He was perfect, he had his tiny little eyes closed, with his beautiful little puffy cheeks, and his bleach blonde hair that was more like fuzz then anything. I dont write in third point of view with the reader, Its not my writing style. Remembering everything over the last few weeks brought tears to your eyes. Great, its only been two days. I continued moving towards them, having no idea what to say. Youre what? Clary asked, her word laced with venom. She had a smile on her face, and glowing eyes of joy. I heard her high heels click against the floor while she walked away. You stood up and walked to your bedside cabinet and took it out, handing it over to Izzy, whose face now broke out into a grand grin as a slight squeal left her mouth whist she wrapped her arms around you. Why couldnt I just escape in peace? Leaving Carlisle and his family with a hole in their heart, and leaving him with the guilt and pain of our consequences. You randomly yelled at Alec for no reason which made you feel even worse so you left the room trying to find a way to feel better. First outcome.end up like Edward and Bella. It didnt help I didnt really know what I was looking at, the only ever time I saw one of these was when Bella was pregnant. Reader). You can find my gifs at @bonniebirddoesgifs or you can search bonniebirddoesgifs in the gif search section when making a post. He smiled, before stroking my head with his icy cold hand. She got her beautiful Renesmee, and her husband right along with her. Okay so I wasnt planning on making a part 3 originally but I just love this idea so much so here you guys go! Oh I know she is, I can tell. Apples and trees one would assume. As you two sat there together everything that had been going on started to fade.

Final outcome. WIthout thinking you scrambled up and grabbed at the box of weapons that you had stashed beneath your bed. Besides me was an old fashion white crib, with distrusted blue blankets. And in that moment, I knew I had everything I could ever have. Also with a delicious art style. We dont have to tell him. You said quickly. Wouldnt be here if I didnt, love A small smile came across your face but as quickly as it came it disappeared. Tossing one to Izzy she chuckled. Well no, not if Nessie was on the Res. ! Rushing to throw a hand over her mouth, you sighed. I love you Carlisle. I managed to get out before the darkness consumed me. RealizingI stopped breathing for a seconds. Whats the secret? He spoke as he walked over to the wardrobe to pick out a different shirt and trousers as he had just returned from a mission with Jace. I feel safe when Im with you. I said once my head wasnt covered into his shirt, and my sobs were subsided. Y/n dear, wont you come with me. My love, Carlisle greeted, opening his arm out in a gesturing way. You know Jace does the same thing for emergencies. She said before cautiously heading for the door. It was clear that she knew something was wrong, Id come to her when I was ready to talk about it. You guys look spooked. I questioned, looking at Edward and Bella, who were the only relaxed ones there. Hours later and you had just finished practise with Clary and Izzy. Certainly Edward wouldnt let that stand. I felt Carlisles hand on my shoulder, slowly guiding me to lay down on the table I was sat on.

Rosalie is soaking up his attention right now.. They took (Y/N). This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Better from you than a surprise labour. She reasoned. Well thats embarrassing, but I seriously couldnt have thought of anything else I could have done to be trialed against the family like this. Family means a lot to me, now you and our babyare my family. He said in a hushed tone, rubbing light circles on my back to comfort me. So as you both looked out into the city with the lights starting to turn off you knew that you guys could find yours again because in order for it to shine you both need to find darkness along the way. Im going to go and lay in my bed and freak out.. You will use the morphine, and anesthesia to put me out and then perform the C section, then turn me once the baby is out. Alec, I was coming to tell you b-but I just didnt know how youd react. You rambled, I mean youre Head of the Institute for crying out loud. The day that started it all had to be the best one. Some obscenely powerful demon that managed to get its way into the building.

Alright guys. I felt happiness surge me, warming me up from head to toe. Sadness from not achieving a desired outcome no matter how dangerous and deadly it could be? The slight in front of you now made you sick to your stomach which was ironic considering the circumstances. Is everything okay? I told you I could do it. I teased, taking my eyes back onto my baby. But most important question is, What does it want? Leaving the door open, and leaving me in quiet thoughts by myself. You said they were looking for me! Jaces voice raised an octave as he spoke.

I guess Ill see you on the other side. Dammit. I heard him whisper. Its fine, well go to the doctors and this will be our secret. She said, wrapping her arms around you again just as Alec had strolled into the room. I write fanfiction and also make gifs or resources for fanfiction blogs. First of all Alec is scary good at keeping secrets and second Yeah lets tell Alec first and see what he says to do. Izzy decided. It was a fridge, and I didnt need to open it to know it was full of blood. What did Brother Enoch say? You quipped, shuffling further up in the bed. How. Whether having the baby and dying for good, with not being turned. Whats wrong now? Alec asked as he prepared himself. I could feel his warmth seep into my arms and chest, he definitely had human in him. Of course he opted for me to have a baby with another human or a sperm donor, caring more about my health and safety then blood relation. I love your images and I wanted to tell you that youre wonderful ! I had to understand, I would question anything thatd be ableto be life changing. I fought so hard for this baby and I knew I could handle it, I had Bella and Rosalie, and thats more support then Bella ever had when she was pregnant herself. And I knew that turning me was in the back of Carlisles mind. Bella was right, it was not a human pregnancy, it was a lot faster. Pregnant? I choked out, suddenly feeling very cold and nauseous. (Y/N), We werent going to tell you until your mission was finished but I think you should know. Alec said quickly. Ready as I can be. I heard his voice as he walked behind me to the machines. Besides hes in the middle of these important missions and I dont want his head out of it. I love your little series for Paul and while we wait for the next part, i wanted to request for Carlisle. He doesnt know? But it was a magical feeling, I knew I was doing something incredible and almost impossible. I could also sense the warmth from it. I somewhat laugh at that thought, knowing I couldnt say it aloud thanks to their super hearing, I smiled to myself loving my dysfunctional family even when the odds arent in my favor and they turn against me for their adopted father. Carlisle also had everything planned out and written down, he was very determined for everything to go smoothly and as easy as possible. Y/n my love, this morning Alice had a vision. I felt alive, fresh, if you will. He bended down to laid his head on your shoulder wanting you to go on. I dont think I was pulling you guys down, but now I think I will. And we barely got to Bella in time, what if it doesnt work? Although each outcome was morbidity terrifying in there own way, I just knew if I never tried to have a baby, if I just lived my life without knowing the possibilities I have given up, it would be worse then death. Hi ! 2 hours passed before you woke up again and a disheveled ALEC was beside your bed who had just finished speaking to Brother Enoch. Then we opted for online shopping, and eventually Alice came around and started being more involved, claiming if the baby was going to be born then it was going to be born into fashion properly. I did sense Carlisles nervousness though, and we had many conversations the closer it got to birth, he tried to stay strong and calm collected for my own sake, but there wasnt a need. Powered by Tumblr. He thought that I deserved a normal happy human life, with another human, with human babies and human problems like mortgages and taxes. Anyways, I simply tossed the negative test in the trash without a second look. The pain was still there but it wasnt as strong as it was. His dark eyes stare into me so much so it's like being peeled back to my very inner layers. None of your business, brother. Dont hurt Alec!

I sighed, taking my car keys out of the ignition and took a deep breath.

I pick a name that fits. Well, he knows how it happened, but he's not sure if his meds failed or if he failed and totally forgot. Iz, I dont know how hell react. | Theme. Shes glowing. Rosalie snapped back joyfully, still smiling at me with hope. My stomach drop watching Clarys expression turn into a scowl. Rosalie and Alice had renovated one of the spare rooms into a nursery, using gray since it was a neutral color and there was no spoilers before I had the baby. Rosalie looked up to me and then lifted the baby towards me, laying him gently in my arms. I might have to go binge Twilight now after writing this LMAO. Is everything alright? I heard Carlisle question gently. You both needed this. I cant bare living eternity knowing I did that to you., You didnt do anything Carlisle, I chose this. Silence washed over us, nobody talking only the look of shock. There was Alec. She had a few conversations and advice for me and agreed I should try if I was able to accept the possible consequences. A/N: first of the gif is not mine, second Ive never written a Jace Wayland before. Its fine, youve told me a million of times.

I havent thought about abortion.

It was lightlycovered. I turned my head to the sweet voice that broke the silent room. They both snapped their heads towardsme half way through my burst. And because he loves seeing you. I could have just potentially killed the only woman Ive ever loved. Carlisle replied, but not in a harsh way with any malice tone towards me, but rather himself. My hands shook rapidly as I held the pink and white pregnancy test in my hands. More Lightwoods? The man who was interrogating Alec asked. !angelic(the cup) finds himself stranded in a abonded city all being mossy and old.he beginns to walk around the city in total 3 big laps he found nobody but himself until.day 4 angelic found a big group that was all loud,chaos and sometimes even they fight alotthe leader was a person named paint ! Alec grabbed your hand and laced it with his as he placed them upon your stomach. But thats not possible. Rose. Edward cut off, scolding a little at her, which she didnt even bother to look back at him. Everyone was nervous and jittery, Jasper had me questioning if he was using his mojo on me or Carlisle, probably both. Well, Alice and I really miss you.

The inter institute is looking for her Jace. Alec sounded beyond stressed and Jace started storming his way home. I cant believe you. I angrily stated, looking at the gray and white screen, trying to soak up the moment and not let Carlisle dampen my hope. Please does anyone care to fill me in? I exclaim, feeling overwhelmed by all the familiar voices talking at once. Requested By Anon : Helloooo hehe, can I please get a request with Carlisle Cullen where the reader has been by his side since he was a vampire but he still favors Edward and she confronts him and can it be really angsty and like break my heart because I need a good cry lmaooo. You seem a little pale. A voice broke the unnerving silence that was surrounding you the comfort of your shared room with Alec. And Edward would come by and sit with me, telling me what if felt like to read by babys mind. Yes no matter what You stayed stared out the window looking for the courage to tell Alec the news and when you did, you had yourself brace for the worst. Then one night, something changes, something he didnt think happen. Yeah, I bumped a shampoo bottle and the cap flew off. I replied, faking the reassurance in my voice. I looked up at my love, Carlisle, who had a biggest smile on his face and looked as if he would start crying. . You guys were falling apart because of this and you guys were afraid to admit it.

Jasper and Emmett were betting on the babys gender, Jasper and Edward thought it was a boy and Emmett was on team girl with Rosalie and Alice. Wheres Nessie? I look to Bella.

And behind her stood Bella, her tiny frame almost impossible to see behind Rosalie. I knew I caught him at a horrible time,but I needed to tell him I was pregnant with his child. Carlisle was always the one for gentleness. You looked over the city that you used to bring you so much happiness, you wonder why did it all have to change. When he heard your soft groan, he turned and gave a weak smile. I didnt seem to notice it before, but now that I did I felt like a fire had arisen up my throat. Shit. He took a sit right next to you and held your hand. You have psychic children who can read your thoughts and emotions. Thats enough stress and pressure without a baby included.

I dont need to explain. exiting the room fast and bumping into someone. I rose my hands and lifted my chin to take one last look of my pregnant belly, and felt Carlisle inject a cold fluid in my IV. The legends of the Shadow Pack kept young pups scared at night, and Holly swore she would never join the Shadows even if her life depended on it.But what is she to do when she mates with a Shadow Pack member? Which was obviously the nursery, covered in blue. We could use Lukes help. Alec said bitterly. I looked down giggling a bit, rocking him. And to make matters all the better, she happens to stumble into the territory of the highly feared Shadow Pack--the most brutal and expansive pack in all of North America that has been successfully taking over others for decades. I was lying on a bed that looked as if was brand new, with freshly new sheets that smelt of soap and linen. I looked up at Carlisle who was watching me and our baby. We should tell him when I can make him take some time off. Alec decided. I was thinking I was pregnant, so I took a few days to myself at my house with a pregnancy test just in case. P.S: Just noticing I missed read the request, Sorry. I took a pregnancy test. If anyone is dragging us down its you. He barked back at her, from the begging I knew they were talking about me. The baby was quite literally a spitting image of Carlisle, from his hair to his cheek bones, I didnt see a hint of my genes in him. She truly didnt know.