In the animation, the suitcase contains this police notebook. Save at the Safe Room and use the main elevator to reach the next area. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Youre pretty much done here for now, so look at your map to see the door to the far west, which will lead you further into the Slots Area. Got the 100,000 coins and assumed the same was true. After sending the Calling Card, head back to Managers Area but the Treasure is gone! Head into the room and you will spot the treasure. Follow the hallway until you go down some stairs, where you will come to a split. Once you have all four, fuse them together to get Seth with High Counter, which you can show to the twins and max out the Strength Confidant. From here, go north to find the locked door, but you will be able to open it from this side with your keycard. Njima ParesuShitto no Toba The party begins the initial exploration of Sae Niijima's Palace on October 29th. A door will unlock leading upstairs to another elevator. Swap out party members who are weak to the element attack that she is using. If he denies his connections with them, the protagonist stalls Sae long enough for her to be instructed by him to show his bugged phone to Akechi and secretly puts him into the Palace, where he assassinates a cognitive copy of the protagonist instead. From here, the party can head to the barred door they passed to the southwest to unlock it and collect some breakable object items or continue onwards. There is a Treasure Chest at the southeast end of this area that contains a Feng Shui Charm along with a Safe Room on the south side of the room, across from the elevator. Either fuse Kushinada with Hecatoncheires, or go with Bugs and Anubis (if latter, inherit High Counter). As Morgana points out, there is a 20% chance the rig wont work, which is why you saved. To the west of where the long hallway is on the eastern side are some machinery you can jump over, so do that and enter the room just north of that for a chest ( Black Robe ). Scathach + Thoth will get you Dakini and your current Empress Confidant should be enough to get the skill (will have to grind otherwise). Open the nearby Locked Chest to receive a Bead Chain and Sapphire, then head back down into the lobby. Bring a Persona that can reflect Physical attack. Both will lead to a fight with two Queen Mabs (use wind attack) for the Security keycard. They will try to use Wage War to infuriate the party before attacking them with Physical attacks. The party must redeem 50,000 coins for the High Limit Card to proceed further into the Palace. The one slightly off to the west is locked and requires a keycard, while the other one just has a breakable. Personally I will choose to enter at a later date since I want to take time to built the Empress social link with Haru which is only available from 10/30. One will be right by where you drop down and there will be two others on the other side of the room. After reaching the other side, the party will be confronted by Shadow Sae, who will want them to speak with them.

These two Life-draining Spirits are something you might have seen before, but they are different now. Head up either set of stairs and climb the wall on the southern side for a chest ( Ghillie Vest ), then climb the wall on the northern side to find the main control terminal. In my P5 and P5R experience I got it all in one try. If the party is spotted by a Shadow, a spotlight will light up the area just light enough to strike them without being blindsided. Go up to the high limits floor. There is a second Will Seed Room in this area.

When I was on the members floor I entered the shop and it didnt display how much coins I had so I bought everything thinking the game gave me enough to buy the items and get the card.

November 20 (Search warrant of the suspected Phantom Thieves) * As soon as you enter the Slots Game Area, a Shadow will stop you and force you into a fight. Unlocked and enter the nearest locked door and crawl through the vent in the room. Treasure Once you disable both, go and save in the lobby, then return to the big slot machine. Now speak to the cashier at the south end of the area. However, if you play a few times, you learn that what Akechi said earlier rings true, as the games are truly rigged so you cant win, so you will need to find another way to get the 50,000 coins. They are weak to Nuke skills, so they should go down with relative ease, probably one All-Out Attack. Background Music Change). In order to seek freedom, they live dual lives, being students during the day and Phantom Thieves at night. Deadline

You should now have around 2500 coins after winning the rigged game. The door to the southeast leads back into the darkened maze, near the lit climbable fixture. If you get a triple match on the dice (three 1s, for example), then you get triple the payout and triple 6s will quintuple your bet. Press J to jump to the feed. That barred door only has some breakables inside, so you dont need to go back if you dont want. At the beginning of the game, the protagonist is shown infiltrating a casino and when spotted by an apparently human security guard it transforms into a Shadow. The last battle will be against the Thunder Emperor, Thor. Save the game and meet the Shadow. Dont even bother to win the game at this point since the games are all rigged.

Now head back to the dropdown area and follow the hall until it splits into two paths.

Head over to the Slots Area next. The Calling Card will automatically be sent on November 18th, leaving the protagonist free to do what they wish until then. Also known as Exit the backroom area and go to the marked dice room, where you will want to bet on the 11-18 option four times in a row. An LED bar on the top of the screen will display the number of coins the protagonist holds, as long as the party is within the Palace. There is also a control panel here that will be marked on the map. After a short scene, the party can enter an air duct to proceed forward. Head for the elevator and you will encounter Sae again and a mini boss. Following the meeting at the entrance, head forward and to the right to climb the stairs. The battle is quite easy and straight forward. Not only do you gain the ability to fuse Zaou-Gongen, the ultimate Persona of the Strength Arcana, but you can actually fuse Persona of a higher level than you. The party can begin unrestricted exploration of Niijima's Palace on the following day. Raja Naga will alternate between using Concentrate and Mazionga to attack the party.

Leave the Palace for the real world when ready. There is nothing else in the room with the Treasure and the door at the top of the stairs is locked. These are pretty easy enemies, as they dont have too much health and are weak to wind, so they should go down within two rounds. The Auspicious Pachyderm is weak to Psy, so it should go down within two All-Out Attacks or so. However if you are under level and need SP badly, I will recommend you do this after House of Darkness. From here, the party must find their way up to her again. The stairs to the north only lead to a long hallway with a couple of breakable objects, so keep south and go through the door at the end of the hallway. Cost to play is 20 coins, the lowest prize you can get is 20 coins, and when I played a few rounds I never lost i.e no payout. Electricity and Bless skills will hit their weakness, but they cannot be targeted by Physical, Gun, Fire or Curse skills; the former two will repel damage back at the protagonist. (LogOut/

Follow the hall on the lower floor and stay south to find another Safe Room. Head to the room with the scale but Sae tells you that you now need 1,000,000 to lower the scale! The starting point is right opposite the green control terminal. Not head back towards the entrance of the Dice Game Area and a cutscene will play, resulting in the party obtaining even more coins. The Whims of Fate(listen here) The hallway is one relatively straightforward path, with jumps up and down to skip some parts of the route. The room on the way to the stairs leading down just has a few breakables. There is another control terminal here that will be marked on the map. Head to the counter and you will be told that there are no cards to exchange. Now follow the corridor to the west. Select the between 11 and 18 option for all four games. Futaba can do her job at disabling the rigging, but not from here, as she mentions she needs access to both the red and green control terminals. It was never stolen, so Sae and her Shadow can be used to outmaneuver Akechi. Theres nothing left to do here, so head straight to the lobby when given the option (might be a good idea to save again). There is a control terminal on the left that glows blue using Third Eye. The lowest level Persona that has High Counter is Dakini (Empress), who learns it at level 52. The party should head for the door at the southwest corner of the area next to enter the Staff Passageway. There is a new Safe Room at the far north end of the area. The door to the west leads into a long hallway, where a Shadow will block the way forward, making it necessary to find an alternate route. Just like during Futaba's Palace, the party does not instantly trigger their Metaverse clothing. Before the Treasure is materialized in the Metaverse, Makoto expects its true form to be their father's investigation notebook, symbolizing Sae's grudge over their father's death in the line of duty. Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Continue using the map and head back to the Main Floor and take the elevator up to the Members Floor. Defeat it and you will get members card. After dropping down, a door immediately to the south leads two a long hallway with two patrolling Shadows and a Treasure Chest containing a Fortress Belt. Recruits Going back to the split at the air vent, the western door leads into a lit area with a Locked Chest containing a Morose Collar, Topaz and Magic Ointment. Save and then continue onward. This guide will only contains strategy to puzzles and Bosses in the Palace.

For example, if you bring along Makoto, Ann and Yusuke, then you want electric, wind, psy, bless and curse skills on your Personas. Crawl through it and you will see a treasure chest. Unfortunately, you cant do anything in the Slots Area yet, so head to the east to enter the Dice Area. At the giant slot machine, the party will win the required coins and be given the option to head straight for the lobby to redeem them or explore the area more. The Treasure Chest in this room contains a Parrying Dagger for the protagonist.

The lyrics could be interpreted as hypnotizing the gamblers into gambling. Go to the counter and purchase the High Limit Card, as well as the Soma and Bead Chain, since you should have enough leftover for those (theyre fairly rare and powerful healing items). From there, fuse Dakini with Pixie to get Anubis, making sure to inherit High Counter. After this is done, the member's floor is still reserved and is impossible to enter, so Akechi offers them to attend one of Sae's court cases so they can infiltrate it. Switching to a Persona that will Repel Physical and letting the protagonist take the hit will inflict a great deal of damage on Thor. Nebiros can use Brain Jack to Frenzy the majority of the party, try to heal this as soon as possible.

If you use your Third Eye by the safe room, you should notice that you can climb on top of the machinery, where youll find a vent. Climb up to reach it. Go through the door and follow the corridor as it heads to the north and then through some obstacles to the east to reach a Treasure Chest containing the Heaven Ring accessory in the northeast corner. There will be some waitresses posing as Shadows walking up and down the aisles, so watch out for them as you head west. Futaba will state the party will need to find a red and green control terminal. 100 thousand coins are required to proceed to the manager's floor. Once through the hallway, the protagonist can interact with a keypad on the opposite wall to retract the wall of cards in the hallway. For now, go south, west and south again to spot a small room on the map, which happens to be a Safe Room. This area here can be slightly confusing, but your objective will be to get to the north to some stairs. However, you will have to pay some money to do that. Ignore them and head through the locked door to find a vent you can crawl through, leading to the control room. Enter the door that opened to battle Sae. Now that you have enough coins, head to the counter and exchange the High Limit Card and others with your extra coins. You can choose any prediction and its a sure win. Inspect it to have it marked on the map. Afterward, proceed west through the next door. Niijima's Palace is the only palace which is never shown collapsing, as the treasure was never stolen. The party will face the Final Measurer, Norn. Sae Niijima Once the path to the Treasure has been secured, the party can opt to leave the Palace or continue exploring. Jump down to the ledges behind and you will find a vent that you can crawl through. Previous You wont be able to send Calling Card before 11/18. Japanese Name After the Shadow is defeated, the party can skip back to the lobby area or explore the area more. Defeating the Shadow will make it drop a Member's Card, which Futaba will initialize at the terminals for use. Attack the guard there to get into a fight with a Wandering Reviver. When they enter the Palace one last time, she fights them on top of the casino, at first challenging them to a rigged roulette, but when that was exposed, she transforms into Leviathan and directly attacks them, but was defeated. This is a very big area but also very straightforward. Last day to infiltrate Palace for first time, Last day to clear obstruction in Real World. I had enough. Approach the desk and talk to the Shadow Dealer here to not only get 1,000 coins and a map, but also learn about the two playing areas to the left (Dice Area) and right (Slots Area) of the counter. Once inside the interior of the Palace, the Phantom Thieves' clothes will change and a short scene will commence. By now, you should have reached level 51, which means you can fuse the final Persona for the Strength Confidant, Seth. With the protagonist's death averted, Sae transports him to Caf Leblanc where they expose Shido as the mastermind. It is the Palace of Sae Niijima. Once he defeats it, a cutscene will play and a prompt to save the game will appear. In this first area, you will come upon a locked door circled in red above. Courthouse After a scene where the police believe the protagonist committed suicide, as seen if the deadlines for the first six palaces were missed, the protagonist is imprisoned in the Velvet Room for eternity by Igor, who states he has overestimated him and that he will spend the rest of his life in his cell to repent for his actions, which the twin wardens condemn him for.