We administered an ergonomic questionnaire to 176 Korean laparoscopic gynecological surgeons to determine potential sources of pain during surgery. In the second part of the study, the ultrasound anisotropy of trocar implant needles is reported. Complication after AHL and LAVH were not recognised. Accuracy was assessed retrospectively for plateau periods and transition states, when glucose levels were changing rapidly (approximately 2 mg/dl/min). Possible specific surgical complications are vascular and visceral wounds. Patients underwent a routine mechanical bowel preparation and were placed in the left or right lateral position according to the tumor location. Key decisions identified for the preoperative phase included but were not limited to the decision of performing a laparoscopic versus open surgery, necessity to review the literature, practicing the procedure, and trocar placement. Total operating time for LTF was 90min. Preoperative care is standardized and is accompanied by antibiotic prophylaxis, preventive antithrombotic treatment and in the event of a history of pelvic surgery, a digestive preparation. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. The study was carried out using the Da Vinci surgical system in one female pig. PMID:26345351, Novel technique for laparoscopic harvesting of latissimus dorsi flap with prosthesis implantation for breast reconstruction, Xu, Shuman; Tang, Peng; Chen, Xianchun; Yang, Xi; Pan, Qinwen; Gui, Yu; Chen, Li, Abstract Backgroud: An important drawback of the traditional technique for harvesting latissimus dorsi (LD) myocutaneous flap is a long, posterior donor-site incision. SIMPLIFIED LAPAROSCOPIC GASTRIC BYPASS WITH GASTROJEJUNAL LINEAR MECHANICAL ANASTOMOSIS: TECHNICAL ASPECTS. RAP performed either retroperitoneally or transperitoneally was revealed as a feasible and reproducible surgical option for the treatment of UPJO, offering a, Injectable self inflating hydrogel pellet expanders for the treatment of orbital volume deficiency in congenital microphthalmos: preliminary results with a new therapeutic approach, Background/aim Children with congenital microphthalmos are usually able to wear an eye prosthesis but the cosmetic aspect is determined by the size of the orbital volume deficiency. We developed a fake abdominal wall device that solves the limitation of space when performing surgery on cadavers and removes the need to acquire more costly laparoscopic equipment. This study was conducted from July 2009 to August 2011 on 20 patients with GVs. One uniform and standardized protocol, based on the critical view of safety concept of Strasberg, should reduce the incidence of this complication. Fifth-order branches of the renal artery could be seen. With regard to tumor staging, 26, 32 and 46 patients were staged asI, II and III, respectively. Sangster, William; Messaris, Evangelos; Berg, Arthur S.; Stewart, David B. The intraperitoneal onlay mesh (IPOM) could be an interesting alternative as it is much easier to perform and faster to execute. The local ultrasonic acoustic intensity at the distal waveguide tip is sufficiently high that the liquefaction of moist tissue occurs. Overall, 50% of the responses were from university training programs, 32% from university-affiliated programs, and 18% from community-based programs. This platform should be useful to enable the delivery of viscous glues to augment or replace sutures and staples during minimally invasive procedures. Three primary cortical carcinomas were discovered as chance findings on histologic examination. Two trocars provide access to the epicardium and endocardium. Device deployment took a mean of 61 5 seconds. Two different telementoring technologies were used to provide two-way audio and visual communication between experienced pediatric surgeon mentors located in another city and less experienced trainees performing a surgical procedure. Posterolateral colpotomy was performed, and the incision was enlarged laterally using blunt dissection and pneumatic dilation. The individual costs, as well as a summary of the data, were shared with all of the physicians to highlight areas of potential cost savings. The classic, three-bottle drainage system requires either (external) wall suction or gravity ("water seal") drainage (the former not being routinely recommended unless the latter is not effective). Method Continuous glucose monitoring sensors were inserted subcutaneously into the abdominal tissue of 14 adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Discussions were also held on the pathway goals and activities with major industry support organizations during FY 2102, including the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), the Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership (NITSL), the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), and the Electric Power Research Institute. A 34-year-old male with Alport's syndrome lost function of his deceased donor allograft after 12 years and presented with fever, pain over his allograft and hematuria. We herein demonstrated a new transection method for rectal cancer. We describe a new technique designed to address some limitations of standard hemiarch aortic replacement. Cell therapy of hip osteonecrosis with autologous bone marrow grafting. Any contractor can offer the Evaporative Cooling, 95% AFUE Furnaces, Mini-Split Heat Pump, Cellular Shades and Water Heater tank/tankless rebates. Laparoendoscopic single-site nephroureterectomy for morbid obese patients. Two cases required conversion, the first one to standard laparoscopic technique and the second one to standard robotic technique. The surgeon guides the needle through the intended tissues and then withdrawn with the needle driver through the 5 mm sleeve. One patient had a ureteral stricture recurrence at 7 months postoperatively that led to renal unit loss and eventual nephrectomy. The post-operative period was uneventful. 21(1):119-24, 2011); (Rawlins et al. The patients were seen at 30 to 36 months' follow-up, at which time they were examined for any evidence of port-site incisional hernia. RA procedure in children has been proven safe and effective. To date, only the robot-assisted pyeloplasty is recognized as safe and efficient with an equivalent outcome compared to the open or classical laparoscopy; this was supported by large multicentric studies, which are not available for most of the other procedures. Single-incision laparoscopic hernia repair is safe and efficient simply by modifying dissection techniques (so-called inline and vertical). Results of this study show intraperitoneal (IP) tolerance to this kind of mesh and the safety of its fixation with Tissucol. However, still has higher costs needing surgical team special training. This second generation access system avoids the identified PSFs and can anticipate danger. Laparoscopic transabdominal preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair using needlescopic instruments: a 15-year, single-center experience in 317 patients. Every effort should be made to shorten the time and reduce the number of instruments used without compromising care. [Discussion on standardized implementation of laparoscopic radical lymphadenectomy for distal gastric cancer]. It is a useful test before the administration of percutaneous injections of sclerosing substances. We found that important anatomical structures were endangered by the PEF and that safe zones could not always be defined. Tuschy, Benjamin; Berlit, Sebastian; Brade, Joachim; Stterlin, Marc; Hornemann, Amadeus, Report of our initial experience in laparoscopic hysterectomy by a solo surgeon using a robotic camera system with three-dimensional visualisation. Building systems (e.g., integrated faade, HVAC and/or lighting solutions) can deliver higher savings that translate into large sector-wide savings if deployed at the scale of these programs. This study characterizes such a tool in form of a 'bladeless' adhesive patch-based skin biopsy device. There were no postoperative complications and recovery was rapid for all patients in our study. Further development of this strategy is warranted. We administered an ergonomic questionnaire to 176 Korean laparoscopic gynecological surgeons to determine potential sources of pain during surgery.

Prophylactic meshes was implanted in 15 patients. Geobacillus stearothermophillus ATCC-7953 was used, with a microbial population of 106UFC/Filter paper substrate, removed from the biological indicator. All chest tubes are connected to a drainage system device: flutter valve, underwater seal, electronic systems or, for indwelling pleural catheters (IPC), vacuum bottles. The median total procedure time from the skin puncture to the needle in the target was 30 sec (from 5-60 s).

One patient complained of intermittent minor discomfort that required no further therapy. Five patients underwent liver transplant (LT) median 15 (range 4-270) days postinjection; 2 of them died. Parenchymal transection is performed with harmonic scalpel. Unlike many other cancers, poor access to the ovary and fallopian tubes has limited the ability to study the progression of this deadly disease and to diagnosis it during the early stage when it is most amenable to therapy. An Optimal Approach for Laparoscopic D3 Lymphadenectomy Plus Complete Mesocolic Excision (D3+CME) for Right-Sided Colon Cancer. These occurred most often in sites extended for specimen extraction and at larger port sites. The sealant withstood an additional traction of 12 g for 30-60 minutes and turbulence of the water column without leakage of fluid or slippage. RUU is feasible, safe, and demonstrates good outcomes for pathologies at the proximal, middle, and distal ureter. Novel insights into the physical mechanisms that govern the flow/turbine interaction will be discussed. ADA designed and fabricated a slipstream pilot to allow an evaluation of the kinetic behavior of sorbents and provide some flexibility for the physical characteristics of the materials. In a full-scale OR simulation, 19 surgeons were randomly allocated to either of the two disruption scenarios (telephone call vs. patient discomfort).

SILStoma for transverse loop colostomy represents a feasible surgical procedure that allows the creation of a stoma at the preoperatively marked site without any additional large skin incisions. Vitreous humor is significantly hypothermic when compared to sublingual temperature. Ex vivo images of animal tissue and human fallopian tube using the new articulating device are presented along with in vivo imaging results using the rigid confocal microlaparoscope system. Craig, Curtis; Klein, Martina I; Griswold, John; Gaitonde, Krishnanath; McGill, Thomas; Halldorsson, Ari. Sources of pain in laparoendoscopic gynecological surgeons: An analysis of ergonomic factors and proposal of an aid to improve comfort. There was variation in cost between individual surgeons and within an individual surgeon's practice. 2015 Japan Society for Endoscopic Surgery, Asia Endosurgery Task Force and Wiley Publishing Asia Pty Ltd. Cadaver study of anatomic landmark identification for placing ankle arthroscopy portals. All had undergone open surgery along with an endoscopic procedure (one or more procedures in each patient) which included endoscopic internal urethrotomy, urethral stenting or urethral dilations. Copyright 2014 AAGL. The PASTA Bridge: A Technique for the Arthroscopic Repair of PASTA Lesions. There were no infections, bleeds, or other injection-related complications. The quality of both real-time (3.5 frames per second) and standard MR images was not affected by the x-ray system. Bone puncture needles were inserted into the proximal femur, followed by sequential installation of the modified trocar inner needles through the puncture needle sheath. At ultrasound follow-up, 5 patients showed a secondary perirenal cyst, 2-5 cm diameter that resolved spontaneously. Advantages and disadvantages of LESS-RP are controversial, while some claim that it is a non-trustable approach, regarding the low cases number and technical difficulties, others acclaim that despite this facts some advantages have been shown and that previous described difficulties are being overcome, proving this is novel proposal of robotics platform, the Da Vinci SP, integrating the system into "Y". Another operative port was placed in the left upper quadrant with a 12-mm Trocar for the passage of the energy device, the endoscopic cutting closure, as well as the postoperative drainage tube. Yarn was cut to disconnect the anvil from a tube and the anvil head was retained in the esophagus. Seven soft-embalmed cadavers were intubated and mechanically ventilated. Mean operation time was 233.169.5min, and mean blood loss during surgery was 221.898.5ml. Yet it should be kept in mind that repeated exposure to a cocktail of these substances increases the possibility of developing adverse effects. PCD was successful in all cases. The nTAPP was a safe and useful technique for inguinal hernia repair. Results: All the cases were followed up for a period of 2 years. A 5-mm laparoscope was inserted from the umbilicus, and surgical instruments were inserted through 5- and 3-mm trocars.

PMID:27861385, Innovative surgical endoscopes in video-assisted thoracic surgery, In the past three decades, rod lens endoscopes had facilitated the development and wide spread applications of video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). At short-term follow-up, recurrence rates were similar between both groups. Sources of pain in laparoendoscopic gynecological surgeons: An analysis of ergonomic factors and proposal of an aid to improve comfort, Shim, Sunah; Yu, Taeri; Jeong, Kyungah; Chung, Hye Won, Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) offers cosmetic benefits to patients; however, surgeons often experience pain during MIS. No mesh had to be explanted. Mean operative time was 184min (range 140-300min), mean estimated blood loss was 121cc (range 60-300cc), and mean hospital stay was 2.4days.

In this acute nonsurvival study, 8 swine underwent robot-assisted rtMRI TAVR for evaluation of feasibility. Inguinal hernia repair robot-assisted with single-trocar is feasible and effective.

The final goal of this project is to develop a tele-operated system for the thoracoscopic treatment of patients with atrial fibrillation. The third section of this study shows results of observer dependent influences on needle tip detection in sagittal ultrasound images considering needle rotation. This study demonstrates that a simple modification of the tip of K-wires can effectively reduce bone temperatures during drilling. We developed a simple hanging maneuver to retract the stomach rapidly and effectively. All patients failed at least two attempted percutaneous nerve blocks. Using a mixed virtual reality simulator with a computerized, high-fidelity mannequin, all surgeons were trained in performing a vertebroplasty procedure and subsequently performed such a procedure under experimental conditions. Published by Elsevier Editora Ltda. A anorretoplastia laparoscpica permite melhor visualizao da fstula retourinria e propicia o posicionamento do reto abaixado. PROCEDURES Dogs with VWD or FVII deficiency that underwent laparoscopic ovariohysterectomy or ovariectomy between 2012 and 2014 were retrospectively identified via a multi-institutional review of medical records. A micro light-emitting diode was used to develop a single-use intraocular illumination system. We included sex, age, and variables with P0.2 in the bivariate analysis in a logistic regression model. The hand-guided intraocularly placed white micro light-emitting diode is evaluated for its illumination properties and potential photochemical and thermal hazards. When using the obturator and balloon device, it is important to stay anterior to the preperitoneal space and bladder. Results indicate that. The mean total operative time was 52.6615.20minutes and the mean skin incision during surgery was 3.090.20cm. Lee, Joo Yong; Kang, Dong Hyuk; Lee, Seung Wook. One patient was readmitted for intra-abdominal infection and was. Current status of seven most interesting projects inside the European Association of Urology section of uro-technology is summarized with review of literature. The technique is possible in patients with a high BMI. Mean total vitreous temperature was 31.47 C ( 2.1 C). Brbulescu, M; Alecu, L; Boei, P; Popescu, I. An epicardial ablation with forces of 100 or 300g, followed by an endocardial ablation with a force of 20g did not achieve transmurality. The study cohort comprised 68 patients with a mean age of 44 (range, 18 to 83): 36 unilateral and 32 bilateral hernias. Drug diffusion into the tissues is enhanced by the intraperitoneal pressure. After completing their rotation, 5 of 12 residents used their trainer for an average of 10.2 9.4 hours. The median time for step 1 was 12.1 min (5.2523.3), for step 2 was 19 (4.5944) min, and for step 3 was 25.3 (16.4545) min. We provide a concise, step-by-step technique for radical nephrectomy (RN) using the Da Vinci Si robotic system that may provide more autonomy to the surgeon, while maintaining surgical outcome equivalent to standard laparoscopic RN. Results Five patients with remote laparoscopic RYGB underwent laparoscopic reversal of RYGB to normal anatomy (n=2) or modified sleeve gastrectomy (n=3). The authors of this article present a case of single-incision, robotic right colectomy using this device. The stents were removed at an average of 20 days (range 14 to 28) postoperatively. On this plate are printed pairs of fingerlike electrodes in the form of a grating that are activated by subjecting the gap between the electrodes to electric field. The study was performed at the Maria Skodowska-Curie Memorial Provincial Specialist Hospital in Zgierz between 2011 and 2013. Allows triangulation and instrumentation in the conventional manner. Methods: Sixty-six cases of hepatic hydatid disease were operated on laparoscopically using the Palanivelu Hydatid System. To avoid subretinal movement of the implant, three tension relief points have been introduced. Zhou, Yangning; He, Miao; Zou, Tianxiao; Yu, Bin. We classified the location of the principal entry tears perfusing the residual false channel. PMID:27073318. Dorn, Melissa J; Bockstahler, Barbara A; Dupr, Gilles P. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the pressure-volume relationship during capnoperitoneum in dogs and effects of body weight and body conformation. While articulated flexible endoscopes have expand the field of view, and can alter viewing direction with minimal maneuvers, they still suffer from problems like trocar crowding and interference with other instruments. Wexner constipation and incontinence scales (WCS, WI) and gastrointestinal quality of life index (GIQLI) were adopted for functional results.

The average hospitalization time after surgery was 6.2 d. One patient experienced a duodenal stump anastomotic leak, which was mild and treated conservatively.

Visually guided tube thoracostomy insertion comparison to standard of care in a large animal model. SILStoma was performed in nine cases without the requirement of additional ports. Samples were obtained by application of adhesive patches to the anatomical area of interest. Follow-up of three patients after 5, 6, and 8 months showed complete tumor regression with minimal scarring in one patient. No intra- or postoperative complications occurred. Both patients were satisfied with the esthetic results of the procedure, especially the absence of a visible scar on the back. Here, we described three steps and the use of 3 robotic instruments to improve surgeon autonomy. VAS and ODI scores were significantly improved 3 months after surgery and at the final follow-up, respectively (P. Relative device stability of anterior versus axillary needle decompression for tension pneumothorax during casualty movement: Preliminary analysis of a human cadaver model. Two different single-use approaches have already been developed: a handguided and a chandelier device. It is acknowledged that laparoscopic radical gastrectomy is technically challenging because of the complexity of anatomy, rich blood supply, and extensive lymph node dissection. The in vitro setup consists of two separate chambers, mimicking the endocardial and epicardial sides of the heart. Yao, Zuxu; Moy, Ronald; Allen, Talisha; Jansen, Burkhard, A number of diagnoses in clinical dermatology are currently histopathologically confirmed and this image recognition-based confirmation generally requires surgical biopsies. Input and output for surgical simulation: devices to measure tissue properties in vivo and a haptic interface for laparoscopy simulators. To determinate the critical angle of perforation, receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analyses was performed. So far gastric banding and Roux-Y bypass represent the standards, but they demand life-long tolerance of either an artificial device or significant malabsorption. The wrist of an elastic surgical glove fixed with the shaft of the curved cutter stapler is covered with a midline incision, and consequently, the stapler is inserted into the pelvic cavity.

Robot-assisted Single Port aims to reduce the morbidity of multiple trocar placements while maintaining the advantages of robotic surgery (2). Christie, Matthew C; Manger, Jules P; Khiyami, Abdulaziz M; Ornan, Afshan A; Wheeler, Karen M; Schenkman, Noah S. Laparoscopic trocar-site hernias (TSH) are rare, with a reported incidence of 1% or less. Early diagnosis and evaluation of lesions will let us an acute management during surgery.

Methods Between August 2016 and January 2018, 11 patients underwent emergency surgery using this technique; 7 were men; the median age was 74 years. Using this ventral laparoscopic approach with the 3-portal technique, bilateral MILN dissection suitable for obtaining histopathologic samples could be achieved in a short time in dogs weighing less than 15 kg. Buchs, Nicolas C; Pugin, Franois; Volonte, Francesco; Hagen, Monika E; Morel, Philippe; Ris, Frederic, Transanal endoscopic microsurgery is a minimally invasive approach reserved for the resection of selected rectal tumors. Compositional mapping of white mica reveals a narrow range of composition (61-73% XMs/27-39% XCel) regardless of degree of deformation experienced by the crystal. We placed 25-G 3-port trocars, and core vitrectomy was performed. A retrospective review was performed of the collected data of 248 laparoscopic inguinal hernia repairs in 224 children (175 males, 49 females) between 8 months and 11 years of age (mean age, 5 years; median, 4) in our institution from January 2004 to December 2007. Study Design and Methods: Anesthetized 20 kg to 25 kg female Yorkshire pigs underwent laparoscopy with a 3-trocar technique. Target registration error was 11.2mm because of soft-tissue deformation. The aim of our study was to demonstrate that the laparoscopic approach improves diagnostic accuracy and offers a safe and effective treatment. Neither major complication nor conversion was recorded. We believe this is the first reported case of its kind in the world. Effect of bag extraction to prevent wound infection on umbilical port site wound on elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy: a prospective randomised clinical trial. A control CT scan 4 weeks after surgery showed a well-perfused and homogeneous splenic parenchyma. We describe how to recognize and treat the injury and how to avoid the problem. The improvement in the patient satisfaction and Incontinence-specific QOL scores, of both Urogenital Distress Inventory (UDI-6) and Incontinence Impact Questionnaire-7 (IIQ-7), was statistically significant at 95% and 99% confidence levels.