SYSDATA -7 indicates that the current system time is 7 days ago. Is there a command in RMAN for standby db which list the old archivelogs that has been applied and can be deleted? Many people delete it directly. Another MOS search and I found note 282617.1. it is a bug, then only Set deletion at the OS layer, or force deletion with RMAN. RMAN>CROSSCHECKARCHIVELOGALL; captureprocess"ifanarchivegetsselectedbuthadn'tmadeittotheRAfor or they are being file transferred from the PRIMARY database server? Over the years Ive written probably tens of thousands of script lines, When Oracle moved to the new Oracle database release model in 2018, some changes were introduced with it. Applications and Infrastructure Community. 8 Try changing the language environment, and the result is crosscheck again, Both archive logs are successful: C:>set nls_lang=american_america.zhs16gbk, Recovery Manager: Release backup. As I said, I run the RMAN backups on the standby side, while the script executes delete obsolete after the backup (retention is configured to redundancy 2). I checked the redundancy settings (as I though something has changed there) but it looked fine. delete force noprompt archivelog all completed before 'SYSDATE-4'; This would delete all the archives before SYSDATE-4. This was not my case, as I didnt have offline files, but that made me check the SCN of the standby database files (select file#,checkpoint_change# from v$datafile_header). The before keyword indicates the archive log 7 days ago. A file with old SCN requires Oracle to apply all archive logs from that SCN onward. The next step was to see what these backup pieces actually were. They are old archivelogs and has been applied to the standby db and they belong to it because they keep on growing is new date folder. So did you figure out what was causing this? I do not understand your question. I am new to this company, and I inherit this task to manage this standby without documentation from the previous dba. controlfile, which is visualized in the oracle OEM manager The log shows that when we manually clear the files in the archive directory, these records have not been cleared from the controlfile, that is, Oracle does not know that these files no longer exist! You still need to execute the following two commands in RMAN, So it is not as easy to use as the above method, but the advantage of using FIND is that you can do a lot of operations on the conditions and EXEC sub-items to achieve more complex functions, . NONE: When set to this value, the archive file deletion strategy is not enabled. It is also creating a db backupset. For example: allocate channel for maintenance device type disk; delete archivelog until time 'sysdate - 7' ; $ORACLE_HOME/bin/rman target / catalog user/[emailprotected] << EOF. I used restore database preview in RMAN to see which backup files RMAN wants to restore and realized that RMAN actually needs the archive logs in these files to restore the database. I have a full backup of all files from 2 days ago, but Oracle still needs archives from 2 weeks ago. 6 Try to synchronize, see if it works, the result does not work, and the crosscheck still fails: Archive log file name=D:ORACLEORADATATESTARCHIVE1_47.DBF record ID=1 Timestamp=572866, Archive log file name=D:ORACLEORADATATESTARCHIVE11_48.DBF record ID=2 Timestamp=57286. ORACLE correct way to delete archives and reclaim space. Or is there a retention period that hold these archivelogs from being deleted? It doesnt make sense. STANDBY;"butstillnorowsexpired. The workaround is to set a hidden parameter on the standby database (alter system set _time_based_rcv_ckpt_target=0;) and restart the redo apply. EverylogswitchcreatesanarchiveloginASM(disk)andanothersenttotheRA archivelogall;". Actually same thing happen to also. SBT_TAPE; If so, then check the retention policy or the redundancy window set as per your environment, and you can remove the obsolete backups. Are the backups configured on standby DB or on primary DB ? DELETEOBSOLETEcommandcannotbeusedwhenbackupsarestoredtoZeroData andgetnorows. This occurred to me not too long ago, when I prepared an Oracle Software for a client. Are there different kinds of dataguard setup? at the difference between these logs in detail: QL> select THREAD#,sequence#,FIRST_TIME ,NEXT_TIME,COMPLETION_TIME. I checked RMAN logs and v$backup_datafile but everything looked OK. Actually,theRAcopyisconsideredabackupbasedonoutputfrom"list somethinglike"DELETEUNTILSYSDATE-1"andhopethatRMANwouldraisean" All You Need to Know about Oracle Database Patching, Oracle Database Home Disk Space and Patching, All You Need to Know About Oracle Database Releases, Before You Become an Independent Consultant, Different Types of Projects for a Consultant, SEHA - Standard Edition High Availability in Oracle DB. backupofarchivelogall;". The environment has a single instance primary database (with GI+ASM) and a single instance standby database (with GI+ASM) and we run backups on the standby database only (to reduce load from the primary). An ORACLE archive log is often full, which is expressed as/oraarchive. This note talks about archive logs not being deleted by RMAN and the reason is that a file is offline, so its SCN is old. backup format'/u01/arch_%T_%s_%U' archivelog all delete input; Note: I am on the library after setting Streams, use RMAN to delete archivelog will lead to error RMAN-08 137: the WARNING: Archive log not deleted AS IT iS Still needed do not know how to solve, is said to be a bug 10.2, if true. RMAN>LISTARCHIVELOGEXPIRED; Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I have a standby db whose archivelogs keep on growing. somereason? I'veset: For example, to enable APPLIED ON STANDBY: RMAN> CONFIGURE ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY TO APPLIED ON STANDBY; CONFIGURE ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY TO APPLIED ON STANDBY; new RMAN configuration parameters are successfully stored. In other words. connected to target database: TEST (DBID=1870953724), archive log filename=D:ORACLEORADATATESTARCHIVE1_47.DBF recid=1 stamp=57286, archive log filename=D : ORACLEORADATATESTARCHIVE11_48.DBF RecID Stamp 2 = 5728 =. If the flashback function is used, the flashback data will also be deleted. Allgoodsofar. Is this the expected behavior in 12.1 or some kind of a bug? For the primary after an schedule backup is done, I just keep 1 backup set then purge the old ones immediately using : But this does not work on standby db right?

In this case I need to remove this by my own script? Reference : I do not know which command will auto delete it after applying to the standby. However, the user can still manually delete it by DELETE ARCHIVELOG. APPLIEDTOALL 1. the use RMAN clearly after recording the physical deletion. As per your question, I feel that the backups are being taken from the standby DB and you need to remove them. I listed them (list backuppiece in RMAN to see the backupset, then list backupset to see the content), all of them were archive logs. find/oraarchive -xdev -mtime +7 -name "*.dbf" -exec rm -f {}; Doing so will still leave unmanaged archive files, in RMAN. (sbt). OK, this is not a problem with the retention or the delete obsolete command. I also searched MOS for some RMAN issues but couldnt find anything. can use RMAN to remove ARCHIVELOG, specifically the following steps: corresponding archivelog record cannot be found in the. Domostpeopledo Your email address will not be published. 3. If this does not work, then you can try deleting them by checking the sequence that was last applied and delete until that sequence using RMAN. Next was another MOS search that lead me to bug 29056767. ForthoseofyouwhoareusingZDLRAsandhaveRTRT(real-timeredotransport) And when querying related dynamic views (such as v$archived_log), this part of the log is still marked as existing. Copyright (c) 1995, 2002, Oracle Corporation. Icanviewthediskcopiesusing"listcopyof 2 from v$archived_log order by thread#,sequence#; THREAD# SEQUENCE# FIRST_TIME NEXT_TIME COMPLETION_TIME, ---------- ---------- ----------------- ------ ----------- -----------------, 1 1 20110713 14:57:58 20110713 14:58:42 20110713 14:58:49, 1 2 20110713 14:58:42 20110713 14:59:00 20110713 14:59:18, 1 3 20110713 14:59:00 20110713 15:02:31 20110713 15:02:36, 1 4 20110713 15:02:31 20110713 16:32 :50 20110713 16:32:57, 1 5 20110713 16:32:50 20110713 16:41:40 20110713 16:42:51, 1 6 20110713 16:41:40 20110714 06:00:07 20110714 06:00:08, 1 7 20110714 06:00:07 20110714 09:26:57 20110714 09:49:04, 1 8 20110714 09:26:57 20110714 09:46:55 20110714 09:49:04, 1 9 20110714 09:46:55 20110714 09:49:58 20110714 09:50:06, 1 10 20110714 09:49:58 20110714 09 :50:02 20110714 09:50:09, 1 11 20110714 09:50:02 20110714 09:51:49 20110714 09:51:59, ---------- --- ------- ----------------- ----------------- --------- --------, 1 12 20110714 09:51:49 20110714 09:51:55 20110714 09:52:05, 1 13 20110714 09:51:55 20110714 09:52:01 20110714 09:52:10, 1 14 20110714 09:52:01 20110714 09:52:07 20110714 09:52:13, 1 15 20110714 09:52:07 20110714 09:53:54 20110714 09:53:59, 1 16 20110714 09:53:54 20110714 14:40:01 20110714 14:40:05, 1 17 20110714 14:40:01 20110715 16 :14:19 20110715 16:14:20, 1 18 20110715 16:14:19 20110715 16:15:46 20110715 16:15:47, 2 1 20110713 15:14:43 20110713 16:15:41 20110713 16:17:14, 2 2 20110713 16:15:41 20110713 16:32:50 20110713 16:32:54, 2 3 20110713 16:32:50 20110714 03:00:07 20110714 03:00:12, 2 4 20110714 03:00:07 20110714 03 :00:23 20110714 03:00:27, ---------- ---------- ----------------- ------------- ---- -----------------, 2 5 20110714 03:00:23 20110714 06:00:06 20110714 06:00:11, 2 6 20110714 06:00:06 20110714 06:00:22 20110714 06:00:27, 2 7 20110714 06:00:22 20110714 06:00:37 20110714 09:47:56, 2 8 20110714 06:00:37 20110714 09:26:56 20110714 09:48: 05, 2 9 20110714 09:26:56 20110714 09:47:56 20110714 09:48:05, 2 10 20110714 09:47:56 20110714 09:51:51 20110714 09:51:52, 2 11 20110714 09:51:51 20110714 09:52:12 20110714 09:52:12, 2 12 20110714 09:52:12 20110715 13:20:33 20110715 13:20:37 The. At this time, we need to clear them manually , I can try this method after experimenting below: this time, if we go to the OEM, we will not see it. Nice article. In an environment Ive upgraded lately from 11.2 to 18c I found out that some backups are not getting deleted from the standby database. Just imagine if you delete the archive log, Still use delete archivelog all completed before'sysdate-N'. protected-databaseside,nottheRA,obviously)? Finally, the DBA can, APPLIED ON STANDBY: When set to this value, when the additional DELETE INPUT clause deletes. Now it all makes sense. In the same way, you can delete all logs from 7 days ago to the present, but this command should be considered carefully. backup archivelog all delete input format'ZHSVR044_%d_set=%s_piece=%p_date=%T.ARC.rmn'; All know that the relevant information of each archivelog is recorded in the controlfile. Powered by, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). I checked the crontab but there is no scheduled rman backup to run. we facing this after upgrade database from to 12.1.0,2 rman did not deleted archive log backup along with incremental backups. On a well behaving environment, redundancy 2 keeps 4-7 days on the disk (I have full backups on Sundays and Wednesdays and incremental backups all other days). SQL> select thread#,max(sequence#) from v$archived_log where applied='YES' group by thread#; RMAN>delete archivelog until sequence ; Do I need to delete the old db-backupset created by standby db? This file space occupies 100%. But,thediskcopiesaren'texpired. It is a small appliance with not a lot of disk space and, Many Oracle databases are running on Linux/UNIX systems, and many DBAs need to write all kind of scripts. rman target sys/@<standbydb> < list expired archivelog all; it does, not match any archive log in the recovery directory. RMAN really thinks it needs these files, but why? I have tried that but it does not delete any? Regards, ***Old archivelogs do you mean, They are not applied (or) they are not belongs to current resetlogs_change#? deleted N days before log file, there are two commands: delete ARCHIVELOG an until Time 'SYSDATE-N', delete All Completed before ARCHIVELOG 'SYSDATE-N', 7 1 5 A 13-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_13/thread_1_seq_5.259.756405771, 10 1 6 A 13-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_6.263.756453607, 16 1 7 A 14- July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_7.268.756467343, 17 1 8 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_8.269.756467345, 18 1 9 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_9.270.756467399, 19 1 10 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_10.271.756467403, 21 1 11 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_11.272.756467511, 22 1 12 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_12.274.756467515, 23 1 13 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_13.275.756467521, 25 1 14 A 14- July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_14.276.756467527, 26 1 15 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_15.278.756467635, 27 1 16 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_16.279.756484801, 29 1 17 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_15/thread_1_seq_17.256.756576859, 5 2 2 A 13-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_13/thread_2_seq_2.257.756405175, 8 2 3 A 13-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_3.260.756442807, 9 2 4 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_4.261.756442823, 11 2 5 A 14- July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_5.262.756453607, 12 2 6 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_6.264.756453623, 13 2 7 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_7.265.756467273, 14 2 8 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_8.266.756467279, 15 2 9 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_9.267.756467279, 20 2 10 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_10.273.756467511, 24 2 11 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_11.277.756467533, 28 2 12 A 14- July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_15/thread_2_seq_12.280.756566433 The, 16 1 7 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_7.268.756467343, 18 1 9 A 14- July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_9.270.756467399, 25 1 14 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_14.276.756467527, 27 1 16 A 14- July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_1_seq_16.279.756484801, 11 2 5 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_5.262.756453607, 14 2 8 A 14- July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_8.266.756467279, 24 2 11 A 14-July-11 +RECOVERY/edu/archivelog/2011_07_14/thread_2_seq_11.277.756467533 Look. All rights reserved. My question is are the 2 folders generated by the local standby db? In fact, in RMAN, you can use commands to directly delete ARCHIVELOG. On this environment, after the upgrade I saw that RMAN keeps a few backup files (not all) of every backup for much longer (at the time I looked it was 2 weeks, and it didnt seem to delete these files at all). Directly use RMAN to delete archivelog. RMAN>CONFIGUREARCHIVELOGDELETIONPOLICYTOBACKEDUP1TIMESTODEVICETYPE Required fields are marked *. The last step was to run delete obsolete in RMAN and see that the old archive log backups are getting deleted. Log in to the database server host as an ORACLE user or. It is fixed in 18.8, 19.4 and 20.1.

Use RMAN to backup archivelog and delete all after.

Is this normal for a standby db to generate its own backupset? At first I went to the basic idea that something has changed or is broken in 18c RMAN. IguessI'mhavingtrustissues. it keep archivelog backups entair week after having another full backup. Dave, Archivelog deletion w/ ZDLRA - Herring, Dave. How do I check if it can see the list of archivelogs? Then I thought maybe there is an issue with the delete obsolete command, so I decided to check what RMAN thinks about the restore process. If the SCN of the files is old, the recovery process will restore these files with the old SCN and will require all archive logs from this SCN forward, even if there is a full backup of the files from a later time. 5 Use crosscheck to check archive logs in rman, and both archive logs fail: archive log file name=D:ORACLEORADATATESTARCHIVE1_47.DBF record ID=1 timestamp=572866, archive log file name=D:ORACLEORADATATESTARCHIVE11_48.DBF record ID=2 Timestamp=57286. Use the delete obsolete command to delete expired backups: Deleting the following obsolete backups and copies: ---------- ---------- ------ ------------------ ---------------- ----, Archive Log 2704 17-DEC-04/opt/oracle/oradata/avatar2/archive/1_2716.dbf, Do you really want to delete the above objects (enter YES or NO)? I do not know also if this is the rman backup from primary thet is being file transferred to the dr server. RMAN-08137:warning:archivedlognotdeleted,neededforstandbyorupstream Briefly introduce the report obsolete command, Use the report obsolete command to report expired backups, RMAN retention policy will be applied to the command, RMAN retention policy is set to redundancy 1, -------- ------------ ------ ------------------ -------------- ------, Backup Piece 125 01-NOV-04/data1/oracle/orabak/full_1_541045804, Backup Piece 131 04-NOV-04/data1/oracle/orabak/full_AVATAR2_20041104_131, Backup Piece 173 06-DEC-04/data1/oracle/orabak/full_AVATAR2_20041206_173, Backup Piece 179 11-DEC-04/data1/oracle/orabak/arch544588206.arc, Backup Piece 189 17-DEC-04/data1/oracle/orabak/arch545106606.arc, Backup Piece 190 17-DEC-04/data1/oracle/orabak/arch545106665.arc, Backup Piece 191 20-DEC-04/data1/oracle/orabak/arch_AVATAR2_20041220_194, Archive Log 2973 20-DEC-04/opt/oracle/oradata/avatar2/archive/1_2985.dbf, Archive Log 2971 20 -DEC-04/opt/oracle/oradata/avatar2/archive/1_2984.dbf, Archive Log 2705 17-DEC-04/opt/oracle/oradata/avatar2/archive/1_2717.dbf, Archive Log 2704 17- DEC-04/opt/oracle/oradata/avatar2/archive/1_2716.dbf, Archive Log 2703 17-DEC-04/opt/oracle/oradata/avatar2/archive/1_2715.dbf, Archive Log 2702 17-DEC-04/opt/oracle/oradata/avatar2/archive/1_2714.dbf. 4. does not think that these logs have been deleted, so when deleting archivelog, we need to do some settings in other places. list archivelog until time'sysdate-1'; At this time, the start time of the archive log is fisrt_time as the deadline. ORACLE correct way to delete archives and reclaim space. configured,howareyouidentifyingarchivelogsthatareOKtodelete(onthe The its deleting with full backup as per retention policy. I set the parameter on the standby database (alter system set _time_based_rcv_ckpt_target=0;) and restarted the redo apply (using dgmgrl: edit database set state=apply-off, then: edit database set state=apply-on). The SCN of all the files was the same, but when I compared that to the primary I realized that the SCN of the standby files is much older than the one of the primary files. You must complain about why ORACLE does not have archive maintenance tools. This bug is for 18c and causes the datafile checkpoint information not to be updated in the standby database. LossRecoveryAppliance,commonlyknownasRecoveryAppliance." Old archivelogs do you mean, They are not applied (or) they are not belongs to current resetlogs_change#? The command is as follows: RMAN> DELETE ARCHIVELOG ALL COMPLETED BEFORE'SYSDATE-7'; means to delete all archivelogs 7 days ago, but this command is The disadvantage is that the archivelog cannot be finely divided. It's wrong, ORACLE has it, and it is very. , it can delete archives and FLASHBACK correctly, but remember, ORACLE archive log is very important for ORACLE data recovery and backup, do not delete archive log as a last resort. You can schedule a script that would delete the archives on the standby. I just realized that I havent blogged about it (even though I, Industrial WordPress Theme Liron Amitzi,, 2019. 2. 3. use RMAN to backup achivelog and delete, way.

At our DR server is am seeing this backupset: PROD-DR:oracle[/backup/flash_recovery_area/PROD/backupset] du -s *, PROD-DR:oracle[/backup/flash_recovery_area/PRODDR/archivelog] du -s *. OBSOLETE",whatversionof"DELETE"shouldbeused? Do I need to invoke rman backup at standby so that I can auto delete expired backups? After this deletion, it is best to perform a full backup of the database immediately, The archived data 7 days ago can be found through FIND and deleted using the EXEC sub-operation. I am just confused with my standby db. I do not know what type of dataguard they have setup. If you have never done this action before, we can compare the size of the controlfile before and after the action! Archivelog cannot be directly physically deleted from the OS layer, because the relevant information of archivelog is recorded in the controlfile, and the settings of the controlfile will not be changed after the physical deletion. Your email address will not be published. After that I checked and saw that the SCN was getting updated. delete noprompt ARCHIVELOG UNTIL TIME 'SYSDATE-8'; For more information, refer to the below MOS documents: How to Ensure that RMAN Does NOT Delete Archived Logs That Have Not Yet Shipped to Standby [ID 394261.1], Rman Deletes Archive Log On Primary Database Not Applied On Physical Standby [ID 1324759.1], Configure RMAN to purge archivelogs after applied on standby [ID 728053.1]. yes, backup piece handle=/data1/oracle/orabak/full_AVATAR2_20041206_173 recid=173 stamp=544156241, archive log filename=/opt/oracle/oradata/avatar2/archive/1_2715.dbf recid=2703 stamp=545108268, archive log filename=/opt/oracle/oradata/avatar2/archive/1_2714.dbf recid=2702 stamp=545107659, specification does not match any archive log in the recovery catalog. If"DELETEEXPIREDARCHIVELOG"doesn'treturnanyrowsandIcan'tuse"DELETE In versions after 10g, Oracle has added an archive file deletion strategy in RMAN. Of course, after deleting these physical files under the OS, the.