On the downside, iCloud Drive has reliability problems that require toggling it off and back on periodically when it gets stucka Sync Now button and some decent logging to reveal whats happening would be welcome. On your Windows computer, open File Explorer, then click iCloud Drive or iCloud Photos in the Navigation pane. There are many more examples within Windows and other Microsoft software that is not well documented and does not follow industry standards that other operating systems and software observe.

But wait, it gets worse. Maybe it is because I purged 40GB of data, hard for iCloud to reset in a heartbeat.

of iCloud Drive files. If you want to encourage Apple to step up and make iCloud Drive folder sharing work correctly, join me in giving feedback to the iCloud engineers. What is the root cause? Selecting the file and clicking Recover.

Plus, that would require them to have iPhones and Macs. Ill put together a team right now. Instead, macOS deletes the file instantly, which, while prefaced with a warning, is terrible behavior for a cloud sharing service. I wish iCloud had a built in Time Machine backup system where you can go back in time to see older file versions. Scientifically plausible way to sink a landmass, Revelation 21:5 - Behold, I am making all things new?. For goodness sake, Apple popularized the entire concept of multi-step file deletion! Bad Apple! The emphasis is mine, but I added it becauseHoly Mother of Baby Bovines!thats not OK!

Apple is not the only one to overlook critical important information about a software tool or feature. Maybe the folder owner should be able to.

Bad Apple! rev2022.7.21.42639.

If you go ahead with the delete, it is instead saved in the OneDrive Recycle Bin (in the cloud) and can be restored from there. Heres something fun! Any AFP server has the exact same behavior.

Id push back hard on thata keyboard-focused user whos moving quickly could delete a file with Command-Delete and press Return to dismiss the dialog before even reading it. (instead of occupation of Japan, occupied Japan or Occupation-era Japan). Just sent feedback to Apple, as requested.

I even offered them free iPhones! for reference).

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I dont if locking would have the effect you want, but its sort of moot because the entire point of sharing a folder and allowing participants to make changes is that you want them to make changes.

You can set up Windows to manage file storage automatically. Its harder to know how the iCloud Drive Recently Deleted folder works because its in the cloud, but using both that and the local version if theres space is the answer. It appears that Apple is treating the shared iCloud drive as a networked drive. This page said nothing about what happens if a participant of a shared folder deletes a file or folder. to reveal hidden files and folders, youll see a hidden .Trash folder (press Command-.

Apple should at the very least provide file versioning (and email recovery) for iCloud+ paying customers. Ive tried using chmod on my Mac to mark a file as read only. Some spelunking through Apples documentation revealed that the company had split the previous page, which covered iCloud Drive sharing in iOS, macOS, Windows, and iCloud.com, into standalone pages in the.

Can you lock a file to prevent it from being trashed? BUT, when iCloud evicts the files it also throws away all metadata. So, if youre using iCloud Drive folder sharing, make sure to deselect Optimize Mac Storage or, if you need to keep that on due to insufficient local storage space, get someone else in your sharing group to do so. With files deleted by the owner, iCloud Drive is doing everything right. So I doubt thats playing into the equation. I want to like iCloud Drive, I really do. They all have a Teams license and likely SSO into Teams and there will be an attendance report and they cannot forward the meeting invite. How to play Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Linux, How to Encrypt Android Phone (Guide 2020), How to Get Accurate Volume Controls on iOS, How to back up Firefox Snap settings in Linux, How To Set Up Nearby Devices On Android Phone - Very Easy, How to easily change the location of my country on Instagram, How can I see the history of TikTok and know which videos I have already seen on this social network?

Or computational photography. Even ignoring the Time Machine backup, which Apple itself seems to do, if Apple wants to let collaborators remove their files from a shared folder immediately, it should be putting the deleted file in the local Trash of the user whos deleting it.

Presumably that also prevents people from editing the file, but is there any difference between deleting a file and deleting its contents?

- Solution.

For example, here are two directories on my desktop, one is only in the cloud, the other is both in the cloud and saved locally: I would like to make the Personal Docs folder become like the Datasets folder, As Andreas mentioned in his answer, brctl evict purges the files. The new page threw me for a loop, but as is so often the case with Web shenanigans, the Internet Archives, revealed what had happened.

So i tried it: Well the problem is this only works temporarily. But I like Hanlons Razor the best. How can I keep a local folder that is also syncing with iCloud. This is ultimately the problem.

Apple provides a similar warning dialog in that scenario, but the major difference is that the file remains available to whoever moved it out of iCloud Drive, such that they could put it back. No Trash or any other recovery method. Open System Preferences and select the Extensions preference. Regardless of why it happened, the fact remains that Apple went from merely hiding this fact in a long but appropriate document to putting it in, the bottom of a locked file cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying Beware of the Leopard..

Wouldnt that be great?

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Disable Documents and Desktop iCloud sync but keep all files locally? Since this is an extension of Finder, you will need to activate it. My mistakeit should be Command-Shift-.

As I noted in Cloud Storage Forecast Unsettled, with Possible Storms (4 February 2022), iCloud Drive is attractive for Apple users. Why would Apple leave such a glaring hole in iCloud Drive folder sharing? I havent used iCloud Drive folder sharing in a fast-paced collaborative work environment, so I cant speak from direct experience, but over 14 years of coordinating Take Control work in Dropbox, files occasionally went missing and needed to be restored from Dropboxs Deleted Files collection. If you have Optimize Mac Storage selected in System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud, macOS might replace iCloud Drive files with local stubs, and those stubs, even if backed up, wouldnt contain the data you want. Remember AppleShare? I wouldnt trust iCloud for that. Note: This feature isnt supported in iCloud for Windows version 7. Of course, it wont go into this OS release, but itll be ready. Right click on a file or folder in iCloud, there are either: I have done some testing with this in macOS Sierra, but i hit a brick wall. Are they all sufficiently technical and alert that they would never make a mistake? Theres another possibility. iCloud needs versioning, as both scenarios are problems: Whether the action is deliberate or accidental, both are unrecoverable from without some kind of recovery and versioning system in place for shared files/subfolders. Delete a file when you are connected to one using macOS/Mac OS X and its gone instantly. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. I imagine the conversation went like this: Steve: Dammit, I wanted to buy Dropbox, and they wouldnt accept my offer. After all, if the owner of a shared folder deletes a file in that folder, macOS and iCloud Drive provide the expected opportunities for recovery.

I only use Nisus Writer Pro with iCloud Drive, and I can be typing away and suddenly the file reverts back before recent changes. Note: If the item was pinned, it will be unpinned. After the discussion with Paul, I got busy and put off writing up the problem.

The option evict looked promising to me. Plus, when I logged into iCloud.com and looked in iCloud Drive, a Recently Deleted link appeared in the lower-right corner . Clicking that link revealed the equivalent of iCloud Drives trash. Lets say I shared a file, realized it was an embarrassing mistake and wanted to unshare it immediately.

After the discussion with Paul, I got busy and put off writing up the problem. "Remove Download": Remove the file locally (keeps it in iCloud). Thanks for the details! , not just for the owner, but also for all participants. a second time to hide them again).

Despite this hidden Time Machine workaround, Apple has done a poor job here. What if the file is large and theres not enough free space locally?

For a Mac with a small SSD, it's best to keep unnecessary files off your drive. Remember AppleShare? So unfortunately you lose most of these attachments. I can then use the File > Versions command sometimes to go back one version and recapture the changes. US to Canada by car with an enhanced driver's license, no passport?

If Apple was thinking along these lines, it would need to automatically exclude all iCloud Drive shared folders for which youre not the owner from Time Machine backups. So, maybe Apple was a bit light on features, workflow, and testing. Im going to try to test various sharing scenarios to see how they work out. Perhaps Apple fixed iCloud Sharing shared folders so that files deleted by participants arent deleted with no chance for recovery? This cripples Spotlight by removing the ability to search for text found inside popular file formats such as word, pdf, pages, keynote, or txt. By default, Time Machine backs up the local copies of iCloud Drive files, not just for the owner, but also for all participants.

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Its great when someone wants me to update a file while Im away from my desk, and I can pull up my iPhone and get the change in right then and there. Apples tools are consumer tools and not business tools.

They also provide considerable iCloud storage. Starting with the OneDrive version that is compatible with Monterey 12.3, when you delete a file from OneDrive using the Finder, you get an warning message that it will not be saved in the Trash. Using, you can use Automator Folder Action to run the shell script, Delete a file locally, but keep it in iCloud, Design patterns for asynchronous API communication. iCloud Drive folder sharing has been around since macOS 10.15 Catalina, so its no longer new, and Apple has had two major releases of macOS to address underlying issues if they couldnt be addressed entirely on the iCloud side.

Some deletions are entirely accidental, and no one should be punished for a mis-click before hitting Command-Delete / Return. Bad Apple articles call out something Apple has done intentionally but gotten utterly wrong. How to generate java class files in a project?

I created a folder, another person created a file in that folder. They include the MDM with Apple Business Essentials. Copyright 2022 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Which Terry Pratchett book starts with "Zoom in"? This doesnt seem like rocket science. So now Apple just has to catch up with all the independent cloud services that are playing by Apples rules. Preventing accidental data loss is table stakes. Enable iCloud control. ICloud Drive syncs files directly to your Mac. Bad Apple! Luckily most of the important attachments (i.e. I found no other way of stopping the re-download. What fun! Does that feature have to enabled first somewhere? In the modern world, there should be no easy way to delete data, particularly someone elses data, without any option for recovery. The solution to this particular problem is conceptually simple. So now one needs to create shared mailboxes with Teams access to run meetings so some corporate communications staff can be behind the curtain to manage the meetings. OneDrive has a similar issue, but at least the error message makes it clear, and its consistent whether you are the file owner or not.

(4 February 2022), iCloud Drive is attractive for Apple users. I can mark it as stationary, and when I open it, it creates a copy. A user may have record permissions assigned via group membership but unless they are the owner they cannot record the meeting. I seem to remember you would get a warning message to that effect. Site design / logo 2022 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under CC BY-SA. Failing to observe the KISS principles?

Back in OS 9 and previous, there was a Network Trash folder (IIRC, by user), so you could trash a file and it would appear in your trash when you were connected. In the US, how do we make tax withholding less if we lost our job for a few months? Its worth noting that moving a file out of an iCloud Drive shared folder to another location on the Mac has the same effect of taking the file away from others who have access to the shared folder. Youll notice that I was careful to say that Time Machine backs up the.

Hmm, Ive had an even better idea. decides to re-download the files.

No explanation as to why. See the Apple Support article Manage your iCloud storage. Bad Apple! Basically I had an email folder in iCloud email in my Mail.app client, and somehow it got accidentally deleted.

So this issue doesnt sound good for most users.

So, if youre using iCloud Drive folder sharing, make sure to deselect Optimize Mac Storage or, if you need to keep that on due to insufficient local storage space, get someone else in your sharing group to do so. Dont get your hopes up. Any AFP server has the exact same behavior. This approach appears to have been triggered by the new Apple cloud management model. If you want to delete the local copy of a file from iCloud, while keeping it in iCloud, you can do so with a Terminal command.

Actually, she usually asks me to do it, but at least I know that these things are in our shared folder. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Move a file to the Trash, choose Finder > Empty Trash, and respond affirmatively to the promptthats been a staple of Mac use since 1984. Why cant shared files deleted by a sharing group participant go into their .Trash folder, appear in their local Trash, and trigger a notification to the owner or the rest of the group? Would signing out of iCloud delete my locally stored photos?

Of course one could stop the deamon, but that's not really practical. You can see the download status of a file or folder in iCloud Drive or a photo or video in iCloud Photos next to the filename in File Explorer. No Trash or any other recovery method. Should it work like in the OS 9 days? Its reasonably priced, integrated into macOS and iOS, and unlikely to suffer from questionable privacy practices. However, if you only need to store one file in iCloud, keeping a local copy is unnecessary and may be a waste of space.