He recalled that Durban told him, No, I want to do this with you. I talked about the company, lots of metaphors, about how there might be rough waters ahead, but there had been when we started Endeavor, too, and I had really enjoyed those days. Alwaleed was released two weeks later, after eighty-three days under armed guard at the Ritz. In 1973, a woman asked Dr. Emanuel if he knew someone who would adopt her newborn daughter. Now he told Emanuel that he could no longer be part of the project. He disclosed his plans for a five-hundred-billion-dollar high-tech city, Neom, on a peninsula in the Red Sea. I dont know exactly what hes doing right now. Because there is a guy who is not a lemming.. After Rahm was chosen as Obamas chief of staff, the Israeli newspaper Maariv asked Benjamin Emanuel whether his son would influence the President to be pro-Israel. Obviously he will! Benjamin replied. Emanuel didnt disagree. Endeavor says that, concurrent with the I.P.O., it will buy an additional 49.9 per cent of the UFC, giving it complete ownership. I spend most of my time exhausted, she told the Times in 1997. Emanuel told me that Al Mubarak proposed a solution: Khaldoon said, Why dont you have the UFC come here? A few weeks before the election, according to the Daily Beast, Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, heard that there were recordings from the Miss Universe Organization that could be damaging to Trump. While other U.S. companies would also be involved, Grine said, the Saudis saw Ari as their prime partner.. This was watching something burn to the groundwe had this enormous success based on a culture that was going to be destroyed. Early that morning, Strickler sent a company-wide e-mail, saying that he was leaving the firm. Productions were cancelled. The Media Summit took place barely a month after Mubarak stepped down. Emanuel went on, I was a complete moron. In 2013, with Edelmans help, he launched Vocativ, a New York-based company that would bring together Israeli analysts and American journalists to mine the deep Web for investigative stories. I dont know if its going to be a challenge, Emanuel responded, measuring his words with uncharacteristic care. You tell the guy how much fun this is going to be, and then you shoot him.. Five hours later, Ari was still there, Urbach told me. Because with all this talk about the peoples voice, how much attention are governments paying to those peoples voice? Three panelists dodged the question, and Emanuel remained silent. Elon Musk, cultivated in the same way, will soon join the board of Endeavor. Stricklerurbane, thoughtful, instinctively gracioushad grown up on Fifth Avenue and graduated from Harvard. A compromise was reached, but it was unstable, and Emanuel was soon in secret discussions with Fogelman. I call him a lot, and we talk. His ally was Joe Ravitch, an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, who had covertly helped him navigate the deal. In January, 2009, Emanuel was in D.C., celebrating Barack Obamas impending Inauguration.

A prominent Hollywood agent who was an Endeavor assistant in those years said that the companys ambition emanated from Emanuel and its culture from Strickler. But the response from institutional investors was disappointing. When Ari needs somebody, hes their best friend, Strickler said. Hes a loyal friend, but you dont want to have him as an enemy, a friend of Aris said. What are you doing? Emanuel responded, imitating his fathers accent. Ari said, What the fuck! What is he, an Arab? By signing up, you agree to our User Agreement and Privacy Policy & Cookie Statement. Probably not. Life Lessons from Laura Wasser, Divorce Lawyer to the Stars. 2022 Cond Nast. By then, Zeke said, Emanuel had sharpened his innate feel for human relations. At the end, he agreed with me. Hes a mogul. He has a new house, new allies, and another chance at an I.P.O. He bought a new home, a twenty-eight-million-dollar French Normandy estate that sprawls across two acres in Beverly Hills. In deference to COVID-19 precautions, the dinner was held in the restaurants parking lot. When a radical Zionist group contacted him there to ask if he would send letter bombs to England, he refused. For Emanuel, it was an easy decision. Theyre gonna remember Steve Jobs. With cameras. On February 29, 2020, Ari Emanuel, the C.E.O. I would like you as an investorjust put in a couple million dollars. Andreessen invested in the fund. To help with the acquisition, Endeavor raised more than $1.7 billion from Mubadala, Silver Lake, and other investors. The news in America was dominated by reporting on Russias interference in the election, but Emanuel remained focussed on making deals. Al Mubarak had an idea for a business opportunityone that might just save Endeavor. But, as he told Emanuel, he wanted a job that felt satisfying and funotherwise, we might as well be trading bonds. Emanuel liked the idea of creating a firm, but he had other options. Their work, social, and behavioral patterns are recorded, analyzed, and archived. These aretheyre actually friends., Some people who had known Emanuel since Endeavors early days found his new relationships somewhat confusing. Ari called all the Goldman guys motherfuckers, the person said. M.B.S., who by then had been recognized as the new crown prince, gave an address. Strickler recalled that Nohria gave unsentimental advice, telling them, Everyone will hold hands, say, This is great, kumbaya. But thats not what this is. Poaching an Egg in Red Wine, the French Way. And I was just the last one. In high school, even though he excelled in math, he was placed in a special-education class. Ari does not speak about Shoshana publicly, but in 2015 he adopted one of her children. In 1967, when Ari was six, the Emanuels arrived just two weeks after the end of the Six-Day War. According to people familiar with the companys finances, the league was Endeavors most successful business in 2020. Emanuel had been obsessively interested in technological change since the nineties, when he read Life After Television, a book by George Gilder, which predicted the revolution in digital media. A century older than Endeavor and more than twice its size, William Morris had millions of dollars coming in each year from premium-TV packaging fees.

He will call you and call you and call you and call you and call you. These guys are everywhere, Ovitz told a reporter for Talk magazine. Rahm was the shrewd one. Id heard about this guy Ari, and he was just a fucking fearless guy, and I loved that, Grazer said. had built an elaborate octagon, the Flash Forum Arena, alongside the beach.

Well create a bubble for you. And then everything got started.. The UFC is the best business they have, a person close to the transaction said. . Now, Im a guy that goes to bed at seven oclock, right? A few months before the Second World War began, Einstein wrote to Morris, who like him was a Jewish German immigrant to the U.S., saying that in these years of affliction our readiness to help one another is being put to an especially severe test. He praised Morris for his work in rescuing our persecuted fellow-Jews from their calamitous peril. Shapiro said, Ari teared up. Its a shame. Emanuel called one of the other co-founders, David Greenblatt, to express surprise. Al Mubarak was also interested in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the worlds largest mixed-martial-arts organization, which Emanuel had begun representing several years before they met. Since acquiring the UFC, he had begun to expand the organization abroad, in China, the Middle East, and Latin America. Its Jekyll and Hyde! Then they prepared their own team for aggressive negotiations, enlisting a Harvard Business School professor, Nitin Nohria, to help guide them. One easy sacrifice was the name of the newly merged companysomething that people often value emotionally but that has no monetary worth. Al Mubarak was also leading Abu Dhabis multibillion-dollar investment in sportsa passion that he and Emanuel shared. There was a friendly match between Man City and I think it was either Madrid or Barcelona, Emanuel recalled. (Endeavor agents have represented The New Yorker in book publishing and in other media.) People get exhausted from that beating. You know, businessmen like me, theyre not really., For the past decade, Emanuel has worked to transform Endeavor into a global sports and entertainment conglomerate, with more than six thousand employees in twenty-eight countries. As always, on his long ascent, some friends who are less important to his business have receded. turned to Asia Global Technologies, a company based in Switzerland. He hesitated. A lot of people have wanted to take Ari down for a long time, he said. Emanuel and Durban reached a deal, in which Silver Lake would provide cash to buy IMG, in exchange for a controlling stake in the combined companies. The fights couldnt admit spectators, but they could be broadcast to fans all over the world. But, with the economy suffering from the global financial crisis, money was tight. Dr. Emanuel arrived in New York in 1953, with thirteen dollars in his pocket and a fluent command of Hebrew, French, and Italianbut not English. As the 2016 Presidential campaign began, Emanuel stopped representing Trump, and he did not advertise their relationship in Hollywood. Obama wrote in A Promised Land that, after he called for Mubarak to step down, M.B.Z. Greenblatt picked up his phone and heard a long silence, and then Emanuels voice. Reading was still a struggle, but at the end of each day he took home scripts to review. He also met quietly with Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, a favorite of Wiatts whom he had rapidly promoted. Members of the two firms were scheduled to vote on the merger on April 27, 2009. When Trump was asked about Emanuel, after the election, he said, He calls me a lot. In the spring of 2017, he and Dmitriev attended the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. He told me hes a reformer.. And Abu Dhabis government, which maintained strict quarantines and an elaborate surveillance system, could keep anyone who might be infected away from the island. Hes not going to clean the floors of the White House. Rahm subsequently apologized to the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. They lost the gamewheres the series? Grazer recalled.

But he had always told his family that he wanted to make a fortune, and he began to think about Hollywood. Onstage with Emanuel, Al Mubarak spoke publicly for the first time about Mubadalas investment in Raine. Marty Edelman figured out how to have a relationship with M.B.Z., and in the early two-thousands he started going to Abu Dhabi all the time, Ravitch said. Success which usually breeds hubris and arrogance in Hollywood. Then he set out to do what he did every Friday afternoon: he made his way through the firms three floors and shook hands with all the employees, wishing them a good weekend. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement and Your California Privacy Rights. It didnt have to end as badly as it did.. Youre putting in four hundred million dollars. So, no, I didnt feel any awkwardnessnothing, zero., Emanuels instincts about Martin Edelman and Abu Dhabi proved right. Soon afterward, Ravitch said, Emanuel told him about the meeting. Its founder was Matanya Kochavi, an Israeli with a background in intelligence; its international chairman was Martin Edelman. At the second Media Summit, a year later, Emanuel appeared on a panel with prominent figures he had brought from Los Angeles, including Skip Brittenham, a leading entertainment lawyer, and Jim Gianopulos, the chairman and C.E.O. Al Mubarak has been deeply involved in this effort, becoming, as a friend of his said, basically the C.E.O. He just doesnt understand the map that Im looking at, and how the world is changing, and how important that regions gonna be., United Nations observers have accused the Emirates of human-rights abuses, including torturing dissidents and restricting the press. A year after his first visit, Sheikh Tahnoun made a handshake deal with Lorenzo Fertitta to acquire ten per cent of the UFC; Ravitch finalized the deal, with the Emiratis agreeing to pay about two hundred million dollars. He goes, I want you to fly to Saudi Arabia. But there was an impediment: his older cousin Mohammed bin Nayef, a longtime U.S. ally against terrorism, was first in line to succeed King Salman.

The merger of Endeavor and William Morris was still in process, but Emanuel had already started laying the foundation for an expanded company. He picks up the phone, we meet, we talk, he comes down, I go to see him, da da da, we become friends. In late October, 2017, the Future Investment Initiative conference drew several thousand international businesspeople and political leaders to the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh. He was teased, and he never failed to respond. Emanuel and Whitesell took control of W.M.E. Strickler believed that their firm should work intently to improve their employees lives as well as their clients. Mark Shapiro calls Endeavor a cult of personality. In public appearances, Emanuel likes to extemporize, cajole, and find a connection. Since early March, White had been adamant that COVID would not shut down the UFC. and closed the deal. Aris getting an Unos pizza in a vegan recipe they dont even make., Emanuel says that he has a habit when he gets interested in a subject. When we fired someone, we covered their health insurance for six months to a year. (They were married in 1996, had three sons, and divorced in 2018.) Many had been freed only after surrendering large portions of their money and other holdings. Echoing Trump, a political ally of his, White described COVID as no worse than the flu, and said that the entire world had turned into pussies overnight. During the pandemic, though, the UFC had struggled to hold fights. As a young woman, she gave birth to two children, and Marsha Emanuel, who by then had become a psychotherapist, began caring for them. rhea wahlberg Its insaneall about the gut, the worms! he said. Ari always wanted to create a global company, Ravitch said. In the coming year, they worked to solidify an agreement, and on July 18, 2018, Dmitriev announced that his fund, along with sovereign wealth funds in China and the U.A.E., would form a joint venture with the UFC. He was super nice. People made fun of me every day, he has said. I know Abu Dhabi, not Saudi Arabia., I told him that I have this young prince, very energetic, very ambitious, who is changing the way the sovereign wealth fund invests. He seems confident that he will prevail, as he has before, through dogged insistence. In effect, a source close to the project told the London-based news site Middle East Eye, every person is monitored from the moment they leave their doorstep to the moment they return to it. In fact, Abu Dhabi not only built the arena and provided private planes, food, housing, testing facilities, and medical staff; it also paid the UFC for each fight, at rates that compensated for the absence of ticket sales. had disclosed that he had sold more than a hundred and sixty million dollars of equity in the company in 2017. On March 29th, Emanuel turned sixty, and he held a dinner at Ivy at the Shore, a restaurant in Santa Monica. And its created a large web. He mentioned cold-calling Michael Rapino, of the Live Nation events company; Emanuel is now on Live Nations board. The DVD distributor was Sony. Asked what posed the biggest threat to the agency, he said, Probably our success. Khaldoon has been an unbelievable backer of me, of ideas, Emanuel said. He called Gilder and befriended him, as he widened his search for knowledge and connections. Their household emphasized service to the community. I said, Listen, we want to be your partner. Emanuel was in constant motion; when the reporter asked how he and his colleagues operated, he replied, We fight and we fuckand then disappeared. The so-called disso queen, whose former clients range from Kim Kardashian to Johnny Depp, reflects on the state of our unions. After Forstmanns death, Durban and Emanuel had lunch at the Grill, the venerable celebrity hangout in Beverly Hills. Emanuel describes the effort to pull his company through the pandemic as excruciating: the cost-cutting, the layoffs, the talk of bankruptcy. We dont do gambling, but we give the data and the stream to all the bookies for sports, Emanuel said. When Emanuel was raising money for Raines first private-equity fund, he read an article about Marc Andreessen, the Silicon Valley venture-capital executive. But he continues to get checks from the company, and hes good.. But, Emanuel argued, the company had encountered difficulties before and always emerged stronger. The instinct for combat did not run in the family. M.B.Z. On March 29, 1995Emanuels thirty-fourth birthdayhe and Strickler started Endeavor, along with two colleagues from I.C.M. Like a board seat, like restrictions on what we could do. Then Ari came up and said, Fuck you! It was charmingeveryone laughed. But many in the crowd were also crying. The Arab Spring protests had started four months earlier, in Tunisia, and spread to Egypt, where government loyalists wielded machetes and whips against protesters in Cairos Tahrir Square. won an auction for IMG, with a bid of some $2.4 billionroughly four hundred million dollars higher than the runner-up. At dinner, the Endeavor managers gave him a gift that seemed calibrated to evoke their difficult year: a letter from Albert Einstein to William Morris, the founder of the talent agency that Endeavor absorbed. Ari explained the pros and cons. At the summit, he had stirred outrage by saying that he was more confident in Putins denials of Russian interference than in the consensus among American intelligence agencies. Shapiro told me that, at the bar, everyone was saying to me, What the hells wrong with Ari? I give my mom a lot of credit here, in that she just kept on encouraging me. On the sidelines of the conference, they participated in a meeting with Vladimir Putin, along with Al Mubarak and others. Photographs from the day show them shaking hands and grinning. They lived in Israel for a couple of years before returning to Chicago, where Dr. Emanuel built a thriving pediatric practice. You just have to get to the next day. After Donald Trump called for closer business ties between the U.S. and Russia, his old talent agent got the ball rolling, Lucas Shaw wrote, for Bloomberg News. Later, Tahnouns adopted son, an M.M.A. More important, he was close to the royal family of the Emirates and deeply involved in business there, serving as a senior adviser to Mubadala. Educated at Tufts University, Al Mubarak was thirty-four and already in charge of Mubadala, Abu Dhabis sovereign wealth fund, which is among the largest in the world. With his time. His ties to Al Mubarak were even closer, he said: Its not only a business relationship. They were threatening me, Emanuel told his friend. It shocks a lot of people., When I asked Emanuel about Stricklers departure, he said, He thought it was a good time to leave. I cant tell you how much I appreciate the sacrifices you made on behalf of this company. During the spring, as part of a financial plan for enduring the pandemic, Endeavor had secured a high-interest loan of a quarter of a billion dollars, and it worked through the summer to cut costs aggressively. After two years of calls, Whitesell joined Endeavor, bringing with him a client list that included Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Christian Bale. After two years, several former C.A.A. The sides had agreed to harsh layoffs. What we have is the real thing.. According to a person involved in the offering, a team of bankers, led by Goldman Sachs, gave steadily declining estimates of the share price: first about thirty dollars, then twenty-four, and finally as low as twenty. For his company to survive, Emanuel had to find a way to hold sports and entertainment events, even as much of the world was shutting down. The bubble would be on Yas Island, a popular resort off the coast of Abu Dhabi. The board had five William Morris directors, and four Endeavor, someone involved in the transaction told me. Hed go, What, what? A few weeks later, Mubarak resigned, under pressure; he was subsequently imprisoned. Then M.B.S. Responding to critics, he said, My brother is in politics, Im not., Twelve days after the election, Trump met with potential Cabinet members at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, and Emanuel went to see him. The contract with ESPN required forty-two events that year; thus far, there had been seven. He wanted to change the balance of his firms income, so that half came from representing talent and half from owning rights, events, and production. Youre crazy, youre crazy! Being an accomplished wrestler made me feel like less of an outcast, but still I got myself into a lot of fights and ended up in the principals office every other day. Zeke wrote in his memoir, It did not take much to provoke Ari because, to be blunt, he liked to fight. He added, The speed, danger, and risk that make other people nervous make guys like Ari serene., Emanuel told me, There were some dark fucking days in my life, where they didnt think I could graduate high school. His mother took him to a reading teacherthree-hour sessions, which he hated. All the times we were together! And I think Ive been a very good steward.. lacked. The airport is fifteen minutes from the island; fighters from around the world who might have been kept out of the U.S. by the Trump Administrations travel ban could fly in for bouts. Ari quickly sought to establish influence. Endeavors prospectus focusses less on agenting and on the storytelling business; instead, it emphasizes sports and events, especially the UFC. As Emanuel built his company, he had made more than twenty acquisitions, many of them in the live-events business. The guy doesnt sleep much., Lynton continued, Ari is just a force of will. On June 20th, about two weeks after Emanuel met with M.B.S., bin Nayef was summoned to the palace, where he was held captive overnight and refused food and medication. He wore a black polo shirt and large, dark-rimmed reading glasses. M.B.S. And then, in the last twenty years or so, I think hes taken his fast thinking and decomposed it, to try to understandwhats really motivating people, what are they really responding to?. But Emanuel has always seemed driven by a hunger to upend peoples expectations of him. Then the pandemic struck. Governments all over the world do bad things. a six-hundred-million-dollar contract to install a statewide surveillance system, a project named Falcon Eye. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. She asked about the challenges M.B.S. He never said a word, Emanuel said, and hung up. You have to be willing to take the emotional damage. The two sides both filed lawsuits, with each accusing the other of antitrust violations. You probably will not talk to anyone, except the real experts doing the research about the microbiome in the gut, who knows more about that subject than Ari, Zeke said. In an interview with the London Telegraph, in October, 2018, Emanuel dismissed the writers concerns: Oh, your agents going to be your producer? She asked repeatedly why the prince was still being held. I spend two days there. of Fox Filmed Entertainment. Thirty billion dollars, you knowyes, Im a businessman! On October 2nd, six months after that dinner, Saudi agents brutally murdered the expatriate Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Strickler was more accessible and less profane. I said, I trust you. Some of the prisoners there had been physically abused, and one had died in custody. Vocativ ultimately did not thrive; in 2017, it laid off much of its editorial staff. And I said, Fuck, I wanna fucking go to work for that dude. In 1987, he left for Hollywood and became a trainee at C.A.A. Any decision to remove a director needed a supermajority. Introducing Emanuel, the moderator said, Fans of Entourage may have heard of Ari Gold. (Alwaleed has denied reports that he was tortured and stripped of his wealth.)

Five years later, Endeavor had more than a hundred employees and a sleek office in Beverly Hills. I said, O.K., I got the shrinks vote!, The two friends spent days drawing up plans on legal pads, deciding which agents to recruit and which clients to poach.

And he says, We also want to make an investment.. You cant get a hug, cant get a kiss on the cheek, cant shake his hand. Ari was saying, Cant do it, cant do itI dont like where this is going!. In February, 2011, Abu Dhabi awarded A.G.T. Shortly before he arrived in Los Angeles, the deal with Endeavor was announced: the Saudis investment of four hundred million dollars would buy what was said to be a five-to-ten-per-cent stake in the company. Strickler is a godfather to the children of seven people who worked for him. He doesnt speak English, but he kind of speaks English, Emanuel said. Strickler and Emanuel both knew Wiatt well; he was the president of I.C.M. Zeke was always the brainy one, he has said. The United States does it, Canada does it, England does it, Saudi Arabia does it. No one wanted to be out there first. He also introduced Emanuel to Egon Durban, a managing partner at Silver Lake, one of the leading private-equity firms focussed on technology. The three boys went to Israel nearly every summer, visiting family. Emanuel had announced that he would take no salary for the rest of the year, but the agents werent appeased. It was a tumultuous time in the Middle East. would face in building an entertainment industry from scratch. The management company Brillstein-Grey Entertainment wanted him to be the head of television, at triple the salary he was making at I.C.M. He craves the stature of a visionary, not of a mere corporate executive. got in touch to say that the United States is not a partner we can rely on in the long term. To tighten security, M.B.Z. You have to tell him this., I spoke with Emanuel on January7th, the day after a crowd of Trump supporters stormed the Capitolthe culmination of a months-long effort to discredit the election. Two other megacities were also planned; the first, Qiddiya, would be a huge sports and entertainment complex, with movie theatres, concert venues, and theme parks. The most prominent prisoner was Prince Alwaleed, a major shareholder in Citibank, News Corporation, Apple, and the Four Seasonsand Grines client and close friend. Hell go to a restaurant, and hell say, The tomatoes, are they seedless tomatoes? Hell constantly be fighting with the chef, who says, Its O.K., its O.K., this is a vegan restaurant. And Ari says, But youre not my level of vegan! He has a chef at home that cooks all this stuff, and when Ari goes on the road he gets on the plane with a suitcase of food. Family. fighter, posted a picture on Facebook, showing Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta with their arms around Tahnoun, who is wearing a UFC T-shirt and smiling broadly.

For Emanuel, politics were sometimes inseparable from business. He explained this aversion in 2007, when he received an award from the Lab School, in Washington, D.C., which focusses on learning differences. Lets just be very clear, he went on. Emanuel was not surprised by Trumps actions, but he suggested that he was disappointed: Right or wrong, he could have taken somewhat of a victory lap and said, Stock markets at an all-time high. He could have said, Warp Speed is under way. Yet thats not what happened.