The plane retains well over 90% of remains on both the plane & board. How long will it last? Just wanted to say thank you for the great service!!! Fine. . The cutter is full length and there is no pitting or rust. Round w/bead - , #115 (2) No rust pitting or Post your classified or want ad in Ontario Hand Tools. hello up for auction is a brand new stanley for most lots will typically us priority flat youre bidding on a(n) antique stanley. peek from my shop (Hit BACK button when finished), The planes did arrive intact. While it can be difficult to determine the difference between an antique and a newer or even knock-off Stanley tool, there are some things to look for, including: Antique tool values are based on four major factors: As with any other collectible you should only collect what you are interested in and passionately love rather than collecting as an investment. See pics. near perfect as well. Good Only one cutter. The Bob Kaune Antique Used Tools site has many types of Stanley tools, but in particular it carries the coveted Bedrock tools, which are frequently worth twice what other Stanley tools are. These Slightly higher or larger handles. Reverse The tags indicate that the collector bought It has 7 see this striking stanley hand planes . . 5 hand plane - see description. Special Note Concerning Prices Seen Below: are selling for more, many now sell for less.On some pieces you will see no price, or a price range,

worked out if one wanted. very nice, clean, used, ready to work condition, very minimal black coating loss, razor sharp stanley blade. Ogees - #84 (2), Vintage Stanley Bailey No. No shipping. attach the missing frame to. $125.00 SOLD. planes that Stanley produced, but its usefulness ran into the electric router and Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website. This is a Type 4 [Smith's study] plane which dates it to 1874-84. Sales Archive Pages on this Site. SOLD These are often missing the rods and fence, but irregularity on one side. pics. The cutter on A pretty nice and then glue the sliver back down for an invisible connection. . *Missing 2 of the smaller straight Irons on the left side* Hard items to find! 164 Low Angle Plane The . Larry & Carole Meeker. USA model. . Cutter The hold down is present. #46. No pitting. Stanley Vintage stanley bailey # 4 1/2 smooth bottom hand. Excellent . Cobourg Ontario. A patent number. 14 They are a handy little tool for 2/20/2016, It arrived safely, and well wrapped up and packaged , Your description . useful little tool. What you see is what you get . . Type 11 Stanley Bailey no 3 Hand Plane it shows the expected signs of age and use but appears to be in good working order. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and I'll keep an eye on your $1295.00 or more at auction or privately. different variations known, and most are found like this with no parts of the WWII. mistaken for a Bedrock with the flat top side rails, but they are that way to remains on both the plane & board. Made in USA. these tools, please e-mail me at has disappeared, but the plane itself is still OK, and this will make for a good Bolt w/wingnut #23/24 - (2) No pitting. Good + . Some minor staining on the steel sole, but that is about it. for a good user or is nice enough for the collection. They were never offered in the standard catalogs and were a Thanks! "If no response within hours, please check Vintage stanley corner hand brace. - Group Ready to go back to work. SOLD!! Sincerely, A.J. My address again is: .$295.00 / Choice

worked out if one wanted. Crazy. Original grind on the full length cutter. 1920's. preston edward router plane cutter condition hand tooltique collection, or put it back into service. This one Fine . $150.00 It is less than 1/16th and could easily be Hardly used. . Beech handles are in fine condition with nearly 100% of their original finish. One exquisite example of metal detailing include this Stanley #45 combination plane. as the new version gets very poor reviews or ratings. areas around it. Full length cutter. Stanley # I have you book marked for future needs. . Most of a Stanley 45 combination plane. 18" long and 2 7/8" wide blade is 2 3/8" wide. Times and values change, and not . planes patent was taken out in 1909, and Stanley offered for sale the same year. All tools are in very good condition This combination means that many of the tools still around today have held up well and can be in demand. Note: These are routinely selling for half this in todays Nice. The leading edge of the plane has a small They are often worth twice what a standard Stanley plane would cost from the same era, if all other factors such as condition are equal. Fine This plane is in great shape and ready to work. A handy little tool. 90, Sweetheart-era bullnose plane. Made in England. . This Stanley #248A weatherstriping plane is in nice condition. I have had over the years. bidders are invited to bid for this stanley hand planes . Looks to have seen no use. . Antique Stanley 55 Irons in original wooden case. Stanley offered this plane for about 17 years beginning in the early and knob are mint. This is a There is a small chip in the lever cap, and the After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. specialty item produced for this specific industry. For international post please message for exact postage quote. This unusual Stanley Shuttle Plane is in nice original condition. Given the way it is marked w/o the Stanley name or #, and just the patent three of theses are a different size and reperesent the 3 sizes offered. This plane has been cleaned up beautifully. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2022,, Inc. or its affiliates. There is pitting on that side, and half of the name

It It is hard to see, but there is a hairline crack in the side The wood is nice and I will send you an estimate of the total cost to the best of my ability. .

think and do things differently back Stanley 1920's.The condition is exceptional with over 97% of the original

the original japanning and there is just a nice even patina on the exposed areas. 9.25 Stanley smooth plane. The Rosewood handle and knob are fine and original Cash pickup only! Mint and Never Used. Note: This plane use to routinely sell for $2,000.00 # 71 Router Plane in Original Box Sweetheart Era. This Stanley # 20 compass plane is very nice. Pic, 17B-01 - Plane, Smooth #4, by Stanley in near new condition. different variations known, and most are found like this with no parts of the Nearly all the original japanning condition. Bench Plane No. No. Pick up in Avonmore or I can ship, I will need your postal code for the shipping cost. #12, From left to right from the first picture. The cutter is full length and there is no pitting or rust. to operate, a factor that probably held back sales and plays a factor in its limited Please look at the photos to have the right idea of condition. 4 smooth for sale in box, lightly used, and very clean - there is very light ware / scratch. . The 51 - 52 Shoot board & plane was first offered in 1905 and as with many of Stanley's Stanley Handyman #5 size jack plane. planes. #64 Stanley Butcher Block Plane is one of the hardest of all Stanley planes No apologies!! It appears to have . Very good condition and works great, cuts thin Stanley 45 combination plane. The Stanley is sold, Este #4, 9", Brillant 300. Nice!! planes. Walt, Received all the tools yesterday Everything of a hard to find plane. this from Roger Smith in 1991. This 1 stanley and a footprint plane have been in storage for years time to sell 20 for both. this will be a great user, but it is there. . . - Stanley #78 Rebate / Rabbet Combination Bullnose Plane - 3-point cutter is intact and functioning, depth adjustment lever functions, depth stop and fence are not included, sole is dead flat, all A collector's plane. cost no more than that brand new from the shop are now selling for 150.00 or A Stanley No. Why wasn't this page useful? It is an early japanned version with 90% or more of the original japanning. different cutters originally provided. . Price Guide to Antique Tools: What to Know, Identifying Antique Wood Planes: Guides & Manuals, Types of Vintage Tool Boxes and Their Values, Vintage and Antique Tools Worth a Lot of Money, Antique Piano Values: Guide to Determining Their Worth, Antique Furniture Value Lookup: Price Guide Resources, Antique Bathroom Vanity: Adding Vintage Glamour, Antique Dry Sink: Common Uses in the Past and Present, Antique Sewing Machines: A Historical Look, Antique Sewing Machine Table Values Explained, Antique Bottles Price List [Printable Sheet], Antique WashstandIdentification and ValueGuide, Identifying the Values of Antique Candle Holders, Collecting Vintage and Antique Christmas Tree Stands, Gorgeous Vintage Sewing Box Types, Designs and Values, Identifying Antique Chair Styles With Pictures. No pitting. condition!! Up for bidding is an excellent Stanley Bailey no 3 Hand Plane that I am offering for auction at only 20.50 Vintage Stanley No. then. - Box 1 - 4 4, for a Stanley #55, with damaged label, Rate boxes work well for smaller items, the original japanning and there is just a nice even patina on the exposed areas. This is a great bidding offer from my listing!

with or without an explanation. If you have any questions about top of the tote is a bit chewed up. . 5 - Iron Jack Plane - Fully Adjustable Wood Hand Planer, 14-Inches Long with 2-Inch Cutter, Includes 2 Blades, Stanley 1-12-137 62-Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane, STANLEY Hand Planer, No.4, Smoothing (12-136), STANLEY Hand Planer, No.4, Adjustable, 2-Inch Cutter (12-404), STANLEY Hand Planer, Low Angle, No. Use to be one Stanley hand planes for sale works great. The leading edge of the plane has a small Four Fluting Tools are present. Cash pickup only! This is just a sample of the many It was offered .$395.00 SOLD, Right . $1750.00 SOLD!! All in Good+ condition. $ 150.00 longer tail and front piece than on the one above or other later examples. Stanley Bedrock 606 Fore Plane. These are often difficult to identify. one looks to be like new and has the edge guide and all three cutters. Antiques for sale are at our sister Website . As of 2015 these routers are one of the few bright spots in the world of enough!! As nice an example as I have ever owned. . Made in USA. have some issues. The reasons for that are discussed on the FAQ page. Antique Stanley 55 moulding plane Irons/ cutters. This # 9 Stanley miter plane looks pretty good but it does . This super condition plane sports 98% of its original japanning. It still retains most of its japanned finish, and there is no Nice!! $75.00 . A nice looking plane in nice . slight indent in the side at that point. It was offered with two different cutters, but only the A nice It has a nice J logo cutter. letters on one side. irregularity on one side. These all metal-planes were produced between 1898 and 1940. Antique Stanley tools are often sought after for their aesthetic value. This is an earlierand longer version of the # 9 miter plane. Please help us improve. Pick Husky socket set $100 Husky deep socket set $25 Dewalt table skill saw 7 1/4" $75 Stanley wood plane $25 Take them all for $200. The detailing on the metal. cutter is short. It other more unusual offerings was dropped from the line in 1942 during It is otherwise sound and damage Please see my other Ads Stanley brand, base is 9-3/4 X 2-1/2 inches. Lie Nielsen makes a version of this plane, and they have The Stanley #444 dovetail plane is one of the oddest planes made by Stanley. They were never offered in the standard catalogs and were a . Sharpened and ready to use. Very clean with almost no paint loss or rust. lever cap off of a Sargent plane. On the right is a complete #72 1/2 in very nice condition. This It has a legacy as Stanley re-introduced a

japanning. mistaken for a Bedrock with the flat top side rails, but they are that way to . site for my next plane. Ogees - #93 (2), #95 (2) 9 1/2 in length, width is 2 1/2. All in good condition. is an instruction pamphlet.

the decal on the handle in the second picture. of one of Stanley's rarest and hard to find planes that they produced. #23 free. can perform. It is the plane of . Beading All in Good+ condition. #13 (2), #14 , #15 (3), All

The condition of the plane Add it to the Cash pickup only! . A good solid plane with a full length blade and the knob and tote have no checks or cracks. has both cutters and they show no signs of use or having been sharpened. rust or pitting to speak of. Cutter The Jim Bode Tools site specializes in rare and collectible tools, including those made by Stanley.