he has a great personality, is hilarious, and understanding. If you are struggling with this course he will notice and help in every way possible to help you succeed! Took this via distance learning. He genuinely just wants to see you learn something/be interested in what he has to say! Roberts is one of the best professors I've had. The work isn't too heavy, but he assigns a lot of reading. The only complain I have is he gives a bit too much homework otherwise he is a fine professor. No sense of humor. Class requirements are clearly laid out. I am not a math person but her lectures are amazing. Professor Roberts is fantastic. She explains everything and reviews before exams, love her. She is a wonderful teacher. He is nice but doesn't use class-time well. Probably one of the best professors at William Paterson. I took this course online, there was lots of homework but Professor was accessible for help. You will only get feedback in the middle and end of the semester, but you can email him to see how you are doing. His critiques weren't even about the chemistry parts of the presentation it was just about formatting. a descent amount of reading but not impossible papers are totally doable and the grading is fair. Even though attendance isn't REQUIRED, I highly suggest you go because he'll give specific test questions and the answers for people who were in class and it boosts your grade. Ridiculous expectations and hardly ever took us on walking tours. Felt like he was so critical b/c of the basting Roberts gave the class earlier. Most of her grading is also off of tests and quizzes, so make sure to be on your A game and you'll do well in her class. He's also funny, which makes him much more relatable as a person. Wish she taught upper level mathematics. As a person, Professor Roberts is really funny and overall a great guy! She also did a lot of in class hypos which helped a lot. Show up, take the tests, PASS! Funny lectures, easy to follow along. His expectations are very reasonable. Ask for help and you'll be directed to drop the course. She is very thorough and covers all related material, gives real life examples. He had open-book tests though, which was nice. The work was fairly easy to complete, and our class time was used by reviewing the chapters we were assigned and doing a few activities as a group. Roberts is a great person. Frank is a very insightful man and a great teacher. There are about 4 speeches do every other week. More than willing to help. You will learn a lot. You need to show up to class and take notes. I would for sure recommend him! (Also, ask him to "dab" when you learn about DABCO ;) ) Lectures are moderately paced, so it is easy to keep up with taking notes. cares abou ther students, makes sure they understand, gives a good amount of quizes but just study. I had Prof. Todd for Into to Business. He is also terrible at emailing back. We need professor's like her. lets you out early most of the time. This class was extremely easy for me. Do nothing in class to the point that I wonder why I go. Attendance is taken, but it's extra credit. Pointless Lectures were often really boring to the point that I was falling asleep. I wish she was my math professor for everything. I was so nervous to take this class at first but with Professor Roberts, theres no need to be nervous he is so nice and funny! As long as you actually prepare your speeches to include all of the required points, you will be fine. The class gets a bit boring & repetitive after the 1st 8 weeks, but Ironweed and the walking tours were nice. Roberts has some serious Dad energy. Be prepared to show up to the lectures ready to listen so you can retain information that will be needed for exams. Professor Roberts is a sweet guy! She genuinely cares for her students and wants nothing but success. Absolutely loved taking his class this past semester! Grading is simple and fair. I would recommend him. DEFINITELY take notes in the margins of his handouts and you should be fine. That being said, an intro to business class shouldn't be super hard. Great class. Roberts was not a super hands-on teacher, but she did provide supplemental materials for the class. Genuinely nice man. I'll miss him! Interesting person, gives a s***, and open to critique. Moves very quick. Has powerpoints but book is not needed til final, it's the only test and it's open book!! He is extremely helpful and breaks everything down for his students! He's very experienced in his field and related his experience to the material. Grade is based on 3 papers based on the notes and readings. The online class was all just on your own work. This man brought back heart shaped beans from Saudi Arabia for us to remember him by. He critize you very harshly and and makes you watch speeches on things that do not have anything to do with the class. You must show up to class to retain information but it's so easy and he makes lectures enjoyable, and the labs aren't boring either! AWFUL, criticized everyone to hard. Also expect to spend hours studying, just to get a C on an exam. O chem has a scary reputation, but Roberts is pretty understanding. He is unprofessional and will give the worst feedback. Tests were easy, make sure to put in effort and study. I would recommend taking math courses in person if you arent a good math person. He is not a prof who will make sure everyone understands everything; make use of the office hours! Most of the work was on Pearson, with videos followed by quizzes. His TA Daniel was really cool too. The professor is approachable but that has to be by the student's own accord. Roberts is great, engaging, receptive to criticism, and superbly intelligent. He also works for Randolph Macon and UofR. A lot of things you learn about in his BUA101 and MKT201 classes are outdated. nobody used QR codes. She is very clear with her notes. Prof Roberts is a great man who is very accessible, lenient, and has great energy. Very intelligent, articulate professor. He is an old style teacher who takes his job seriously. If you do your work you will do fine in his class. but tells great personal stories and is a generally nice guy. Prof. Roberts is amazing. Styles his lectures in almost a story-like progression. Lot's of tests with questions based around things he said in lecture rather than things you've read in the book. Definitely take Roberts for Organic! Having Roberts as my professor made this class exponentially better. I'd heard horror stories about 2nd semester organic, but he taught all material quite clearly. Re-registering now and highly disappointed she doesnt have more classes.

Take good notes, because thats where the papers come from, also use the class handouts, those are key. take her again if she taught more classes! Always there to help, and always in a great mood. Easy home works, Easy tests, and you do absolutely nothing in class. His notes are often confusing as he just speaks without power point or a set outline. Complete Joke!!! I did the readings and I am in no way lazy, but I still was often lost due to the ranty lectures. He will be one of your favorite professors, no doubt. If you show up for lab and lecture, and show him that you try in his classes and take it seriously, then he will cut you slack!! best prof i have ever had seriously. She is one of my favorite teachers! She is one of the best professors I ever took math with. wants everyone to do well, shes makes the material interesting. I recommend her for all! SA parts of exams can be challenging, but he's clear about what he's asking for. Todd classes are too easy and you will not learn much. She also gets the class to participate during her lectures which makes them fun. His teaching style may not be for everyone; he focuses on students understanding and applying concepts rather than memorization of terms. Professor Roberts is a great math teacher. Dr. Roberts has been my fav prof so far & will likely remain that way. Three short papers (be creative) and one book to read. There were a handful of tests but all the answers are online. He wont make ochem easy (though you shouldnt expect it to be at Olaf! All he really wants from you is to show a little interest in what you're learning. Super nice lady, really learned a lot without it being too stressful. Def take classes with Todd. His work on atomic weapons didn't seem to help his karma over the years. write what he wants to hear, not what you want though. Class is lecture heavy & can drag a bit, but lab is interesting+interactive. Explains each core concept in depth, albeit somewhat tedious and monotonous, but he does explain it well and comprehensively. If you need help, go to his office hours, he will absolutely help you! Seems knowledgeable, but you really need the TA for this class. The thing that bothered me the most was he rarely writes WORDS on the board, it's all pictures. Online Access is required. He assigns a lot of homework but it's not hard, just time-consuming. As in, seems like the kind of person who knows how to fix literally anything. He is easy going, intelligent, and is eager for his students to learn. I and a lot of people ended up not taking a final exam because we got good grades. You have to read the book and study the vocab words to pass exams, paying attention in class isn't necessary. He is easy to get along with and always willing to make time for his students if you need help. I'm pretty average in math and easily pulled an A. makes things interesting and fun. Does not cater to students. Prof Roberts is awesome! WASTE OF TIME. Hands down, one of the best professors I've ever had. His labs are easy and he is always there to help one on one. He is the sweetest professor youll have and will show it if you put effort! He's the man with the plan! He was very unclear about how it would affect our final grades, but I was expecting it to help my grade much more than it did (basically not at all). I enjoyed his class, Race, Ethnicity, and Popular Media, so much! I would not recommend him. We are not public speakers we are students taking the class for the first time! Professor Roberts, is definitely one of the best at UAlbany. Very clear, not confusing at all. Only complaint is that he loved my first paper, then his TA tore into my second paper. I was very nervous going into Organic Chem, but he actually made it a quite interesting and enjoyable class. so amazing. Great person makes you want to be better! I believe this professor is an excellent example of what having a servant's heart should look like. I don't feel like I learned a lot in his class but it's an easy A. Todd is stuck in the 90s. It's a big topic w/ lots of info to digest. He just wants someone who really cares about his class. He was not easy to talk to and didn't offer any extra resources outside of class to help students understand material. If you really like history and want to learn, he is laid back and very knowledgeable. I Just love Mrs. Roberts I had her for all 3 of my math class. There is quite a bit of reading but it's not bad if you keep up. Best teacher ever. His lectures were actually pretty good. She breaks everything down. she really cares about you individually and wants you to succeed. Great teacher. I would definitely take her again. No textbooks but a lot of books and articles. Probably the worst prof in the e-school. She gives very specific study guides, therefore once you go through the study guide thoroughly you will definitely pass her tests. ssd trying read game installed steam says bell