking to publish their manuscripts in English-language journals >>. 'Ueber extracellulare Eutstehung thierischer Zelleu und ber Vermehrung derselben durch Theilung', The golden age of mathematicsthat was not the age of Euclid, it is ours. Quoted by Tim Folger in 'Newsflash: Time May Not Exist'. Enormous numbers of people are taken in, or at least beguiled and fascinated, by what seems to me to be unbelievable hocum, and relatively few are concerned with or thrilled by the astoundingyet truefacts of science, as put forth in the pages of, say. einstein albert poster wisdoms posters dr abposters My only merit is that I did not neglect the observation and that I pursued the subject as a bacteriologist. 'Obituary [of Charles Darwin]' (1882). It is of very unequal value; a large proportion of it, possibly as much as three-quarters, does not deserve to be published at all, and is only published for economic considerations which have nothing to do with the real interests of science. Anyone who has had actual contact with the making of the inventions that built the radio art knows that these inventions have been the product of experiment and work based on physical reasoning, rather than on the mathematicians' calculations and formulae. Academia places a young person under a kind of compulsion to produce impressive quantities of scientific publicationsa temptation to superficiality. Until I became a published writer, I remained completely ignorant of books on how to write and courses on the subject they would have spoiled my natural style; made me observe caution; would have hedged me with rules. There does not at all arise from this assumption so many unsuitable consequences as most people think. It's like scoring a goal. A private safe space for researchers around the world to be themselves, learn from and motivate each other, and have some fun! We should admit in theory what is already very largely a case in practice, that the main currency of scientific information is the secondary sources in the forms of abstracts, reports, tables, &c., and that the primary sources are only for detailed reference by very few people. Amidst these times of change, we interviewed experts in the publishing industry from across the world, through the year. 5 min read, The peer review process: challenges and progress Sometimes a few drops of the solution were spilt, or some other slight mistake made. The advantage which science gained by Gauss long-lingering method of publication is this: What he put into print is as true and important today as when first published; his publications are statutes, superior to other human statutes in this, that nowhere and never has a single error been detected in them. We like that! I wrote a great deal during the next ten [early] years,but very little of any importance; there are not more than four or five papers which I can still remember with some satisfaction. Assuming that the inevitable inflection point on the logistic curve is still some 10 years away, this equation predicts (a) a total of about 444 papers by the end of this year, (b) the average production of one paper per week or more every year beginning in 1966, and (c) the winning of the all-time productivity world championship in 10 years from now, in 1973. The so-called medical literature is stuffed to bursting with junk, written in a hopscotch style characterised by a Brownian movement of uncontrolled parts of speech which seethe in restless unintelligibility. As a result, it is sad but true that physics has irretrievably fallen apart from a cohesive to a fragmented discipline. A conclusion is the place where you got tired thinking. But not his. To improve editorial standards, it is essential to understand the current status quo and obstacles facing journal editors and others in the peer-review and publishing process. Today in Science History 1999-2022 by Todayinsci . I have to publish my present work as rapidly as possible in order to keep in the race. Register for comprehensive research tips and expert advice on English writing, journal publishing, good publication practices, trends in publishing, and a lot more. The surprising thing about this paper is that a man who could write it would. This paper contains much that is new and much that is true. Letter (23 Nov 1859) to Charles Darwin a few days after the publication of, As to giving credit to whom credit is due, rest assured the best way to do good to ones-self is to do justice to others. Attribued as a referees report in H. Eves. Novelty of conception has a large component of unpredictability. 7 min read, The impact factor: For better or for worse [CDATA[> The whole department thus became far greater than the sum of its individual members. From concluding remarks to a chapter by Thomas Huxley, 'On the Reception of the Origin of Species', the last chapter in Charles Darwin and Francis Darwin (ed.). I never saw a more striking coincidence. ', Only when he has published his ideas and findings has the scientist made his. It was an inspiration to the first of the molecular biologists, and has been, along with Delbruck himself, credited for directing the research during the next decade that solved the mystery of how 'like begat like.' 'Oral History Transcript: Dr. William Wilson Morgan' (8 Aug 1978) in the Niels Bohr Library & Archives. ]]> I publish this Essay in its present imperfect state, in order to prevent the furacious attempts of the prowling plagiary, and the insidious pretender to chymistry, from arrogating to themselves, and assuming my invention, in plundering silence: for there are those, who, if they can not be chymical, never fail by stratagem, and mechanical means, to deprive industry of the fruits, and fame of her labours. After the birth of printing books became widespread. Quoted in Hector Charles Cameron. That which we were looking for, and could not find, was a hypothesis respecting the origin of known organic forms, which assumed the operation of no causes but such as could be proved to be actually at work. sacagawea famous americans childhood american pathfinder clark lewis warren seymour flora westward expansion indian study mocassins nature indians Webmaster originally found this quote introduced by an uncredited anonymous commentary explaining the context: It was not just the Church that resisted the heliocentrism of Copernicus. I have just finished my sketch of my species theory. Today when the public thinks of the products of science it is likely to think about environmental problems, an unproductive armament industry, careless or dishonest 'scientific' reports, Livermore cheers for 'nukes forever' and a huge amount of self-serving noise on every subject from global warming to 'the face of God'. To ensure that you have access to all of our posts, register today. Learn more about Dr. Hames views on ethical problems in the research and publishing industry >>. As quoted by Kitta MacPherson in 'Exploring Epigenetics: President Shirley Tilghman in the Classroom,' Read Editage Insights in your favorite RSS Reader. From D.O. English Editing - Editage.com | Editage.jp | Editage.co.kr |SCI Editage.cn |publicao de artigos Editage.com.br | Editage.com.tw |Terms of UseforEnglish Editing Services. I ought to say that one of our first joint researches, so far as publication was concerned, had the peculiar effect of freeing me forever from the wiles of college football, and if that is a defect, make the most of it! Working on the final formulation of technological patents was a veritable blessing for me. The strategy of choice is to increase the odds favoring creativity by being productive. When something comes along and is really important to your career and important to science, important enough so that lots of other people are working on it, you have got to do it in a short time. 27 min read, Increased openness is the best way to tackle ethical problems in research and publishing Note that some of the content is available only to registered users. In. 9 min read. In Thomas Jefferson and John P. Foley (ed.). In Presidential Address British Association for the Advancement of Science, Section A, (1890). Address upon receiving the Perkin Medal Award, 'The Big Things in Chemistry'. These interviews expanded our horizons and gave us interesting insights into various aspects of the publishing industry. One may get a fair name by suppressing references, but the Jewish maxim is true, He who seeks a name loses fame.. A full list of all our expert interviews is available here. When I arrived in California to join the faculty of the New University which opened in October 1891, it was near the end of the dry season and probably no rain had fallen for three or four months. As far as he can achieve it, readability is as important for the scientific writer as it is for the novelist. As stated in narrative, without quotation marks, in Joong Fang. Our experiments were successful. Like Molires M. Jourdain, who spoke prose all his life without knowing it, mathematicians have been reasoning for at least two millennia without being aware of all the principles underlying what they were doing. This is very sad but it is the inevitable consequence of the growth of science. Copying extensively from one source is plagiarism; copying extensively from several is research. Hence everyone throughout Europe devoted himself to the study of literature Every year, especially since 1563, the number of writings published in every field is greater than all those produced in the past thousand years. Through them there has today been created a new theology and a new jurisprudence; the Paracelsians have created medicine anew and the Copernicans have created astronomy anew. Unfortunately, that which is true is not new and that which is new is not true. In F. Burkhardt and S. Smith (eds.). >. 7 min read, Current challenges of the scientific publishing community in Korea And I like my name to come firstit makes it easier for purposes of identification. He rounded it off. A chemist who would not take an oath guaranteeing the authenticity, as well as the accuracy of his work, should never publish his results, for if he were to do so, then the result would be detrimental not only to himself, but to the whole of science. Read the full interview to get more insights on publishing your manuscript in the right journal >>. How can ORCID transform the research and publication ecosystem? I soon realized that right in my own backyard, so to speak, was a wealth of material such as I had never imagined would be my good fortune to encounter. In. This is a very exciting time in scholarly publishing. Though Korean journals are SCIE journals, the authors do not consider submitting papers to the Korean journals because of their low impact factor. I mention this as a warning, because this immunity might attack anyone. Letter to Charles Lyell, 18 June 1858. Brevity in writing is the best insurance for its perusal. You have got to get in there and run experiments quickly and get published. Learn more about the tricks predatory publishers use to entice unsuspecting authors >>, Disambiguation of the scholarly record will not work without researchers and scholars taking a leading roleResearchers must get involved []. But that is not the whole of his burden. The publication of a long list of authors names after the title is a little like having all a vessels ballast hanging from the masthead, as if to counterbalance the barnacles.