Suddenly a vortex emerges and he's sucked into his TV, where he finds himself the star in his very own video game adventure. A wide range of weaponry which varies from pistols to grenade launchers is available to the player. Theres no regenerating health here; stop taking cover and start running and gunning. Violent, over-the-top Bowling Bombs rip enemies apart with ease. Controller support: Works 100% with Xbox 360 controllers, might have some issues with Xbox One controllers. Classic Easter Eggs: The game features hard-to-find collectibles in sometimes even harder-to-find classic secret rooms. 2 players in local multiplayer: relive all the levels in an intense cooperative mode! Remember what it means to be a human in this interactive biography of a dead astronaut found in deep space by future intelligences who have no concept of humankind. 4 New Enemies! It allows the players to choose one of the comrades that will follow them anywhere. Game like Midnight Ghost Hunt for Xbox One, Game like Midnight Ghost Hunt for PlayStation 4, Game like Midnight Ghost Hunt for Android, Game like Midnight Ghost Hunt for Nintendo Switch, Game like Midnight Ghost Hunt for Xbox 360, Game like Midnight Ghost Hunt for PlayStation 3, Game like Midnight Ghost Hunt for PlayStation 2, Game like Midnight Ghost Hunt for PlayStation, Game like Midnight Ghost Hunt for PS Vita. When a team successfully seizes the capture point, it gets 1 Objective Point, and the Payload spawns for them. Introducing 2 minibosses throughout the game. Action, SOMA is a sci-fi survival horror that makes you rethink the description of death. Widescreen, controller support, and Auto Saves? The Reddit community for Midnight Ghost Hunt. If you liked playing it, then we are sure that you would love to play games like Midnight Ghost Hunt, that we have carefully handpicked for you on this list. Headshots? By controlling dual lasers with both analog sticks, players will: Category: Once a team gets 4 Objective Points, it wins the match. In the meantime, several Nintendo is working hard to expand the library of N64 games offered by Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, but From the start it seems that Assault was fairly interesting. Dodging bullets and moving around hordes of enemies can be tricky, but the game emphasizes that the main way to achieve is not just spamming two skills, but employing techniques and developing characters abilities in the way that would be comfortable to the player. FeaturesWeapons: Dusty arms Rad with a variety of radical bad-ass weaponry. For example, hiring a sniper will help the player spot enemy targets in the distance. 2019 All Rights Reserved.

Every character has their own unique set of combos and special attacks. The classic '90s FPS action you love, meshed with modern inventions like locational damage and seamless level transitions Forced is an action game played from a top-down perspective. Hide and Seek Multiplayer Midnight Ghost Hunt enters early access, More than half of Netflix users watched Anime in 2021; 40 Anime Titles are re-read for 2022, Saints Row supports double-gen play, but isnt cross-platform, Nintendo Switch Online introduces Kirbys Avalanche, Fighters History and Daiva Story 6, As the waterfall of the river, a rousing movie was captured in the river on the river, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is in a rough form, rumours tell a long-running story, New low: A shocking win rate for Lee Sins continues to dwindle in Leagues game 12.13, Epic Games Store has introduced a new free game for August 28th, The Last of Us (Part 1) release follows a leak in the official game of the final episode, Turn-Based RPG Circus Electrique launches this autumn, Black Desert online update 2.45 Out for Several Additions This July 22nd. From what I've seen, now word on whether there will be later ports. The downloadable version of this game supports English, French, German, Spanish. Initially, the player has access to 5 of them at any time, and 4 more are in a two-week rotation. The Pixelverse: While Rad and Dusty are a great team, only Dusty can enter the electrified Pixelverse -- a dangerous spacetime-breaking region that exists behind the game world. Playable with Kinect for Xbox One or with Xbox One Wireless Controller.

You betcha. Warp back to reality through the Astronauts subconscious, avoiding mental blocks Different play modes ( Arcade, Free run, One Shot One Kill, ). A sophisticated scoring system for comparing your scores online and 23 achievements to unlock. The true successor to classic shooters such as Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, and Blood. Original and intense fun gameplay that takes full advantage of the Kinect sensor. In the hope of a rowing across the eagles, a relentless spirit can stalk the halls. - Kotaku The game is developed by Vaulted Sky Games combining shooter, hide-and-seek mechanics in virtual reality. The game explores horror through atmosphere and exploration, not with scores and combat systems. Harmonize the Astronauts memories within the Astronauts metaphysical plane Enjoy the game with- or without VR! Not as of yet. midnight mysteries witch trials salem pc game genre 2d screen

As Tony launches a personal vendetta against the Sik Brothers gang in an attempt to save his best dancer, Cherry Popz, Clarence wants to end the gang war, taking him to the farthest corners of Jamaica! Dusty is Rad's good-hearted but foul-mouthed, now-sentient game console. All levels are hand made and full of multiple paths, cool effects, and complex set pieces! The whole game can be played in both singleplayer and co-op modes. For the early play (49,30 $) The base game, Early Backer Pack, and the soundtracks, accompanied by a discount you get the free tickets.

Im a moderator for MGH and the devs ideally want to release on other platforms, but that is still quite up in the air. Rad & Dusty's adventure takes them through many dangerous stages of action-packed, humor-filled, hardcore platforming fun.

Thanks to an intuitive gameplay tailored for Kinect for Xbox One motion detection helps you live out the most extreme rail shooter experiences as you confront unforgettable enemies ranging from the mafia golfer packing grenades to the ultimate crime boss, both as funny as they are unlikely! With technology far beyond human comprehension, the discoverers of the astronaut use lasers to build physical replicas of the astronauts long-dead memories in hopes to understand what this strange creature was and why they are floating through space alone. But, just because this is a true old-school first-person shooter doesnt mean we've ignored all the good new stuff the last two decades have brought. To permanently get any other champion, the player has to buy the champion via in-game currency or buy the champions pack for real money. Id love to have this on ps4 or switch. An awe-inspiring arsenal of devastating weapons, including multiple ammo types and alternate fire modes. Who needs a regular shotgun when you can load buckshot into your grenade launcher? A beautiful game world assembled from thousands of hand-crafted textures and sprites 5 New Levels! Now they must escort the Payload to the enemys base to get additional Objective Point. "More, please!" Hunters can also select Perks, so that they can boost their fortunes. There's no combat, and you are meant to avoid enemies and act stealthily. The legendary "Excalibat" from Rise of the Triad, makes a return to Rad Rodgers. Victor Vran is an isometric action-RPG, set in a fictional town, where the players character must hunt demons and other vile creatures and rid the world of darkness. The primary game mode in Paladins is the siege. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. Bloodshed is always better when shared, so invite a friend to join the massacre, through a nervous cooperative mode! The StoryRad is a rambunctious but spirited young boy who maybe plays too many video games. These slaves are born in a nearby village to become fighters and are trained from a very young age. I would blindly give 60 dollars to this game just based on premise alone, please developers if this catches your attention know there are console gamers out there hungry for something unique like this, even if it takes a while just knowing its coming would be amazing. After completing each mission of the game, the players are awarded gems. In the below section you can see the official description for Midnight Ghost Hunt. Leaderboards: Gain Scores at the end of each level, and battle with friends to reach the top of the leaderboards. Using Kinect for Xbox One motion detection capability, Blue Estate offers previously unmatched immersion into the mafia world of Los Angeles, packed with humour, original gameplay and incredible fun. The Phoenix Cannon shoots out a fiery bird whose wingspan lights enemies ablaze as it flies by. Four weapon classes are present in the game: Bow, Hammer, Knives, Frost Shield. The core gameplay resembles the same of the first game. The remaining 11 will be added as soon as they are ready, most likely during September, 5 islands composed of 21 tracks that will be polished with the help of the community *4 islands with 4 tracks each are available right at the start of early access, 2 islands can be raced immediately and 2 are to be unlocked with game progression. Brand new weapon! The Epic Games store has never won away with freebies. Out now on Steam Early Access:, Press J to jump to the feed. More information, go to the Steam website. me too i dont have pc that would be able to run this but i would love to play it on console preferably on xbox. With the help of your mentor, Balfus, you will embark on a path of becoming the best gladiator and getting to the final guardian known as The Master. The game puts a strong emphasis on building the resistance to the cultists. Hats: Unlock more than 20 different hats throughout the game, and customize Rad Rodgers. If a cooperative mode is played, the players have to choose different classes, as the game will not allow your party to play otherwise. 25 Best Games like Midnight Ghost Hunt: Our Top Pick . It is your job to free the county of cultists. The serve as a long-range damage dealer, deadly area damage dealer, fast melee attacker, and a supportive class. Batman attempts to rebuild the society after the fall of Superman. Ghosts disguise themselves as doppelgangers? Far Cry 5 is an open-world adventure first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal. Welcome to Hope County, Montana, where a violent religious doomsday cult appeared. Experience the original BUILD engine on steroids, pumped up and ready to rock again after 20 years! Become invincible and smack your way through hordes of enemies with the mighty Excalibat. The hostile team can, however, steal the Payload to get Objective Point themselves. New Pixelverse Puzzles: Pixelverses have been redesigned, and now include brand new types of Puzzles. They are assigned to abolish them are the Ghost Hunters, who would rob them of the wary tool blasted to a land and banish them! Players can get new outfits with special effects from the crates. The players are slaves who are made to fight in a gladiator-like arena. Trying to figure out whats going on, Simon finds Catherine Chun, a scientist, who tells him about the technology of copying the human personality. The grim locations and fearsome enemies leave a mark on any player, and the soundtrack of the game also adds to the overall mood of evil lingering in the dark. Ion Fury laughs at the idea of mandatory checkpoints and straight paths through shooting galleries. Ghostly Pks include avoiding traps with Untrappable, seeing neighbours through walls with Perception, and extend possess range with Ghostly Reach. 3D Realms and Voidpoint have taken the best of both worlds and cooked it all into a bloody stew. The gameplay is based on exploration and puzzle solving. After Brainiac attacked the planet, he decides to destroy it using the beta-bombs. Blue Estate is a darkly funny on-rail shooter based on the comic books from Viktor Kalvachev. Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure, in which you play a two year old child. A BLUOD YES COMPOSITION FOR AUTHORROWSExplore an array of arousing settings, such as abandoned cinema, haunted house and cursed pirate ship. Kill enemies with Spectrophone, Radar, Pathfinder, and pick them with Trap, and collect their spectral remains with the Vacuum, or just blast them to smithereens with Spectral Cannon, sledgehammers, harpoons, salt-spewing shotguns and more. After dozing off at the tail end of a long night of gaming, Rad awakens to find his dusty old console has turned itself back on. His clock speed isn't what it used to be, but what he lacks for in megahertz he makes up for with experience and attitude! Same, my PC is kinda crap but this looks like the sort of thing I'd totally play on my PS4. The objective of every fight is to knock out the enemy. Forced is an indie role-playing game developed by BetaDwarf.

Though there are monsters in SOMA, it frightens with its atmosphere in the first place. While Shelly Bombshell Harrison earned her codename defusing bombs for the Global Defense Force, when evil transhumanist mastermind Dr. Jadus Heskel unleashes the members of his cybernetic cult onto the streets of Neo DC, she knows its time to start causing explosions instead of preventing them.

In their q and a they claim to be developing for pc/steam as a first priority. - Eurogamer. Optional Virtual Reality support. The first half of its game is Ghost Hunt. We are sorry about the inconvience. Medium and difficult levels will be added as soon as possible, during early access, 40 different fun skills to master and use against your rivals, 70 Levels with inverted gravity, wall-rides and zero gravity, Weapons with different speeds, damage arcs, and special attacks, Multiple classes, and abilities to choose from, each with strengths and weaknesses, Locational damage (aim and hit enemies in weak points), Randomly generated areas, monsters, and loot each run, Achievements unlock more abilities to use and equipment to find, Completing the game unlocks new areas and bosses, Equipped with a magic arsenal ( Plasma Whip, Thunder Lock, Warp Launcher, ), Master the bullet time to reach the highest scores. Only Superman and Supergirl survived, as their parents decided to send them to Earth, but these two get separated as the shuttles courses get affected by the planet's explosion. We are aiming for mid to late September, 3 different karts customisable with over 26.000 possible combinations to unlock, 5 Gameplay modes (Random Juicer, Juicer, Dragster, Elimination and Elimination Mix) *Juicer and Random Juicer will be available immediately. Inspired by games such as: Myst, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and real-life escape rooms. Sounds & Music: Composer Andrew Hulshult combined his years of musical experience (both performing and writing) with his passion for retro-style gaming to create an amazing and authentic soundtrack for the game complete with MIDI-inspired music And synthesizers! Paladins (also known as Paladins: Champions of the Realm) is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter. Indie. It's probably going to be much easier for them to port to Xbox since it basically runs windows 10 console with the store. Each location has different tactical considerations and items to throw about, but also different opportunities to play tricks on your opponents. Two teams are fighting for the capture point in the center of the map. Her quest to slay Heskel leaves a trail of carnage throughout huge, multi-path levels filled with gigantic explosions, more secret areas than we can count, and inhuman foes behind every corner. The tables turn and the ghosts become supercharged, giving Hunters limited time to survive their vengeful wrath. Console support would be awesome, I've been wanting a good ghost game since Ghosthunter PS2 or even the PS3 Ghostbusters. It is the fifth main installment in the series. In Blue Estate you will play Tony Luciano, the psychopathic son of the Italian mafia godfather of LA and Clarence, an ex-Navy SEAL, penniless and now a hit-man bent on cleaning up the mess started by Tony. He wakes up at an abandoned underwater facility full of mutants. Ghost Hunt is available on Steam right now, and is ready for purchase. Im not aware that reality doesnt apply to Ghosts. Both players have a completely different game experience.

We are still working on the 5th island, which will be composed by 5 tracks, will be released as soon as its ready. Minibosses! Her signature revolver, the tri-barreled Loverboy, brings enemies pain and players pleasure with both single shots and Old West-style hammer fanning action. The Rainforest Rampage, and Raging Ruins. Dragster, Elimination and Elimination Mix will be added during early access as soon as they are ready, 5 Racing formats (Custom Race, Career, Fast Championship, Custom Championship and Time Attack) *The easy level of all racing formats will be available at the start of early access. The different loot system helps the character in his journey, as various weapons have their unique abilities, and often improves characters skills. Sad life.. one can hope out in hopes tho! TONGUE-IN-CHEEK DRESS, cling to a cloak, conceal yourself inside seemingly harmless furniture evading preying Hunters, and the environment against them with telekinetic bombardment. Supports 2, 3, and 4-players in local split-screen, Online multiplayer for up to 8 players (ranking included!) MUCHORENT 4 V4 MULTIPLAYERPlay together and communicate to your team and ensure a triumphant victory, giving each other pointser to the paths enemies tread. Tri-barreled revolvers, grenade launchers, and heat-seeking smart bombs are your best friends! There will be no beta on console, either, nor are there any current plans to develop it on console. Time passes and Superman becomes a tyrannic Earth dictator, yet Batman destroys his regime at the end of the first game. Just like in MOBA games, Forced features both active and passive abilities that are weapon class-specific. There are more than 38 heroes (or champions as they are called in the game) available in Paladins. The game is, according to developers, influenced by Team Fortress 2 and is an example of hero shooter subgenre: a type of multiplayer shooter in which you choose to play as one of the pre-made characters with unique abilities and weapons. Games like Midnight Ghost Hunt for Xbox One: Far Cry 5,SOMA,Paladins,Victor Vran,We Were Here,Among the Sleep,FORCED,Blue Estate,Ion Fury,Rad Rodgers. The games art style is highly reminiscent of Dracula movies and other vampire-based stories. In this hijinks-heavy frenzy, no chair, lamp or grandfather clock is innocent. A dark, abandoned station with dead people, uncertainty and the lack of any understanding of what is waiting for you is scarier than screamers and blood rivers. Duck, jump, climb, swim, and blast your way through 7 exciting zones packed with multiple levels of mayhem! Explore beautifully crafted environments in a fictional castle inspired by Castle Rock, Antarctica. The game begins on Krypton in its last hours. After four years of development, the indie multiplayer Ghost Hunt, the Midnight Ghost Hunt, finally reached early access. Laserlife requires either an Intel RealSense Camera or a controller in order to play. Use your precision platforming skills to collect 'em all.. Moral choices you have to make dont affect the story much: instead, they change your attitude to the events, so its you who develops through the game. "Its depiction of a first-person horror told through the eyes and stumbling little legs of a two-year old is as intriguing as anything I've seen all year, and reminiscent of a time when games actively sought out new ways to play and new stories to tell." Fight through 3 new Pogostick Levels, and 2 massive new levels. Early Backer pack (39.99) The Early Backer Pack is an inexpensive means of being able to support development. In a chaotic 4v4 conflict between the life and the death, both play Ghost and Hunter. 2 game modes: STORY MODE - 7 adrenaline-packed missions ! Singing with your teams abilities to outthink and outwit your opponents. Dusty enters the Pixelverse when necessary to repair glitches in the running game world, allowing both Rad & Dusty to continue their journey. You play as Simon Jarrett who was injured in a crash accident and agreed for an experimental operation on his brain. ZERO PROCEDURAL GENERATION.

Every successful attack fills the super meter. Injustice 2 features a loot box system. The players can get three gems max per mission. A chaotic 4v4 struggle between the living and the dead. Hell yeah. Assuming the problem that focuses on the nature of the We've heard nothing about Arcan: Frontiers of Pandorasince the first person open world title was officially announced last year, and Lee Sin got hit by a rock in League of Legends. Various vehicles are also at your exposal: cars, planes, helicopters, and so on. For the first time in the series, the game features a character creation screen. *Autumn, A roster of 22 characters to unlock *11 are available from the start of early access, 2 of which will be unlocked through game progression. An RPG-like mechanics is also present as the characters four base stats can be improved after every fight. A RAIL SHOOTER GAME TAILORED FOR KINECT FOR XBOX ONE ! Do you have any plans to launch the game on other platforms like PS4? It offers 4 in-game skins and a title that recognises you as an Early Backer. It is heavily inspired by the MOBA genre, yet it only focuses on singleplayer and its cooperative mode. ARCADE MODE - where you combine headshots with combos in a race against time! These gems can be used to upgrade your weapons and unlock their new abilities. Claim your supernatural powers you turn invisible, causing furniture to float, and conjuring a dangerous ghostly miasma. Injustice 2 is a fighting game developed by NetherRealm Studios. Overcome challenging puzzles by working together. Collect Memory molecules scattered around the mysterious space ship ARMED/READY-Hunters must choose their weapons from a range of hi-tech gadgets meant to cut ghosts off their lives. After waking up in the middle of the night to mysterious sounds, you start exploring the dark looking for comfort. "[] it more than succeeds in creating a wonderfully eerie atmosphere full of childlike anxiety, and along the way tackles a serious subject in a darkly poignant manner." While there arent any plans to bring Midnight Ghost Hunt to consoles at the moment, the developers are considering a possibility after the game doesnt have early access. The players can use the environment in order to damage their opponent. Super meter can be used to perform special skills or dodges. New Unlockables: Unlock behind the scenes artwork throughout the game. And these brand new additions!This new and improved version of Rad Rodgers also include these brand new additions: Energize the dead Astronaut so it can create physical manifestations of its memoriesLaserlife is meant to be played in one sitting, so turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and get lost in this existential adventure about what it means to be a human. HARNESS ABILITIES WITH SPECIAL LITTLES. You play as a junior deputy sheriff who gets trapped in the Hope County as all the ways out the county are now patrolled with cultists and all external communication is cut off. The game also adjusts the difficulty accordingly if played in cooperative mode. To progress through the story, you need to search for clues, read multiple notes and solve puzzles. Choose from Lightweights, a combination of therapeutic abilities and a lot of other players to succeed in the game. The players select a weapon, which serves as a character class and has 16 abilities. New Pogo Vertigo Bonus Levels: Grab a Pogo Stick, and see how far you can get in the new Pogo Vertigo vertical levels. MIDNIGHT MAYHEMThe fun isnt over yetwhen the clock strikes twelve, the witching hour begins and the Hunted will become the hunted. Using the full super meter charge allows for a unique attack. Compare your scores thanks to local and online ranking, Personalise your ship's characteristics at the shop, Enjoy fascinating 3D graphics, impressive special effects and 2D manga animation. The gameplay despite being similar to other games in the hacknslash genre features unique elements based on players reaction.